DALLE 2 Tutorial on How to Use all the Editing and Image Features!

1 Mar 202317:12

TLDRThe video script offers a detailed tutorial on using Dolly, an AI art creation platform. It explores the process of inputting prompts to generate images, editing and creating variations, and organizing favorites and collections. The user highlights the platform's user-friendliness, speed, and potential for both personal and commercial use, while also noting its current limitations in accuracy and handling of copyrighted content. The video concludes with a call to stay tuned for future updates on Dolly and other AI art platforms.


  • 🎨 The Dolly AI art platform allows users to input text prompts and generate corresponding images using its AI capabilities.
  • 🖼️ Dolly generates four images per prompt, from which users can select and further refine or download the desired output.
  • 📚 The platform offers a 'variations' feature, enabling users to create additional iterations of a selected image for better fitting results.
  • 🎨 Users can also edit images directly on Dolly, with features such as zooming, panning, and content-aware fill.
  • 💡 Dolly's AI sometimes produces raw or abstract outputs that may not precisely match the user's request, indicating its learning phase and potential for improvement.
  • 🚫 There are concerns about Dolly potentially using copyrighted material in its AI-generated images, which could pose legal and ethical issues.
  • 📈 Dolly offers a user-friendly interface and provides a certain number of free credits per month, with the option to purchase more for commercial use.
  • 🚀 Despite its inaccuracies, Dolly's speed and ability to generate realistic images make it an impressive tool, especially for simple prompts.
  • 👎 Limitations include Dolly's inability to handle prompts involving celebrities, which may hinder certain types of content creation.
  • 🔮 The platform is still in its beta stage, suggesting that future updates could bring significant improvements and expanded capabilities.
  • 💰 As Dolly and similar AI art platforms gain popularity among professionals, it's anticipated that they may eventually transition from free to paid services.

Q & A

  • What is the primary function of the Dolly interface?

    -The primary function of the Dolly interface is to transform text prompts into images using its AI brain.

  • How does Dolly handle the generation of images based on the input prompts?

    -Dolly generates four images based on the input prompt, allowing users to select the one closest to their desired outcome and further refine it through variations or editing.

  • What are some of the limitations Dolly has faced in accurately interpreting prompts?

    -Dolly sometimes neglects certain elements of the prompt, produces raw or abstract outputs that may not align with the request, and struggles with accurately depicting hands and signatures in its images.

  • What is the significance of credits in the context of using Dolly?

    -Credits are a form of in-app currency used to generate images. Users receive a monthly allowance of free credits, and additional credits can be purchased if needed.

  • How does Dolly's edit feature work?

    -The edit feature allows users to adjust aspects of the image, such as zooming, panning, and adding generation frames to combine with other images or elements.

  • What are some of the ethical concerns raised by the use of AI in creating images?

    -There are concerns that AI platforms like Dolly might inadvertently use copyrighted artwork, leading to potential legal issues around intellectual property rights.

  • How does Dolly compare to other AI art platforms in terms of realism?

    -Dolly produces highly realistic images, especially when compared to platforms like Dream by Wombo, which tend to generate more surreal or dream-like outputs.

  • What are some of the restrictions Dolly places on the content it generates?

    -Dolly does not allow the creation of images featuring celebrities, citing policy violations, and focuses more on historical figures and fictional content.

  • What is the potential future of AI art platforms like Dolly?

    -AI art platforms are expected to evolve and improve, potentially becoming integral tools for professionals and businesses. However, as they become more widely used, there may be changes in pricing and increased commercialization.

  • How can users maximize the effectiveness of Dolly's image generation capabilities?

    -Users can enhance their results by providing detailed and specific prompts, utilizing features like variations and edits, and combining Dolly's outputs with other software for further refinement.

  • What are the current limitations of Dolly in terms of its readiness for commercial use?

    -While Dolly is impressive in its speed and ability to generate images, it is still in its raw stages and may not yet be ready for widespread commercial use due to its occasional inaccuracies and the need for further refinement of its outputs.



🎨 Introduction to Dolly AI Art Creation

The paragraph introduces the viewers to a comprehensive tutorial on using Dolly, an AI art creation tool. It explains that Dolly can generate images from text prompts, regardless of the user's skill level. The creator tests Dolly by asking it to create an image of an angry gorilla eating Mars with a monkey watching, and discusses the results, noting that while some elements were accurately depicted, others like the monkey were missing. The paragraph also explains the selection process for the generated images and the ability to edit and create variations of the chosen image. It touches on the feature of organizing images into collections and favorites, and the credit system that allows for free usage with a limit per month.


🖌️ Dolly's Capabilities and Limitations

This paragraph delves into the capabilities and limitations of Dolly's AI. The creator shares their experiences with various prompts, highlighting instances where Dolly produced raw and sometimes inaccurate results. It discusses the AI's struggle with specificity and its tendency to borrow elements from existing artworks, raising copyright concerns. The paragraph also mentions the AI's difficulty with depicting hands and its inability to process prompts involving celebrities, which is a limitation for content creators. Despite these issues, the creator acknowledges the impressive speed and raw artistic potential of Dolly, suggesting that it might become a premier AI art platform in the future.


