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2 Jun 202429:19

TLDRThe video script details the morning routine in a renovated stone house in Portugal, discussing the challenges of keeping the house cool during 36° heat. It showcases the garden's growth, the vegetable patch, and the progress of the renovation, including the cost breakdown of various tasks and materials. The narrator shares personal touches being added to the house and the anticipation of the final clean-up, providing a glimpse into the renovation journey and the costs involved.


  • 🏡 The narrator is renovating a stone house in Portugal and shares the daily experiences and challenges of the process.
  • 🌡️ The house experiences high temperatures, especially with skylights, and the narrator discusses methods to keep the house cool, such as opening windows and installing shutters.
  • 🌞 The region is experiencing a heatwave with temperatures reaching up to 36°, affecting the local environment and the renovation work.
  • 🏚️ A national holiday in Portugal disrupts the renovation schedule, as builders do not work on these days.
  • 🌱 The garden is flourishing, with the narrator showing off the growth of vegetables, flowers, and discussing the care of the plants.
  • 🏗️ There is a significant amount of construction waste that needs to be removed, which is currently waiting for a digger to become available.
  • 🛠️ The renovation includes various tasks such as electrical work, plumbing, tiling, and painting, each with its own cost.
  • 💶 The total cost of the renovation is detailed, amounting to over €59,000, which is slightly over the initial budget.
  • 🛋️ The narrator has been furnishing the house with new items like a sofa, a bed, and other decorative pieces to make the house feel more like home.
  • 🔨 There are still some finishing touches to be done in the house, such as painting and organizing the wardrobe.
  • 📈 The narrator contemplates the potential resale value of the house after the renovation, considering the costs and the emotional value attached to the property.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is the renovation of a stone house in Portugal, including the experiences and costs associated with the project.

  • What is the weather like during the recording of the video?

    -The weather is hot, with the temperature expected to reach 36° Celsius, and it is already 25° Celsius in the area being discussed.

  • What measures are being taken to cool down the house?

    -The measures being taken to cool down the house include opening doors, windows, and skylights to allow for air circulation, and planning to install shutters on the back windows to block the sun.

  • Why were the builders not able to come on the expected day?

    -The builders could not come on the expected day because it was a national holiday in Portugal.

  • What is the current state of the garden in the video?

    -The garden is described as growing nicely with various flowers and vegetables, including cosmos, lettuce, and sweet peas, but there is also mention of dry grass due to the hot weather.

  • What is the status of the renovation project at the time of the video?

    -At the time of the video, the renovation project is nearing completion, with some finishing touches being added to the house, such as varnishing and installing doors.

  • What is the total cost of the renovation project mentioned in the video?

    -The total cost of the renovation project mentioned in the video is €59,003.37, not including miscellaneous items.

  • What is the general quote for renovation per square meter in Portugal according to the video?

    -The general quote for renovation per square meter in Portugal is normally about €500 to €1,000, depending on the builder and the scope of work.

  • Why is there still a pile of rubble outside the house?

    -The pile of rubble is still outside the house because the digger, which is supposed to load the rubble onto a truck, is currently being fixed in a repair shop.

  • What is the narrator's plan for the upcoming week?

    -The narrator plans to continue furnishing the house, work on new projects, and will share the next project in the following video. They also mention a time-lapse video for the upcoming week.

  • What kind of feedback is the narrator asking for at the end of the video?

    -The narrator is asking for feedback on whether viewers would be interested in an outtakes video, featuring moments that didn't go as planned or were not included in the main videos.



🌅 Morning Routine and House Cooling Strategies

The video starts at 6:30 in the morning, where the creator talks about adjusting to a new house and feeding their cat, Beos. The morning temperature is already 25°C, expected to rise to 36°C. To cool the house, the creator opens the back door, front windows, and skylights. Shutters for the back windows are needed to keep the sun out. The bedroom remains cooler due to the absence of skylights. Today is a national holiday in Portugal, so the builder's visit was rescheduled, leading to a Thursday coffee morning instead of Friday. The fields around the house are very dry and the grass is cut, increasing fire risk.


🌱 Garden Tour and Growing Vegetables

The creator showcases their garden, noting the dried grass and fire risk. They plan to show the garden area as everything is growing well, including strawberries, cosmos flowers, and various vegetables like lettuce and sweet peas. The sweet peas are creating a colorful wall along a wall. The area will soon look different as the first truckload of construction materials is being removed, making way for a cleaner space and upcoming projects.


🏡 House Updates and Decor

The creator provides an update on house renovations, including varnishing a kitchen countertop and coordinating decor items. New purchases include a towel, bin, door mats, a candle lantern, and a few other decor pieces. The sliding doors and some furniture arrangements are also mentioned. Despite the heat, progress is made, and the space is becoming more organized and homely.


