Diablo 4 Is Pay 2 Win

ds lily
16 May 202404:47

TLDRThe video script discusses the 'pay to win' controversy surrounding Diablo 4, arguing that the game's battle pass system provides an unfair advantage to those who spend real money. The speaker presents three pieces of evidence, including the use of 'ashes' that unlock bonuses such as XP boosts, which are tied to character and battle pass levels, creating a scenario where players must either progress optimally or perform tasks to unlock these benefits. The speaker suggests that this could lead to a more significant imbalance if not addressed, and criticizes the game's developers for potentially poor mathematical planning or a deliberate attempt to encourage in-game purchases.


  • 🚫 The game 'Diablo 4' is accused of being 'pay to win', which means players can gain advantages by spending real money.
  • 🔒 'Ashes' in the battle pass are used for bonuses like XP boosts but are locked behind character and battle pass levels.
  • 🔄 Players must reach certain levels to unlock 'ashes', which can interrupt progression if they stop to perform tasks to acquire them.
  • 🔄 Previously, players couldn't outlevel the battle pass, but now with faster leveling, the battle pass can lag behind.
  • 🤔 The issue might be unintentional, a result of poor math by the game developers, rather than a deliberate attempt to manipulate player behavior.
  • 🔑 A simple fix could be to unlock 'ashes' based only on character level, but this is not currently implemented.
  • 📈 The advantage gained from 'ashes' is marginal, but it's still an advantage that could grow if XP bonuses continue to be increased.
  • 🔮 There's concern that if not addressed, the game could evolve into a more extreme 'pay to win' scenario in the future.
  • 💭 The speaker doubts the game's developers intentionally designed it to be 'pay to win' but acknowledges the possibility of psychological manipulation.
  • 🛡️ Some people are defending the game's mechanics, which the speaker finds puzzling, questioning their motivations.

Q & A

  • What does the term 'pay to win' mean in the context of video games?

    -In the context of video games, 'pay to win' refers to a situation where players can gain advantages or progress more quickly by making real money purchases. It is often criticized for creating an unfair playing field.

  • What is the main argument presented in the transcript regarding 'Diablo 4'?

    -The main argument in the transcript is that 'Diablo 4' is pay to win, as it suggests that players can gain advantages through the purchase of a battle pass, which provides bonuses like XP boosts.

  • What are 'ashes' in the context of the 'Diablo 4' battle pass?

    -In 'Diablo 4', 'ashes' are a type of in-game currency used in the battle pass system. They can be used to unlock bonuses such as XP boosts and glyph XP from Nightmare dungeons.

  • How are 'ashes' in 'Diablo 4' linked to character and battle pass levels?

    -Ashes in 'Diablo 4' are locked behind both character level and battle pass level. Players need to reach certain levels in both to unlock and use the ashes for bonuses.

  • Why does the speaker believe the current system of unlocking 'ashes' is problematic?

    -The speaker finds the system problematic because it requires players to stop leveling optimally and perform additional chores to unlock ashes, which can put them behind other players who choose to swipe for ashes immediately.

  • How does the speaker describe the change in leveling mechanics in 'Diablo 4'?

    -The speaker notes that leveling has been made faster in 'Diablo 4', which now allows players to outlevel the battle pass. This change has introduced the possibility of a pay to win scenario.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on Blizzard's handling of the battle pass and leveling mechanics?

    -The speaker suggests that Blizzard may not have intentionally designed the game to be pay to win, but rather it could be a result of poor mathematical planning or an oversight in game design.

  • What is the potential future concern the speaker has regarding 'Diablo 4' if the current system is not changed?

    -The speaker is concerned that if the current system is not changed, it could lead to a more significant pay to win scenario in the future, especially if XP continues to be buffed in the battle pass.

  • Why does the speaker believe some people are defending the current system in 'Diablo 4'?

    -The speaker is puzzled by the defense of the system, suggesting that those defending it may either like pay to win mechanics or are acting as 'white knights' for the company, which is a behavior they do not understand.

  • What solution does the speaker propose to address the issue with 'ashes' in 'Diablo 4'?

    -The speaker proposes that the issue could be easily solved if ashes were to unlock based only on character level, eliminating the need to also level up the battle pass.



