AI apps I Use regularly - productivity and note taking

7 Jul 202416:18

TLDRIn this video, the host shares their favorite AI applications for productivity and note-taking, including 'My Mind' for daily inspiration capture and organization, 'Voice Notes AI' for journaling and transcription, 'Lex' as a writing assistant to improve grammar and provide feedback, a background music app for focus, and 'Chat GPT' for content transformation and brainstorming. Each app is highlighted for its unique features and the creator's personal experience with them.


  • 📝 MyMind is a note-taking app used daily for capturing inspiration and organizing ideas with AI-powered search and tagging.
  • 🎨 The app allows users to save color palettes and hex codes for design work across various brands.
  • 📸 MyMind's 'Same Vibe' feature groups images with similar aesthetics, improving with more user input.
  • 🛒 Users can create 'Wish List' tags to save items for future purchase and organize reading lists in 'Smart Spaces'.
  • 💰 MyMind offers two pricing plans, with the higher plan providing article backups and a 'TLDR' feature.
  • 🗣️ Voice Notes AI is a journaling tool using whisper technology for transcription and AI assistance in outlining and questioning.
  • 📝 Lex is a writing assistant that helps improve writing by checking grammar and providing feedback, rather than writing for the user.
  • ✍️ Lex provides title ideas, focused writing sessions, and a user-friendly UI for writing in English as a third language.
  • 🎵 The unnamed Pro Plan app offers AI-generated music or soundscapes to enhance focus during work without distractions.
  • 📈 Chat GPT is utilized for grammar correction, content transformation, and as a search engine or thought partner.
  • 🔄 The speaker uses these AI applications to streamline productivity, enhance creativity, and improve language proficiency in their work.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is to discuss the AI applications that the speaker uses regularly for productivity and note-taking.

  • How many AI apps does the speaker mention in the video?

    -The speaker mentions four AI apps in the video.

  • What is the first AI app mentioned in the video and what does it do?

    -The first AI app mentioned is 'my mind', which is a note-taking app that allows the user to capture inspirations and organize them with the help of AI tagging and search features.

  • How does the speaker use 'my mind' for color palettes?

    -The speaker uses 'my mind' to save and organize different color palettes, and can easily copy the hex codes of these palettes for use in design work.

  • What is the 'same Vibe' feature in 'my mind' app?

    -The 'same Vibe' feature in 'my mind' app shows images that have a similar aesthetic or mood to the selected image, helping to find related inspirations.

  • What are 'smart spaces' in the 'my mind' app?

    -'Smart spaces' in 'my mind' are smart folders that help organize content such as reading lists for books and articles.

  • What is the 'Mastermind plan' in the 'my mind' app and what does it offer?

    -The 'Mastermind plan' is a subscription plan for the 'my mind' app that costs $12.90 per month, offering features like article backups and the ability to read and take notes on articles within the app.

  • What is the second AI app discussed in the video and what is its main function?

    -The second AI app discussed is 'Voice Notes AI', which is mainly used as a journaling tool with the ability to transcribe spoken words using whisper technology and answer questions based on the user's notes.

  • How does 'Voice Notes AI' assist in outlining blog posts?

    -'It Voice Notes AI' can use the notes stored within the app to help outline blog posts, providing a structured format for the user's ideas.

  • What is the third AI app mentioned and how does it assist with writing?

    -The third AI app mentioned is 'Lex', a writing assistant that helps with grammar checking, providing feedback on drafts, and offering title ideas and focused writing sessions.

  • What pricing plans does 'Lex' offer and what do they include?

    -'Lex' offers a subscription plan for $12 per month when billed annually, or $18 per month when billed monthly. A free plan is also available, which includes 30 checks per month.

  • What is the fourth AI app discussed and how does it enhance the user's work environment?

    -The fourth AI app is not named in the provided transcript, but it is described as an app that uses AI to provide background music or soundscapes to enhance focus and productivity during work.

  • How does the speaker use 'chat GPT' to transform their content?

    -The speaker uses 'chat GPT' to assist in turning their blog posts and YouTube video scripts into different types of content, such as Twitter threads or X trits, and also as a search engine and thought partner.



📒 MyMind: The Ultimate AI-Powered Note-Taking and Inspiration App

The video introduces 'MyMind,' an AI application used daily by the presenter for note-taking and capturing inspiration. It serves as a personal board, blending features of Google and Pinterest, and is used for tasks like creating to-do lists and organizing color palettes for design work. The app's AI excels in tagging images and organizing content, facilitating searches for saved items like color palettes and providing a 'same vibe' feature for images. The user also appreciates the smart spaces for categorizing reading materials and the ability to take notes within articles. The app offers two pricing plans, with the higher one providing article backups and a weekly newsletter for additional inspiration.


🗣️ Voice Notes AI: Personal Journaling with Whisper Technology

The second app featured is 'Voice Notes AI,' primarily used as a journaling tool by the presenter. It leverages whisper technology for transcribing spoken words into text with high accuracy, particularly in English. The app also includes an AI assistant capable of answering questions, outlining blog posts, and using existing notes to generate content. The presenter highlights the app's utility in offloading thoughts and the gamification aspect of ranking among other note-takers. A subscription called the 'believer plan' was purchased by the presenter, who has been using the app daily since the purchase.


