Creating AI Generated Logos Using MidJourney

Matt Wolfe
26 Jan 202314:39

TLDRIn this informative video, Matt Wolf shares a step-by-step guide on creating AI-generated logos using Mid Journey, a generative art tool. He demonstrates how to refine prompts for designing logos for 'Wolfman Coffee' and 'Future Tools', incorporating styles of iconic designers like Paul Rand and Saul Bass. Matt also discusses the use of Discord for organizing AI-generated content and tips for finalizing designs in Canva, emphasizing the iterative process of achieving the perfect logo.


  • 🚀 The video provides a tutorial on creating AI-generated logos using Mid-Journey, a generative art tool.
  • 🌟 Mid-Journey is highlighted as particularly effective for creating logo-type designs.
  • 🤖 The creator, Matt Wolf, shares a trick of integrating the Mid-Journey bot into a personal Discord server for organization and ease of use.
  • 📝 The importance of setting up specific channels in Discord for different logo design tests is emphasized for better organization.
  • 🎨 Tips on using Mid-Journey's settings, such as selecting 'Mid-Journey 4' and enabling 'remix mode', are given for optimal logo design outcomes.
  • 🖌️ The process of refining the logo design through additional prompts like 'minimal', 'vector', 'simple', and 'flat' is demonstrated.
  • 🔍 The video shows how to upscale and select the best logo concepts from the generated options.
  • 🌐 Experimentation with different styles, such as Japanese and iconic设计师 styles like Paul Rand and Saul Bass, is encouraged for diverse logo concepts.
  • 👾 The concept of creating mascots for brands using simple vector art is introduced.
  • 📝 The video demonstrates how to tweak and finalize the AI-generated logos using design tools like Canva for font matching and background removal.
  • 🔗 Matt Wolf promotes his website, Future Tools, as a resource for discovering and curating useful AI and generative art tools.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about creating AI-generated logos using a tool called Mid-Journey.

  • What are some of the logo concepts discussed in the video?

    -The video discusses various logo concepts including Wolfman Coffee, Future Tools, and different styles like minimal vector, simple and flat designs.

  • How can you integrate Mid-Journey into your Discord server?

    -You can integrate Mid-Journey into your Discord server by adding it as a bot in your own server, creating different channels for various tests, and using it to generate content within the server.

  • What are some tips for improving the text in AI-generated logos?

    -The video suggests that while Mid-Journey isn't great with text, you can use additional prompts like 'minimal vector' or 'simple and flat' to get closer to the desired design, and then tweak the text manually in a tool like Canva.

  • How does the video suggest using the style of iconic designers in logo creation?

    -The video suggests using the styles of iconic designers like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Massimo Vignelli as prompts in Mid-Journey to generate logo concepts with their distinctive styles.

  • What is the process for refining an AI-generated logo?

    -The process involves selecting a promising concept, upscaling it, and then fine-tuning the details, such as the text and color, using graphic design tools like Canva.

  • How can you use Canva to finalize an AI-generated logo?

    -You can import the AI-generated logo into Canva, adjust the size, remove the background, match the colors and fonts, and add additional design elements to create a polished final logo.

  • What are some additional logo design ideas presented in the video?

    -The video presents ideas for logo designs featuring cute mascots, futuristic tool companies, and single-letter logos.

  • What resources does the video recommend for those interested in AI art and design?

    -The video recommends as a resource for finding various generative art tools and a newsletter for updates on interesting tools, news, and ways to make money with AI.

  • What is the key takeaway from the video regarding AI-generated logo creation?

    -The key takeaway is that creating AI-generated logos often involves multiple iterations and refinements. Mid-Journey is a useful tool for generating logo concepts, but manual adjustments in graphic design software are often necessary to achieve the desired result.

  • How does the video address the challenge of Mid-Journey's text generation?

    -The video acknowledges Mid-Journey's weakness in text generation and suggests focusing on the visual elements of the logo, then fine-tuning or replacing the text in a separate design tool.



🎨 Creating Logos with Mid-Journey

The paragraph discusses the process of creating AI-generated logos using Mid-Journey, a generative art tool. The speaker, Matt Wolf, shares his experience with creating logos for Wolfman Coffee and Future Tools, emphasizing the tool's effectiveness in logo design. He also explains how to use Mid-Journey within a Discord server for organized logo generation and experimentation with different design prompts. The focus is on achieving a white background and improving the text aspect of the logos, which Mid-Journey struggles with, through additional tweaks and the use of specific prompts like 'minimal vector' and 'simple and flat'.


