A Print on Demand Secret Weapon: Recraft: Sticker Pack Tutorial

Brian Abela
7 Feb 202415:35

TLDRDiscover the power of Recraft, an AI image generator that offers high-quality vector and raster images for your projects without the need for payment. Learn how to create and customize stunning images for your print-on-demand business, including a step-by-step guide on making a sticker pack using Canva. This tutorial showcases Recraft's unique features like the glow model and free tools like background removal and AI upscaling, perfect for enhancing your designs for various products.


  • 😀 Recraft is a powerful AI software for generating high-quality vector and rasterized images, with unique tools that are often paid for elsewhere.
  • 🔍 The platform offers a community tab where users can see real-time image generation and the text prompts used to create them.
  • 📷 Recraft allows users to create new projects with a choice between raster and vector images, catering to different design needs.
  • 🎨 Users can adjust the canvas size easily, either by inputting dimensions or by dragging corners for portrait or landscape layouts.
  • 🖼️ Recraft provides a variety of models for image generation, with the option to customize with color palettes for brand consistency.
  • 🚀 The platform is user-friendly, with no daily limits or need for coins, allowing for unrestricted image creation.
  • 🎭 Recraft's 'glow' model is highlighted for its fun and effective image generation capabilities.
  • 🖌️ The platform includes tools like 'remove BG', 'AI upscale', and 'vectorize', enhancing the usability of generated images for various applications.
  • 🌟 Recraft's image generation process provides two images per prompt, offering options and the ability to regenerate with a single click.
  • 📚 The tutorial suggests using Chat GPT for generating creative prompts, especially for themed designs like St Patrick's Day stickers.
  • 💼 The process of creating a sticker pack is demonstrated using Canva, showing how to organize and frame individual images for a cohesive product.

Q & A

  • What is Recraft and how does it differ from other AI image generators?

    -Recraft is a powerful platform for generating high-quality vector or rasterized images. It differs from other AI image generators by offering a range of useful tools that are often charged for elsewhere, without requiring the user to spend coins or credits, and without daily limits on image creation.

  • How can one access and start using Recraft?

    -To access Recraft, users can log in with a Google account or sign up with their email address. Once logged in, they are taken to the community tab where they can see images being generated in real time and start creating their own projects.

  • What types of images can be created on Recraft, and what are the available categories for vector images?

    -Recraft allows users to create both raster and vector images. For vector images, categories include Vector art, line art, Vector Kawaii, cartoon flat 2.0, line drawings, and Engravings.

  • How does the canvas size adjustment work on Recraft, and what is the recommended canvas size?

    -Canvas size on Recraft can be adjusted by entering the desired dimensions or by clicking and dragging the corners of the canvas. The recommended canvas size for optimal results is 1024 x 1024 pixels.

  • What is the 'glow model' mentioned in the script, and why was it chosen for image generation?

    -The 'glow model' is one of the image generation models available on Recraft. It was chosen in the script because the user had a lot of fun with it and it was used to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform.

  • How does Recraft handle the creation of images with brand colors?

    -Recraft allows users to input or select specific brand colors using hex codes. The generated image will then only bear these brand colors, which is useful for maintaining brand consistency.

  • What role does Chat GPT play in the process of creating images for a sticker pack in Recraft?

    -Chat GPT was used to generate creative prompts for images related to St Patrick's Day that could be used for a sticker pack. It provided prompts that adhered to the user's instructions for creating themed stickers.

  • How does the background removal feature work in Recraft, and what are its limitations?

    -Recraft has a 'remove BG' feature that automatically removes the background from an image. However, it may not always be precise, and sometimes the background might still need to be manually adjusted.

  • What is the AI upscale feature in Recraft, and how does it benefit the user?

    -The AI upscale feature in Recraft increases the resolution of an image by 4 times, making it suitable for larger print applications like t-shirts or posters without losing quality.

  • How does the process of creating a sticker pack in Canva relate to the images generated in Recraft?

    -After generating images in Recraft, users can upload and arrange them into a sticker pack template in Canva. This allows for easy organization and ensures that the stickers are properly spaced for easy removal by the end user.

  • What additional tools does Recraft offer for image manipulation, and how can they be utilized?

    -Recraft offers tools such as vectorizing, repainting, erasing, and replacing the background of images. These tools can be used to fine-tune the images generated, ensuring they meet the user's specific requirements.



🎨 Introducing Recraft: The AI Image Generator

This paragraph introduces the Recraft platform, an AI software that specializes in generating high-quality vector and rasterized images, perfect for enhancing various projects. It highlights Recraft's unique selling proposition, which includes a range of free tools that are typically charged for by competitors. The speaker invites the audience to explore Recraft's capabilities and promises a demonstration of its features. The video script guides viewers on how to navigate the platform, starting from the homepage to the community tab, showcasing real-time image generation and offering insights into the text prompts used for image creation. It also explains the ease of use, the option to create new projects, and the choice between raster and vector images.


🛠 Customizing Canvas Size and Model Selection in Recraft

The speaker details the process of customizing the canvas size on Recraft, either by manually inputting dimensions or by adjusting the canvas corners. They recommend a 1024 x 1024 square canvas for optimal results. The paragraph also discusses the selection of image generation models available on Recraft, comparing the options to other platforms like Leonardo. It emphasizes the freedom and flexibility Recraft offers, with no daily limits or need for coins, allowing users to create as many images as desired. The paragraph concludes with a demonstration of the 'glow' model, showcasing its capabilities and the process of typing in a prompt for image generation.