✍️ Lex: The AI Writing Assistant for Grammar and Draft Feedback

The third paragraph discusses 'Lex,' an AI writing assistant that differs from other AI tools by not writing for the user but instead assisting in the writing process. It checks grammar and provides feedback on drafts, offering title suggestions and focus sessions with set goals. The presenter appreciates the app's user interface and uses it frequently for work, especially for writing in English, which is their third language. The app is particularly useful for maintaining high grammar standards in B2B marketing. The presenter is currently on the free plan but plans to subscribe to the Pro Plan once they exceed the free check limit.


🎵 Background Music AI: Enhancing Focus with Custom Soundscapes

The fourth app, 'Background Music AI,' uses AI to generate music or soundscapes that aid concentration without distraction. The presenter enjoys using it during writing sessions and appreciates the variety of options it offers, such as focus, relax, sleep, and different environmental sounds. They have a Pro Plan subscription, which they find valuable for maintaining focus while working, and they consider it a worthy investment compared to using music with lyrics that can be distracting.

🤖 Chat GPT: Transforming Content and Serving as a Digital Assistant

The final app highlighted is 'Chat GPT,' which the presenter uses for various purposes, including grammar correction, content transformation, and as a search engine or thought partner. They utilize it to convert YouTube video scripts and blog posts into different content formats, such as Twitter threads or 'X trits.' Although not as effective as a human assistant, Chat GPT is a cost-effective solution for the presenter, who has been using it extensively and finds it valuable for enhancing their content creation process.



💡AI applications

AI applications refer to software programs that incorporate artificial intelligence to perform tasks more efficiently or in a more human-like manner. In the context of the video, the host discusses their favorite AI applications for productivity and note-taking, which they use almost daily. These applications help in capturing inspiration, organizing thoughts, and enhancing the workflow.

💡Note taking app

A note taking app is a digital tool designed for creating, organizing, and storing notes. The video mentions 'my mind' as a note taking app that allows the user to capture inspiration and organize it with tags and search functionality, which is integral to the host's productivity routine.


Google is a multinational technology company known for its search engine and various other services and products. In the script, it is mentioned in comparison to 'my mind' app, suggesting that the app could be seen as a blend between Google's search capabilities and the organizational features of a note-taking tool.


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and fashion inspiration. It is brought up as a comparison to 'my mind' app, indicating that the app can function similarly to a personal inspiration board where users can save and categorize images.

💡Color palette

A color palette refers to a range of colors selected to be used together, typically in design or art. The video script describes how the host uses the 'my mind' app to save and organize color palettes for different projects, which is essential for design work across various brands.

💡Smart spaces

Smart spaces, as mentioned in the video, are intelligent folders or organizational tools within the 'my mind' app that help the user categorize and manage their notes more effectively. They are used to keep different types of content, such as reading lists and article backups, organized.

💡Voice notes AI

Voice notes AI is an application that uses AI technology to transcribe spoken words into text, serving as a journaling tool. The host uses it to record thoughts and ideas, which are then transcribed accurately, especially in English, and can be used to generate outlines for blog posts.


Lex is described as a writing assistant that helps improve the quality of writing by checking grammar and providing feedback. It is different from other AI tools as it requires the user to actively engage with the text to make changes, which is useful for the host in maintaining high-quality English in their professional writing.

💡B2B marketing

B2B marketing refers to business-to-business marketing, which involves marketing products or services to other businesses rather than to consumers. The host mentions using Lex for B2B marketing to ensure that their English is at a high level when writing marketing or sales copy.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI chatbot that can assist with various tasks, such as fixing grammar or transforming blog posts into different content formats. The host uses it to streamline their content creation process, turning scripts into Twitter threads or other types of content, which is a valuable tool for content repurposing.


Introduction to favorite AI applications for productivity and note-taking.

Discussion of 'my mind' app as a daily note-taking tool with a unique blend of Google and Pinterest features.

Use of 'my mind' for capturing inspiration and its powerful search functionality.

Demonstration of 'my mind' app's ability to organize and tag images with AI assistance.

Exploration of 'my mind' app's 'same Vibe' feature for finding similar images.

Description of 'smart spaces' in 'my mind' for organizing reading lists and notes.

Pricing plans and features of 'my mind' app, including article backups and 'TLDR' summaries.

Introduction of 'Voice Notes AI' as a journaling tool with transcription capabilities.

Utilization of 'Voice Notes AI' for outlining blog posts and accessing AI-generated content.

Showcasing the ranking feature in 'Voice Notes AI' and its daily usage statistics.

Introduction of 'Lex' as an AI writing assistant that helps with grammar and provides feedback.

Features of 'Lex' including focused writing sessions, goal setting, and a focus mode.

Pricing options for 'Lex' and the benefits of its free plan.

Discussion of using AI-generated music with a Pro Plan subscription for focus and writing.

Benefits of using AI music over traditional music for maintaining focus during work.

Introduction of 'Chat GPT' for content transformation and as a search engine and thought partner.

Personal experience and long-term usage of 'Chat GPT' for various productivity tasks.

Conclusion summarizing the AI applications discussed and their impact on productivity.