10 Free Text To Image AI Generator

Digital Nomad Institute
15 Jul 202216:14

TLDRVince from Digital Nomad Institute presents a comprehensive guide to the top 10 free AI art content generators accessible on the internet. Ranging from the versatile Night Cafe, which allows users to transform text into images or videos and perform style transfers, to the intriguing Deep Dream Generator, which fosters a unique collaboration between AI and human creativity for abstract art. The video also touches on specialized tools like MyHeritage for animating old family photos and Meta Demo Lab for bringing children's drawings to life. Vince emphasizes the accessibility of these tools for those with no drawing skills, the creativity they unleash, and their potential for monetizing YouTube content through AI automation.


  • 🎨 NightCafe is an AI art generator that allows users to create images from text, videos, or style transfer, turning photos into masterpieces.
  • 🌐 The availability of free AI content generators varies depending on the traffic on their sites, with slower times during peak hours.
  • 🖌️ Artbreeder uses AI to create images quickly, allowing users to explore and modify images created by others.
  • 🍲 Hotpot is an AI creative assistant offering a range of tools from image enhancement to writing tasks and even creating NFTs.
  • 🤖 DeepDream is an AI-human collaboration tool that blends user inputs with AI-generated images, resulting in abstract and unique creations.
  • 🚀 DeepAI is a text-to-image generator that produces simple, sometimes abstract or creepy, images based on user inputs.
  • 🔮 Experiments.runwayml.com, also known as Generative Engine, provides a user-friendly interface for generating images based on text prompts.
  • 👴 MyHeritage enables users to animate photos, offering a 3D view of ancestors or relatives.
  • 🎨 Meta Demo Lab specializes in animating drawings, especially children's, into moving images using AI technology.
  • 🌟 StarryAI offers a daily credit system for creating dreamlike or realistic images, with the option to refine and evolve the AI's creations.
  • 📞 Dial-E-Mini is a hit-or-miss AI art generator with varying results and slower processing times during high traffic.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is showcasing the 10 best free AI art content generators available online.

  • Who is presenting the video?

    -Vince from Digital Nomad Institute is presenting the video.

  • What is NightCafe and what can users do with it?

    -NightCafe is an AI art generator that allows users to create images from text, videos, or style transfer their photos into masterpieces resembling famous artworks.

  • How does the credit system work in AI art generators like NightCafe?

    -Users have a certain amount of credits per day to create images. Once the limit is reached, they either have to wait until the next day or purchase more credits.

  • What is Artbreeder and how does it differ from other AI art generators?

    -Artbreeder is an AI art content generator that uses machine learning to create images within seconds. Users can explore and modify different images created by various users.

  • What additional features does Hotpot offer besides being an AI art content generator?

    -Hotpot is an AI creative helper that not only generates art but also offers features like background removal, writing tasks, black and white to color conversion, photo restoration, translation, and color palette generation.

  • How does the Deep Dream generator work?

    -Deep Dream is an AI human collaboration tool where users guide the AI by providing input, and the AI creates its own image based on that guidance.

  • What is Deep AI and how does it function?

    -Deep AI is a text-to-image generator that creates images based on simple text inputs provided by users. The results can vary and may require refinement.

  • How does the MyHeritage tool differ from other AI art content generators?

    -MyHeritage is unique because it allows users to animate photos, particularly old family photos, providing a 3D view or animation of the subjects in the images.

  • What can Meta Demo Lab achieve with its AI tool?

    -Meta Demo Lab, also known as generative engine, enables users to animate drawings, especially children's drawings, by uploading and then animating them using AI.

  • What are the two AIs provided by Starry AI and what types of images do they produce?

    -StarryAI provides two AIs: one that generates dreamlike, abstract images and another that produces more coherent, realistic images.

  • What is the issue with the Dial e Mini AI art generator?

    -Dial e Mini can be hit or miss, sometimes producing desired results and other times not. It also tends to be slower compared to other AI art generators.



🎨 Introduction to AI Art Content Generators

The paragraph introduces the video's focus on showcasing the top 10 free AI art content generators available online. The speaker, Vince from Digital Nomad Institute, mentions his extensive search across the internet to find these tools. He provides a brief overview of the first AI art generator, NightCafe, which allows users to create art from text, images, or videos, and offers style transfer to turn photos into masterpieces. Vince also addresses a common question about monetizing YouTube with AI tools and provides a link for those interested in learning more. He emphasizes the free plan's usefulness for beginners and notes that the service speed can vary depending on site traffic.


🤖 Exploring Art Breeder and Hot Pot

This paragraph discusses two additional AI content generators: Art Breeder and Hot Pot. Art Breeder uses machine learning to quickly create images, allowing users to explore and modify existing creations. Hot Pot is described as an AI creative assistant that offers a range of artistic and enhancement tools, including the ability to create NFTs. Both platforms operate on a credit-based system, with daily limits that reset, encouraging users to try the service during off-peak hours for faster results.


