A Deep Dive into Deep Nostalgia™

29 Mar 202252:06

TLDRIn the MyHeritage webinar, Masha Novak introduces 'Deep Nostalgia,' a feature that animates faces in family photos using deep learning technology. She showcases the app's photo enhancement capabilities, including colorization, resolution improvement, and color restoration. The webinar demonstrates animating historical photos, emphasizing the feature's popularity and potential ethical considerations. Novak also guides users through the app's interface and features, highlighting the subscription benefits and the creative possibilities for users to bring their ancestors' images to life.


  • 😀 The webinar is hosted by Miriam Pierre-Louis and features Masha Novak discussing the 'Deep Nostalgia' feature on the MyHeritage mobile app.
  • 🌟 Masha Novak is a product manager at MyHeritage, overseeing the mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms, with a focus on photo features.
  • 📸 MyHeritage offers several photo features including colorization of black and white photos, photo enhancement, color restoration, and photo repair.
  • 🎨 The 'MyHeritage In Color' feature uses deep learning technology to automatically colorize black and white photos, with the ability to restore faded colors in photos.
  • 🔍 The 'Heritage Photo Enhancer' uses a deep learning algorithm to upscale the resolution of photos, sharpening faces and objects within them.
  • 🤖 'Deep Nostalgia' is an exciting feature that animates faces in family photos, bringing them to life through realistic video footage, using technology licensed from an Israeli startup.
  • 👥 The 'Deep Nostalgia' feature requires a high-resolution face for animation, and can be combined with the photo enhancer for optimal results on historical photos.
  • 👍 The feature has been well-received, with over 98 million uses on the mobile app, and has even led to the MyHeritage iOS app reaching the top of the US App Store.
  • 👁️‍🗨️ There are different 'drivers' or pre-recorded video sequences that guide the movements in the animation, which can be applied to a still photo to create a short, shareable video.
  • 📝 MyHeritage users retain copyright of their uploaded photos, and the platform does not claim ownership or use the photos beyond the app's features.
  • 🔄 Users can delete uploaded photos and choose which version of the photo (original, enhanced, colorized, etc.) they wish to save or print.

Q & A

  • What is the Deep Nostalgia feature offered by MyHeritage?

    -Deep Nostalgia is a feature that animates faces in family photos, allowing users to see their ancestors move and experience their family history in a new way. It uses technology licensed from an Israeli startup specializing in video enhancement using deep learning.

  • How many times has the Deep Nostalgia feature been used since its launch?

    -Since its launch, the Deep Nostalgia feature has been used 98 million times on the mobile app.

  • What is the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer and how does it work?

    -The MyHeritage Photo Enhancer is a feature that enhances photos by upscaling the resolution of blurry photos by four times, sharpening faces and objects within them. It uses a deep learning algorithm to improve the quality of old and blurry photos, working well on both black and white and colored photos.

  • What is the process for animating a photo with Deep Nostalgia?

    -To animate a photo with Deep Nostalgia, users first need to ensure the photo is of high resolution, as historical photos are often small and blurry. MyHeritage combines the Deep Nostalgia feature with the Photo Enhancer to increase resolution and sharpen faces. Users can then select a driver, which is a video of fixed movements and gestures, to apply to the face in the still photo, creating a short animated video.

  • How does the colorization feature in MyHeritage work?

    -The colorization feature in MyHeritage uses deep learning technology licensed from Ultify to automatically colorize black and white photos. It can also restore colors in faded photos, reviving the authentic colors and sharpening the image.

  • What are the system requirements to use the Deep Nostalgia feature?

    -The Deep Nostalgia feature requires a high-resolution face as input to apply the animation. If the photo is blurry or low resolution, the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer is used to increase the resolution and sharpen the face before animation.

  • How can users access and use the photo features of MyHeritage?

    -Users can access and use the photo features of MyHeritage by downloading the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, signing up, and navigating to the photo section of the app. They can then upload photos and apply various features such as colorization, enhancement, and animation.

  • Are there any limitations to using the Deep Nostalgia feature for non-subscribers of MyHeritage?

    -Non-subscribers can animate several photos for free, but beyond that, they will need a subscription to animate more photos. Additionally, non-subscribers will have a watermark of the MyHeritage logo on the bottom right of the video animation.

  • Can the Deep Nostalgia feature be used on photos that have already been colorized or enhanced?

