✅ Turnitin Can Not Detect This A.I Writer in 2024

21 May 202405:27

TLDRIn this video, the host introduces an AI tool that successfully bypasses Turnitin plagiarism detection. They demonstrate the process of generating unique student essays using 'suwriting.com' and its 'humanizer text' feature. By choosing a less popular topic, setting the grade level to fifth grade, and avoiding lists and quotes, the essays achieve a low similarity index on Turnitin. The host also shares a discount code for 'suwriting.com', emphasizing the tool's effectiveness in creating original content for academic purposes.


  • 😀 The video introduces an AI tool that can generate essays undetectable by Turnitin.
  • 🔍 It suggests choosing a less popular topic to maximize the chance of passing Turnitin detection.
  • 📝 The presenter uses 'u.com' to generate five rare student essay topics.
  • 🎨 The AI tool 'se writing' is highlighted for its humanizer text feature and models that can bypass Turnitin.
  • 📚 The presenter recommends using the 'bulk article generation' mode with specific settings for best results.
  • 📈 The article size is set to 'small', which is between 1200 and 2400 words for a lengthy output.
  • 🤖 The 'entropic clot 3 oppus' model is preferred for its effectiveness in passing Turnitin.
  • 📑 The tone of voice is set to 'friendly', point of view to 'first person', and the target country to 'United States'.
  • 📝 For the humanized text, the presenter advises setting the grade to the lowest, 'fifth grade', for better results.
  • 🚫 The settings avoid lists, FAQs, key takeaways, quotes, bold or italicized text, and tables to prevent AI detection.
  • 🔗 The use of deep web citations ensures factual accuracy without the need for external links.
  • 📊 Turnitin reports for the essays show percentages of AI content, with lower percentages indicating a higher likelihood of passing.
  • 💰 A discount code 'worst scale 30' is offered for a 30% discount on the AI tool.
  • 📝 The presenter emphasizes that following these guidelines increases the chances of passing Turnitin but does not guarantee it every time.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about an AI tool that can generate essays that pass Turnitin plagiarism checks.

  • What is the name of the AI tool mentioned in the video?

    -The AI tool mentioned in the video is called 'u.com'.

  • Why is it important to choose a non-extremely popular topic for the essays?

    -Choosing a non-extremely popular topic helps maximize the chances of passing Turnitin detection as it reduces the likelihood of the topic being overused and flagged by plagiarism checkers.

  • What is 'se writing' and what is unique about it?

    -'se writing' is an AI tool with a unique 'humanizer text' feature and a suite of AI models designed to bypass Turnitin. It allows for bulk article generation and customization of various settings to create essays.

  • What is the recommended article size for generating essays in 'se writing'?

    -The recommended article size for generating essays in 'se writing' is 'small', which is between 1200 and 2400 words.

  • Which AI model inside 'se writing' is mentioned as the best for generating essays?

    -The best AI model mentioned for generating essays in 'se writing' is 'entropic clot 3 oppus'.

  • What grade level is recommended for the 'humanized text' feature in 'se writing'?

    -The lowest grade level, fifth grade, is recommended for the 'humanized text' feature in 'se writing' as it has been found to pass Turnitin checks more frequently.

  • Why is it advised to avoid certain essay elements like lists, tables, quotes, and bold or italicized text?

    -These elements can trigger Turnitin's plagiarism detection algorithms, so avoiding them helps in creating an essay structure that is less likely to be flagged.

  • What is the significance of using deep web citations in the essays generated by 'se writing'?

    -Using deep web citations ensures that the essays are factually accurate and not just a collection of common knowledge, which can help in bypassing Turnitin checks.

  • What is the 'worst scale 30' coupon code mentioned in the video, and what does it offer?

    -The 'worst scale 30' coupon code is a discount offer that provides 30% off the service. It is mentioned as the highest available discount on the internet for the AI tool.

  • What is the general success rate of essays generated by 'se writing' when submitted to Turnitin?

    -While it's not guaranteed that every essay will pass, following the recommended settings and guidelines increases the chances of passing Turnitin checks significantly.



📚 AI Tool for Academic Writing: Passing Turnitin

The speaker introduces a video on using an AI tool to create essays that can pass Turnitin plagiarism checks. They recommend selecting a less popular topic and utilize a specific AI tool called 'u.com' to generate student essay topics. The tool 'se writing' with its 'humanizer text' feature and 'entropic clot 3 oppus' model is highlighted for its ability to produce essays that can bypass Turnitin. The speaker details the settings used for generating the essays, emphasizing a fifth-grade readability level, friendly tone, and a structure that avoids lists, tables, quotes, and bold or italicized text to reduce the likelihood of detection by plagiarism software. They also mention using deep web citations for factual accuracy and a special discount code for Turnitin services.


