Create Vector Images for Lasers Using Kittl A.I.

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14 May 202409:47

TLDRThis video tutorial demonstrates how to avoid common issues when using online images for commercial products by utilizing the AI-powered tool, KD. It addresses the challenges of finding the right image, dealing with various file formats, and the legal risks of copyright infringement. The host introduces a new version of KD, which allows users to create custom vector images, such as SVGs, without the fear of legal repercussions. The video showcases the process of generating a Chihuahua image in different styles and engraving it using a laser cutter, highlighting the ease and efficiency of the tool.


  • 🔍 Finding the perfect image online can be time-consuming and may not always yield the desired results.
  • 📚 Understanding different file formats like bitmap (JPEG, PNG) and vector (Corel, SVG) is crucial for consistency and quality.
  • 🚫 Legal issues can arise from using images without proper licensing or attribution, leading to potential business shutdowns or lawsuits.
  • 🛠️ The right tooling, such as KD with AI technology, can help create custom vector images to avoid legal and quality issues.
  • 🎨 KD's AI has improved significantly in its latest version, allowing users to generate vector images like SVG with ease.
  • 📈 KD offers various vector styles, from basic to complex like coloring book or cartoon styles, to cater to different needs.
  • 🔄 Users can specify details in their image requests to generate more accurate results with AI.
  • ✂️ Modifying and refining AI-generated images can lead to better outcomes for specific applications like laser engraving.
  • 🖼️ Exporting the AI-generated images as SVG files allows for high-quality engraving and compatibility with tools like LightBurn.
  • 📡 Using KD's AI to create custom images ensures that users avoid copyright issues and can freely use the designs for their products.
  • 💡 The process of creating AI-generated vector images is simple, requiring only a few minutes of input and yielding professional results.

Q & A

  • What are the three main problems one might encounter when using images found online for a product?

    -The three main problems are: spending hours searching online without finding exactly what you want, dealing with a variety of file formats and the need to standardize on a single format, and the legal issues that arise from using images without proper payment or attribution, which can lead to being ordered to take things down or even being sued.

  • Why is it important to standardize on a single file format?

    -Standardizing on a single file format is important to ensure consistency and compatibility across different platforms and tools, making it easier to manage and use the images without format-related issues.

  • What is the potential legal consequence of using images from online sources without proper payment or attribution?

    -The potential legal consequences include being ordered to take down the images, which can shut down a business like an Etsy store, or in the worst case, getting sued, especially if the images are from copyright-heavy entities like Disney.

  • What is the tool recommended in the video to create vector images without legal worries?

    -The tool recommended in the video is KD, which has AI technology and has recently released a new version with improved AI capabilities.

  • How does KD's AI technology help in creating vector images?

    -KD's AI technology allows users to generate vector images by simply typing a description of what they want. It can create images in various styles, such as line art or coloring book style, which can be used for laser engraving or other purposes without copyright issues.

  • What is the advantage of using KD's AI tool for someone with no artistic ability?

    -The advantage is that KD's AI tool eliminates the need for artistic skills. Users can generate images by providing a textual description, making it accessible for anyone to create custom designs without having to draw or design them manually.

  • What vector styles does KD support according to the video?

    -KD supports various vector styles including basic vector art, coloring book style, street art, line art, and cartoon styles, which can be useful for different types of projects and preferences.

  • How does the process of generating a vector image in KD work?

    -The process involves selecting the 'K AI' button, choosing to generate an image, specifying an aspect ratio, selecting a style, and then providing a description of the desired image. KD's AI then generates the image based on the input.

  • What file format is recommended for exporting the vector images created with KD for use in laser engraving?

    -The recommended file format for exporting the vector images is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), which is suitable for laser engraving and maintains quality at any size.

  • How does the video demonstrate the practical application of the vector image created with KD?

    -The video demonstrates the practical application by showing the process of exporting the vector image as an SVG file, importing it into LightBurn software, setting the engraving parameters, and then engraving the image on a laser engraving machine.

  • What is the benefit of using KD for creating custom imagery for laser engraving?

    -The benefit of using KD for creating custom imagery is that it allows for quick and easy generation of unique designs without the need for artistic skills or worrying about copyright issues. It also supports various vector styles that are suitable for different engraving projects.

  • What discount does the video offer for new users of KD?

