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23 Apr 202005:07

TLDRIn this engaging tutorial, viewers are guided through the seamless process of creating a logo using an AI-powered logo maker. Starting with the basics, such as naming the business 'Norte-Sur' and selecting the industry—bakery and pastry—the tutorial demonstrates how to refine choices to fit the desired brand identity. Users can explore various styles, color combinations, and symbols to craft a clean and modern logo that resonates with their vision. The step-by-step guidance includes editing options for positioning and alignment, culminating in a ready-to-download logo that embodies simplicity and modernity.


  • 🚀 Start by entering the business name into the AI-powered logo maker.
  • 🏭 Choose the industry that your business belongs to for tailored logo options.
  • 🎨 Opt for a name or initials to represent your brand in the logo design.
  • 💭 Leave the slogan option blank for a minimalist logo approach.
  • 🎨 Select up to five logo style options that best fit your desired look.
  • 🎨 Pick a color combination that aligns with your brand's aesthetic.
  • 🌈 Choose a clean and modern style for a contemporary logo design.
  • 📌 Customize the logo by selecting up to five symbols to represent your brand.
  • 🔄 Review and select the top logo proposals provided by the AI maker.
  • ✂️ Edit the chosen logo by adjusting its layout, fonts, and color combinations.
  • 🔄 Move and align the logo and text horizontally or vertically as needed.
  • 💾 Download the final logo design and use it for your brand's marketing materials.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the tutorial?

    -The main topic of the tutorial is how to create a logo easily and quickly using AI tools from a logo maker.

  • How does the AI logo maker process start?

    -The AI logo maker process starts by introducing the name of the company. In the tutorial, the company is named 'Norte-Sur'.

  • What industry does the tutorial's company belong to?

    -The company 'Norte-Sur' belongs to the bakery and pastry industry.

  • What options are available for the user after naming the company and selecting the industry?

    -After naming the company and selecting the industry, the user can choose to create a logo using either the company name or its initials and can also add a slogan if desired.

  • How many logo style options can the user select?

    -The user can select up to five different logo style options that align with their preferences.

  • What are the color options provided in the tutorial?

    -In the tutorial, the color option chosen is 'Clean and Modern'.

  • How many symbols can the user choose for their logo?

    -The user can choose up to five symbols for their logo.

  • What does the 'Recommended' option in the AI logo maker do?

    -The 'Recommended' option generates logo suggestions specifically tailored for the user based on their previous selections.

  • What can the user do in the editing option of the AI logo maker?

    -In the editing option, the user can move the logo and text horizontally or vertically, center it, or align it from left to right.

  • What is the final step in the AI logo making process?

    -The final step is selecting the preferred logo option and making any necessary adjustments before downloading and using it.

  • What is the outcome of the tutorial?

    -The outcome of the tutorial is a ready-to-download and use logo that is simple, modern, and aligned with the chosen industry and style preferences.



🎨 Logo Design Tutorial Introduction

This paragraph introduces the logo making tutorial, highlighting the use of artificial intelligence tools within the logo maker. The process begins by entering the company name, in this case 'Norte-Sur', and selecting the industry it belongs to, which is bakery and pastry. The tutorial emphasizes the ease and speed of creating a logo, offering options to choose between a name or initials and the possibility to add a slogan. The creator opts for a simple logo without a slogan.



💡Logo Making

Logo Making refers to the process of creating a unique and identifiable symbol or design that represents a brand, company, or product. In the context of the video, it is the primary focus, as the tutorial guides viewers through the steps of designing a logo using artificial intelligence tools within a logo maker platform.

💡Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think, learn, and problem-solve like humans. In the video, AI is utilized in the logo maker to assist in the design process, offering智能化建议 and options based on the user's selections, making the process easier and more efficient.

💡Industry Selection

Industry Selection is the process of choosing the specific sector or type of business that the logo will represent. This is important as it helps guide the design and style of the logo to be more relevant and appealing to the target audience. In the video, the user selects 'bakery and pastry' as the industry for their logo, which influences the subsequent design choices.

💡Logo Styles

Logo Styles refer to the different visual design approaches that can be applied to create a logo. These styles can range from minimalist to intricate, and from modern to vintage, reflecting the brand's identity and the message it wants to convey. In the video, the user is given the option to choose from various logo styles that align with their desired aesthetic.

💡Color Schemes

Color Schemes are combinations of colors used in design to create visual harmony and convey specific moods or messages. The choice of colors in a logo is crucial as it can influence brand perception and recognition. In the video, the user selects a color scheme that they prefer, which is integral to the final logo design.


Symbols are graphical representations or icons that hold specific meanings and can be used to communicate complex ideas quickly and efficiently. In logo design, symbols can enhance recognition and add depth to the brand's visual identity. The video describes the process of selecting symbols that resonate with the chosen industry and style of the logo.


Editing in the context of logo design involves making adjustments to the logo elements such as the logo图形, text placement, and alignment to achieve the desired look and feel. This process is crucial for refining the logo and ensuring it meets the brand's requirements. In the video, the user is given the ability to edit their logo by moving the logo and text horizontally or vertically, and centering it as needed.


Download refers to the action of transferring a file or data from a remote server, like the internet, to a local device such as a computer or mobile phone. In the context of the video, once the logo design is finalized, the user has the option to download the logo for use in various applications and media.

💡Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the visual and emotional representation of a brand, encompassing its logo, colors, typography, and other design elements that create a unique and recognizable image. The video's main theme revolves around developing a logo that contributes to building and strengthening the brand identity for a business.

💡User Interface

User Interface (UI) refers to the interactive elements of a software application or website that allow users to access information and perform tasks. In the video, the user interface of the logo maker is the medium through which the user interacts with the AI tools to design their logo.


Introduction to a logo making tutorial

Utilizing artificial intelligence tools in logo maker

Creating a logo for a company named Norte-Sur

Selecting the industry of the company, in this case, bakery and pastry

Choosing between name or initial for the logo design

Option to add a slogan to the logo

Selecting styles that fit the desired logo look

Choosing up to five different logo examples

Picking a color combination for the logo design

Selecting up to 5 symbols for the logo

Recommendations of logos generated specifically for the user

Choosing the simplest and most modern logo options

Final selection of the preferred logo design

Editing options for the logo, including moving and centering the logo and text

The logo is ready for download and use