📝 Results and Recommendations for Turnitin Success

In the second paragraph, the speaker discusses the results of submitting five essays to Turnitin and provides advice for achieving lower similarity scores. They mention that while Turnitin did not provide data for one essay, the other four showed AI similarity scores of 7%, which is considered acceptable as it indicates a high human-written content ratio. The speaker suggests that manual editing or requesting longer essays from the AI tool can further reduce the similarity score. They also stress the importance of the humanization feature and avoiding certain formatting elements to improve the chances of passing Turnitin checks. The paragraph concludes with a reminder to use the discount code for Turnitin services and a sign-off expressing appreciation to the viewers.




Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software widely used in academic institutions to check the originality of students' work. In the context of the video, it is the benchmark against which the effectiveness of the AI writer is measured. The video claims that the AI writer can confidently pass Turnitin checks, indicating a high level of originality in the content it generates.

💡AI Writer

An AI writer refers to an artificial intelligence tool designed to generate written content. In the video, the AI writer is showcased as a tool that can produce essays that are not detected as plagiarized by Turnitin, suggesting that it has advanced capabilities to create unique and original text.

💡Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism detection is the process of identifying instances where someone's work has been copied without proper attribution. The video discusses the AI writer's ability to bypass such detection mechanisms, emphasizing its utility for students looking to submit original work.

💡Essay Topics

Essay topics are the subjects or themes around which an essay is written. The script mentions choosing non-popular topics to maximize the chances of passing plagiarism detection, suggesting that unique topics may be less likely to be flagged by Turnitin.

💡Se Writing

Se Writing appears to be the name of the AI tool being demonstrated in the video. It is highlighted for its 'humanizer text feature' and its ability to generate content that can evade Turnitin's detection, positioning it as a powerful tool for content creation.

💡Article Size

In the context of the video, article size refers to the length of the generated text. The script specifies choosing a 'small' size, which results in an output between 1200 and 2400 words, indicating a preference for longer essays that may be more likely to pass plagiarism checks.

💡Entropic Clo 3 Oppus

Entropic Clo 3 Oppus is mentioned as one of the better models within Se Writing. It seems to be a specific algorithm or setting within the AI tool that has been found to yield the best results for generating original content.

💡Humanized Text

Humanized text refers to the process of making AI-generated content sound more natural and less mechanical. The video emphasizes setting the grade level to 'fifth grade' to achieve a more simplistic and human-like tone, which may contribute to the content passing Turnitin checks.


The structure of an essay refers to its organization and layout. The script advises against using lists, tables, quotes, bold or italicized text, suggesting that a simpler structure without these elements may help the AI-generated essays avoid detection by plagiarism software.

💡Deep Web and Citations

Deep web refers to parts of the internet not indexed by search engines, and citations are references to sources used in a work. The video suggests using deep web sources and citations to ensure the factual accuracy of the AI-generated essays, which could contribute to their originality.

💡Coupon Code

A coupon code is a sequence of numbers or letters that can be entered to obtain a discount. In the video, a 'worst scale 30' coupon code is mentioned, offering a 30% discount, which is a promotional incentive for viewers to try the AI writer tool.


Introduction of an AI tool that can confidently pass Turnitin checks.

Review of the tool and preparation process for Turnitin submission.

Showcasing Turnitin reports as proof of the tool's effectiveness.

Recommendation to choose a non-extremely popular topic to maximize pass rate.

Utilization of u.com for generating rare student essay topics.

Preference for the 'bulk article generation' mode in the AI tool.

Insertion of essay titles as main keywords for content generation.

Settings saved under 'test' for consistent results.

Choice of 'entropic clot 3 oppus' as the best model for article generation.

Selection of a 'friendly' tone of voice and 'first person' point of view.

Target country set to the United States for localized content.

Use of the fifth-grade readability level for humanized text.

Exclusion of lists, tables, quotes, and bold or italicized text to avoid detection.

Inclusion of deep web citations for factual accuracy.

Submission of five essays to Turnitin for testing.

Turnitin data showing a low percentage of AI content in the essays.

Discussion on the acceptance threshold of AI content by teachers.

Manual editing suggestion to lower AI content percentage.

Recommendation to use longer outputs for better Turnitin results.

Promotion of a 30% discount coupon code for the AI tool.

Emphasis on the tool's current capability to pass Turnitin checks.

Advice on using the bulk article generator or one-click generator for optimal settings.

Final encouragement to apply the discount coupon for the AI tool.