Adobe Express Premium is Worth It (MyTop 3 Reasons)

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14 Mar 202405:56

TLDRIn this video, the presenter, an Adobe Express Ambassador, discusses why the Adobe Express Premium subscription is worth the $9.99 monthly fee. The top three reasons highlighted include access to unparalleled stock imagery, videos, fonts, and music; the ease of use and AI features of the platform, which streamlines content creation for various social media platforms; and the ability to create and reuse brand kits for clients. The presenter emphasizes the importance of professional-looking assets and the time-saving benefits of resizing and scheduling content across multiple platforms. Additionally, they mention the advanced AI capabilities of Adobe Express, which allow for the addition or removal of elements from images, ensuring responsible use of AI and avoiding copyright infringement. The video concludes with the presenter's positive experience with Adobe Express and their eagerness to share more insights with the audience.


  • 💰 Adobe Express Premium costs $9.99 a month and is considered a worthwhile investment by the speaker.
  • 🎨 The first reason for choosing Adobe Express Premium is its vast library of high-quality stock images, videos, fonts, and music that are professionally curated and on-brand.
  • 🛠️ The user interface of Adobe Express is praised for its ease of use and the powerful AI features that enhance the design process.
  • 📈 The platform is a one-stop solution for creating and editing various types of content, including social media assets and short-form videos.
  • 🔄 Adobe Express allows for efficient resizing of images and videos to fit various social media platforms, saving time and effort.
  • 📅 The ability to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms from within Adobe Express is a significant advantage for content creators.
  • 👥 The speaker emphasizes the importance of the platform for both their personal brand and their clients' brand kits, highlighting its versatility.
  • 💼 Adobe Express comes with 25,000 fonts and allows users to save and reuse favorite templates, streamlining the design process.
  • 📱 The platform's AI capabilities enable users to add or remove elements from images, providing a high level of customization.
  • 🌐 Adobe Express is a responsible AI leader, ensuring that users avoid copyright infringement and maintain ethical standards in their creative work.
  • 📈 The speaker has been using Adobe Express for three months and has been impressed with the professional team and community, which offers learning opportunities and best practices.
  • 📚 The video includes additional resources and tools for small creators and business owners, aiming to support their growth and success.

Q & A

  • What is the monthly cost of Adobe Express Premium?

    -Adobe Express Premium costs $9.99 a month.

  • Why does the speaker choose to pay for Adobe Express Premium?

    -The speaker chooses Adobe Express Premium for its unparalleled stock images, videos, fonts, and music, as well as its user-friendly interface and powerful AI features.

  • How does Adobe Express help content creators with their work?

    -Adobe Express helps content creators by providing a wide range of high-quality stock assets, a single platform for designing and editing, and the ability to schedule content across multiple social media platforms.

  • What are some of the benefits of using Adobe Express for a team?

    -Adobe Express benefits teams by allowing them to create and manage brand kits, save and reuse favorite templates, and resize images and videos for various social media platforms efficiently.

  • How does Adobe Express support the resizing and repurposing of content for different social media platforms?

    -Adobe Express allows users to easily resize images and videos with a single click and provides templates for various social media platforms to ensure the correct sizing.

  • What is the speaker's view on the number of fonts available in Adobe Express Premium?

    -The speaker appreciates that Adobe Express Premium comes with 25,000 fonts that can be used right away, which is part of the premium package.

  • How does Adobe Express help in avoiding copyright infringement?

    -Adobe Express, being a leading brand in responsible AI, provides users with a wide range of stock assets that are legally cleared for use, thus helping to avoid copyright infringement.

  • What additional resources does the speaker provide for small creators and business owners?

    -The speaker provides tools and resources that small creators and business owners might find helpful, including information on leveraging platforms like YouTube and best practices for design.

  • How long has the speaker been working with Adobe Express?

    -The speaker has been working with Adobe Express for about 3 months.

  • What does the speaker think about the Adobe Express team and community?

    -The speaker is highly impressed with the professional team and the community, stating that they are one of the most professional teams and that the community offers a lot of learning opportunities from other creators.

  • How does the speaker describe the experience of learning from top designers in the Adobe Express community?

    -The speaker is excited about the opportunity to learn from top designers in the community, mentioning the integration of elements and designs from Photoshop directly into Adobe Express.

  • What does the speaker encourage viewers to do if they like the video?

    -The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel and share the video with one more friend if they find the content helpful.



🎨 The Benefits of Adobe Express Premium Subscription

Fa from Fa World discusses why they chose to subscribe to Adobe Express Premium, despite being an ambassador for the platform. They highlight three main reasons for opting for the premium service: access to unparalleled stock imagery, videos, fonts, and music; the ease of use and AI features of the platform; and the ability to create and manage content across multiple social media platforms. Fa emphasizes the importance of having all necessary tools in one place, the convenience of resizing images and videos for different social media formats, and the ability to create and reuse templates. They also mention Adobe's commitment to responsible AI and the value of learning from the community of creators.


