Create Stunning Animated Explainer Videos in Minutes with Steve.AI

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20 Dec 202205:12

TLDRIn this video, the creator demonstrates how to use, a platform by the creators of Animaker, to create an animated explainer video in minutes. The process begins with selecting a script, which can be written from scratch or generated using AI tools like Canvas Magic. The user then chooses the 'script to live video' option and selects 'animation' as the video type. Customization options include adding music, voiceover, and choosing a design style. The platform offers various character and action choices, as well as the ability to modify text and colors. The video can be previewed, edited, and published, with the option to download an mp4 file. The video serves as a testament to the ease and efficiency of using for quick video creation, making it a suitable tool for those looking to produce explainer videos without extensive investment.


  • 🌟 The video demonstrates creating an animated explainer video using, a website by the creators of Animaker.
  • 📝 The process begins with creating a script, which can be done from scratch or by using AI tools like Canva's Canvas Magic.
  • 💻 After logging into, the user selects the 'script to live video' option and chooses the type of video, opting for animation in this case.
  • 📜 The default script provided by is about babysitting, but it can be replaced with the user's script.
  • 🎵 Options for adding music and voiceover to the video are available, with the ability to preview and select different voice options.
  • 🎨 The design style of the video can be chosen and customized, including character and action changes, as well as color themes.
  • 🖼️ The user can modify visual elements such as characters, actions, and background, or hide text elements for a cleaner look.
  • 🔊 Audio adjustments can be made, including changing the volume of the voiceover or selecting different background music tracks.
  • ⏱️ The video rendering process takes a few minutes, after which the user can download the finished video.
  • 🔄 The final video can be shared via a provided link or downloaded as an mp4 file for further use.
  • 💰 is not a free service, but it offers a quick and straightforward solution for creating explainer videos.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the website introduced in the video for creating animated explainer videos?

    -The website introduced in the video is called

  • What is the relationship between and the creators of Animaker? is a site created by the same people who made Animaker.

  • What feature of allows users to create a video quickly?

    -The 'script to video' mode allows users to create a video in just seconds.

  • How does the user in the video obtain a script for their video?

    -The user uses AI and Canvas Magic, available in Canva Docs, to obtain a script.

  • What is the first step in creating a video on after logging in?

    -The first step is to create a script or paste an existing one into the platform.

  • What are the options for the type of video that can be created on

    -Users can choose between live video and animation.

  • How can users customize the characters and actions in the video?

    -Users can select and change characters, as well as their actions, through the platform's character customization options.

  • What are the audio options available for a video?

    -Users can choose a voiceover, change the volume, or swap it out for a different voice. They can also select background music or upload their own.

  • How can users modify the visual theme of the video?

    -Users can change the colors and select different design styles, although they cannot modify individual aspects of the visuals.

  • What is the process for publishing a video on

    -After customizing the video, users can change the title, select 'download', and the video will be processed and ready for download in a few minutes.

  • In what format can the final video be downloaded from

    -The final video can be downloaded as an mp4 file.

  • What is the pricing structure for offers a choice between monthly payments or an annual payment.

  • What is the purpose of the video on as described in the script?

    -The purpose of the video is to demonstrate how to create an animated explainer video on the platform and showcase its features and customization options.



🎬 Creating an Animated Explainer Video with

The speaker introduces the video's purpose, which is to test the website for creating an animated explainer video. They encourage viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel for weekly content on diverse topics. The speaker then navigates to and explains its script-to-video feature, highlighting its quick video creation capability. They choose to use an AI tool called Canvas Magic within Canva Docs to create a script, which they paste into After selecting the 'script to live video' option and opting for an animated video, they customize the video by adding music, voiceover, and choosing a design style. The speaker previews different voice options, selects one, and proceeds to render the scene. They demonstrate the ability to modify character actions, themes, and text on the screen, as well as adjust audio settings. Finally, they publish the video, rename it to 'Commercial,' and download it in MP4 format. The video is described as a quick and potentially useful tool for creating explainer videos, with a mention of its cost.


