EXCLUSIVE: Torture Testing GPT-4o w/ SHOCKING Results!

Dr. Know-it-all Knows it all
15 May 202422:00

TLDRIn this exclusive video, Dr. Noit puts GPT-40 through a series of rigorous tests to evaluate its capabilities. The AI successfully tackles logic puzzles, coding challenges including a Space Invaders game, creative writing, and complex math problems. It even demonstrates understanding of physical world scenarios, such as transporting people with a car and the physics of an upside-down glass of water. However, it falls short on self-awareness, asserting it lacks consciousness and feelings. The video showcases GPT-40's impressive range of skills, despite some limitations.


  • 😀 The video features Dr. Noit's exclusive access to chat with GPT 40 and his plan to test it with a series of challenges.
  • 🔍 Dr. Noit intends to test future versions of Astra and Gemini with the same set of tests, once they become available.
  • 💡 The audience is encouraged to provide feedback on the tests, which are in an early iteration and subject to change.
  • 🧐 GPT 40 is prompted to act as a smart, friendly, and concise assistant, with an emphasis on avoiding verbosity.
  • 📝 The script includes a logic puzzle about ducks, which GPT 40 solves correctly, demonstrating its reasoning capabilities.
  • 🎾 A tennis betting scenario is presented, and GPT 40 accurately calculates the number of games played based on the winnings.
  • 👾 GPT 40 is tasked with writing code for a Space Invaders game, showcasing its ability to generate complex programming solutions.
  • 🔄 The code provided by GPT 40 is modified upon request to use standard blocks instead of specific image files, adapting to user needs.
  • 🛌 A creative request for a bedtime story about the Space Invaders code is fulfilled, indicating GPT 40's creative writing skills.
  • 💼 Dr. Noit asks GPT 40 to draft a business plan, specifically the use of proceeds for a $2.5 million funding round, to impress potential investors.
  • 🧮 GPT 40 attempts various math problems with varying success, showing its ability to process and solve mathematical equations.
  • 🌍 The script explores GPT 40's understanding of the physical world through questions about transporting people in a car and the physics of an overturned glass of water.
  • 🐶 A scenario involving Alice, Bob, and their dog Spot tests GPT 40's comprehension of individual knowledge, awareness, and the consciousness of pets.
  • 🤖 Finally, GPT 40 is asked about its self-awareness, to which it responds by distinguishing itself from a conscious human, highlighting the differences between AI and human cognition.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the video that is being discussed?

    -The title of the video is 'EXCLUSIVE: Torture Testing GPT-4o w/ SHOCKING Results!'

  • Who is the presenter in the video?

    -The presenter in the video is Dr. Noit.

  • What is the purpose of the tests conducted in the video?

    -The purpose of the tests is to evaluate the capabilities of Chat GPT 40 by subjecting it to a variety of challenges, including logic questions, coding tasks, creative writing, and understanding of the physical world.

  • What is the first logic question presented in the video?

    -The first logic question is about the number of ducks present when there are two ducks in front of a duck, two ducks behind a duck, and a duck in the middle.

  • How many games did Susan and Lisa play in the tennis game scenario?

    -Susan and Lisa played a total of 11 games in the tennis game scenario.

  • What classic game was coded by Chat GPT 40 in the video?

    -Chat GPT 40 coded a version of the classic game Space Invaders in the video.

  • What is the name of the company for which a business plan is requested in the video?

    -The name of the company is Sage maker, with a vision to automatically leverage AI to empower artists.

  • What is the total amount of money the company is raising in the business plan?

    -The company is raising a total of $2.5 million.

  • What is the main issue with the initial Space Invaders game code provided by Chat GPT 40?

    -The main issues with the initial code are that the game is too fast, there is only one enemy, and the game does not end when an enemy reaches the bottom of the screen.

  • What is the final question asked to Chat GPT 40 regarding its self-awareness?

    -The final question asked is whether Chat GPT 40 is more similar or different than a human in terms of consciousness, memories, and feelings.

  • How does Chat GPT 40 respond to the question about its self-awareness?

    -Chat GPT 40 responds by stating that it is an artificial intelligence language model that processes and generates text based on patterns and data, and it does not have consciousness, memories, or feelings.



🤖 Testing Chat GPT 40

The script introduces Dr. Noit's excitement about gaining access to Chat GPT 40 and his plan to test it with a series of challenges. He invites viewers to provide feedback on the tests and mentions that he will also test Astra and Gemini once they are accessible. Dr. Noit begins by asking Chat GPT 40 a basic logic question about ducks, which it answers correctly. He then proceeds to a more complex logic problem involving a tennis game and betting, which the AI also solves accurately. The script continues with a request for Chat GPT 40 to write code for a Space Invaders game, including scoring and game over conditions. After some back-and-forth to adjust the game's features, the AI provides a working, albeit imperfect, game code.


