Brainly Life 😍|| Just for fun 😊|| - by Speechless mirror

Speechless Mirror
24 Nov 201905:47

TLDRThe video titled 'Brainly Life' by Speechless Mirror is a lively and entertaining piece. It features a catchy musical backdrop with lyrics about personal experiences and the artist's journey in the music industry. The artist expresses frustration with the status quo and a desire to break free from expectations, showcasing a strong, independent spirit. The script hints at a playful side with references to 'Joey chocolate cake' and a 'bunny people', suggesting a whimsical or surreal element to the content.


  • 🎤 The speaker is a rapper who is passionate about their craft and spends nights writing lyrics without seeking help or opinions.
  • 🔊 They mention having more plays on local radio stations than all other rappers combined, indicating their popularity and success in the local music scene.
  • 🤔 The artist expresses frustration and a desire to let out their feelings, suggesting a theme of venting and emotional release in their music.
  • 🎶 There is a reference to 'Joey chocolate cake,' which could be a person or a metaphor, indicating a possible collaboration or influence.
  • 🍰 The mention of 'mooching a peel' is unclear, but it might be a playful or colloquial expression related to the music industry or personal experiences.
  • 🐰 A belief in 'bunny people' and 'nuggets' is mentioned, which could be a metaphor for optimism or a unique perspective on life.
  • 💃 The script includes a line about having a 'booty area to meet,' which might refer to a place for socializing or performing.
  • 🎉 Applause is mentioned, suggesting that the speaker receives positive feedback and recognition for their performances.
  • 💪 The artist talks about being fed up and wanting to take action, indicating a theme of empowerment and self-assertion.
  • 📡 A 'media mogul Benari' is mentioned, which could be a reference to a person of influence in the media industry or a character in the artist's narrative.
  • 🚫 The phrase 'think you know how to turn it off go easy on me' suggests a desire for understanding or leniency from others, possibly in response to criticism or misunderstandings.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the video 'Brainly Life'?

    -The main theme of the video 'Brainly Life' seems to be about the struggles and experiences of an artist, possibly related to their creative process and the challenges they face in the music industry.

  • What does the artist express about their sleepless nights?

    -The artist mentions that they can't sleep at night and use this time to write, indicating a dedication to their craft and possibly a restless mind.

  • How does the artist describe their independence in their work?

    -The artist states that they don't need help or opinions from others, suggesting a strong sense of self-reliance and confidence in their abilities.

  • What does the artist imply about their online presence?

    -The artist mentions 'living online' and having more plays on local radio stations than all the rappers combined, which implies a significant online following and impact.

  • What is the artist's attitude towards criticism or advice from others?

    -The artist seems to be fed up with many things and indicates that they are not waiting for time or seeking advice, showing a desire to express themselves freely without external influence.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'I'm going again' in the script?

    -The phrase 'I'm going again' could signify the artist's determination to continue their efforts and not be deterred by challenges or setbacks.

  • What does the mention of 'Joey chocolate cake' suggest about the artist's experiences?

    -The mention of 'Joey chocolate cake' and the advice to 'mooch a peel' is unclear from the transcript, but it might be a metaphor for seeking opportunities or gaining advice from others.

  • How does the artist feel about the public's perception of them?

    -The artist seems to be aware of how they are perceived by the public, as indicated by the line 'I believe in a bunny people is a nugget,' which could be a metaphor for how they are seen as an underdog or misunderstood.

  • What is the artist's stance on media attention?

    -The artist refers to being a 'media mogul,' which might suggest that they are either embracing or critiquing the role of media in their career.

  • What does the artist mean by 'think you know how to turn it off'?

    -This phrase could imply that the artist is aware of their ability to control their public image or the narrative around them, suggesting a strategic approach to their career.

  • What is the overall tone of the video script?

    -The overall tone of the video script is introspective and defiant, with the artist expressing their independence and frustrations while maintaining a strong sense of self.



🎤 Artistic Expression and Personal Struggle

The first paragraph of the script captures the raw emotion and artistic expression of a musician who is dealing with sleepless nights and a desire to create without external influence. The artist is living an online life, possibly referring to their digital presence, and is receiving more airtime on local radio stations than other rappers combined. The paragraph also touches on the artist's frustration with various issues and the need to express these feelings openly. There are references to music and applause, suggesting a live performance or recording setting, and a mention of a 'media mogul' which could imply the artist's aspirations or interactions with the media industry.


