Did Man Clip the Docked Pontoon Boat? | Part 2

Judge Judy
28 May 202404:40

TLDRIn a dispute over a damaged docked pontoon boat, Judge Judy seeks to uncover the truth. A witness, Tamara Canady, recounts the incident that occurred on May 16th at the marina where she works. She claims to have heard an odd noise and observed a boat perpendicular to the docked Princecraft. The judge requests phone records to verify the call made to the boat's owner, but they are not provided, raising questions about the credibility of the witness's account and the sequence of events following the alleged accident.


  • 👮‍♀️ Judge Judy starts the session by asking about an incident between May and July involving the defendant and the claimant.
  • 📞 The claimant called the police due to frustration over an unresolved issue.
  • 👋 Tamara Canady, an employee at the marina, is the witness to the incident.
  • ⏱️ The incident occurred on the 16th, around 1:00 PM.
  • 🛥️ Tamara was working at the marina, involved in renting out boats and giving instructions.
  • 👂 Tamara heard an odd noise and saw a boat perpendicular to the docked Princecraft.
  • 📞 Judge Judy asks for phone records to verify the call made by Tamara to her boss about the incident.
  • 📵 Tamara does not have the marina phone records or her personal phone records to provide as evidence.
  • 🤔 The defendant's boss was informed about the incident via a phone call, but the exact date of the call is unclear.
  • 🚤 The boss inspected the boat the following day and saw the damage.
  • 📞 The defendant was contacted after the damage was discovered, but the details of the contact are not provided in the transcript.

Q & A

  • What was the main issue the plaintiff was facing with the defendant?

    -The plaintiff was frustrated that nothing had happened regarding their issue with the defendant and felt it wasn't going to be resolved, leading them to call the police department.

  • Who witnessed the incident involving the docked pontoon boat?

    -Tamara Canady, an employee at the marina, witnessed the incident.

  • What was Tamara Canady's role at the marina?

    -Tamara Canady worked at the marina, helping with renting out boats, giving captain's courses, and providing instructions to renters.

  • On what date did the incident involving the boat occur?

    -The incident occurred on the 16th, around 1:00 in the afternoon.

  • What was unusual that Tamara noticed which led her to observe the incident?

    -Tamara heard an odd noise, which made her curious and prompted her to look towards where the boat was docked.

  • What was the position of the boat relative to the dock when Tamara observed the incident?

    -The boat was positioned perpendicular to the dock when Tamara observed the incident.

  • How long had Tamara Canady been working at the marina before the incident?

    -Tamara Canady had started working at the marina in May, so she had been there for approximately two months before the incident occurred.

  • What was the issue with the phone records that Judge Judy asked for?

    -Judge Judy asked for phone records to verify the call made by the witness on the day of the incident, but the witness did not have the records available as they had erased their calls.

  • Who did the witness call after observing the incident?

    -The witness called one of the bosses, Joe, who is a partner and closer by, to report the incident.

  • How did the defendant find out about the incident?

    -The defendant found out about the incident through a call from his partner, who had been informed by the witness.

  • When did the boss who was called by the witness actually see the boat and the damage?

    -The boss saw the boat and the damage the following day after the incident.



👮‍♀️ Legal Inquiry and Witness Testimony

The script begins with Judge Judy initiating a discussion about an incident that occurred between May and July involving the defendant and the plaintiff, possibly related to business issues. The plaintiff expresses frustration about unresolved matters and admits to calling the police. Judge Judy seeks a witness to the incident, and Tamara Canady identifies herself as such. Tamara, who works at the marina, provides details about the incident occurring on the 16th at approximately 1:00 PM while she was conducting her duties. She describes the position of the boats and the odd noise that alerted her to the accident. Judge Judy establishes Tamara's employment status at the marina and her actions following the incident, including her attempt to reach out to the business owners, Mr. McHugh and Joe, for assistance. However, Tamara is unable to provide phone records as evidence of her calls due to the absence of the marina phone and the erasure of her personal call records.



💡Judge Judy

Judge Judy is a well-known television personality and the main character in the show 'Judge Judy,' where she presides over small claims court cases. In this script, she is questioning the parties involved and witnesses to determine the facts of the case regarding a docked pontoon boat. Her role is central to the narrative, as she seeks to establish the truth and deliver justice.


In a legal context, the defendant is the party against whom a complaint is filed or a charge is brought in a court of law. In this video, the defendant is presumably the person accused of causing damage to the pontoon boat, and the term is used to highlight the legal nature of the dispute.

💡pontoon boat

A pontoon boat is a type of boat that floats on large, flat structures called pontoons, which provide buoyancy. In the script, the pontoon boat is the subject of the dispute, as it is alleged to have been damaged, and the incident forms the central issue of the case.


An accident refers to an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance that causes damage or injury. In the script, the term is used to describe the incident involving the pontoon boat, which is the focus of the legal dispute being presented to Judge Judy.


A witness is a person who has seen an event or incident and can provide testimony about what occurred. In this video, Tamara Canady identifies herself as a witness to the incident involving the pontoon boat, and her testimony is crucial to the case being adjudicated by Judge Judy.


A marina is a dock or basin with water deep enough for boats to lie at anchor or be moored to buoys. In the script, the marina is the location where the incident took place, and it is where Tamara Canady works, providing context to her ability to witness the event.

💡rental craft

A rental craft refers to a vessel or vehicle that is available for hire. In the context of the script, the rental craft is the Princecraft pontoon boat that is being discussed, which is significant because it is the property being claimed as damaged in the dispute.


Damage refers to harm or injury sustained by something, often as a result of an accident or misuse. In the video, the damage is the alleged harm done to the pontoon boat, which is the central issue that Judge Judy is investigating.

💡phone records

Phone records are the documentation of telephone calls, including the date, time, and parties involved in each call. In the script, Judge Judy requests phone records as evidence to verify the timing and existence of a call related to the incident, emphasizing the need for substantiated evidence in the legal process.


A partner in this context refers to a co-owner or co-manager of a business, such as the marina. In the script, the partner is contacted by an employee to report the incident, indicating the collaborative nature of the business and the communication channels within it.


Evidence is the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid. In the video, the lack of phone records and the erasure of call history are highlighted as issues with providing evidence to support the claims made by the parties involved in the dispute.


The case involves an incident with a docked pontoon boat and potential damage.

The plaintiff expresses frustration over unresolved issues leading to police involvement.

Tamara Canady, an employee at the marina, claims to have witnessed the incident.

The incident allegedly occurred at approximately 1:00 PM.

Ms. Canady's role at the marina includes renting out boats and providing captain's courses.

She was at a distance from the boat when she heard an odd noise.

Ms. Canady observed a boat perpendicular to the docked pontoon boat.

Judge Judy inquires about the specific boat involved in the incident.

Ms. Canady clarifies that the boat in question is a rental craft owned by others.

Judge Judy seeks evidence of a phone call made by Ms. Canady regarding the incident.

Ms. Canady admits she does not have phone records to prove the call was made.

The defendant's partner, Joe, is mentioned as the recipient of the call.

Judge Judy emphasizes the importance of phone records as evidence.

The defendant erased their call records, making it difficult to verify the call's occurrence.

The defendant's partner confirms receiving a call about the incident.

Judge Judy questions the timeline of events and the communication between parties.

The defendant visited the boat the following day to assess the damage.

Judge Judy seeks clarity on how the defendant was contacted after the incident.