    -The video offers a 25% discount off the first month of a monthly subscription or a 25% discount off an annual subscription if the link provided in the video description is used.



🚫 Avoiding Legal Issues with Online Images for Products

The video script addresses the potential pitfalls of using online images for commercial products. It highlights three main issues: difficulty in finding the perfect image, the challenge of dealing with various file formats, and the legal risks associated with copyright infringement. The speaker emphasizes the importance of using the right tools to avoid these problems and suggests using a tool called KD, which incorporates AI technology to create vector images. This approach allows for the creation of custom images without the risk of legal action, such as being sued for copyright infringement.


🎨 Creating Custom Images with KD's AI for Engraving

The speaker demonstrates how to use KD's AI technology to create custom vector images for engraving purposes. They explain the process of generating images in various styles, such as coloring book or cartoon, and then refining the output to match specific requirements. The focus is on creating images that are suitable for deep engraving and can be exported as SVG files. The speaker also shows how to use these files in a software called LightBurn for laser engraving, resulting in a high-quality engraved product. The video concludes with a recommendation to use KD for custom imagery needs and offers a discount link for viewers to try the tool.



💡Vector Images

Vector images are graphics created using mathematical equations, allowing them to be scaled infinitely without losing quality. They are essential for laser engraving as they ensure precision and clarity in the final product. The video focuses on creating vector images using Kittl AI to avoid legal issues and enhance customization.

💡Kittl AI

Kittl AI is a tool mentioned in the video for creating vector images. It leverages artificial intelligence to generate customized images that can be used for laser engraving. The tool simplifies the process by allowing users to describe the desired image, which the AI then generates, ensuring legal safety and convenience.

💡Legal Issues

Legal issues refer to the potential problems one might face when using copyrighted images without proper authorization. The video highlights the risks of getting sued or having a business shut down if copyrighted images are used without permission, emphasizing the importance of using tools like Kittl AI to create original content.

💡SVG Format

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a file format for vector images. It is ideal for laser engraving because it maintains image quality at any size. The video demonstrates how to generate and export images in SVG format using Kittl AI, ensuring the images are ready for engraving.


LightBurn is software used for laser engraving. In the video, the speaker imports the SVG files generated by Kittl AI into LightBurn to execute the engraving process. LightBurn is essential for converting digital designs into physical engravings.

💡Engraving Speed and Power

Engraving speed and power are settings adjusted in LightBurn to control the laser engraving process. The video mentions setting the speed to 18,000 mm/min and power to 80%, which are parameters that affect the engraving quality and efficiency.

💡AI-generated Images

AI-generated images are created by artificial intelligence based on user input. The video showcases how Kittl AI can generate images according to specific descriptions, such as a 'Chihuahua facing forward and growling,' providing a high level of customization for engraving projects.

💡File Formats

File formats refer to the different types of digital image files, such as JPEG, PNG, and SVG. The video emphasizes the importance of using the right format, particularly vector formats like SVG, for laser engraving to ensure the best results.


Customization involves tailoring designs to specific needs or preferences. The video illustrates how Kittl AI allows users to customize their images by providing detailed descriptions, resulting in unique and precise vector images for engraving.

💡Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a process of using a laser to etch designs onto various materials. The video focuses on creating vector images suitable for laser engraving, highlighting the entire process from image generation with Kittl AI to final engraving with LightBurn.


Avoid disappointment by understanding three key issues when using online images for products.

Spend less time searching for the perfect image with the right tooling.

Standardize on a single file format to simplify your workflow.

Be aware of the legal risks of using unlicensed or unattributed images.

KD's AI technology can help create vector images without the need for artistic ability.

New version of KD's tool features improved AI for generating images.

Generate custom SVG images using KD's AI to avoid copyright issues.

Choose from various vector styles in KD, such as coloring book or line art.

Create a unique image by specifying details like style and orientation.

Modify generated images to better fit your needs with KD's tools.

Export your designs as SVG files for use in various applications.

Use SVG files in software like LightBurn for laser engraving.

Effortlessly create high-quality engravings with minimal effort.

Get a 25% discount on KD's monthly or annual subscription using the provided link.

Use KD for custom imagery in laser engraving to make your products stand out.

KD's Pro version is used daily for its efficiency and versatility.

Make your world with custom vector images created using KD's AI technology.