    -Yes, Deep Nostalgia can be used on photos that have already been colorized or enhanced with MyHeritage features. It can also be applied to black and white photos, colorized photos, and photos with restored colors.

  • What should users consider when using the Deep Nostalgia feature on photos of living people?

    -Users are advised to use the Deep Nostalgia feature on their own historical photos and not on photos featuring living people without their permission.

  • How does MyHeritage ensure the copyright of the photos uploaded by users?

    -MyHeritage does not claim ownership of the photos uploaded by users. The copyright belongs to the person who uploads the photos. MyHeritage's terms of service allow users to upload and use the photos with their tools, but the users retain the rights to their own photos.



🌐 Webinar Introduction and MyHeritage Features

The script begins with the host, Miriam Pierre-Louis, introducing the MyHeritage webinar series and today's speaker, Masha Novak. Masha is a product manager at MyHeritage, responsible for the mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms, as well as photo features. The host highlights the excitement of the audience and introduces Masha, who is broadcasting from Israel. Masha greets the audience and begins her presentation on the MyHeritage mobile app, discussing its features such as photo colorization, enhancement, and repair. She provides examples of these features and their impact on users' ability to experience their family history in a new light.


🎨 Deep Nostalgia: Animating Family Photos

Masha introduces the 'Deep Nostalgia' feature, which animates faces in family photos, allowing users to see their ancestors move. She explains that this technology was licensed from an Israeli startup and integrated into MyHeritage to create realistic video footage. Since its launch, the feature has been used 98 million times on the mobile app, indicating its popularity. Masha demonstrates how the feature works, including the combination of 'Deep Nostalgia' with the photo enhancer to improve results for low-resolution and blurry photos.


🖼️ MyHeritage Photo Features and Demo

The script continues with a detailed explanation of MyHeritage's photo features, including color restoration and the photo enhancer's ability to sharpen blurry photos. Masha provides a live demo on how to use these features on the mobile app, guiding users through the process of uploading, repairing, colorizing, and enhancing photos. She emphasizes the app's user-friendly interface and the ability to manage photo details such as names, dates, and locations.


👵🏻 Personalizing Animations and User Experience

Masha discusses the personalization aspect of the 'Deep Nostalgia' feature, explaining how users can choose from different pre-recorded driver videos to apply various gestures and emotions to the photos. She clarifies that while the initial animation is selected by default, users have the option to choose from available sequences. Masha also addresses the controversial nature of the technology, inviting users to share their creations on social media to gauge reactions.


📲 MyHeritage Mobile App and Subscription Details

The script includes information about downloading the MyHeritage mobile app and the benefits of having a subscription. Subscribers can animate an unlimited number of photos and access special animations, while non-subscribers are limited and may see a watermark on their animations. The host and Masha also discuss the upcoming 24-hour marathon of webinars and how to access MyHeritage webinars and resources.


🎁 Door Prizes and User Questions

The host announces door prizes, including a one-year MyHeritage complete plan and a DNA test kit, and proceeds to answer user questions. Topics covered include photo repair, colorization considerations for ethnicity, copyright and ownership of uploaded photos, and the possibility of animating multiple photos simultaneously. The host ensures that users understand the security and privacy of their photos on MyHeritage.


🔍 Addressing User Queries and Feature Limitations

Masha addresses further user questions about the limitations of the colorization feature, the possibility of adjusting lighting in colorized photos, and the functionality of the MyHeritage desktop app. She also discusses the ability to delete uploaded photos and the privacy settings regarding who can access these photos on the platform.


🎞️ Expanding the Feature to Different Media Types

The script concludes with a discussion about the potential of using the 'Deep Nostalgia' feature with different types of media, such as slides, tintypes, paintings, and drawings. Masha confirms that users can try the feature with any image they wish to animate, emphasizing the need to capture or scan the image properly to ensure the best results.


🏁 Closing Remarks and Future Outlook

In the final part of the script, the host thanks Masha for the presentation and expresses excitement about the new features of MyHeritage. They encourage users to participate in the upcoming 24-hour marathon and look forward to future developments in the platform's technology.



💡Deep Nostalgia™

Deep Nostalgia™ is a feature developed by MyHeritage that allows users to animate faces in family photos, giving the impression of movement and bringing a sense of life to historical images. It is a significant aspect of the video's theme, showcasing technological innovation in the context of family history and nostalgia. For instance, Masha Novak, the product manager at MyHeritage, discusses how this feature has been integrated into the MyHeritage mobile app and the excitement it has generated among users.

