D-ID VS HeyGen - Which AI Talking Avatar Tool Is Better

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21 Jun 202307:36

TLDRIn this video comparison, the presenter evaluates two popular AI talking avatar tools: D-ID and HeyGen. Both offer free trials, but the decision comes down to value for money. D-ID is recognized for its simplicity and high-quality output, with a free trial that includes a watermark and 5 minutes of video generation. Their paid plans range from $5.99 per month to $49.99, with varying features including the removal of watermarks and access to premium presenters. HeyGen impresses with its user-friendly interface and daily credit system, suitable for short-form content creation. Its paid plans start at $30 per month, offering 10 minutes of video generation without a watermark and additional features like auto-captions. The video concludes with a side-by-side comparison and an invitation for viewers to share their preferences and thoughts on the tools discussed.


  • 📈 D-ID and HeyGen are both paid AI talking avatar tools with free trials, offering different pricing structures and features.
  • 🏠 D-ID has a simplistic homepage and a straightforward menu, which may appeal to users looking for ease of use.
  • 💰 D-ID's pricing starts with a 14-day free trial including a watermarked video and 5 minutes of generation, with plans ranging up to $49.99/month.
  • 📊 D-ID provides additional features like API and AI script generations, and offers premium presenters in higher-tier plans.
  • 🚀 D-ID's video generation process is fast and user-friendly, with options to upload custom avatars and audio.
  • 🎬 HeyGen impresses with a YouTube-style homepage featuring video tutorials, which can assist users in navigating the tool.
  • 📉 HeyGen's free trial offers 1 minute of credit daily, suitable for short-form content creation.
  • 📌 HeyGen's paid plans start at $30/month for 10 minutes of generation without a watermark and include auto-captions.
  • 🔍 HeyGen allows users to select video aspect ratio and provides a full editor access along with public avatars.
  • 🤖 Both tools enable text-to-speech or uploading of custom audio scripts for generating the talking avatar's speech.
  • 📚 The quality of D-ID's output is rated as excellent, whereas HeyGen's quality, while still good, is slightly lower in comparison.
  • 🌐 HeyGen offers more than just talking avatars, including video templates for both landscape and portrait modes, and has a referral system in place.

Q & A

  • What are the two AI talking avatar tools being compared in the video?

    -The two AI talking avatar tools being compared are D-ID and HeyGen.

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is to compare D-ID and HeyGen to determine which is the better AI talking avatar tool in terms of initial thoughts, offerings, pricing, ease of use, and output quality.

  • What is the free trial offer for D-ID?

    -D-ID offers a free trial for 14 days, which includes a D-ID watermarked video and five minutes worth of generation.

  • What are the pricing details for the D-ID light plan?

    -The D-ID light plan costs $5.99 per month and includes 10 minutes worth of generations, but the videos still have a watermark.

  • What features does the $49.99 per month plan of D-ID offer?

    -The $49.99 per month plan of D-ID removes the D-ID branding logo but adds an AI watermark. It includes everything the light plan offers, access to premium presenters, commercial use, and an extra five minutes of generations for a total of 15 minutes per month.

  • How does the quality of the generated video from D-ID compare to HeyGen?

    -The video quality from D-ID is described as amazing and is rated 10 out of 10. In contrast, HeyGen's video quality is noted to be a bit blurry and not as good as D-ID's.

  • What does HeyGen offer with its free trial?

    -HeyGen's free trial account provides one minute of credit daily, allowing users to generate up to a one-minute video every day. It includes access to all public avatars, templates, the talking photo feature, and full editor access.

  • What is included in HeyGen's essential plan, and how much does it cost?

    -HeyGen's essential plan costs $30 per month and includes 10 minutes of generation per month, everything the free plan offers, no watermark, and an auto captions feature.

  • How is the user interface of HeyGen described?

    -HeyGen's user interface is described as simple and useful, with YouTube-style thumbnails and video tutorials on the homepage. It has a plus create button at the top right, which allows users to select the aspect ratio of their video.

  • Which features are highlighted as advantages of HeyGen over D-ID?

    -Advantages of HeyGen over D-ID include the ability to generate videos in both landscape and portrait mode, a daily minute credit for free trial users, no watermark in the essential plan, and a referral system.



