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19 Jan 202416:18

TLDRThis video script presents a comprehensive comparison of the best free AI upscalers available online. The comparison is methodically organized into four categories, evaluating each tool's performance using images of an old man portrait, a lion king, an AI-generated girl, and a cartoon boy. The tools assessed include 'Upscayl with Y', 'KREA.AI', '', and 'Pixelcut'. The results indicate that 'Pixelcut' delivers the most impressive outcomes, securing the title of 'Best AI Upscaler App', followed closely by ''. The video also includes a 'How It's Made' segment, showcasing the process of creating the video and the tools used, such as 'Copilot', 'Bard', and 'Gemini Power', to craft an engaging and informative content piece for the viewers.


  • 🔍 The video discusses the best free AI upscalers available on the web, providing a comparison across four categories.
  • 🎨 The comparison uses images from Freepik in two sizes: large and original, to evaluate the AI upscalers' performance.
  • 🏆 The title of 'Best AI Upscaler of the Year' is the goal for the tools being evaluated in the video.
  • 🛠️ The first tool, 'Upscayl with Y', is an application available for Linux, Mac, and Windows, with a cloud version upcoming.
  • 🌐 'KREA.AI' is a website offering free upscale and enhance features, with a real-time generation option and a variety of AI strengths.
  • 📱 '' is completely free to use with a limitation of three daily AI image upscaling uses and offers mobile applications for Android and iOS.
  • 🖼️ 'Pixelcut' is a free tool that does not require registration and offers 2x image upscaling with limitations on larger downloads.
  • 🎖️ In the comparison, 'Pixelcut' and 'Upscale.Media' often rank higher in performance, especially with the AI-generated girl and Lion King images.
  • 👴 'Krea.AI' struggles with certain image types, such as the old man portrait, and can significantly alter the original image at higher AI strengths.
  • 📈 The results of the comparison are not definitive, as different tools excel in different categories and image types.
  • 🏎️ The video creator utilized multiple AI tools, including Microsoft 'Copilot' and Google 'Bard', to assist in the creation of the video content.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a comparison of the best free AI upscalers available on the web.

  • How many categories were used for the comparison?

    -The comparison was conducted across four categories: Oldman Portrait, Mid-Journey Lion King, AI generated girl, and Caron Boy.

  • What was the source image used for comparison in the video?

    -High-quality original images from Freepik were used as the source to compare with the AI upscaled images.

  • Which tool was the first one reviewed in the video?

    -The first tool reviewed was '' with 'Y'.

  • What are the key features of the 'Upscayl' application?

    -Upscayl offers a batch upscale option, various image upscale options from 1X to 4X, and the ability to select custom models for upscaling.

  • How does 'KREA.AI' perform in terms of changing the image style?

    - 'KREA.AI' has the ability to significantly change the image style, especially when increasing the 'AI Strength', sometimes even removing parts of the image like the eyes and armor.

  • What is the limitation of ''?

    - '' has a daily limitation of 3 AI image upscaling uses for free.

  • Which tool won the comparison for the 'AI Lion-King' category?

    - 'Upscale.Media' won the comparison for the 'AI Lion-King' category, followed by 'Pixelcut' in second place.

  • How did 'Pixelcut' perform in the overall comparison?

    - 'Pixelcut' performed well in all categories, winning the 'AI-generated girl' category and placing first or second in the other categories.

  • What is the main conclusion of the video?

    -The main conclusion of the video is that 'Pixelcut' is the best free AI upscaler app based on the comparisons made in the video.

  • How was the video script developed?

    -The video script was developed using various AI tools such as Microsoft 'Copilot', Google 'Bard', and Bing image Creator, along with manual editing and animation creation in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere.



🌐 Introduction to Free AI Upscalers

The video begins by introducing various AI upscalers available on the web and the intention to discuss the best free ones. The video will compare these AI upscalers across four categories and determine the 'Best AI Upscaler of the Year'. The images used for comparison are sourced from Freepik and come in two sizes: large and original. The methodology involves using a high-quality original image as a benchmark to evaluate the AI upscaled images. The categories for comparison include an old man portrait, a mid-journey lion king, an AI-generated girl, and a caron boy. The video concludes with a 'How It's Made' segment, inviting viewers to follow along in the last part of the video.


🖼️ Comparison of AI Upscaling Tools on Different Image Types

This paragraph discusses the comparison of four AI upscaling tools on different types of images. The first tool, '' with 'Y', is noted for its effectiveness on low-quality images and is available across various platforms with a soon-to-be-released cloud version. 'KREA.AI' is highlighted for its free usage and extensive features, including real-time generation. '' is praised for its completely free usage and mobile application availability, despite a daily limit on AI image upscaling. Lastly, 'Pixelcut' is mentioned as a tool that requires no registration and offers free usage. The results of the comparison are presented, with 'Upscale.Media' taking the lead for the 'AI Lion-King' category, followed by 'Pixelcut' and 'Upscayl' with 'Y'. 'Krea.AI' comes in last place.