💡MyHeritage Mobile App

The MyHeritage Mobile App is a platform available for both iOS and Android that enables users to access various photo features provided by MyHeritage. It is central to the video's narrative as it is the primary tool through which users engage with the Deep Nostalgia™ feature and other photo enhancements. The app's role in revitalizing old photos and connecting users with their family history is highlighted throughout the presentation.

💡Photo Features

Photo Features refer to the various tools and technologies that MyHeritage offers to enhance and restore old photographs. These include colorization of black and white photos, photo enhancement to improve resolution, and photo repair to fix scratches or damages. In the script, these features are presented as essential components of the MyHeritage service, contributing to the user's ability to revisit and restore their family memories.


Colorization is the process of adding color to black and white photos, which is one of the key photo features of the MyHeritage app. It uses deep learning technology to automatically colorize old family photos, allowing users to see them in a new light. The script provides examples of colorization, demonstrating how it can bring historical photos to life and add a contemporary feel to them.

💡Photo Enhancer

The Photo Enhancer is a feature that improves the resolution of blurry photos, making them clearer and more detailed. It is particularly useful for old and blurry images, and it works on both black and white and colored photos. In the video, the enhancer is shown to upscale the resolution of photos by four times, sharpening faces and objects within them, which is crucial for the Deep Nostalgia™ feature to work effectively.


Animation, in the context of this video, refers to the application of movement to still photos through the Deep Nostalgia™ feature. It allows users to see their ancestors' faces move, creating a more dynamic and engaging experience with family history. The script describes how this technology can make photos feel as though they are 'coming alive,' offering a novel way to connect with the past.

💡Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence technique that the MyHeritage app uses to power its photo features, including colorization and photo enhancement. It enables the app to recognize patterns and make predictions, such as guessing the original colors of faded photos or sharpening images. The script mentions that the technology behind these features was licensed from other companies, emphasizing the sophistication of the underlying technology.

💡Historical Photos

Historical Photos are old photographs, often family heirlooms, that hold sentimental value and provide a visual connection to the past. In the video, these photos are the primary subject of the discussed features, as they are enhanced, colorized, and animated using MyHeritage's technology. The script illustrates how these photos can be transformed to offer a more vivid glimpse into family history.

💡User Experience

User Experience (UX) refers to how enjoyable and easy it is for users to interact with a product or service. In the script, Masha Novak mentions her responsibility for the MyHeritage mobile app's user experience, highlighting the importance of creating features that are not only technologically advanced but also user-friendly. The video demonstrates the app's features with a focus on their impact on the user's ability to engage with their family history.

💡Mobile App Users

Mobile App Users are individuals who utilize the MyHeritage app on their mobile devices to access its photo features. The script notes the popularity of the Deep Nostalgia™ feature among these users, indicating that the mobile app has become a significant platform for engaging with family history. The app's success is evidenced by its ranking in the app store, which is attributed to the enthusiastic reception of its features by mobile app users.


Introduction of MyHeritage's Webinar Series by host Miriam Pierre-Louis.

Masha Novak's presentation on the 'Deep Nostalgia' feature for animating family photos.

Masha's role as the Product Manager for MyHeritage Mobile App and Photo Features.

Overview of MyHeritage's photo features including colorization, enhancer, and repair.

Launch of 'MyHeritage In Color' for automatic colorization of black and white photos.

Demonstration of deep learning technology for color restoration in faded photos.

Introduction of the Heritage Photo Enhancer for sharpening blurry photos.

Explanation of how 'Deep Nostalgia' animates faces in historical photos.

Statistics on the popularity of 'Deep Nostalgia' with 98 million uses on the mobile app.

Combining 'Deep Nostalgia' with the Photo Enhancer for optimal animation results.

Process of animating photos step-by-step using pre-recorded driver videos.

Different animation sequences available for users to apply to their photos.

Controversial reactions to the 'Deep Nostalgia' feature, with opinions ranging from magical to creepy.

Instructions on how to use the photo features on the MyHeritage mobile app.

Details on MyHeritage's upcoming 24-hour marathon of webinars.

Announcement of door prizes including a one-year MyHeritage Complete Plan and a DNA test kit.

Q&A session addressing questions on photo repair, colorization accuracy, and copyright ownership.

Final thoughts and upcoming plans for MyHeritage's photo feature development.