Bradley did it again

11 May 202415:44

TLDRThe video titled 'Bradley did it again' showcases a series of intense military engagements between Russian and Ukrainian forces. It features the destructive power of the Bradley fighting vehicle, which is seen taking out Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs) with precision strikes. The video also highlights the use of kamikaze drones and Javelin missiles by Ukrainian forces to disable and destroy Russian armored vehicles, including a T90M tank and a Buk M1 air defense system. Additionally, the footage includes the successful targeting and destruction of a Russian radar system, which is crucial for their electronic warfare capabilities. The narrative emphasizes the strategic and technological advantages of Ukrainian forces in these confrontations, leaving a trail of burning debris and disabled equipment in the wake of their attacks.


  • 🔥 A Russian tank was destroyed by a Bradley's Burning Russian shot, illustrating the effectiveness of the weapon.
  • 🚂 The Russian Convoy faced a devastating surprise attack by Ukrainian artillery, highlighting the element of surprise in warfare.
  • 🎯 Ukrainian Recon drones were instrumental in spotting and leading to the destruction of Russian armored personnel carriers (APCs).
  • 🚨 Russian forces fell into a mine trap set by the Ukrainians, showing the strategic use of terrain in warfare.
  • 💥 The Russians' attempts at assault and evacuation failed due to the presence of mines, leading to panic and further losses.
  • 🚧 A Russian tank and APC retreated from a dangerous zone but were destroyed by remaining mines, emphasizing the lethal nature of the battlefield.
  • 🛡️ The Bradley's American Cannon demonstrated perfect performance with armor-piercing rounds against a Russian APC.
  • 🔍 Ukrainian forces effectively finished off isolated and damaged targets, showcasing their tactical efficiency.
  • 🔥 Kamikaze drones were used to attack and destroy Russian APCs and tanks, highlighting the use of advanced technology in modern warfare.
  • 🚀 High Mars missiles and rockets were employed to destroy important Russian radar systems, underlining the significance of electronic warfare.
  • 🏗 Ground drones were utilized to target and destroy Russian bunkers, demonstrating the versatility of drone technology in combat.

Q & A

  • What type of weapon is used to destroy the Russian tank at the beginning of the transcript?

    -A Burning Russian tank is mentioned, which suggests the use of an anti-tank weapon or missile system, although the specific type is not mentioned in the transcript.

  • How does the Ukrainian artillery attack affect the Russian Convoy?

    -The Ukrainian artillery attack results in a direct hit on the Russian Convoy, causing significant devastation and leading to the destruction of their armored personnel carriers (APCs) and tanks.

  • What is the role of the Ukrainian Recon drone in the scenario described?

    -The Ukrainian Recon drone is used to spot the movement of the Russian forces, providing crucial intelligence that leads to the successful Ukrainian artillery attack.

  • What happens to the Russian tank that tries to cross the field covered by an APC?

    -The Russian tank, covered by an APC, attempts to cross the field but falls into a mine trap, which leads to its destruction.

  • How do the Russians attempt to collect the wounded and pull back?

    -The Russians call in two armored personnel carriers (APCs) for the purpose of collecting the wounded and pulling back from the danger zone.

  • What is the outcome of the Russians' attempt to break through a strip of woods with an APC?

    -The first APC trying to break through a strip of woods explodes, indicating the presence of mines or an ambush.

  • What is the significance of the Bradley in the video script?

    -The Bradley is an American-made fighting vehicle that is shown to be effective in intercepting and destroying Russian APCs and reinforcing the Ukrainian defense.

  • How does the kamikaz drone contribute to the destruction of the Russian armored vehicles?

    -The kamikaz drones are used to deliver precise and fatal hits on Russian armored vehicles, including tanks and APCs, leading to their destruction through explosions and fires.

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  • What is the result of the Ukrainian drone's attack on the Russian tank after it was hit by an ATGM?

    -The Ukrainian drone's attack leads to the Russian tank being an easy target, with flames that cannot be extinguished, resulting in the tank burning to the ground.

  • How do the Ukrainians deal with a Russian tank that is fleeing the battlefield?

