DREAM BY WOMBO + INKSCAPE: Create SVG Digital Downloads for Etsy or Creative Fabrica

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26 Oct 202306:47

TLDRThe video tutorial demonstrates how to utilize Dream by Wombo, an AI-powered website, to create and sell digital artwork. It guides viewers through the process of signing up, selecting a prompt, choosing an art style, and creating a design. The tutorial further explains how to download the artwork as PNG or JPEG files and how to convert them into SVG files using Inkscape, a free vector software. The presenter also offers tips on optimizing the vector images for better stencil designs and exporting them for digital marketplaces like Etsy.


  • 🌟 Utilize AI platforms like Dream by Wombo for creating digital artwork.
  • 📝 Start by signing up on the Dream by Wombo website and clicking the 'create' button.
  • 💭 Use your imagination for prompts, like 'large sailboat on the ocean', to generate artwork.
  • 🎨 Choose an art style from the available options, including free and premium styles.
  • 🖼️ Generate artwork and refine it according to your preference.
  • 📈 Download the artwork in various formats like PNG, JPEG, or create an SVG for more versatility.
  • 🔍 For an SVG, select a design that is not overly detailed and works well as a vector file.
  • 🖌️ Use Inkscape, a free vector software, to convert the image into a vector format.
  • 👷‍♂️ Edit the vector image by removing unnecessary nodes and fine-tuning the design.
  • 📏 Adjust the DPI and size of the design for optimal quality and scalability.
  • 💾 Export the final design as a PNG for transparency or SVG for vector use, ready for digital marketplaces.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of the Dream by Wombo AI website mentioned in the video?

    -The primary purpose of the Dream by Wombo AI website is to enable users to create artwork utilizing artificial intelligence, which can then be sold as digital designs.

  • What is the first step recommended by the video to use the Dream by Wombo AI website?

    -The first step recommended is to sign up for the Dream by Wombo AI website to access its features.

  • How does one begin the process of creating artwork on the Dream by Wombo AI website?

    -To begin the process, users should look for the 'create' button, which is prominently located at the top right of the website and also appears multiple times as you scroll down the page.

  • What type of prompt is used in the video to generate a piece of artwork?

    -The video uses the prompt 'large sailboat on the ocean' to generate a piece of artwork.

  • What art style was selected for the 'large sailboat on the ocean' artwork in the video?

    -The art style selected for the 'large sailboat on the ocean' artwork was 'Inc version 3'.

  • How can the created artwork be utilized by the user?

    -The created artwork can be utilized as a digital design, sold as a PNG or JPEG file, or converted into an SVG file for various purposes.

  • What is the significance of creating an SVG file as opposed to a PNG or JPEG?

    -An SVG file is a vector file which is often used for cut files or stencil designs. It allows for the artwork to be resized without losing quality, making it suitable for printing or use in designs at various sizes.

  • Which software is recommended in the video for refining and exporting the artwork as a vector file?

    -The video recommends using Inkscape, a free vector software tool, for refining and exporting the artwork as a vector file.

  • How does the video suggest cleaning up the vector artwork in Inkscape?

    -The video suggests using the 'Path Trace' feature in Inkscape to clean up the vector artwork by adjusting the threshold and manually deleting unnecessary nodes to reduce detail and simplify the design.

  • What are the final steps to export the artwork as a high-quality graphic file?

    -The final steps include adjusting the DPI to 300 for high quality, zooming out while holding the aspect ratio, and exporting the artwork as a PNG for a transparent graphic file or saving it as an SVG file for vector use.

  • Where can the created digital designs be listed for sale according to the video?

    -The created digital designs can be listed for sale on platforms such as Etsy or Creative Fabica as digital downloads.



🎨 Using AI for Artwork Creation

The paragraph introduces the process of using an AI-based website called Dream by womo for creating digital artwork. The speaker guides the audience on how to sign up, navigate to the create button, and select a prompt. The example given is creating a 'large sailboat on the ocean' using the Inc version 3 art style. The paragraph also discusses the options for saving the artwork in different formats like PNG, JPEG, or SVG, with a focus on the latter for its potential in digital design sales.