📢 Engaging with the Audience and Closing Remarks

The speaker concludes the video by inviting viewers to ask questions and leave comments if they have any. They also include a musical element to signal the end of the video content.



💡Animated Explainer Video

An animated explainer video is a short, engaging, and informative video that uses animation to explain a concept, product, or service in an easy-to-understand way. In the script, the theme revolves around creating such a video using, showcasing its features and capabilities to produce a professional-looking video in a short amount of time.


Steve.AI is a website mentioned in the script that allows users to create animated videos quickly and easily. It is highlighted as a tool developed by the creators of Animaker, with a 'script to video' mode that simplifies the video creation process. The script demonstrates how to utilize to generate an animated explainer video from a provided script.

💡Script to Video

The 'script to video' mode is a feature of that enables users to convert a written script directly into a video. This mode is showcased in the video script where the user selects this option to transform the copied script from Canva into an animated video, emphasizing the efficiency and ease of use of


Canva is an online design platform that offers a variety of tools for creating visual content, including the 'Canvas Magic' feature mentioned in the script. The user uses Canva to draft the script for the animated video, which is then imported into to create the final video product.


A voiceover is the process of adding a spoken voice to a video, which can help convey the message or narrative. In the script, the user checks the 'voiceover' box in to add a spoken voice to the animated video, allowing for a more engaging and informative presentation.


Music is an integral part of video production, setting the tone and enhancing the viewer's experience. The script describes how allows users to add music to their videos, with the option to preview and select different background songs or even upload custom music.

💡Character Customization

Character customization refers to the ability to modify the appearance and actions of characters in an animated video. The script explains that provides various options to change characters and their actions, allowing for a personalized touch and ensuring the video aligns with the user's vision.

💡Design Style

Design style in the context of the script refers to the visual aesthetic and layout of the animated video. The user is given the option to choose and modify a design style in, which impacts the overall look and feel of the video, making it consistent with the intended message.

💡Scene Rendering

Scene rendering is the process of generating the visual elements of a video. In the script, the user pastes the script into and the platform renders the scenes based on the script's content, creating a dynamic and visually appealing animated video.

💡Text Customization

Text customization involves adjusting the text that appears on the screen during the video. The script mentions the ability to modify or hide text in, giving users control over the narrative and ensuring that the visual elements complement the message being conveyed.

💡Exporting Video

Exporting a video is the final step in the video creation process, where the video is saved in a format suitable for sharing or further use. The script describes how the user can export the video from as an MP4 file, making it easy to distribute and share the finished animated explainer video.


Steve.AI is a website by the creators of Animaker that allows users to create animated explainer videos quickly.

The platform offers a 'script to video' mode that can generate a video in just seconds.

Users can subscribe to the YouTube channel for weekly uploads on various topics.

Pricing for Steve.AI is available on a monthly or annual basis.

AI can be used to create a script, with the option to utilize Canva Docs' Canvas Magic.

The default script can be replaced with a user's own script, and scenes can be customized.

Music and voiceover options are available, with the ability to preview and select different voices.

Estimated duration of the video is displayed after selecting a voice.

Design style can be chosen and modified, offering flexibility in video aesthetics.

Characters and their actions within the video can be customized to fit the script.

The platform provides options to change character themes and color palettes.

Text on the screen can be modified or hidden, allowing for greater control over visual presentation.

Audio adjustments include changing the volume of the voiceover or swapping out the music track.

Users have the option to upload their own music or use the platform's music library.

The final video can be published with a custom title and downloaded as an MP4 file.

Steve.AI is not free but offers a quick solution for creating explainer videos.

The platform is user-friendly and suitable for those looking to create videos with minimal effort.

The video export process is straightforward, providing a shareable link and downloadable file.

Steve.AI is recommended for users seeking an efficient tool to produce animated explainer videos.