🍀 Crafting St. Patrick's Day Stickers with Recraft and Chat GPT

This section of the script focuses on creating St. Patrick's Day-themed stickers using Recraft. The speaker shares their experience of brainstorming with Chat GPT to generate image prompts that would yield stickers suitable for a sticker pack. They provide specific instructions on how to phrase prompts for Chat GPT to ensure the generated images have a strong white border and a solid background, facilitating easy background removal later. The speaker demonstrates the process of using these prompts in Recraft, adjusting the canvas, and using the 'glow' model to create images. They also discuss the option to recraft images if the results are not satisfactory and the availability of two image options per prompt.


🖼️ Post-Processing and Sticker Pack Creation with Canva

The final paragraph outlines the process of post-processing the images generated by Recraft and creating a sticker pack using Canva. The speaker explains how to export images from Recraft, emphasizing the choice between PNG and JPEG formats, and the benefits of using the AI upscale feature to increase image resolution for larger print applications. They then guide viewers on how to use Canva to create a sticker pack, including using frames and arranging the stickers to ensure they are easy to separate. The paragraph concludes with a call to action, inviting viewers to click on a video thumbnail for further guidance on elevating their print on demand business.



💡Print on Demand

Print on Demand (POD) is a business model where products are only produced when a customer orders them, minimizing inventory costs and risks. In the context of the video, the presenter discusses using AI image generation to enhance POD products like stickers, emphasizing the efficiency and customization of the process.


Recraft is the name of the AI software mentioned in the video, which specializes in generating high-quality vector or rasterized images. The software is highlighted for its powerful tools and ease of use, which are crucial for creating images for POD businesses without additional costs.

💡Vector Images

Vector images are resolution-independent images that can be scaled to any size without losing quality, making them ideal for graphic design and printing. The video script mentions Recraft's ability to generate vector images, which is important for creating clear and detailed POD products.

💡Raster Images

Raster images, also known as bitmap images, are composed of pixels and can lose quality when scaled up. The script explains that Recraft offers the option to create raster images, providing more variety in models and styles for image generation.

💡AI Image Generator

An AI image generator uses artificial intelligence to create images based on textual prompts. The video showcases how Recraft serves as an AI image generator, helping users to produce unique images for their POD business with ease and without incurring additional costs.

💡Text Prompt

A text prompt is a textual description used to guide the AI in creating an image. The script describes how the presenter uses specific text prompts in Recraft to generate images that fit the theme of St Patrick's Day, demonstrating the customization capabilities of the AI.

💡Sticker Pack

A sticker pack refers to a collection of stickers, often with a unified theme or design. The video's main project is to create a St Patrick's Day themed sticker pack using images generated by Recraft, which can then be sold on POD platforms.

💡Brand Colors

Brand colors are specific colors associated with a company or product, used to maintain visual consistency across branding materials. The script mentions the option to input brand colors in Recraft, ensuring that the generated images align with a company's branding strategy.

💡AI Upscale

AI Upscale is a feature that uses artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of an image without losing quality. The video explains how Recraft's AI Upscale tool can be used to enlarge images for use on products like t-shirts or posters, enhancing their suitability for POD applications.

💡Remove BG

Remove BG refers to the process of removing the background from an image, which is useful for creating images with transparent backgrounds suitable for various applications. The script highlights Recraft's 'Remove BG' tool, which allows users to easily prepare images for sticker packs or other POD products.


Canva is an online design platform used for creating visual content such as graphics, presentations, and social media posts. In the video, Canva is used to arrange and prepare the generated images into a cohesive sticker pack, demonstrating its utility in the final stages of POD product design.


Recraft is a powerful AI software for generating high-quality vector and rasterized images.

Recraft offers unique tools that are often charged for by other image generators, but are free on Recraft.

The platform allows users to log in with a Google account for easy access.

The community tab on Recraft showcases real-time image generation and allows users to explore prompts and creations.

Users can create new projects by choosing between raster and vector images on Recraft.

Recraft provides options to adjust canvas size easily, either by inputting dimensions or dragging corners.

The platform offers various models for image generation, including the popular 'glow' model.

Recraft does not have a daily limit on image creation, allowing users to create as many images as they want.

The platform includes a 'remove BG' tool, which is often a paid feature on other platforms.

Recraft's AI upscale feature increases image resolution for higher quality prints, such as t-shirts and posters.

Images can be vectorized, repainted, and backgrounds can be replaced or erased on Recraft.

Chat GPT can assist users in creating image prompts, such as for a St Patrick's Day sticker pack.

Recraft's prompts should include a solid color background and border for easy background removal.

The video demonstrates creating a sticker image using the glow model on Recraft.

Recraft provides two image options with each generation, allowing users to choose the best fit.

Canva is used to create a sticker pack layout with frames and space for easy sticker removal.

The provided template for sticker packs ensures designs are spaced correctly for print on demand platforms.

Using Canva's frames, users can incorporate and arrange their Recraft-generated images into a sticker pack.

The final product is a set of high-quality stickers ready for print on demand businesses.