Alphabet CEO: Search uses Gemini's intelligence, and grounds it with what it knows about the world

CNBC Television
14 May 202403:27

TLDRAlphabet CEO discusses the evolution of search technology, emphasizing the integration of AI, specifically Gemini's intelligence, to enhance the search experience. He addresses concerns about search becoming cluttered and the emergence of competitors redefining user interfaces. The CEO highlights Google's approach to simplifying the search process by organizing information more effectively, which has been met with positive feedback. He also touches on the balance between providing quick answers and offering deeper exploration, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness in search results. The conversation further explores how advertisers can benefit from these AI advancements, as seen in their performance data. Lastly, the CEO expresses optimism about Google's position in the next phase of generative AI, focusing on processing real-world information intelligently and enabling complex queries for multi-step reasoning.


  • 📈 **Efficiency Focus**: The emphasis is on running search efficiently without increasing material costs due to the form of searching involved.
  • 🔍 **Search Evolution**: Critics have noted that search has become cluttered, prompting the addition of AI to enhance the user experience.
  • 🌟 **Simplification**: The company is working towards simplifying the search experience over time, with positive feedback from testing.
  • 🤖 **AI Integration**: AI is being used to organize search results, providing a more streamlined experience for users.
  • 🔗 **Balancing Links and Answers**: Google Search aims to balance providing direct answers with a list of links for users seeking more information.
  • 🌐 **Gemini's Role**: Search leverages the intelligence of Gemini, grounding it with what it knows about the world to deliver accurate and trustworthy results.
  • 🚀 **User Experience**: There is an ongoing effort to overhaul the search experience, rather than just adding new layers on top of the existing system.
  • 📊 **Advertiser Performance**: Advertisers will see the benefits of AI integration in their data and performance as the technology rolls out.
  • ❓ **Handling Complexity**: Google is building systems capable of multi-step reasoning to handle complex queries effectively.
  • 📱 **Mobile to Local Transition**: The company has a history of seamless transitions, such as from desktop to local search, indicating confidence in their ability to adapt to new phases of technology.
  • 🧠 **Generative AI**: Google is focusing on generative AI, moving beyond chat boxes into an era of intelligent agents that can process and answer real-world queries.

Q & A

  • What is the main concern raised by critics about the search experience?

    -Critics have expressed that the search experience has become more cluttered over the years, suggesting a need for a complete overhaul rather than just adding new layers on top of the existing system.

  • How does the CEO describe the role of AI in organizing the search experience?

    -The CEO views AI as a tool to simplify the search experience over time, by organizing the information and providing a more streamlined user interface.

  • What feedback has been received regarding the changes to the search experience?

    -The feedback has been positive as people find the experience getting better with the AI-assisted organization of the search results.

  • How does the CEO respond to the idea of simplifying the search by putting it straight on Gemini?

    -The CEO explains that search is unique because it combines the intelligence of Gemini with the knowledge that search has about the world, providing a balance between quick answers and more in-depth exploration.

  • What is the CEO's perspective on the importance of trust and accuracy in search results?

    -The CEO emphasizes that people value accurate, trustworthy information, and Google Search aims to deliver this by grounding Gemini's intelligence with real-world knowledge.

  • How does the CEO address the concerns of advertisers regarding the new AI-driven search experience?

    -The CEO believes that advertisers will see the benefits in their data and performance as the AI is rolled out, and that past transitions have shown that uncertainty is common but can be overcome.

  • What is the CEO's vision for the future of search technology?

    -The CEO envisions a future where search technology can process the real world in front of the user, constantly process it, and answer intelligently, including the ability to plan trips and perform multi-step reasoning.

  • How does the CEO describe the transition from chat boxes to generative AI agents?

    -The CEO sees the industry moving from the era of chat boxes into the era of generative AI agents, where the focus is on providing more complex and multi-step solutions to user queries.

  • What is the significance of the multi-step reasoning capability in the new search technology?

    -The multi-step reasoning capability allows users to perform complex queries and receive more detailed and comprehensive answers, enhancing the overall search experience.

  • How does the CEO view the competition in the search engine market, especially with new competitors re-thinking the user interface?

    -The CEO acknowledges the competition but is confident in Google's approach to improving the search experience through AI, emphasizing the positive feedback from users.