🔍 Comparison of AI Talking Avatar Tools: Did vs. Hagin

This section compares two AI talking avatar tools, Did and Hagin, focusing on aspects such as pricing, ease of use, and quality. Did offers a 14-day free trial with limited features and subsequent plans increasing in price and features, including watermark removal and access to premium presenters. The ease of use is highlighted by a straightforward process for creating a video using the Did platform. The narrator emphasizes the high quality of the videos produced with Did, rating it highly in terms of both functionality and output quality.


📊 Evaluating Hagin and Concluding Thoughts

The second part evaluates Hagin, noting its visually appealing and user-friendly homepage post-login, and its unique daily credit system that allows free generation of one-minute videos, ideal for short-form content. The narrator critiques Hagin's slightly inferior video quality compared to Did but appreciates the no-watermark feature in the cheapest plan. The segment concludes by inviting viewer feedback on the two tools and teases an upcoming video about creating free talking avatars with no sign-up required, encouraging engagement and continued learning about AI.



💡AI Talking Avatar Tools

AI Talking Avatar Tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence to create animated characters or avatars that can speak and mimic human expressions. These tools are often used for creating engaging video content without the need for a real person to be present. In the video, both D-ID and HeyGen are compared as popular choices for this purpose.

💡Free Trials

Free trials are a period during which potential customers can use a product or service at no cost to evaluate its features and performance. Both D-ID and HeyGen offer free trials, allowing users to test the AI Talking Avatar Tools before deciding to make a purchase.

💡Price Plans

Price plans refer to the different levels of service offered by a company at various costs. The video discusses the various pricing options available for D-ID and HeyGen, highlighting the features and limitations of each plan, such as video length, watermarks, and access to premium content.

💡Ease of Use

Ease of use describes how simple and intuitive a product or service is to use. The video script emphasizes the straightforward process of creating a video with both D-ID and HeyGen, from selecting an avatar to generating the final video.

💡Quality of Output

Quality of output refers to the final result or product that a tool produces. The video compares the visual and audio quality of the AI Talking Avatar Tools, noting that D-ID has a higher quality output but at a potentially higher cost.


A watermark is a visible or invisible mark that signifies the ownership or source of a product. In the context of the video, a watermark is added to videos generated with certain plans of D-ID and HeyGen, which some users may find undesirable.

💡API and AI Script Generation

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which allows for the interaction between different software applications. AI Script Generation refers to the automatic creation of scripts using artificial intelligence. D-ID offers these features, indicating a more advanced and customizable experience for users.

💡Commercial Use

Commercial use implies that a product or service can be used for business or monetary gain. The video mentions that higher-tier plans from D-ID allow for commercial use of the generated content, which is important for professionals and businesses.

💡Video Templates

Video templates are pre-designed video layouts that users can customize with their content. HeyGen offers video templates for both landscape and portrait modes, providing users with a variety of formats to choose from for their video content.

💡Referral System

A referral system is a marketing strategy where existing customers are incentivized to bring in new customers. The video mentions that HeyGen has a referral system, which can be a way for users to benefit from recommending the service to others.

💡Subscription Model

A subscription model is a business model in which customers pay a recurring fee to have access to a product or service. Both D-ID and HeyGen operate on a subscription basis, with monthly fees for continued use of their AI Talking Avatar Tools.


D-ID and HeyGen are both paid AI talking avatar tools with free trials.

D-ID is a popular tool with a simplistic homepage and straightforward menu.

D-ID offers a 14-day free trial with a watermark and 5 minutes of video generation.

The Light plan of D-ID costs $5.99 per month with 10 minutes of video generation but still includes a watermark.

D-ID's most expensive plan is $49.99 per month, removing the D-ID branding but adding an AI watermark.

Generating a video with D-ID is straightforward and fast.

The quality of D-ID's output is rated 10 out of 10.

HeyGen's free trial provides one minute of credit daily for video generation.

HeyGen's Essential plan starts at $30 per month for 10 minutes of video generation without a watermark.

HeyGen's interface includes tutorial videos on the homepage for easy access.

HeyGen allows users to select video aspect ratio and offers both landscape and portrait mode templates.

Uploading an avatar and audio script in HeyGen is similar to D-ID's process.

HeyGen's video generation is not as fast as D-ID but still efficient.

The quality of HeyGen's output is slightly blurry compared to D-ID.

Downloading the video from HeyGen requires navigating to the video tab after animation submission.

HeyGen offers more than just talking avatars, including video templates and a referral system.

The choice between D-ID and HeyGen depends on personal preference, budget, and quality requirements.

The video concludes with an invitation to subscribe for more AI-related content and to join the AI controversy community.