2 Must-Have DALLE 3 GPTs

Bob Doyle Media
17 Jan 202410:09

TLDRThis video introduces two creative AI tools powered by DALLE 3 and GPT, accessible through a paid Chat GPT or GPT 4 plan. 'Super describe' allows users to upload images and receive unique descriptions, while 'image edit copying and merge' blends multiple images into a new creation. The host demonstrates how these tools can transform and merge concepts, emphasizing the ease of use and the high-quality results, which can be addictive and engaging for creative AI enthusiasts.


  • 😀 The video introduces two special GPTs utilizing DALLE 3 for creative AI purposes.
  • 🔍 To access these GPTs, a paid plan for Chat GPT or GPT 4 is required.
  • 🖼️ 'Super describe' is a GPT that redescribes uploaded images in a creative way.
  • 📷 Users can upload an image to 'Super describe' and receive a detailed, imaginative description.
  • 🎨 The 'Image edit copying and merge' GPT blends two images together to create a new image.
  • 🌊 This tool does not require special software or installations and is easy to use.
  • 🤖 The video demonstrates the process of using these GPTs with various images, including a dog, a goth girl, and a robot.
  • 👍 The results are praised for their quality and the creative reinterpretations they provide.
  • 🚀 The video creator encourages viewers to explore and play with these GPTs, noting their potential for creativity.
  • 🔄 The 'Image edit copying and merge' GPT can take multiple images and blend them together.
  • 🎉 The video ends with the creator expressing excitement about the possibilities of these creative GPTs and inviting viewers to suggest more to explore.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the channel mentioned in the transcript?

    -The channel is focused on exploring creative uses of AI.

  • What is the significance of DALLE 3 in the context of the video?

    -DALLE 3 is utilized by two specific GPTs that create amazing images without the need for special software or installation.

  • What is required to access the GPTs mentioned in the video?

    -Access to these GPTs requires a paid plan for Chat GPT or GPT 4.

  • What does 'Super describe' do according to the video?

    -Super describe allows users to upload an image, and it redescribes the image in a creative and detailed way.

  • How long does it typically take for 'Super describe' to process an image?

    -It usually takes about 30 seconds, though it can sometimes take a bit longer.

  • What is the process for uploading an image to 'Super describe'?

    -You can either click on the paperclip and choose an image or drag an image from any directory onto the interface.

  • What is the second GPT mentioned in the video called, and what does it do?

    -The second GPT is called 'image edit copying and merge', and it blends two images together to create a new image.

  • How does the 'image edit copying and merge' GPT handle image resolution?

    -The resolution of the images does not matter much because it takes the concept of the images and blends them together.

  • Can the 'image edit copying and merge' GPT blend more than two images at once?

    -Yes, it can blend more than two images, as demonstrated when the creator added multiple elements to create a complex scene.

  • What is the creator's reaction to the blended image of the beach and mushroom?

    -The creator is very pleased with the result, noting that it kept true to the essence and colors of the original images.

  • What does the creator suggest doing with the blended images?

    -The creator suggests animating the blended images, indicating a desire to turn them into a four-image animation.



🤖 Introduction to Creative AI Tools

The video script introduces viewers to the channel's focus on the creative applications of AI. It mentions the new GPT store, where users can create specialized GPT models. The host highlights two particular tools, 'Super describe' and 'Image edit, copying and merge', which utilize Dolly3 to generate images without the need for special software. The script also mentions the requirement of a paid plan for accessing these tools and provides a step-by-step guide on how to find and use them. The 'Super describe' tool is showcased by uploading an image and receiving a creative redescription of the content.


🎨 Exploring Image Blending with AI

This paragraph delves into the 'Image edit, copying and merge' tool, which blends two images together to create a new image. The process is simple and does not require any additional software or interfaces. The script describes the blending process with various image pairs, such as a beach and a mushroom, and how the tool can interpret and merge concepts effectively. The host also demonstrates how to tweak the results with specific prompts and expresses excitement about the possibilities of animating the resulting images. The paragraph concludes with a playful attempt to blend multiple images together, showcasing the tool's versatility and the host's enthusiasm.