🌟 Impressive Artwork from Simple Prompts

The creator showcases Dolly's ability to generate impressive artwork from simple prompts, such as creating a Picasso painting of a homeless man and a 3D printed country of France. The paragraph emphasizes the realistic quality of the images and the speed at which Dolly can produce them. It also discusses the edit feature, which allows users to manipulate images by adding frames, erasing parts, and uploading personal images for further customization. The creator shares their excitement about the possibilities of blending AI-generated art with personal captures, drawing a nostalgic comparison to stamp collecting.


🚀 Future Prospects and Considerations for Dolly

In the final paragraph, the creator reflects on the future prospects of Dolly, noting that while it is not yet ready for commercial use, it shows great potential. The paragraph discusses the pros of Dolly, such as its user-friendliness, accuracy, and the availability of free credits, while also acknowledging its cons, like the lack of accuracy in photo editing and restrictions on using celebrities. The creator expresses hope that future iterations of Dolly will be more refined and predicts that it may become widely used by professionals and businesses, leading to potential cost increases in the future.




Dolly is an AI platform that generates images based on text prompts provided by users. It is the central focus of the video, showcasing its capabilities in creating and editing images. The video demonstrates how Dolly interprets various prompts and the quality of the resulting images, highlighting its strengths and limitations.

💡AI brain

The term 'AI brain' refers to the artificial intelligence algorithms and computational processes that power Dolly's ability to understand and visualize text prompts into images. It is the core technology that enables the platform to create content based on user inputs.


Variations in the context of the video refer to the multiple interpretations and representations of a single prompt that Dolly can generate. These variations offer users a range of options to choose from, allowing them to refine their requests and achieve the desired image.

💡Collections and Favorites

Collections and Favorites are organizational features within Dolly that allow users to save and categorize images for easy access and future use. Collections might be created based on themes or projects, while favorites mark the most preferred or frequently used images.


Credits in the context of Dolly's platform represent the usage units for generating images. Users are given a monthly allowance of free credits, and once those are exhausted, they have the option to purchase more for continued use of the service.

💡Copyrighted Art

Copyrighted Art refers to creative works that are legally protected by copyright laws, meaning they cannot be used without permission from the copyright holder. The video raises concerns about Dolly potentially using elements from copyrighted works without proper attribution.

💡Realistic Images

Realistic Images are those that closely resemble real-life objects, scenes, or people, providing a high level of detail and accuracy. The video discusses Dolly's ability to generate realistic images, which can be particularly useful for certain types of content creation.

💡Edit Feature

The Edit Feature in Dolly allows users to modify and refine the generated images. This includes tools like panning, zooming, adding generation frames, and using an eraser tool to fill in parts of an image, providing a more customized output.


User-Friendliness refers to the ease with which users can navigate and utilize a platform or tool. In the context of the video, Dolly's user-friendly interface is highlighted as a positive aspect, allowing for a smooth and intuitive experience in creating and editing images.

💡Content Creation

Content Creation involves the production of various forms of content, such as images, videos, and text, for the purpose of communication, marketing, or entertainment. The video discusses how Dolly can be used as a tool for content creators to generate images for their projects.


Accuracy in this context refers to the precision and correctness of the images generated by Dolly in response to the text prompts. The video highlights both the impressive accuracy in certain cases and the inaccuracies observed, especially when it comes to specific details.


The tutorial covers the comprehensive use of Dolly, an AI art creation tool, accessible to both beginners and advanced users.

Dolly generates images from text prompts, utilizing its AI brain to interpret and visualize the input.

An example prompt results in Dolly creating a picture of an angry gorilla eating Mars, with varying levels of accuracy and detail.

Dolly provides the option to select the most accurate image from a set of four generated based on the user's prompt.

The variations feature allows users to refine their image by generating additional images based on the chosen one.

Users can create collections and favorites for easy access and organization of their images.

Credits are used to generate images, with different actions costing different amounts based on complexity.

Dolly's output can sometimes be raw and not entirely specific to the user's request.

The AI sometimes struggles with accurately depicting hands and other fine details.

Dolly can create realistic images, such as a Picasso painting of a homeless man, with impressive accuracy.

The edit feature allows users to manipulate images with various tools, such as panning, zooming, and content-aware fill.

Users can combine generated images with their own, resulting in unique and seamless artwork.

Dolly's user-friendly interface and quick image generation make it a promising tool for personal and commercial use.

Despite its capabilities, Dolly is still in its raw stages and not yet ready for widespread commercial use.

Dolly's policy restricts the use of celebrities in generated images, which can be a limitation for content creators.

The platform is expected to evolve, with future iterations potentially becoming a leading AI art platform.

Users are encouraged to stay updated with Dolly and other AI platforms as they develop and become integrated into various industries.

Dolly offers 50 free credits upon account creation, with additional credits available for purchase at a relatively affordable rate.

The video creator plans to produce more tutorials on different AI software platforms, highlighting their pros and cons.