💰 Pay-to-Win Concerns in Gaming

The speaker expresses frustration with perceived pay-to-win mechanics in a game, specifically referencing the 'Oblo 4'. They argue that paying real money grants players an unfair advantage, which they label as 'pay to win'. The speaker defines this as any situation where spending money results in progress or convenience benefits. They highlight the 'battle pass' feature, where players earn 'ashes' that can be used for bonuses, such as increased XP gains. The issue arises because these ashes are locked behind both character level and battle pass level, creating a scenario where players must either progress through the game or perform specific tasks to unlock them, potentially falling behind in progression. The speaker suggests that this system could unintentionally lead to a pay-to-win situation and criticizes the game developers for potentially poor mathematical planning. They propose a simple solution to base the unlocking of ashes solely on character level to avoid this issue. The speaker also speculates on the motives behind such game design, suggesting it could be an experiment to encourage more in-game purchases. Lastly, they express confusion and disapproval at the defense of these mechanics by some members of the gaming community, questioning their motivations.



💡Pay to Win

Pay to win refers to a business model in video games where players can gain a competitive advantage by making real money purchases. In the context of the video, it is argued that 'Diablo 4' has elements of pay to win, as players can unlock bonuses that enhance their gameplay experience through the purchase of a battle pass.

💡Battle Pass

A battle pass is a feature in some online games that offers players a series of rewards that they can earn by playing the game and leveling up the pass. In the script, it is mentioned that in 'Diablo 4', the battle pass includes 'ashes' which can be used to gain XP boosts, suggesting a pay to progress model.


Ashes, as discussed in the video, are a type of in-game currency or resource in 'Diablo 4' that can be used to unlock bonuses. They are tied to both character level and battle pass level, which creates a situation where players may need to perform additional tasks to unlock them, potentially giving an advantage to those who purchase the battle pass.

💡XP Boost

An XP boost is a feature in games that increases the rate at which a player gains experience points. In the video, it is mentioned that 'ashes' from the battle pass can be used to obtain an XP boost, which is one of the ways players can get an advantage if they pay for the battle pass.

💡Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare dungeons are presumably a challenging game mode or area within 'Diablo 4' where players can earn bonus glyph XP. The script suggests that the battle pass provides additional benefits in these dungeons, further illustrating the pay to win argument.

💡Character Level

Character level is a measure of a player's progress and power in many role-playing games, including 'Diablo 4'. The script highlights that 'ashes' are locked behind certain character levels, meaning players must reach a specific level to unlock additional benefits from the battle pass.

💡Season Journey

The season journey likely refers to a series of tasks or challenges that players can complete to progress through a game's seasonal content. In the video, it is mentioned that players may need to stop leveling and complete chores from the season journey to unlock 'ashes', which could be seen as a disadvantage for those not purchasing the battle pass.


To outlevel something means to surpass it in terms of level or progress. The script discusses how the character level can now outpace the battle pass level, which was not the case in previous seasons, leading to potential imbalances in the game.


The mention of psychologists in the script refers to the practice of some game companies employing them to design game mechanics that encourage players to spend more money. It's suggested that the battle pass system in 'Diablo 4' might be an example of such a strategy.

💡White Knight

A 'white knight' in this context refers to someone who defends or supports a company or idea, often against criticism. The script questions why some people are defending the pay to win mechanics in 'Diablo 4', suggesting they may be white knights for the company.


Diablo 4 is criticized as being a pay-to-win game.

Pay-to-win is defined as gaining an advantage through real money purchases.

The term 'pay to progress' or 'pay for convenience' is discussed but not accepted by the speaker.

The battle pass in Diablo 4 is identified as a source of pay-to-win mechanics.

Ashes in the battle pass provide bonuses like XP boost.

Ashes are locked behind character level and battle pass level, creating a dilemma for players.

Players must either stop leveling to unlock ashes or continue and risk falling behind.

Previous seasons did not have this issue as leveling could not outpace the battle pass.

The game's leveling has been updated to be faster, causing the current problem.

The speaker suspects Blizzard's inability to do math may have led to this oversight.

A simple solution is suggested: unlocking ashes based only on character level.

The marginal advantage provided by ashes could spiral out of control if not addressed.

Blizzard's tendency to make games easier could exacerbate the pay-to-win issue.

The possibility of other mechanics inadvertently becoming pay-to-win is discussed.

Some people are defending the game's pay-to-win mechanics, which the speaker finds perplexing.

The speaker questions the motives of those defending pay-to-win in Diablo 4.