🚜 Construction Challenges and Costs

The creator explains the remaining construction debris due to a broken digger, hoping it will be fixed next week. They discuss the project's costs, detailing expenses for electrical work, plumbing, flooring, and more, totaling approximately €59,003.37. The creator's budget was €55,000, slightly exceeded due to higher-quality choices. They emphasize transparency about costs for those considering similar renovations in Portugal.


🏠 Final Renovation Costs Breakdown

A detailed breakdown of costs includes expenses for tiling, painting, kitchen appliances, furniture, and more. The total renovation cost was nearly €60,000, exceeding the budget slightly but ensuring quality. The creator reflects on the costs and their investment in the house, which originally cost €70,000. They mention the potential resale value and the choice to invest in better materials for long-term satisfaction.


🎥 Future Plans and Viewer Engagement

The creator shares their decision to postpone a time-lapse video in favor of a final update video. They express gratitude to viewers for following the journey and ask if they would be interested in a bloopers video. Future content will include updates on the house and new projects. The creator reflects on the luxurious feeling of living in the renovated house and looks forward to sharing more in upcoming videos.




Renovation refers to the process of making a building or a room look new again by repairing, cleaning, or improving it. In the video, the main theme revolves around the narrator's experience with renovating a stone house in Portugal, which includes various aspects such as construction work, interior design, and landscaping.


Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance. In the context of the video, the narrator discusses the high temperatures experienced during the renovation process, which affected the timing and conditions of certain tasks, such as painting.


Skylights are roof windows that allow natural light to enter a building. The narrator mentions skylights in relation to the house's design, noting their impact on the indoor temperature and the need to manage sunlight to keep the house cool.


Shutters are protective or decorative sliding or folding panels for windows, doors, or other openings. The script describes the narrator's intention to install shutters to regulate sunlight and maintain a cooler interior environment during the hot Portuguese summer.

💡National Holiday

A national holiday is a day on which citizens celebrate a significant cultural or historical event shared by a country. The video mentions a national holiday in Portugal, which affected the renovation schedule by causing a delay in the builders' arrival.

💡Veggie Garden

A veggie garden is a plot of land where vegetables are grown for personal use. The narrator shows the progress of their veggie garden, highlighting the growth of various plants and the importance of maintaining it during the renovation process.


Cosmos is a type of flowering plant known for its beauty and is often grown in gardens for ornamental purposes. The script includes a description of cosmos flowers growing in the garden, contributing to the overall aesthetic and tranquility of the renovated space.

💡Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a type of climbing flower known for their fragrance and vibrant colors. The narrator expresses excitement about the sweet peas growing along the wall, which is part of the garden's visual appeal and the narrator's vision for a colorful space.


Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials during construction, maintenance, and repair of buildings. The video script describes the removal of scaffolding, indicating a significant step in the completion of the renovation work.

💡Bespoke Kitchen

A bespoke kitchen is a custom-made kitchen designed to fit specific requirements and space dimensions. The narrator mentions the cost and features of their bespoke kitchen, emphasizing the personalization and quality of the renovation.


Appliances are devices or machines that are used for specific tasks in the home, such as cooking or cleaning. The script details the cost and types of appliances purchased for the renovated house, which are essential for the functionality and comfort of the living space.


A budget is a financial plan that outlines how much money is available to spend and how it will be allocated. The narrator discusses going over their original budget, providing insight into the financial aspects of the renovation project and the trade-offs made for certain features or materials.


Morning routine with the pet bee and house temperature management.

Strategies for cooling the house during high temperatures, including opening windows and skylights.

Importance of installing stained shutters to manage sunlight and temperature.

Observation of the bedroom's cooler temperature due to lack of skylights and sun exposure.

Builders' absence due to a national holiday in Portugal, affecting renovation plans.

Drought conditions in the area and its implications for fire risk.

Garden tour showcasing the growth of vegetables, strawberries, and flowers.

Sweet peas' vibrant colors and the anticipation of a colorful wall in the future.

Progress on the renovation with the removal of scaffolding and rubbish.

Personal touches added to the house, such as varnishing, new kitchen appliances, and decorative items.

Adaptations made for increased functionality, like sliding doors and locks.

Furniture arrangement and makeshift solutions for storage and organization.

The delay in rubbish removal due to the digger's repair, impacting the final stages of the project.

Detailed breakdown of renovation costs, providing insight into the expenses of various aspects of the project.

Decision to go over budget for certain items to ensure quality in the renovation.

Total renovation cost and comparison with the original purchase price of the house.

Potential for selling the house at a break-even price in the current economic climate.

Engagement with the audience about their interest in an outtakes video.

Reflection on the luxurious living experience post-renovation and gratitude for the audience's support.