🎨 Detailed Analysis of AI Upscaling Tools on Specific Images

The paragraph delves into a detailed analysis of how each AI upscaling tool performed on specific images. 'Krea.AI' is noted for its ability to significantly alter images, especially in terms of eyes and armor, and the impact of varying 'AI Strength' levels on the final output. 'Pixelcut' is lauded for its detailed recovery of the old man portrait, while 'Upscale.Media' is recognized for its sharp results. The comparison extends to an AI girl portrait, where 'Pixelcut' and 'Upscale.Media' again lead the rankings, followed by 'Upscayl' with 'Y' and 'Krea.AI'. The paragraph concludes with a discussion on the performance of these tools on an anime boy image, with 'Pixelcut', 'Upscale.Media', and 'Upscayl' with 'Y' showing comparable results, and 'Krea.AI' trailing behind due to its less effective handling of animations.


🏆 Conclusion and Announcement of the Best AI Upscaler App

The video concludes with the announcement of 'Pixelcut' as the winner of the 'Best AI Upscaler App' for the year, following an extensive comparison across various categories. The creator shares their experience of using different AI tools and platforms, including 'Copilot', 'Bard', and 'Gemini Power', to develop the video content. The process of creating a visual representation of the comparison, the '1-Click Tutorials Gold-Cup', is detailed, along with the challenges faced in achieving the final visual comparison. The video ends with a call to action for viewers to share their thoughts and ideas in the comments and to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for future updates.



💡AI upscalers

AI upscalers refer to artificial intelligence-based tools or software designed to increase the resolution of images without losing quality. In the context of the video, these tools are used to enhance images by adding pixels and refining details, making them suitable for larger formats or higher-quality prints. The script discusses various AI upscalers available online and compares their performance in different categories.


Freepik is a popular online platform that provides a wide range of graphic resources, including images, vectors, and icons. In the video, it is used as a source of high-quality images to compare the effectiveness of different AI upscalers. The original images from Freepik serve as a benchmark to evaluate how well the AI tools can upscale and recover the details of the images.


In the context of the video, categories refer to the different types of images used to test and compare the AI upscalers. These categories include 'Oldman Portrait', 'Mid-Journey Lion King', 'AI generated girl', and 'Caron Boy'. Each category represents a unique challenge for the AI upscalers, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of their capabilities.

💡1-click Tutorials

1-click Tutorials likely refers to a method or a series of quick and easy tutorials that can be executed with a single click, aiming to simplify the learning process for users. In the video, it seems to be the name of the series or the channel that is producing the content about AI upscalers.

💡 is one of the AI upscalers mentioned in the video. It is an application available for multiple operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows, with a cloud version in development. The tool is used to upscale images, and it offers features like batch upscale options and custom models for upscaling.


KREA.AI is an online platform that offers AI-based image upscaling and enhancement services. It is noted for its free usage with the need for a Google account to access its features. The tool allows users to adjust AI strength and rebalance strength for image enhancement, and it can significantly alter the appearance of an image based on the settings chosen.


Upscale.Media is another AI upscaling tool mentioned in the video. It is a completely free service with a daily limitation of three AI image upscaling uses. The platform provides applications for both Android and iOS, allowing users to upscale images on their mobile devices. The tool is noted for producing sharper results in certain image types.


Pixelcut is an AI upscaling tool that is completely free to use without the need for registration. It offers batch image scaling as a premium feature and is known for its ability to recover details in upscaled images. The tool is used in the video to upscale different types of images and is compared with other AI upscalers.


In the context of the video, comparison refers to the process of evaluating and contrasting the performance of different AI upscalers using specific image categories. The goal is to determine which tool provides the best upscaling results, and the comparison is based on the quality and detail of the upscaled images.

💡1-Click Tutorials Gold-Cup

The 1-Click Tutorials Gold-Cup appears to be a symbolic award or recognition created by the video creator to denote the best AI upscaling tool as determined by the comparisons made in the video. It represents the culmination of the evaluation process and the declaration of a winner among the tested AI upscalers.


The video discusses the best free AI upscalers available on the web.

The comparison is based on four categories: Oldman Portrait, Mid-Journey Lion King, AI-generated girl, and Caron Boy.

The comparison uses images from Freepik in two sizes: Large Size and Original Size. with Y is an application available for Linux, Mac, and Windows, with a cloud version coming soon.

KREA.AI offers free upscale and enhance features, requiring a Google account to log in. is completely free to use with a daily limit of 3 AI image upscalings and has mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Pixelcut is free to use without registration and offers batch image scaling as a pro feature. with Y provides a batch upscale option and various upscaling settings.

KREA.AI changes the image significantly, especially in the eyes and armor, when using high AI strength.

Pixelcut recovers lots of details in the upscaled images and performs well in comparison. with Y does not perform well in upscaling the Lion King image.

In the AI-generated girl comparison, Pixelcut is the absolute winner, with Upscale.Media coming in second.

For the Anime boy image, Upscale.Media, Pixelcut, and Upscayl with Y have similar results, with KREA.AI coming in last.

The video creator used Microsoft Copilot and Google Bard to generate content for the video.

The 1-Click Tutorials Gold-Cup was created using Krea.AI and Adobe Photoshop.

The video was published on YouTube after a week of editing and creating animations and visual effects.