Apex's New Mode is HARDER Than Ranked! - Apex Legends Season 21

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10 May 202418:48

TLDRIn the latest season of Apex Legends, the player discusses the new Apex solos mode, which is notably more challenging than ranked play. They reflect on the difficulty, acknowledging that their performance is their own responsibility, and highlight the intense competition with players who have accumulated hundreds of kills in the first day of the season. The player also shares their experience with the game's mechanics, such as the kill tracking and the lack of certain weapons like the PK. They express their preference for shotguns and discuss the map changes, particularly the new layout of Broken Moon. Despite the high-stress environment and numerous close gunfights, the player appreciates the mode's fairness and finds satisfaction in winning a game of solos with a modest kill count.


  • 🔥 Apex Legends Season 21 introduces a new mode that is considered harder than ranked play, leading to intense solo gameplay.
  • 🎮 The player acknowledges that in solos, any failure is their own fault, highlighting the individual responsibility in this mode.
  • 📈 Kill Grinders have discovered that the new mode offers the fastest kill tracking in Apex Legends history, adding to its difficulty.
  • 💥 The player dies to an opponent with over 800 kills in the first day, indicating the presence of highly skilled players in the lobbies.
  • 🤔 Dying in this mode often feels like a blow to the ego, even for players who don't consider themselves the best.
  • 🔫 The player expresses a preference for certain weapons like the Flatline and Wingman Mastiff for their effectiveness in close range.
  • 🚫 The mode features no need for an upgrade to give the player an advantage, emphasizing the importance of skill over gear.
  • 😅 The player admits to feeling stressed and finds it challenging to commentate while playing due to the need to listen out for every sound.
  • 🏆 Despite the challenges, the player appreciates the new iteration of the Broken Moon map, which feels like an entirely new experience.
  • 🛠️ The player suggests a strategy of looting from afar and stealing opponents' bats to gain an advantage in the game.
  • 😃 The player expresses satisfaction after winning a game of solos, despite the close and challenging gunfights.

Q & A

  • What is the player's initial reaction to the new Apex solo mode?

    -The player finds the new Apex solo mode to be significantly difficult and acknowledges that any death is their own fault, reflecting on what they could have done better.

  • Why does the player feel that trios mode doesn't always feel as personal as solos?

    -The player feels that in trios mode, they can sometimes be left in a 1v3 situation, which doesn't hold the same personal responsibility as in solos where it's a direct 1v1.

  • How does the player describe the kill Grinders' realization in the new mode?

    -The player mentions that the kill Grinders have realized that the new mode is the fastest kill tracking method in Apex Legends history, leading to high kill counts quickly.

  • What is the player's strategy for dealing with the high level of competition in the new mode?

    -The player suggests that they need to improve their DPS (damage per second) and considers using a shotgun like Wingman or Flatline Mastiff to compete effectively.

  • What feature of the new mode does the player appreciate?

    -The player appreciates the lack of a need to use an ultimate ability for certain actions, as well as the passive healing feature in the new mode.

  • How does the player feel about the map changes in the new mode?

    -The player feels that the changes to the map, particularly in the Broken Moon iteration, make it feel like an entirely new map and adds to the challenge.

  • What does the player think about the new Flatline skin?

    -The player initially didn't bother to get the new Flatline skin but later admits that it looks pretty nice.

  • Why does the player believe that the new mode is a big hit to the ego?

    -The player feels that the new mode can be a big hit to the ego because deaths often come from facing opponents who are highly motivated and skilled, not just from a fair 1v1 loss.

  • What is the player's strategy for looting in the new mode?

    -The player plans to loot boxes from afar and steal bats from other players to increase their chances of survival and success in the game.

  • How does the player feel about the overall experience in the new Apex solo mode?

    -Despite the difficulty and stress, the player actually loves the new iteration of the mode and finds it exciting and challenging.

  • What does the player attribute their victory in a game of solos to?

    -The player attributes their victory to the close gunfights and the fact that it's a 1v1 situation where there's no advantage, allowing them to win with a modest number of kills.



😤 Solo Apex Challenges and Self-Blame

The speaker discusses the difficulty of Apex solos, acknowledging personal responsibility for any in-game deaths. They admit that even in unfavorable situations like being pinched or third-partied, there's always room for self-improvement. The speaker also comments on the kill grinders and the high-pressure environment of the game, mentioning encountering players with over 800 kills in the first day. They reflect on the ego hit from losing and the importance of wanting to win more than others. The speaker shares their strategy of choosing weapons and discusses the advantages of certain guns like the Flatline over the vault at close range. They also express their preference for the Wingman Mastiff and the challenge of using two guns simultaneously. The paragraph ends with a humorous moment where the speaker gets 'baited' by another player.