📈 Learning and Growing with Adobe Express

Fa shares their experience of working with Adobe Express for three months, expressing their satisfaction with the professional team and the creative community. They mention the opportunity to learn best practices in design and how to integrate elements from Photoshop into Adobe Express. Fa is excited about the prospect of sharing more knowledge and looks forward to connecting with viewers and helping them grow their content. They encourage viewers to subscribe and share the video if they find it helpful.



💡Adobe Express Premium

Adobe Express Premium is a subscription-based service offered by Adobe that provides users with advanced features and resources for creating and editing digital content. In the video, it is highlighted as a valuable tool for content creators due to its comprehensive set of features and the professional quality of its output. The speaker emphasizes its worthiness by sharing personal experiences and benefits gained from using the service.

💡Stock Imageries

Stock imageries refer to a collection of pre-existing images that can be licensed for specific uses. They are a crucial resource for content creators who need a wide variety of high-quality images to enhance their content without the time and cost associated with producing original photography. In the context of the video, the speaker mentions Adobe Express's unparalleled stock imageries as one of the top reasons for choosing the premium service.

💡User Interface

The user interface (UI) is the space where interactions between users and a digital device occur. It encompasses the design of the layout, visuals, and interactive elements that allow users to navigate and use software applications. The video emphasizes the ease of use of Adobe Express's user interface, which contributes to its appeal for creators who value efficiency and simplicity in their design tools.

💡Content Creator

A content creator is an individual or entity responsible for producing various forms of digital content, such as videos, podcasts, blogs, and social media posts. In the video, the speaker identifies as a content creator, discussing the importance of Adobe Express Premium in managing the creation of a wide array of content across different platforms.

💡Social Media Assets

Social media assets are the visual and textual elements used on social media platforms to engage audiences, such as images, videos, and graphics. The video discusses how Adobe Express Premium aids in designing these assets, emphasizing the platform's utility in creating content tailored for various social media channels.

💡Brand Kits

Brand kits are collections of visual and textual elements that represent a brand's identity, including logos, fonts, and color schemes. They are used to ensure consistency across different marketing materials. In the context of the video, the speaker mentions using Adobe Express to create brand kits for clients, highlighting the tool's role in maintaining brand integrity.

💡AI Features

AI features in the context of Adobe Express refer to the artificial intelligence capabilities integrated into the platform that assist users in editing and creating content more efficiently. The video mentions the 'gen AI features' as a reason for the premium subscription's value, noting the ability to add or remove elements from images, which simplifies the design process.


Resizing refers to the process of changing the dimensions of an image or video to fit different formats or platforms. The video emphasizes the importance of resizing in content creation, particularly when distributing content across various social media platforms, each with its own set of size requirements. Adobe Express Premium simplifies this process with its single-click resizing feature.


Scheduling in the context of social media management involves planning and setting specific times for content to be published on different platforms. The video mentions the ability to schedule assets directly onto social platforms using Adobe Express, which is a significant time-saving feature for content creators managing multiple channels.


Templates in Adobe Express are pre-designed layouts and formats that users can customize for their content. They serve as a starting point to create social media posts, thumbnails, and other digital assets quickly. The video highlights the convenience of having access to Adobe Express templates, which can be saved and reused, contributing to efficiency in content creation.

💡Adobe Fonts

Adobe Fonts refers to the extensive library of typefaces available within the Adobe ecosystem. The video mentions that Adobe Express Premium comes with access to 25,000 fonts, which is a significant benefit for content creators who need a wide selection of fonts to enhance their designs and maintain a consistent brand identity.


Adobe Express Premium is a subscription costing $9.99 a month.

The speaker is an Adobe Express Ambassador.

Unparalleled stock of images, videos, fonts, and music.

Content creation for multiple platforms including Amazon Prime, podcasts, live streams, and blogs.

Efficiency in designing thumbnails, images, and social media assets.

Adobe Express as a single platform solution for various content needs.

Ability to schedule assets directly onto social platforms.

Designing brand kits for over a dozen different brands.

Adobe Express includes 25,000 fonts as part of the premium package.

Saving favorite templates for reuse in Adobe Express.

Single-click resizing feature for images to fit various social media formats.

Listing of social media templates for the correct image sizes.

Gen AI features for adding or removing elements from images.

Adobe's commitment to responsible AI usage.

Avoiding copyright infringement with Adobe Express.

Learning from top designers and best practices in design.

Integration of Photoshop elements into Adobe Express.

The speaker has been working with Adobe Express for about 3 months and is impressed by the professional team.

Invitation to connect and learn from the community of creators.

Encouragement to subscribe and share the video.