ChatGPT is Talking To Me! Choose Your AI's Voice for a Customized Experience

Corbin Brown
9 Mar 202404:07

TLDRThe video script introduces a new update for Chat GBT's desktop version which allows users to choose from five different AI voices and customize speech patterns. The host, Corbin, demonstrates the feature by having the AI tell jokes in each voice and then attempts to push the limits by instructing the AI to tell a story with varying speech patterns, showing the AI's ability to understand and adapt to the user's requests. The video concludes with a suggestion to explore more GBT features through a provided playlist.


  • 😀 Chat GBT can now talk with different voices in the desktop version.
  • 📱 This feature was previously available on the mobile app, but it's now accessible on the desktop.
  • 🖥️ Users can select from five different voices by going to the settings and choosing the 'Speech' option.
  • 🎙️ The video demonstrates each voice telling a joke, giving an idea of their characteristics.
  • 🤖 The script tests the AI's ability to change speech patterns, such as speaking urgently and then calmly.
  • 📝 The AI seems to understand and adjust its speech patterns according to the instructions given.
  • 📚 The video provides a tutorial on how to use the new voice feature on the desktop version of Chat GBT.
  • 👥 The host, Corbin, prefers using the desktop version and shares his workflow with the viewers.
  • 🗣️ The video showcases the potential of the AI to not only change voices but also to modify its speaking style.
  • 🔗 There is a playlist provided at the end of the video for further exploration of GBTs and their capabilities.
  • 👍 Encourages viewers to like the video to support the content creator.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the new voice feature update on the desktop version of Chat GBT, which allows users to choose from different AI voices and customize the speaking style.

  • Which platforms previously had the voice feature?

    -The voice feature was previously available on the mobile app, but the update brings it to the desktop version.

  • How can users access the new voice feature on the desktop version?

    -Users can access the new voice feature by clicking on their sidebar, going to their personal account, hitting settings, and then selecting 'speech' where they will find options for five different voices.

  • What is the purpose of the joke prompts in the video?

    -The joke prompts are used to demonstrate the different voices available with the new feature and to give the audience an idea of each voice's character and style.

  • How many different voices are available in the new update?

    -There are five different voices available in the new update.

  • What was the experiment conducted in the video to test the voice feature?

    -The experiment was to see if the AI could change its speech pattern to deliver a story with an urgent first part and a calm second part.

  • What was the result of the experiment with the speech pattern?

    -The AI was able to understand and change the speech pattern, demonstrating that it is not completely monotone and can adjust its speaking style according to the context.

  • What is the significance of the ability to change speech patterns?

    -The ability to change speech patterns makes the AI interaction more dynamic and engaging, allowing for a more natural and human-like conversation experience.

  • How does the video conclude?

    -The video concludes by showing that the AI successfully understood and implemented the requested speech pattern change, and then invites viewers to check out a playlist of similar videos.

  • Where can viewers find more videos like the one in the script?

    -Viewers can find more videos like the one in the script by checking out the playlist provided at the end of the video, which contains over 30 or 40 videos exploring GBTs and their capabilities.



🗣️ Introduction to Voice Features Update

The script begins with the introduction of a new update for the desktop version of Chad GBT, which allows the user to interact with different voices. The narrator, Corbin, clarifies that this feature was previously available on the mobile app but is now accessible on the desktop. Corbin, who prefers the desktop version, expresses excitement about exploring the new voice options and testing the nuances of speech, such as delays and breaths, which can be adjusted in the settings.

🎙️ Exploring Voice Options and Jokes

The second paragraph delves into the process of selecting and testing the different voice options available in Chad GBT. The narrator guides the audience through accessing the speech settings and introduces five distinct voices: Sky, Breeze, Cove, Ember, and Juniper. Each voice is given a chance to tell a joke, providing a humorous and interactive way to showcase the variety of voices and their capabilities.

📚 Testing Speech Patterns and Urgency

In this paragraph, the focus shifts to testing the limits of speech patterns within Chad GBT. The narrator attempts to instruct the system to narrate a story with varying tones of urgency and calmness. Initially, the system struggles to interpret the request, but after adding more context and specificity, Chad GBT successfully delivers a story with the desired speech pattern changes, demonstrating the system's adaptability and responsiveness to detailed instructions.

