Descubre las Asombrosas Novedades de ChatGPT con GPT-4o: ¡Te Sorprenderás #GPT4o #ChatGPT #openai

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13 May 202428:44

TLDREn una sorprendente presentación, se discutió la importancia de hacer disponibles herramientas avanzadas de inteligencia artificial para todos, gratuitamente. Se lanzó la versión de escritorio de Chat GPT con una interfaz de usuario renovada y se presentó el nuevo modelo GPT-4o, que ofrece inteligencia de nivel GPT-4 a todos los usuarios, incluyendo a los que no pagan. Se realizaron demostraciones en vivo para mostrar la capacidad de GPT-4o en conversaciones en tiempo real, generación de historias, solución de ecuaciones y traducción simultánea. Además, se destacó la integración de GPT-4o en la API, ofreciendo mayor velocidad, un costo más bajo y límites de tasa más altos. Se enfatizó el desafío de implementar esta tecnología de manera segura y se prometió la implementación progresiva de estas funciones en las próximas semanas.


  • 🌟 The release of the desktop version of Chat GPT and a refreshed user interface aims to simplify and naturalize the user experience.
  • 🚀 Introduction of GPT-4o, a new flagship model that brings GPT-4 level intelligence to all users, including free users.
  • 🔍 GPT-4o is designed to be faster and improve capabilities across text, vision, and audio, marking a significant step forward in ease of use.
  • 🤖 Real-time conversational speech is now possible with GPT-4o, allowing users to interrupt and receive immediate responses.
  • 📈 The model can perceive emotions and generate voice in various emotive styles, enhancing the interaction's natural feel.
  • 🧠 GPT-4o's efficiency enables it to provide advanced tools to free users, which were previously only available to paid users.
  • 📚 Custom chat GPT for specific use cases, such as educational content creation or podcasting, is now more accessible.
  • 👀 The vision feature allows users to upload and interact with screenshots, photos, and documents containing both text and images.
  • 💬 Memory functionality gives Chat GPT a sense of continuity across all conversations, making it more useful and helpful.
  • 🔎 The browse feature enables real-time information searching within conversations, and advanced data analysis allows for the upload and analysis of charts and information.
  • 🌐 GPT-4o supports 50 different languages, aiming to bring the advanced AI experience to as many people as possible.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the presentation?

    -The presentation focuses on the release of the desktop version of Chat GPT, a refreshed user interface, and the launch of a new flagship model called GPT-4o, which brings advanced AI capabilities to all users, including free users.

  • How does GPT-4o improve on previous models?

    -GPT-4o introduces real-time responsiveness, the ability to handle interruptions naturally, and a wider dynamic range of emotive styles in voice generation. It also natively reasons across voice, text, and vision, reducing latency and improving the user experience.

  • What are some of the new features available to users with GPT-4o?

    -Users can now utilize advanced tools such as custom chat GPT for specific use cases, Vision for analyzing text and images, memory for continuity across conversations, browse for real-time information, and advanced data analysis.

  • How does GPT-4o make the interaction between humans and machines more natural?

    -GPT-4o allows for more natural dialogue with features like real-time conversational speech, the ability to interrupt the model, and a more responsive model that doesn't require waiting for a response.

  • What are the challenges that GPT-4o presents in terms of safety?

    -GPT-4o presents new safety challenges due to its real-time audio and vision capabilities. The team has been working on building in mitigations against misuse and collaborating with various stakeholders to ensure safe deployment.

  • How does GPT-4o enhance the capabilities for free users?

    -GPT-4o brings GPT-4 class intelligence to free users, allowing them to access advanced tools that were previously only available to paid users. This includes features like custom chat GPT, Vision, memory, browse, and advanced data analysis.

  • What is the significance of the desktop app release mentioned in the presentation?

    -The desktop app release signifies a step towards making Chat GPT more accessible and integrated into users' workflows. It allows users to use Chat GPT without the signup flow and enhances the overall user experience.

  • How does the new UI refresh aim to improve the user experience?

