Chegg Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

15 Apr 202212:43

TLDRIn this comprehensive review, Laura from Gradehacker examines Chegg's services, from its origins as a textbook rental marketplace to its evolution into a multifaceted educational platform. The review covers paid services like Chegg Study, Writing, Expert Proofreading, and Math Solver, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Free services like the Citation Machine and textbook rental/buying features are also discussed. The team shares their personal experiences, noting the overall reliability and value of Chegg, but cautioning about the anonymity of 'experts.' The final verdict gives Chegg an overall score of 8.9, emphasizing its usefulness despite some drawbacks.


  • 📚 Chegg started as a textbook rental service and has evolved into a comprehensive platform for students.
  • 💡 The review aims to provide an unbiased assessment of Chegg's services based on firsthand experience.
  • 🔍 Chegg offers a range of services including textbook solutions, tutoring, video walkthroughs, and writing assistance.
  • 📝 Chegg Study provides expert Q&As and textbook solutions but has some anonymity issues with the experts.
  • ✍️ Chegg Writing helps with essay editing and plagiarism checks, though it may overestimate plagiarism rates.
  • 👀 Expert Proofreading service offers detailed feedback and revisions by a human, but lacks transparency about the reviewer's qualifications.
  • 🧮 Chegg Math Solver is highly praised for providing step-by-step solutions to mathematical problems.
  • 📘 The team at Gradehacker frequently uses Chegg for its textbook solutions and finds them reliable most of the time.
  • 📚 Chegg's free services, such as Learn and Practice Tests, offer valuable study aids but may lack depth.
  • 🔗 Chegg's Citation Machine is a convenient tool for generating citations in various styles, earning high praise.
  • 💰 Chegg is known for its cost-effective textbook rental and purchase options, with good customer guarantees.

Q & A

  • What was the original service offered by Chegg?

    -Chegg originally started as a service for buying and renting textbooks.

  • How has Chegg evolved since its launch in 2005?

    -Chegg has evolved from a textbook rental marketplace to a comprehensive site offering services such as tutoring, video walkthroughs, math problem solver, paper checker, and a citation generator.

  • What is included in the Chegg Study service?

    -Chegg Study includes expert Q&As, textbook solutions, practice problems, the ability to ask 20 questions per month, and guided video explanations available only with the Chegg Study pack.

  • How quickly did the reviewer receive a response from the Q&A expert service?

    -The reviewer received a response from the Q&A expert service in only seven minutes.

  • What was the reviewer's concern about the anonymity of the expert providing the answer?

    -The reviewer was concerned that the expert providing the answer was anonymous, making it difficult to verify the credibility and expertise of the person behind the response.

  • What is the monthly cost of Chegg Writing service?

    -Chegg Writing service costs $9.95 per month.

  • How does Chegg's plagiarism tool work?

    -Chegg's plagiarism tool analyzes the uploaded essay for any grammatical errors and plagiarism by underlining each error and phrase in different colors. It identifies all content copied from the source, including similar wording and reference information.

  • What is the score given to Chegg's Writing Checker feature?

    -The Chegg Writing Checker feature was scored an eight out of ten.

  • How does the Expert Proofreading service differ from the Writing Checker?

    -The Expert Proofreading service involves an actual person revising the paper instead of artificial intelligence, providing detailed feedback and a modified paper in a new PDF file.

  • What is the monthly cost of Chegg Math Solver service?

    -Chegg Math Solver service costs $9.95 per month.

  • What is the final overall score given to Chegg based on the review?

    -The final overall score given to Chegg based on the review is 8.9 out of ten.

  • What is the main concern raised by the reviewer about Chegg's services?

    -The main concern raised by the reviewer is the anonymity of the experts providing help through Chegg's services, which leaves users unsure about the credibility of the person behind the assistance.



📚 Comprehensive Chegg Review: Services and Trustworthiness

This paragraph introduces Chegg as a popular platform for college students, offering a range of services beyond textbook rentals. The speaker, Laura from Gradehacker, outlines the intention to review Chegg's services based on firsthand experience. The paragraph highlights the evolution of Chegg since 2005, mentioning services like tutoring, video walkthroughs, and a citation generator. It also sets the stage for a two-part review: one for paid services and another for free services.


📝 In-Depth Analysis of Chegg's Paid Services

The paragraph delves into Chegg's paid services, starting with Chegg Study at $14.95 per month, which provides expert Q&As, textbook solutions, and video explanations. The Q&A service is tested and receives a rating of five out of ten due to the anonymity of the experts. Chegg Writing is evaluated next, offering essay checks for grammar and plagiarism, receiving an eight out of ten for accuracy and speed but with concerns about the plagiarism score's accuracy. Expert Proofreading, a human revision service, earns a nine out of ten for its detailed feedback and quick turnaround time, despite the lack of expert credentials. Lastly, Chegg Math Solver is praised for its detailed step-by-step explanations and receives a perfect score of ten out of ten. The paragraph also includes testimonials from the Gradehacker team about their experiences with Chegg's services.


