Accurate Video Subtitles And Video Transcriptions w/ Happy Scribe

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27 Nov 202013:29

TLDRThe video transcript introduces Happy Scribe, a tool for creating accurate video subtitles and transcriptions. The narrator discusses the challenges of manually editing subtitles and the inaccuracies of YouTube's automatic feature. Happy Scribe offers a more precise alternative, including punctuation and capitalization. The narrator highlights a Black Friday deal through AppSomo, providing 80% off the usual price for two hours of video transcription per month. The tool allows customization of subtitles, including vocabulary personalization, speed control for editing, and formatting options. The process for uploading videos, creating subtitles, and publishing them on platforms like YouTube is demonstrated. The summary emphasizes the tool's user-friendliness and its value for educators and content creators looking to enhance video accessibility.


  • 📚 The speaker has found an inexpensive way to transcribe videos without a pay-per-video or subscription-based software, which is particularly useful for educators and content creators.
  • 🎓 A Black Friday deal is available for a limited time, offering significant savings on transcription services, which is highly recommended for those who need to make their content more accessible.
  • 🔗 The tool being discussed is Happy Scribe, which provides a more accurate transcription service than YouTube's automatic subtitles, including punctuation and capitalization.
  • ⏰ The Happy Scribe service offers two hours of video transcription per month at a discounted rate, which refreshes at the beginning of each month.
  • 📈 The speaker demonstrates how to use Happy Scribe, including uploading a video, selecting the required service, and customizing the vocabulary for better accuracy.
  • 🖥️ The transcription process is user-friendly, allowing for easy editing and correction of subtitles directly on the platform.
  • 🔍 Happy Scribe highlights words in red that it is unsure of, making it easier for users to identify and correct potential errors.
  • 🕒 The time taken to upload and transcribe a video can vary depending on internet speed, but the process is still efficient even with a slow connection.
  • 🎨 Users can customize the appearance of the subtitles, including font, color, and outline, to match their branding.
  • 🔄 The platform allows for adjustments to subtitle settings, such as the number of lines displayed and the timing of the subtitles in relation to the video.
  • 📝 Once corrections are made, users can download the subtitle file and upload it directly to platforms like YouTube, enhancing accessibility for viewers.
  • 🌐 The service is not limited to YouTube and can be used for videos on other platforms or for creating downloadable content with subtitles.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to introduce and recommend Happy Scribe, a tool for creating accurate video subtitles and transcriptions, particularly useful for educators and content creators looking for an inexpensive solution.

  • What is the current deal mentioned in the video?

    -The current deal mentioned is a Black Friday deal offered through AppSomo, which provides a significant discount on Happy Scribe's services.

  • How does Happy Scribe help with video transcription?

    -Happy Scribe automates the process of creating subtitles, which are more accurate than YouTube's automatic subtitles, including proper punctuation and capitalization.

  • What are the benefits of using Happy Scribe over YouTube's automatic subtitles?

    -Happy Scribe provides a higher level of accuracy, includes punctuation and capital letters, and allows for customization and branding of subtitles.

  • How does the 'My Vocabulary' feature work in Happy Scribe?

    -The 'My Vocabulary' feature allows users to add words that are specific to their content, helping the program recognize and transcribe those words correctly.

  • What is the process for uploading a video to Happy Scribe for transcription?

    -Users can either connect their YouTube channel to Happy Scribe or upload a video by providing a public link. After selecting the type of service (transcription or subtitles) and the source of the file, the video is uploaded and processed.

  • How long does it take for Happy Scribe to transcribe a video?

    -The time it takes for transcription can vary based on internet speed, but in the video, it is mentioned that even with a slow Wi-Fi connection, a video was uploaded and transcribed in less than five minutes.

  • What customization options are available for subtitles in Happy Scribe?

    -Users can customize the appearance of subtitles, including font type, size, color, and outline. They can also adjust subtitle limits, such as the number of lines displayed and the gaps between subtitles.

  • How can users correct errors in the transcription?

    -Users can listen to the video and make corrections directly on the editing page, where uncertain words are highlighted in red. The platform also allows adjusting the playback speed for easier correction.

  • What is the monthly subscription offer for Happy Scribe mentioned in the video?

    -The monthly subscription offer mentioned provides two hours of video transcription per month at a discounted rate of 80% off the usual price.

  • How can the transcribed subtitles be used for videos not on YouTube?

    -Users can download the video with the subtitles and host it on other platforms like a teachable page, Udemy, or their own blog.

  • What are the potential uses of Happy Scribe for educators?

    -Educators can use Happy Scribe to transcribe their lectures or class videos, making them more accessible to students. It can also be used for creating content for online courses or adding subtitles to educational videos.



📚 Introduction to Happy Scribe for Video Transcription

The speaker introduces Happy Scribe, a tool for transcribing videos, which they've been seeking since starting their channel. They highlight a Black Friday deal available through AppSomo, valid until the end of November, which is particularly beneficial for educators and content creators. The speaker provides a brief tutorial on using Happy Scribe, emphasizing its accuracy over YouTube's auto-generated subtitles, including punctuation and capitalization. They also mention the possibility of earning a $10 credit through a referral link for first-time AppSumo buyers and detail the process of transcribing two hours of video each month with the deal.