🌟 Deep Dream and Deep AI: Abstract AI Art

The speaker introduces Deep Dream and Deep AI, two platforms that offer a unique take on AI-generated art. Deep Dream is characterized as an AI-human collaboration tool that blends user input with AI creativity to produce abstract images. Deep AI, on the other hand, is a simple text-to-image generator that produces varied results based on the user's prompts. Both tools are praised for their potential to create intriguing, if not always perfect, visual outputs.


🖼️ Animating Photos and Drawings with AI

This section highlights AI tools that can animate still images and drawings. MyHeritage is showcased for its ability to animate photos, particularly those of historical figures or family members, offering a 3D view. Meta Demo Lab is introduced as a platform that can animate children's drawings, bringing a creative and entertaining aspect to the AI art space. The speaker also mentions Starry AI, which provides daily credits for image creation and allows users to refine their outputs for better results.

🎭 Dial E Mini: Hit or Miss AI Art Generator

The final paragraph discusses Dial E Mini, an AI art content generator that can be unpredictable in its output. Despite occasional delays due to high traffic, the tool has the potential to produce interesting and unique images. The speaker encourages viewers to try their luck with the platform and shares his mixed experiences with it. He concludes the video by expressing hope that the presented AI generators were helpful and invites viewers to engage with the content by liking the video.



💡AI art content generators

AI art content generators are software applications that use artificial intelligence to create visual art based on user inputs. In the context of the video, these generators are tools that allow users to produce digital art without the need for traditional artistic skills, by simply providing text prompts, images, or styles for the AI to interpret and transform into unique pieces of art.

💡Digital Nomad Institute

The Digital Nomad Institute is presumably the organization or platform that the speaker, Vince, is affiliated with. It likely provides resources, education, or a community for individuals interested in digital nomadism, which is a lifestyle of working remotely while traveling. In the video, Vince represents this institute and shares information about AI art content generators as part of their content strategy.

💡Text to image

Text to image refers to the process of converting textual descriptions into visual images. In the context of AI art content generators, this feature enables users to input a textual prompt or concept, and the AI will generate an image that represents or interprets that text. This process showcases the AI's ability to understand and translate language into visual concepts.

💡Style transfer

Style transfer is a technique used in AI art generation where the AI takes an input image and applies the style of another image or artistic style to it, creating a new output image with a unique blend of content and artistic flair. This process allows users to transform their photos or other images into works of art that mimic the style of famous paintings or other creative visuals.

💡Web-based tool

A web-based tool refers to software or an application that is accessed and used through a web browser over the internet, rather than being installed directly on a user's computer. These tools are typically platform-independent and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making them convenient for users who want to create or manage content on-the-go.

💡Credit-based system

A credit-based system is a type of usage limitation where users are allocated a certain number of credits that allow them to use a service or generate content up to a specified limit. Once the credits are used up, users must either wait for a reset period, typically the next day, or purchase additional credits to continue using the service.

💡Deep dream generator

Deep dream generator is an AI-based tool that creates images through a process known as deep learning, where the AI is trained on various image datasets and then generates new images by combining and transforming elements from the training data. The result is often surreal and abstract images that can be both visually intriguing and thought-provoking.

💡AI creative helper

An AI creative helper is a term used to describe artificial intelligence software designed to assist users in creative tasks, such as generating art, writing, or design. These tools often utilize machine learning algorithms to understand user inputs and produce outputs that align with the user's creative goals.

💡NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital assets that are indivisible and cannot be replaced by equivalent items, unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. They are often used to represent digital art, collectibles, or other virtual items and are stored on a blockchain, which provides a decentralized and transparent record of ownership.

💡Machine learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on the development of algorithms and models that allow computers to learn from and make predictions or decisions based on data. It involves training a system with data, which the system then uses to recognize patterns and improve its performance over time without being explicitly programmed for each specific task.

💡Abstract art

Abstract art is a form of art that does not depict a recognizable subject, figure, or scene but instead focuses on the use of color, shape, form, and composition to achieve its effect. It often challenges the viewer's perception and invites interpretation of the artwork's meaning.


The video introduces 10 of the best free AI art content generators available online.

NightCafe is an AI art generator that allows users to create images or videos from text, or apply styles to photos.

Artbreeder uses AI to create images in seconds, and users can explore and modify images created by others.

Hotpot is an AI creative assistant offering various artistic tools, including image enhancement and translation services.

Deep Dream Generator enables AI-human collaboration for creating images, with the AI taking input and generating its own image.

Deep AI is a text-to-image generator that produces results based on simple text prompts.

Experiments.runwayml.com, or Generative Engine, allows users to input text and receive similar images on the other side.

MyHeritage enables users to animate photos, offering a 3D view of ancestors or relatives.

Meta Demo Lab allows users to animate their drawings, especially children's drawings, using AI.

Starry AI provides daily credits for users to create images, with options to refine and evolve the AI-generated content.

Dial e Mini is a text-to-image generator with hit-or-miss results, depending on traffic and the complexity of the request.

The video also discusses monetizing YouTube channels using AI tools to automate tasks and build traffic.

Some AI art generators have a credit-based system, which resets daily, encouraging users to create within a certain limit.

The video emphasizes the experimental nature of these AI tools, with varying levels of success and user experience.

The presenter, Vince from Digital Nomad Institute, shares his experiences and tips for using these AI art generators effectively.