    -The new UI refresh aims to simplify the user interface, making it more natural and easier to use. It reduces the focus on the UI itself and shifts the emphasis to collaboration and interaction with the AI.

  • What is the role of the API in the context of GPT-4o?

    -The API allows developers to access GPT-4o's capabilities, offering 2x faster performance, 50% cheaper costs, and five times higher rate limits compared to the previous model, GBD4 Turbo.

  • How does GPT-4o address the complexity of human interaction?

    -GPT-4o addresses the complexity of human interaction by natively handling voice, text, and vision. It can understand and respond to background noises, multiple voices, interruptions, and tone of voice, making the interaction more immersive and natural.

  • What are the future plans for GPT-4o in terms of deployment and updates?

    -The team plans to continue an iterative deployment over the next few weeks, rolling out all the capabilities to users. They are also focused on the next frontier and will update users on their progress towards the next big thing in AI.



🚀 Introduction to CHbt and GPT 40

The speaker begins by expressing gratitude to the audience and introduces the three main topics of discussion: the importance of making advanced AI tools freely available, the launch of the desktop version of CHbt with a refreshed user interface, and the introduction of the new flagship model, GPT 40. GPT 40 is highlighted for bringing advanced intelligence to all users, including free users, and the speaker mentions live demos and an iterative rollout over the coming weeks.


🌐 Reducing Friction in AI Accessibility

The summary emphasizes the mission to make advanced AI tools accessible to everyone for free. The speaker discusses the importance of an intuitive understanding of technology and efforts to reduce friction in using CHbt. Recent changes include making CH gbt available without a signup flow and introducing a desktop app to enhance usability. The UI refresh aims to simplify interaction with increasingly complex models. The speaker also teases the release of GPT 4, which offers faster performance and improved capabilities across text, vision, and audio.


🤖 Real-time Interaction and GPT 40's Capabilities

The speaker delves into the complexities of human interaction and how GPT 40 natively reasons across voice, text, and vision, reducing latency and improving the collaborative experience. GPT 40 is made available to free users, marking a significant step in providing advanced tools to a broader audience. The speaker also outlines the various applications of GPT, such as custom chat GPT for specific use cases, vision capabilities for analyzing images and text, memory for continuity in conversations, and advanced data analysis. The model also supports 50 different languages to reach a wider audience.


🎤 Live Demonstration of Real-time Speech and Emotion

The speaker introduces Mark, who demonstrates real-time conversational speech capabilities. Mark uses a phone to interact with GPT, showcasing the model's ability to be interrupted, its real-time responsiveness, and its capacity to perceive and respond to emotional cues. The model also generates voice in different emotive styles, as illustrated by a dramatic bedtime story about robots and love.


📚 Vision and Math Problem-solving with GPT

The speaker transitions to showcasing GPT's vision capabilities, allowing it to assist with a math problem presented on paper. GPT guides the user through solving a linear equation step by step without revealing the solution, demonstrating its educational utility. The speaker also highlights GPT's ability to solve problems in everyday situations and its application in various fields.


💻 Coding Assistance and Real-time Translation

The speaker presents a scenario where GPT assists with coding problems by analyzing and discussing code snippets shared by the user. GPT's ability to understand and interpret code is showcased, along with its vision capabilities to view and comment on a generated plot. The speaker also addresses audience requests, including real-time translation between English and Italian and emotion detection based on a user's facial expression.

🌟 Wrapping Up and Looking Forward to Future Developments

The speaker concludes the live demos by emphasizing the magical feel of the technology and the desire to make it accessible. The focus on free users and new products is highlighted, with a promise of updates on the progress towards the next big innovation. The speaker expresses gratitude to the open AI team and Nvidia for their contributions to making the demo possible and thanks the audience for their participation.




GPT-4o refers to a new flagship model of AI technology that is being launched. It brings advanced GPT-4 level intelligence to users, including those who are using the service for free. This model is designed to be more efficient and capable across various modes of interaction such as text, vision, and audio, aiming to improve the naturalness and ease of human-AI collaboration.