🎉 Conclusion and Further Exploration

The final paragraph wraps up the video with a summary of the speech feature's capabilities on the desktop version of Chad GBT. The narrator highlights the successful demonstration of changing speech patterns and invites viewers to explore more about GBTs through a provided playlist. The video ends with a call to action for likes and a teaser for the next video, encouraging viewers to continue their journey with Chad GBT.



💡Customized Experience

A customized experience refers to a personalized interaction or service tailored to an individual's preferences or needs. In the context of the video, it's about the ability to choose different voices for the AI, which allows users to have a more personalized interaction with the AI assistant. This is illustrated when the script mentions 'Choose Your AI's Voice for a Customized Experience', emphasizing the user's control over the AI's voice.

💡Desktop Version

The desktop version refers to the software or application designed for use on a personal computer rather than a mobile device. The script highlights a new update for the desktop version of the AI, which includes the feature of selecting different voices. This is significant because it shows an expansion of capabilities from mobile to desktop platforms, as mentioned in '...what's cool now is we can actually do this within the desktop version'.


Voices in this context are the different audio outputs that the AI can use to communicate with the user. The video script discusses the selection of five distinct voices available for the AI, each with its own unique characteristics. The script provides examples of jokes told by each voice, such as 'Why don't scientists trust atoms anymore because they make up everything', demonstrating the variety and personality of each voice option.

💡Speech Patterns

Speech patterns refer to the rhythm, intonation, and stress used in spoken language, which can convey different emotions or urgencies. The video explores the AI's ability to modify its speech patterns, as seen when the script describes an experiment: 'tell me a story where the first part is said urgently and the second part is said in a calm manner'. This showcases the AI's advanced capabilities in mimicking human speech nuances.

💡Personal Account

A personal account is an individual user's profile or space within a software or service, where preferences and settings can be customized. The script instructs viewers on how to access the speech settings by navigating to the personal account and selecting 'settings', then choosing 'speech' to pick a voice. This is an essential step in the process of customizing the AI's voice, as indicated by 'we're going to go and click our sidebar, here we're going to go to our personal account'.


Settings are the configurable options within a software application that allow users to modify the behavior or appearance of the program. In the script, settings are used to change the AI's voice, which is a key feature of the update. The process of selecting a voice is described as going to 'settings' and then clicking on 'speech', where the user is presented with different voice options.


Jokes are humorous statements or anecdotes intended to provoke laughter. The video script uses jokes as a means to demonstrate the different voices of the AI. Each voice tells a joke with a unique style, such as 'Why don't oceans ever go out of business because they always have a steady flow of current', showing the versatility of the AI's communication abilities.


Urgent refers to something requiring immediate action or attention. In the context of the video, the AI is instructed to tell a story with an urgent beginning and a calm ending. The script provides an example of an urgent speech pattern: 'urgent emergency, the Dam's about to burst grab what you can and head for Higher Ground', highlighting the AI's ability to convey urgency in its voice.


Calm denotes a state of tranquility or serenity, often used to describe a soothing or peaceful tone of voice. The video script contrasts the urgent speech pattern with a calm one, as seen in the example: 'calm it's over folks mayor Thompson announced with a gentle smile'. This demonstrates the AI's capability to modulate its voice to reflect different emotional states.


A playlist is a curated list of media content, such as videos or music tracks, that can be played in a sequence. The script mentions a playlist at the end of the video, which contains more videos exploring the capabilities of the AI. This playlist serves as a resource for viewers interested in learning more about the AI's features, as indicated by 'you can check out the playlist at the end here'.


Chad GPT can now talk with different voices on the desktop version.

The mobile app previously had the voice feature, but it's now available on the desktop.

Users can choose from five different voices for their AI.

Sky tells a joke about atoms making up everything.

Breeze delivers a pun about fake spaghetti being an 'impostera'.

Cove's joke about oceans having a steady flow of 'current' business.

Ember's attempt at humor with a pizza maker and a suitcase.

Juniper repeats the atom joke, suggesting a possible feature limitation.

Experimenting with speech patterns to see if the AI can change its tone.

AI successfully narrates a story with urgent and calm speech patterns.

The AI's speech pattern changes are powerful and not just monotone.

A playlist of over 30 videos exploring GPT's capabilities is available.

A random video featuring the presenter's face may play when clicking the playlist.

The video demonstrates the new voice feature's customization options.

The AI's voice can be adjusted for different speech nuances.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to change the AI's voice.

The feature allows for a more personalized and engaging user experience.