  • What is the CEO's strategy to ensure Google remains competitive in the next phase of generative AI?

    -The CEO's strategy involves continuous innovation and improvement of Google's search technology, focusing on providing accurate, trustworthy, and intelligent responses to user queries.



🔍 AI-Powered Search Efficiency

The first paragraph discusses the efficiency of search engines and the criticism they have faced due to increased clutter over the years. It highlights the introduction of AI to enhance the user interface and experience, emphasizing that AI is not an isolated feature but an integrated part of the search process. The speaker mentions that AI helps organize search results and that initial feedback has been positive, indicating an improved user experience. The paragraph also touches on the potential of completely overhauling the search experience and the balance between providing quick answers and in-depth exploration. It concludes with a note on how advertisers will see the benefits of AI through their performance data.



💡Alphabet CEO

Alphabet CEO refers to the Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google. In the context of this transcript, it is likely that Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, is being discussed. His role is central to the theme of the video as he is leading the company that is innovating in the field of search technology.


Search refers to the process of looking up information, typically on the internet. In this transcript, it is associated with Google Search, which is a service provided by Google that allows users to search the web. The theme of the video revolves around the evolution of search technology and user experience.


Gemini, in this context, seems to refer to an AI system or technology that is being integrated into the search process. It is mentioned as providing intelligence that is then grounded with what the search engine knows about the world. This suggests that Gemini is a key component in enhancing the search experience by adding a layer of AI-driven insights.

💡AI Overviews

AI Overviews likely refers to the use of artificial intelligence to provide a summary or overview of information. In the script, it is mentioned in the context of search results, implying that AI is being used to not only find information but also to present it in a more organized and understandable manner to the user.

💡User Interface

User Interface (UI) is the space where interactions between humans and computers occur. In the video's context, it refers to the design of the search engine's interface, which is being rethought to improve the user experience. The mention of competitors reimagining the UI suggests a focus on innovation in how users interact with search engines.

💡Simplifying the Experience

Simplifying the experience is a concept mentioned in the transcript that refers to making the process of searching for information more straightforward and less cluttered. This aligns with the video's theme of improving the search experience by reducing complexity and making it more intuitive for users.


Feedback in this context refers to the responses and opinions from users who have tested the new search features. Positive feedback indicates that users find the new search experience to be an improvement, which is crucial for the ongoing development and refinement of the technology.

💡Chat Boxes

Chat Boxes are a form of user interface that allows for real-time communication, often used in customer service or support. The transcript suggests a shift from chat box technology to a more advanced AI agent, which implies a move towards more sophisticated and interactive search assistance.


Advertisers are entities that promote their products or services through various mediums, including search engines. In the script, the CEO discusses how advertisers will see the benefits of the new search technology through their data and performance metrics. This indicates that the improvements in search are also aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of advertising.

💡Generative AI

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence systems that can create new content, such as text, images, or music. The transcript mentions the next phase of generative AI, suggesting that the search technology is evolving to not only find information but also to generate responses or content that align with user queries.

💡Multi-Step Reasoning

Multi-Step Reasoning is a cognitive process that involves breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts. In the context of the video, it refers to the AI's ability to understand and process complex search queries, demonstrating a higher level of intelligence and functionality in the search engine.


Alphabet CEO discusses the efficiency of search technology without increasing material costs.

Critics argue that search has become cluttered over the years.

AI overviews are being added to enhance the search experience beyond clutter.

Competitors have rethought and revamped the user interface and experience.

Alphabet CEO suggests that they are simplifying the search experience over time.

Feedback from tests indicates that people find the search experience improving.

The CEO views the AI's role as simplifying and organizing search results for users.

Search technology is unique in combining the intelligence of Gemini with the knowledge of the world.

Google Search is valued for its accuracy, trustworthiness, and relevance.

Users seek a balance between quick answers and in-depth exploration.

Advertisers will see the impact of AI in their data and performance as the technology rolls out.

Transitions in technology can cause initial uncertainty among users.

The CEO emphasizes the seamless transition from desktop to local search.

New technology from Open AI and the new chat GPT suggests a shift from chat boxes to AI agents.

Google is focusing on building technology that processes and answers real-world queries intelligently.

Google is developing features that allow for multi-step reasoning and complex queries.