🖌️ Refining Artwork for Vector Format

This paragraph delves into the process of refining the AI-generated artwork for vector format, which is ideal for creating stencil designs or digital downloads. The speaker describes using Inkscape, a free vector software, to import and trace the image. The process of adjusting the threshold for path tracing, removing unnecessary nodes, and cleaning up the design is explained in detail. The paragraph concludes with instructions on exporting the artwork as high-resolution PNG and SVG files for selling on platforms like Etsy or Creative Fabrica.




AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to create artwork through the Dream by Wombo website, allowing users to generate digital designs based on their prompts.

💡Digital Designs

Digital Designs are visual works created using digital tools and software, which can be used or sold in digital format. In the video, the focus is on creating such designs with the help of AI, and then selling them as digital downloads, like PNG or JPEG files, or even as SVG files for cutting designs.

💡Dream by Wombo

Dream by Wombo is an AI-driven website that enables users to generate artwork by inputting prompts and selecting art styles. It is a tool for creating digital designs, which can be used for various purposes, including selling as digital products.

💡Art Styles

Art Styles refer to the unique and characteristic approaches to creating visual art, which can be influenced by various cultural, historical, or personal preferences. In the video, different art styles are available on the Dream by Wombo platform for users to choose from when creating their AI-generated artwork.

💡SVG File

An SVG file, or Scalable Vector Graphics file, is a type of image format that is defined in XML and can be scaled to any size without losing quality. It is often used for logos, icons, and designs that need to be resized for different media. In the video, the creator explains how to convert the AI-generated artwork into an SVG file for selling as a digital download.


Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor used to create and edit SVG files. It offers tools for designing vector-based images, which can be manipulated to create intricate designs. In the video, Inkscape is used to convert and refine the AI-generated artwork into a clean vector file suitable for cutting or stencil designs.

💡Path Trace Bitmap

Path Trace Bitmap is a feature in vector graphics software like Inkscape that converts a raster image (bitmap) into a vector image by tracing the outlines and colors to create a scalable graphic. This process is essential for creating cut files or stencils from AI-generated artwork, as it allows for intricate details to be simplified and cleaned up.


In the context of image editing, Threshold refers to a value that determines the cutoff between foreground and background colors. It is used to define the level at which shades of gray become completely black or white, which is crucial when converting images into vector formats for cutting files or stencils.


Nodes in vector graphics are the points or vertices that define the shape and structure of an image or design. They are connected by lines or curves to form the complete graphic. Editing nodes is a fundamental aspect of vector design, allowing for precise control over the appearance of the artwork.


Exporting in digital design refers to the process of saving or converting a file into a specific format for use in different applications or platforms. In the video, exporting is the final step where the refined vector image is saved as an SVG or PNG file, making it ready for sale as a digital download.

💡Digital Marketplaces

Digital Marketplaces are online platforms where creators can sell their digital products, such as artwork, designs, or software. In the context of the video, platforms like Etsy or Creative Fabrica are mentioned as places where the AI-generated and refined digital designs can be listed and sold as digital downloads.


Introduction to using Dream by womo, an AI-based website for creating artwork.

The process of signing up for the Dream by womo service.

Locating and using the 'create' button on the Dream by womo website.

Importance of imagination in generating prompts for the AI to create artwork.

Selecting an art style and the availability of free and premium options.

Creating a design using the free box option and the example of a large sailboat on the ocean.

The versatility of using the created artwork as digital designs in various formats like PNG, JPEG, and SVG.

The simplicity of saving PNG and JPEG files directly from the website.

The slightly more complex process of creating an SVG file and the need for a vector file.

The use of Inkscape, a free vector software tool, for converting the design into a vector file.

The process of path tracing and adjusting the threshold for the vector file in Inkscape.

Editing and cleaning up the vector image by removing unnecessary nodes and details.

The example of transforming an 'Egyptian goddess' design into a vector file using Inc V2 style.

Exporting the final design as a high-resolution PNG and SVG file for digital marketplaces.

Potential to sell the digital designs on platforms like Etsy or Creative Fabrica.

The tutorial's aim to help users enhance their digital design journey.