    -A kamikaz drone catches up with the fleeing Russian tank, and subsequent attacks lead to a loss of control and the tank's destruction.

  • What is the importance of the Russian radar system that the Ukrainians discover and attack?

    -The radar system is important for the Russians as it is used for jamming and intercepting radio waves and communication, playing a crucial role on the front. Its destruction significantly impacts Russian capabilities.

  • What is the final outcome of the Russian armored recovery vehicle and the T72 tank when attacked by a Ukrainian kamikaz drone?

    -The Russian armored recovery vehicle and the T72 tank are both engulfed in flames and destroyed after being attacked by the kamikaz drone.



🔥 Russian Convoy and Tank Attack on Chass Ofar

The video showcases the destruction of a Russian convoy moving towards a city, where Ukrainian forces launch a devastating artillery attack. A series of mines and traps obliterate the Russian tanks and APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers), leading to significant casualties and destruction of equipment. The narrative follows the aftermath of these attacks, highlighting the failure of Russian evacuation efforts and the relentless pursuit by Ukrainian forces using artillery and kamikaze drones. The sequence ends with detailed accounts of tanks exploding due to minefields and drone strikes.


💥 Explosive Drone Attacks on Russian Tanks

This section details the powerful explosions caused by Ukrainian kamikaze drones targeting Russian APCs and tanks. It describes how grenades and artillery fire ignite ammunition and fuel tanks, leading to the complete destruction of these armored vehicles. The narrative continues with accounts of precision strikes by Ukrainian drones and Javelin missiles, emphasizing the effectiveness of these attacks in disabling and destroying Russian military equipment. Each incident is marked by significant damage, resulting in burning wreckages and destroyed targets.


🚀 Ukrainian Counteroffensive Against Russian Armor

This paragraph covers a series of counterattacks by Ukrainian forces on Russian armored groups and recovery vehicles. Ukrainian drones and artillery disrupt Russian plans, destroying tanks, APCs, and even air defense systems. The narrative includes the targeting of Russian radar systems and electronic warfare equipment, highlighting the strategic importance of these strikes. The text describes how Ukrainian forces use precision-guided munitions to dismantle Russian positions and logistical support, leading to extensive damage and the loss of critical Russian assets.


🔫 Precision Strikes on Russian Command and Logistics

The final paragraph focuses on Ukrainian tank assaults on Russian command centers and logistical hubs. It describes how Ukrainian forces use tanks and drones to precisely target and destroy key Russian facilities, including UAV command centers. The narrative emphasizes the precision and effectiveness of these attacks, leading to the complete destruction of Russian military infrastructure. The paragraph concludes with an invitation to viewers to access more detailed, uncensored footage by becoming sponsors, promising further insights into the ongoing conflict.



💡Burning Russian

The term 'Burning Russian' refers to a Russian military vehicle, specifically a tank or armored personnel carrier (APC), that has been set on fire, likely due to an attack. In the video, it symbolizes the destruction of Russian military assets during combat. An example from the script is 'this APC was, storming ahead now it's on fire just, like this Russian, junk today', illustrating the aftermath of an attack on a Russian APC.

💡Artillery Attack

An 'Artillery Attack' is a military operation that involves the use of large caliber guns or rocket systems to launch explosive projectiles at enemy targets. In the context of the video, it is a key tactic used by Ukrainian forces to counter the Russian advance. The script mentions 'the ukrainians after waiting, begin an artillery attack', highlighting the strategic use of artillery in the conflict.


APC stands for 'Armored Personnel Carrier', which is a type of armored vehicle designed to transport soldiers and equipment safely into battle. The script describes various instances where APCs are involved in combat operations, such as 'the Russians call, in two armored personnel carriers, they need to collect the wounded and, pull, back', indicating their role in both offensive and support missions.

💡Kamikaze Drone

A 'Kamikaze Drone' is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is used as a guided missile, deliberately flown into enemy targets to cause destruction. The video script includes several instances of kamikaze drones being used, such as 'a kamikaz drone attacks the, APC', demonstrating their lethal effectiveness in the conflict.