🎮 The Stress of Solos and the Need for Awareness

The speaker finds the solo mode in Apex Legends to be quite stressful, making it challenging to commentate while playing due to the need to be aware of the surroundings. They mention the opportunistic players lurking and the importance of listening out for any signs of nearby enemies. The speaker highlights the absence of the 'rise' ability in this mode, which they appreciate. They discuss their strategy of playing as Mirage and the importance of positioning and awareness in the game. The speaker also talks about their physical state, attributing their shaky gameplay to caffeine intake. They share their experience of being shot at and having to make quick decisions under pressure. The paragraph concludes with the speaker's realization of the importance of not underestimating the opponents and the need to avoid risky landings.


😅 Map Confusion and the Hunt for Loot

The speaker expresses their confusion with the map, particularly in the 'Carnage' area, and the difficulty in locating loot. They mention the usefulness of the Evo shield and the challenges of not knowing the map well. The speaker also talks about the negative reactions from others, which they dismiss as 'hating from a distance.' Amidst the chaos, they manage to find a respawn token and discuss the importance of staying calm and not panicking. The speaker highlights the need for quick movement and the danger of being caught in a choke point. They end the paragraph by expressing relief at not being in immediate danger and the importance of staying aware of one's surroundings.


🤯 Intensity of Gunfights and Adapting to the Map

The speaker reflects on the intensity of gunfights in the current iteration of the 'Broken Moon' map, which feels new and disorienting. They discuss their strategy of looting from afar and the thrill of stealing opponents' bats. The speaker appreciates the new Flatline skin and the importance of having a shotgun in certain situations. They recount a close gunfight and the difficulty of winning one-on-one battles. The speaker expresses their satisfaction at winning a game of solos despite the tough competition and the close nature of each gunfight. They end on a note of acceptance, acknowledging the high skill level of their opponents and the need to adapt to the game's challenges.



💡Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. In the context of the video, it is the main subject as the speaker discusses the game's new mode and their experiences playing it.


Ranked in gaming refers to a competitive mode where players are matched against others of similar skill levels and earn ranks based on their performance. The video suggests that the new mode in Apex Legends is even more challenging than the ranked mode.

💡Kill Grinders

In the context of the video, 'kill grinders' refers to players who focus on getting a high number of kills in a game, often indicating a playstyle that is aggressive and skillful. The speaker mentions dying to a player with over 800 kills, highlighting the competitive nature of the new mode.


Trios is a game mode in Apex Legends where teams consist of three players. The speaker notes that in this mode, one might be left in a 1v3 situation, which can be challenging and is part of the difficulty they are discussing.


Alter is a term used in the video to refer to a specific change or update in the game Apex Legends. The speaker mentions the first day of 'alter being out', indicating a recent update that has affected gameplay.


Ego, in the context of the video, refers to a player's self-esteem or confidence in their gaming abilities. The speaker mentions that the new mode can be a 'big hit to the ego', suggesting that it can be humbling even for experienced players.

💡DPS (Damage Per Second)

DPS is a gaming metric that measures how much damage a player or a weapon can deal per second. The speaker discusses needing 'better DPS', indicating the importance of weapon choice and damage output in the new mode.


Loot in gaming refers to the in-game items that players can collect, often providing advantages or upgrades. The video script mentions 'loot boxes' and the strategy of 'nicking everyone's bats', which is part of the gameplay strategy in Apex Legends.

💡Respawn Token

A Respawn Token is an item in Apex Legends that allows a player who has been eliminated to return to the game. The speaker mentions having a respawn token, which is a strategic element in the game.

💡Choke Point

A choke point in gaming is a narrow or confined section of the map that forces players into a confined space, often leading to intense confrontations. The video discusses having to go through a 'little choke over here', which is a common strategic element in battle royale games.


A gunfight in the context of the video refers to a direct confrontation between players involving gunfire. The speaker comments on the closeness of gunfights and the skill of other players, which is central to the competitive experience in Apex Legends.


Apex solos are back and are more difficult than ranked play.

The player takes full responsibility for their actions in the game, acknowledging there's always room for improvement.

Trios mode doesn't always feel as personal as solos, where it's a 1v3 situation.

Kill Grinders have discovered that the new mode is the fastest kill tracking method in Apex Legends history.

The player encountered a player with over 800 kills in the first day of the new mode.

The mode can be a significant hit to a player's ego, highlighting the skill level of opponents.

The player expresses their desire for specific weapons like the Wingman or the Flatline Mastiff.

The player comments on the improved performance of the Flatline over the vault at close range.

A player is wished good luck for using the gold charge rifle in solos.

The player discusses the benefits of passive healing in the mode, reducing the need for medkits.

The player finds the mode stressful and challenging to commentate due to the high level of action.

The player emphasizes the need to be aware of surroundings due to opportunistic players.

The player expresses their preference for playing as Mirage and their strategy in the game.

The player discusses the challenges of landing at trouble bins and the need for better DPS.

The player shares their strategy of looting from afar and the importance of positioning.

The player comments on the new Flatline skin and their appreciation for its aesthetics.

The player reflects on their performance, acknowledging close gunfights and tough competition.

The player wins a game of solos and expresses satisfaction with their performance.