🔊 Turning Up the Volume on Personal Control

The second paragraph is a brief but impactful statement about personal autonomy and the desire for control over one's own narrative. It seems to be a direct address to someone, possibly a producer or collaborator, with a request to 'turn it off' and 'go easy.' The inclusion of music in the background suggests that this dialogue is part of a larger musical piece, and the artist is asserting their need for space or consideration in the creative process.



💡customer mine

The term 'customer mine' seems to be a misinterpretation or a colloquial expression. It could be referring to a personal customer base or a metaphor for the artist's inspiration or source of ideas. In the context of the video, it might represent the artist's individuality and the uniqueness of their creative process, as they don't rely on external help or opinions.

💡living online

Living online refers to the lifestyle where a person spends a significant amount of time on the internet, engaging in various activities such as social networking, gaming, or content creation. In the script, it could symbolize the artist's digital presence and how they navigate their career and personal life within the online space.


In the context of the script, 'CD' likely stands for 'Compact Disc,' a digital optical disc data storage format. It is often used to refer to music albums. The mention of 'CD' could be a nod to the traditional medium of music distribution, contrasting with the artist's online presence and the modern way of consuming music.


Lumpiness, in a general sense, refers to the quality of being uneven or lumpy. In the context of the video, it's unclear due to the lack of surrounding context, but it could be a metaphor for imperfections or the raw, unpolished nature of the artist's work, which they embrace rather than seeking to smooth out.

💡radio stations

Radio stations are traditional media outlets that broadcast content, including music, to a wide audience. In the script, the mention of radio stations could be highlighting the artist's popularity and reach, suggesting that their music is played frequently across various stations, indicating their influence in the music industry.


Rappers are artists who perform music in the hip-hop genre, typically characterized by rhyming speech delivered with a musical伴奏. The reference to rappers in the script might be a way for the artist to position themselves within the music scene, comparing their success or style to other artists in the same genre.

💡fed up

To be 'fed up' means to be extremely annoyed or dissatisfied with something to the point of not being able to tolerate it any longer. In the video, this phrase could express the artist's frustration with certain aspects of their life or career, which they are choosing to express through their art.

💡let it all out

The phrase 'let it all out' suggests releasing one's emotions or thoughts without restraint. In the context of the video, it implies that the artist is using their music as a medium to express their pent-up feelings and experiences, contributing to the authenticity of their work.

💡Joey chocolate cake

This phrase appears to be a reference to a person or a nickname, possibly another artist or a character known to the speaker. The mention of 'Joey chocolate cake' could be a shout-out or a reference to someone who has influenced the artist or is part of their narrative.

💡mooche a peel

The term 'mooche a peel' is not standard English and seems to be a colloquialism or slang. It's unclear from the context, but it might suggest taking something without asking or obtaining it in a sly manner. The artist could be using this phrase to describe a situation or attitude they've encountered in their life or career.

💡bunny people

The term 'bunny people' is not a common phrase and its meaning is not immediately clear from the context. It could be a metaphor or a playful term used by the artist to describe a certain group of people or a characteristic that they find endearing or amusing.

💡booty area

The term 'booty area' is likely a colloquial or slang term referring to a specific region or aspect of life that the artist finds important or is focusing on. Without further context, it's challenging to define its exact meaning, but it could be related to personal growth, social status, or a metaphor for a particular aspect of the artist's life or work.

💡media mogul

A 'media mogul' is an individual who has significant influence and power in the media industry, often owning multiple outlets or platforms. In the script, this term could be used to describe someone who has a strong presence in the media landscape, potentially a figure the artist admires or is striving to emulate.


Vengeance refers to the action of retaliating against someone in response to an injury or offense. In the context of the video, it might suggest that the artist is expressing a desire for justice or retribution for a perceived wrong, adding a layer of depth to their narrative.


Can't sleep at night, so I just keep writing.

Don't need help or opinions, living independently.

CD doesn't show any lumpiness, fine with local radio stations.

More plays than all these rappers combined.

Fed up with many things and letting it all out.

Talking about what they've been talking about.

Told to mooch a peel by Joey chocolate cake.

Believe in a bunny, people is a nugget.

Have a booty area to meet eagerly.

Some of it is under my love.

Applause for the media mogul Benari.

Mother chode give it to you, put it on you.

Think you know how to turn it off, go easy on me.

What I wanna hear, the desire for understanding.