🎶 Final Thoughts and Call to Action

The final paragraph is a brief musical note, possibly indicating the end of the video or a transition to a concluding statement. As there is no substantial content provided in this paragraph, it serves as a placeholder for the video's conclusion or a prompt for viewers to engage with the content discussed in the previous paragraphs.




AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. In the context of the video, AI is used to explore creative applications, particularly with the new GPT store where specialized AI can be created for specific tasks. The script mentions using AI to generate images and redescribe existing ones, showcasing the creative potential of AI technology.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT refers to a specific type of AI developed by OpenAI that can engage in conversation with users, similar to a human. The video script highlights that Chat GPT is well-known and used as a platform to access other specialized GPTs. It is also mentioned that a paid plan is required to utilize the advanced functionalities discussed in the video.

💡GPT store

The GPT store is a marketplace or platform where companies and individuals can create and access specialized GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers). These GPTs are designed to perform particular tasks and are highlighted in the video for their creative uses, such as generating images or re-describing content.


DALLE 3 is a reference to a specific version or iteration of a generative AI model, likely named after Salvador Dalí, a famous surrealist artist, and the number 3 could indicate its version or generation. In the video, DALLE 3 is utilized to create images from textual descriptions, demonstrating its ability to produce creative and detailed visual content.

💡Super describe

Super describe is one of the GPTs mentioned in the video that allows users to upload an image, which the AI then analyzes and redescribes in a creative and detailed manner. It is used as an example of how AI can interpret and re-imagine visual content, providing a new perspective on the original image.

💡Image edit copying and merge

Image edit copying and merge is another GPT highlighted in the video, which enables users to blend two or more images together to create a new composite image. The AI takes the concepts from the uploaded images and merges them into a single, coherent scene, showcasing the power of AI in image manipulation and creation.

💡Paid plan

A paid plan refers to a subscription or payment model required to access premium features or services. In the context of the video, a paid plan for Chat GPT or GPT 4 is necessary to use the advanced image-generating and editing functionalities provided by the specialized GPTs.


Resolution in the context of digital images refers to the number of pixels that make up the width and height of the image, which determines its clarity and detail. The video script mentions that the resolution of the images used for blending doesn't significantly affect the outcome because the AI focuses on the conceptual content rather than the pixel density.


In the video, concept refers to the underlying idea or theme that the AI is instructed to interpret and incorporate when generating or blending images. The script illustrates how the AI takes the concept from the user's input and applies it to create new, imaginative visuals.


Variation in this context means a different version or interpretation of the same concept or image. The video script describes how the AI can generate multiple variations of an image based on the user's prompts or instructions, allowing for a range of creative outputs.


Introduction to the channel focusing on creative uses of AI.

Mention of the new GPT store where users can create specialized GPTs.

Highlighting two GPTs that utilize DALL-E 3 for creative AI purposes.

Requirement of a paid plan for Chat GPT or GPT 4 to access these GPTs.

Instructions on how to find and use the 'Super describe' GPT.

Demonstration of 'Super describe' analyzing and redescribing images.

Example of 'Super describe' creating a detailed description of a dog image.

Another example with a goth-looking girl image and its redescription.

A third example using a black and white robot image for redescription.

Introduction to the 'Image edit copying and merge' GPT.

Explanation of how to blend two images using the 'Image edit' GPT.

Example of blending a beach and a mushroom image.

The ability to tweak results with prompts in the 'Image edit' GPT.

A failed attempt and subsequent success in blending a flower and goth girl image.

Creating a unique scene by blending an ocean wave with a room.

Experimenting with blending more than two images at once.

The excitement and potential of animating the blended images.

Final thoughts on the fun and quality of the two highlighted GPTs.