💡Real-time responsiveness

Real-time responsiveness is a feature of the GPT-4o model that allows for immediate reactions without the delay typically experienced in AI interactions. This is showcased in the script where the model can respond to user inputs immediately, creating a more natural and fluid conversational experience.

💡Voice mode

Voice mode is a capability where the AI can engage in spoken conversations with users. In the context of the script, the new GPT-4o model has an improved voice mode that allows for real-time conversational speech, making interactions more dynamic and less interrupted.

💡Vision capabilities

Vision capabilities refer to the AI's ability to process and understand visual information. In the script, it is mentioned that the GPT-4o model can interact with users through video, allowing it to 'see' and respond to visual cues, which is a significant advancement in AI interaction.


Memory, in the context of AI, refers to the system's capacity to retain and utilize information from past interactions to inform future responses. This feature is highlighted in the script as it allows for continuity in conversations, making the AI more useful and personalized for each user.

💡Browse function

The browse function is a feature that enables the AI to search for real-time information during a conversation. This allows the AI to provide up-to-date and relevant information, enhancing the user's experience by keeping the dialogue informed and current.

💡Advanced Data analysis

Advanced Data analysis is a feature that allows the AI to process and analyze complex data such as charts and statistical information. It is mentioned in the script that the AI can provide insights and answers based on the analyzed data, which is particularly useful for users needing to interpret and understand intricate datasets.

💡Multilingual support

Multilingual support refers to the AI's ability to function in multiple languages, which is crucial for making the technology accessible to a global audience. The script emphasizes the importance of this feature, noting that the AI operates in 50 different languages to cater to a wider user base.


API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a set of protocols and tools that allows different software applications to communicate with each other. In the script, it is mentioned that GPT-4o will also be available through the API, offering developers a way to integrate the advanced AI capabilities into their own applications.

💡Safety and misuse mitigations

Safety and misuse mitigations are strategies and precautions taken to prevent the harmful use of AI technology. The script discusses the challenges of introducing advanced real-time audio and vision capabilities and the ongoing efforts to build in safeguards against potential misuse.

💡Iterative deployment

Iterative deployment is the process of rolling out a new technology or feature in stages, allowing for continuous improvement and refinement based on feedback and real-world use. The script mentions that the capabilities of GPT-4o will be rolled out iteratively over the coming weeks, ensuring a gradual and responsible introduction of the technology.


The release of the desktop version of Chat GPT and a refreshed UI for a more natural and simpler user experience.

Introduction of GPT-4o, a new flagship model that brings GPT-4 level intelligence to all users, including free users.

Live demos showcasing the capabilities of GPT-4o, including its real-time responsiveness and emotion perception.

GPT-4o's ability to handle complex human interactions such as dialogue, background noises, and understanding tone of voice.

The integration of transcription, intelligence, and text-to-speech in GPT-4o, reducing latency and improving the user experience.

GPT-4o's efficiencies allowing GPT 4 class intelligence to be available to free users, a goal the team has been working towards for months.

Over 100 million users of CH GPT, with advanced tools now being made available to free users as well.

Custom chat GPT for specific use cases, such as university professors or podcasters creating content.

The introduction of Vision capabilities, allowing users to upload and interact with various types of content.

Enhanced memory functionality in GPT, providing continuity across all user conversations.

The Browse feature, enabling real-time information search within conversations.

Advanced Data analysis feature, allowing users to upload and analyze charts or information for insights.

GPT-4o's support for 50 different languages, aiming to bring the experience to as many people as possible.

Paid users will continue to have up to five times the capacity limits of free users, with GPT-4o also available through the API.

Challenges in ensuring the safety and responsible use of GPT-4o's real-time audio and vision capabilities.

Iterative deployment over the next few weeks to roll out all capabilities to users.

Live audience interaction, with GPT-4o demonstrating real-time translation and emotion detection from a selfie.

The future updates on the progress towards the next big innovation in AI technology.