🖥️ Behind the Scenes with Happy Scribe's Dashboard and Features

The speaker takes the audience through the Happy Scribe dashboard, showing how credits are tracked and used. They discuss the 'My Vocabulary' feature, which allows users to add personalized words for better transcription accuracy. The process of uploading a video, choosing between transcription or subtitles, and connecting to a YouTube channel is demonstrated. The speaker also explains how to import a video using a public link and highlights the tool's efficiency, even with slow internet. The editing process is shown, including how to correct uncertain words, adjust playback speed, and format subtitles to match the speaker's brand.


🎓 Utilizing Happy Scribe for Educational and Online Course Content

The speaker recommends Happy Scribe for those with shorter videos or a manageable amount of content to subtitle each month. They discuss how the tool can be used for YouTube videos, teaching materials, and even for creating downloadable content for online courses or blogs. The process of adding subtitles to a YouTube video is outlined, from downloading the corrected file to uploading it to the YouTube studio. The speaker emphasizes the tool's user-friendly interface, customization options, and the quality of transcriptions, including punctuation and capitalization. They also mention the option to download videos with subtitles for use outside of YouTube and conclude by encouraging the use of the referral link for a discount and inviting feedback on other transcription services.




Transcribe refers to the process of converting spoken language into written form. In the context of the video, it is crucial for creating accurate subtitles and video transcriptions, which enhances accessibility for viewers. The script mentions the time-consuming nature of editing subtitles, especially when they lack punctuation and capitalization, highlighting the importance of transcription for educational content.

💡Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is a tool mentioned in the video that automates the creation of subtitles for videos. It is described as more accurate than YouTube's automatic subtitles, including important details like punctuation and capitalization. The tool is particularly beneficial for educators and content creators looking to make their videos more accessible without incurring high costs.

💡Black Friday deal

A Black Friday deal refers to a special offer or discount that is available for a limited time, typically associated with the Black Friday shopping event that occurs the day after Thanksgiving. In the script, the presenter recommends a Black Friday deal for Happy Scribe, which is particularly appealing for educators and those creating a large volume of video content.


AppSumo is a platform that offers deals on software, apps, and online services. It is mentioned in the video as the source of the Happy Scribe deal. The presenter provides a referral link for viewers who have never purchased from AppSumo before, allowing them to receive a $10 credit towards their purchase.

💡Video accessibility

Video accessibility refers to the practice of making video content usable by as many people as possible, including those with disabilities. In the video, the presenter emphasizes the importance of adding subtitles to videos to make them more accessible, especially for educational purposes. This is particularly relevant for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

💡YouTube subtitles

YouTube subtitles are text versions of the audio content in videos that are provided by YouTube's automatic system or manually edited by the video uploader. The script criticizes the accuracy of YouTube's automatic subtitles, noting that they often lack proper punctuation and capitalization. The presenter prefers using Happy Scribe for more precise subtitles.


Punctuation refers to the marks and symbols used in writing to structure and organize text to aid its understanding. In the context of the video, punctuation is highlighted as an essential aspect of subtitles that is often missing in YouTube's automatic transcriptions. The presenter appreciates Happy Scribe's inclusion of punctuation for better clarity and professionalism in video subtitles.


Capitalization is the act of writing a word with its first letter in uppercase and the remaining letters in lowercase. It is an important aspect of written language that contributes to readability and formality. The video script discusses the lack of capitalization in YouTube's automatic subtitles as a drawback and praises Happy Scribe for maintaining proper capitalization in its transcriptions.

💡Video editing

Video editing is the process of selecting and assembling shots while adding special effects, sound, and text to create a finished video product. The script mentions that editing subtitles on videos can be a lengthy and time-consuming task, especially when they are not pre-existing. Happy Scribe is presented as a solution to streamline this process.

💡Referral link

A referral link is a unique web address that identifies a specific person who referred a visitor or customer to a particular website or service. In the video, the presenter provides a referral link for AppSumo, which benefits both the viewer (by offering a $10 credit) and the presenter (who also receives a credit for the referral).

💡Teachable page

A teachable page refers to a section of a website designed for educational content, often used by online course creators. The video mentions the possibility of using Happy Scribe to create subtitles for videos that can be hosted on a teachable page, indicating the versatility of the tool for various platforms beyond just YouTube.


The speaker introduces Happy Scribe, a tool for creating accurate video subtitles and transcriptions.

Happy Scribe is recommended for educators and content creators looking for an inexpensive transcription solution.

A Black Friday deal is available, offering significant discounts for Happy Scribe services.

The tool is more accurate than YouTube's automatic subtitles, including punctuation and capitalization.

Happy Scribe can transcribe up to two hours of video content per month with the current deal.

Users can add a personalized vocabulary to improve transcription accuracy for uncommon terms.

The dashboard provides an overview of credits left and allows users to manage their transcriptions.

The transcription process is quick, even with a slow internet connection.

Happy Scribe highlights words it is unsure about, making the editing process more efficient.

Users can adjust playback speed to make corrections more easily while listening.

The tool allows customization of subtitle appearance, including font, size, and color.

Subtitles can be exported in a format compatible with YouTube.

The speaker discusses the potential use of Happy Scribe for educational and commercial video content.

An AppSumo referral link is provided for first-time buyers to receive a $10 credit.

The service is suitable for those with less than two hours of video content to subtitle per month.

The speaker plans to use Happy Scribe for both new and existing video content.

Videos can be downloaded with subtitles, offering flexibility for various platforms beyond YouTube.

The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe for upcoming content on providing student feedback through video.