📚 Chegg's Free Services and Textbook Solutions

This paragraph discusses Chegg's free offerings, such as the Learn Section for discovering new subjects and the Take a Practice Test feature, which provides sample questions for exams. The Learn feature receives a seven out of ten for its organized information, while the practice tests earn a perfect score for their comprehensiveness and utility. Chegg's Citation Machine is also praised for its ease of use and accuracy, earning a ten out of ten. The paragraph concludes with a discussion on Chegg's Rent and Buy Textbooks feature, highlighting its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and the additional benefits provided with rentals and purchases. This service also receives a top score of ten out of ten.

🔍 Final Verdict on Chegg's Services

The final paragraph summarizes the overall experience with Chegg, emphasizing the wide range of features and the anonymity of the experts providing help. Despite this, the services are deemed trustworthy and correct. The speaker recommends Chegg but advises users to be aware of the anonymous nature of the responses. The overall score given is 8.9, and the paragraph encourages users to explore Chegg's services based on the detailed information provided in the review.




Chegg is an educational technology company that started as a textbook rental service but has evolved to offer various services for students, including tutoring, homework help, and textbook solutions. In the video, Chegg's services are reviewed to determine their effectiveness and value for students.

💡Chegg Study

Chegg Study is a subscription service costing $14.95 per month that provides textbook solutions, expert Q&As, and practice problems. The video highlights the quick response times and the usefulness of the service, though it notes the anonymity of the experts as a downside.

💡Expert Q&A

This feature of Chegg Study allows students to post questions and receive answers from experts. The video mentions that responses are fast but criticizes the lack of information about the experts' identities, leading to uncertainty about their qualifications.

💡Chegg Writing

Chegg Writing is a service for checking essays for grammar and plagiarism, costing $9.95 per month. The video reviews this service positively for its quick and accurate grammar corrections but notes that its plagiarism detection can be overly sensitive.

💡Plagiarism Tool

A feature of Chegg Writing that checks for copied content in essays. The video points out that while effective, it sometimes flags common phrases and referenced information as plagiarism, which can lead to unnecessarily high plagiarism scores.

💡Expert Proofreading

This service offers human-reviewed proofreading of essays, providing detailed feedback within 24 hours. The video appreciates the accuracy and speed of this service but again notes the anonymity of the reviewers.

💡Chegg Math Solver

A tool for solving math problems step-by-step, available for $9.95 per month. The video highly rates this service for its thorough explanations and ease of use, making it especially helpful for students in analytical subjects.

💡Citation Machine

A free tool provided by Chegg to generate citations in various styles (APA, MLA, Chicago). The video praises this tool for its simplicity and efficiency in creating accurate citations, saving users significant time.

💡Textbook Rental

Chegg's original service, which allows students to rent or buy textbooks at reduced prices. The video describes the process of renting or buying textbooks through Chegg as easy and cost-effective, highlighting additional benefits like free shipping and a refund guarantee.

💡Learn Section

A free resource on Chegg's website offering brief overviews and definitions of various subjects. The video notes that while this section is useful for basic information and inspiration, it is not comprehensive enough for in-depth study.


Chegg is a popular site for students offering a range of services beyond textbook rentals.

Chegg Study offers expert Q&As, textbook solutions, and guided video explanations.

Q&A expert service provides fast responses but lacks transparency regarding the identity of experts.

Chegg Writing helps with essay writing by checking for grammatical errors and plagiarism.

Chegg's plagiarism tool may overestimate plagiarism due to its broad detection criteria.

Expert Proofreading service provides detailed feedback and revisions by a human expert.

Chegg Math Solver offers step-by-step solutions to mathematical problems.

Chegg's team members find the platform to be a powerful tool for accessing textbook solutions and ebooks.

Chegg's free Learn Section provides brief definitions and overviews of various subjects.

Take a Practice Test feature offers practice questions for various subjects and topics.

Chegg's Citation Machine automatically generates citations in various writing styles.

Chegg was one of the first to offer a textbook rental system with competitive prices.

Chegg's textbook rental service includes benefits like free shipping and a 21-day refund guarantee.

Selling textbooks through Chegg is facilitated by an independent buyer, GoTextbook.

Chegg's overall score is 8.9, reflecting its wide range of helpful features and services.

Anonymous answers from experts is a common concern across Chegg's services.

Chegg is recommended as a trustworthy platform for students, with a word of caution about anonymous responses.