The 'Javelin' is a portable anti-tank missile system that provides infantry with the ability to destroy armored vehicles at a distance. It is mentioned in the script as 'attacked from above by a Javelin 2', indicating its use in targeting and disabling Russian tanks during the conflict.


A 'Tank' is a heavily armored combat vehicle with a large-caliber main gun, designed for front-line combat. The video's theme revolves around the destruction of Russian tanks, as evidenced by phrases like 'Russian tank attack on chass ofar has, turned into', which underscores the central focus on armored warfare.


A 'Minefield' is an area that has been sown with landmines, designed to impede or destroy enemy movement. The script describes how Russian forces fall into a trap set by a minefield, as in 'the remnants of the second group can't, escape the mine, trap', illustrating the strategic use of mines in warfare.


The 'Bradley' refers to the M2/M3 Bradley, an American infantry fighting vehicle that is equipped with a turret-mounted chain gun. In the video, it is depicted as engaging and destroying Russian APCs, as seen in 'the Bradley locks onto the, target seconds, until the Bradley opens fire', showcasing its combat capabilities.

💡Direct Hit

A 'Direct Hit' occurs when a projectile, such as a missile or artillery shell, strikes its intended target with precision. The term is used multiple times in the script to describe successful attacks, like 'a direct hit, the third, shot K, boom, Devastation', emphasizing the effectiveness of the strikes.


Military 'Evacuation' refers to the process of removing personnel, equipment, or casualties from a combat zone, typically due to a tactical withdrawal or defeat. The script mentions 'the Russians call, in two armored personnel carriers, they need to collect the wounded and, pull, back', which is an example of an evacuation scenario.

💡Explosive Ordnance

Explosive ordnance includes any explosive weapons such as bombs, grenades, or shells. The script describes various instances of explosive ordnance being used, such as 'the shells inside slowly heat up, gunpowder catches, fire', highlighting the destructive power and the role of such weapons in combat scenarios.


Bradley did it again, showcasing the effectiveness of the Burning Russian tank attack on chass ofar.

Russian Convoy moving towards the city, unaware of the impending artillery attack by Ukrainian forces.

Direct hit on the third shot K, causing devastation and highlighting the precision of Ukrainian artillery.

Russian tank and APC retreat for evacuation, but encounter mines and suffer catastrophic damage.

Russian tank and APC explode on remaining mines, with ammunition detonating and armor flying everywhere.

Russian APC attempts to break through a strip of woods but explodes, indicating the failure of the assault and evacuation.

Russian tank driver's misjudgment leads to the tank being disabled by Ukrainian mines.

Bradley locks onto a Russian APC carrying reinforcements and opens fire, achieving direct hits with its cannon.

Ukrainians use a kamikaz drone to attack an APC, resulting in a powerful explosion that rips the vehicle apart.

Russian tank pursued by a kamikaz drone loses control after a precise hit, leading to its destruction.

Ukrainian artillery attacks disable a Russian tank, making it an easy target for a kamikaz drone.

Russian tank's ammunition ignites after being hit by a Javelin 2, leading to its complete destruction.

APC caught speeding across the field is destroyed by a big mistake, highlighting the importance of caution.

Shadow unit's effective strategy against Russian tanks, with a tank igniting right after a grenade explosion.

Russian armored recovery vehicle and a T72 tank are both engulfed in flames due to a Ukrainian kamikaz drone attack.

Russian Buk M1 air defense system is destroyed by a kamikaz drone, despite attempts to extinguish the fire.

Ukrainians discover and destroy a crucial Russian radar system using a kamikaz drone, disrupting enemy communications.

High Mars Rockets are used to destroy a Russian 2S7 self-propelled gun and its convoy of guards.

Ukrainian ground drone successfully targets a Russian bunker, demonstrating the effectiveness of drone warfare.

Ukrainian tank destroys an enemy command center for UAV operators, showcasing precision and strategic advantage.

Unseen footage of the conflict is available to sponsors, indicating the existence of more extensive material.