🌟 Refining Logo Concepts with Mid-Journey

This paragraph delves into the refinement of AI-generated logo concepts. The speaker continues to explore Mid-Journey's capabilities by experimenting with various design styles, such as Japanese minimalistic logos with gradients and iconic designs inspired by legendary graphic designers like Paul Rand and Saul Bass. The paragraph highlights the importance of iteration in the design process and the use of specific design elements like triangles and mascots to create unique and recognizable logos. The speaker also demonstrates how to upscale and improve selected logo concepts for further refinement.


🖌️ Enhancing and Finalizing Logos with Canva

The final paragraph focuses on the post-Mid-Journey process of enhancing and finalizing logo designs using Canva. The speaker walks through the steps of importing the generated logos into Canva, adjusting the design for a better fit, and overlaying text for a complete logo. He also addresses the limitations of Mid-Journey with text and how to find close font matches within Canva. The paragraph concludes with the speaker's advice on iterating and experimenting with AI art to achieve the desired outcome, and he promotes his website, Future Tools, as a resource for generative art tools and a newsletter for the latest in AI and design.



💡AI-generated logos

AI-generated logos refer to the use of artificial intelligence to create visual symbols or icons that represent a brand or company. In the context of the video, the host is discussing the process of using a specific AI tool called Mid-Journey to design logos for companies like Wolfman Coffee and Future Tools. The logos are generated based on textual prompts provided by the user, and the AI's ability to interpret these prompts results in a variety of logo concepts.


Mid-Journey is a generative art tool that utilizes AI to create visual designs, such as logos, based on textual prompts provided by users. It is highlighted in the video as being particularly effective for logo design tasks. The tool can generate multiple concepts based on the input, allowing users to refine their ideas and select the most suitable design.

💡Discord server

A Discord server is a virtual space within the Discord platform where users can communicate and collaborate in real-time through text, voice, and video. In the video, the host describes how to integrate the Mid-Journey bot into a personal Discord server to organize and manage AI-generated logo designs efficiently.

💡Logo design

Logo design is the process of creating a visual identity that represents a brand, company, or product. It involves the use of typography,图形, and colors to convey the brand's message and values. In the video, the focus is on using AI to assist in this process, with the AI tool generating concepts based on user prompts.

💡Textual prompts

Textual prompts are the input text provided to AI tools like Mid-Journey to guide the generation of specific outputs. In the context of logo design, these prompts describe the desired characteristics of the logo, such as style, theme, or color scheme.


迭代 refers to the process of repeating or refining a design or concept through multiple cycles of improvement. In the video, the host emphasizes the importance of iteration when working with AI-generated logo designs, as it allows for fine-tuning the prompts and selecting the most appealing logo concepts.


Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create visual content, such as logos, social media posts, and marketing materials, using templates and a variety of design tools. In the video, the host uses Canva to refine and finalize the AI-generated logo designs by adjusting fonts, colors, and other design elements.

💡Iconic designers

Iconic designers are individuals renowned for their influential and recognizable work in the field of design. In the video, the host references legendary graphic designers like Paul Rand and Saul Bass, using their styles as inspiration for AI-generated logo concepts.


A mascot is a character or figure that represents a brand, often used to create a memorable and engaging identity. In the video, the host explores the creation of a mascot for a futuristic tool company and a coffee shop, using AI to generate concepts that could serve as brand mascots.

💡Single letter logo

A single letter logo is a minimalist design that features only one letter from the brand's name, used as the primary标识. In the video, the host demonstrates how to create a logo using just a single letter, leveraging Mid-Journey's ability to generate simple and clean vector art.


The video explores creating logos with mid-journey, a generative art tool.

Mid-journey is noted for its effectiveness in creating logo-type designs.

The creator shares a trick of adding the mid-journey bot to a personal Discord server for organization and ease of use.

The process of generating logo concepts for 'Wolfman Coffee' is demonstrated with specific prompts and adjustments.

The video highlights the limitations of mid-journey with text in logos and offers a workaround for it.

Additional prompts like 'minimal', 'vector', 'simple', and 'flat' are used to refine the logo designs.

The creator shows how to upscale and select the best logo concepts for further refinement.

A new logo design process for 'Future Tools' is introduced with a focus on a different style, incorporating Japanese aesthetics and gradients.

The video demonstrates using iconic设计师 names as prompts to generate logo styles reminiscent of their work.

The process of experimenting with different设计师 styles, such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass, to create unique logo concepts is detailed.

The creator discusses the potential of using mascots in logo designs and demonstrates creating a simple vector art mascot.

Single letter logos are presented as a viable option, with an example of a 'Wolfman Coffee' logo using just the letter 'M'.

The video shows post-processing of the generated logos in Canva for final touches, including font matching and background removal.

The importance of iteration in AI art and logo design is emphasized, encouraging continuous experimentation until the desired result is achieved.

The creator promotes their website,, as a resource for generative art tools and AI-related content.

A summary of the video's content and a call to action for subscriptions and participation in the AI and design community is provided.