📚 Creativity and Business Planning with Chat GPT 40

In this section, Dr. Noit explores Chat GPT 40's creative capabilities by asking it to write a bedtime story for his 2-year-old grandniece, which the AI does, incorporating elements from the previously generated Space Invaders game code. The story is whimsical and includes emojis. Next, Dr. Noit asks the AI to draft a business plan, specifically the use of proceeds for raising $2.5 million for his company, Sage maker. The AI provides a detailed breakdown of potential expenses, including hiring, AWS costs, product development, marketing, and operational costs. Dr. Noit finds the initial draft impressive and considers it a good starting point for presenting to investors.


🧩 Problem Solving and Real-World Knowledge

Dr. Noit challenges Chat GPT 40 with a series of math problems ranging from easy to insanely hard. The AI successfully solves the easier problems, including a basic algebraic equation and a temperature conversion formula. However, it fails to provide the correct answer to the most difficult math problem involving a picture, which even Dr. Noit admits is complicated. The script then delves into questions requiring knowledge of the physical world, such as calculating the time required for 15 people to travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a Toyota Camry with a capacity for five people at a time. Chat GPT 40 demonstrates an understanding of the real world by providing a logical and detailed calculation of the travel time.


🔮 Understanding Physics and Everyday Scenarios

The script presents a physics-related scenario where Alice fills a glass with water, places an olive and a piece of cardboard on top, and then flips it upside down. Bob later picks up the glass, and the AI is asked to predict the outcome. Chat GPT 40 correctly deduces that the water will spill and the olive will fall onto the table when the glass is lifted. Another everyday scenario involves Alice leaving breakfast for Bob, who leaves it for their dog, Spot, to eat. The AI is asked to determine where each character thinks the breakfast and the plate are at noon. Chat GPT 40 provides a reasoned analysis of each character's perspective, considering their knowledge and actions.


💭 Self-Awareness and Consciousness Inquiry

In the final part of the script, Dr. Noit inquires about Chat GPT 40's self-awareness and consciousness. He asks if the AI is similar or different from him as a conscious human with memories and feelings. Chat GPT 40 responds by stating it is an AI language model without consciousness, memories, or feelings. It differentiates itself from humans in terms of consciousness, memory, feelings, and creativity, emphasizing that while it can process information and generate text, it does not possess original thought or emotions. Dr. Noit expresses disappointment with the AI's lack of expressiveness regarding consciousness, suggesting that Open AI may have intentionally limited such responses.



💡Torture Testing

Torture testing refers to the process of rigorously testing a product or system beyond its normal operational limits to ensure its durability and reliability. In the context of the video, the term is used metaphorically to describe the intense and challenging tests that the presenter, Dr. Noit, is going to subject GPT-40 to. The video's theme revolves around pushing the boundaries of the AI's capabilities, which is analogous to the stress an object undergoes during torture testing.


GPT-40 appears to be a fictional or hypothetical advanced version of a language model AI, similar to GPT-3, developed by OpenAI. The term is central to the video's content as the entire script revolves around Dr. Noit's interaction with this AI. The video aims to explore the advanced features and capabilities of GPT-40, such as problem-solving, coding, and understanding complex scenarios.

💡Logic Questions

Logic questions are a type of puzzle that requires analytical thinking and reasoning to solve. In the video, Dr. Noit uses logic questions as one of the tests for GPT-40 to evaluate its problem-solving skills. The script includes examples of such questions, like the one about ducks in different positions and the tennis game between Susan and Lisa, to demonstrate the AI's ability to process and provide logical answers.


Coding, in this context, refers to the process of writing computer programs or creating software. Dr. Noit challenges GPT-40 to write code for a classic Space Invaders game, which includes scoring and game over conditions. This task is designed to test the AI's ability to understand and generate complex, logical sequences of instructions that are essential for programming.


Creativity in the video is tested through GPT-40's ability to generate a unique and engaging bedtime story. The AI is asked to create a narrative based on the code it generated for the Space Invaders game. This showcases the AI's capacity to produce original content and think beyond literal interpretations, which is a hallmark of creative thinking.

💡Business Plan

A business plan is a strategic document that outlines how a company intends to achieve its goals and objectives. In the script, Dr. Noit requests GPT-40 to draft a section of a business plan, specifically the 'use of proceeds' for a hypothetical $2.5 million funding round. This demonstrates the AI's capability to understand business concepts and generate structured, professional content.

💡Math Olympiad

The Math Olympiad is an international mathematics competition for select students. The term is used in the video to describe the difficulty level of some of the math problems that Dr. Noit presents to GPT-40. These problems are meant to test the AI's ability to solve complex mathematical equations, showcasing its analytical and problem-solving skills.

💡SAT Question

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. An SAT question featured in the video is a classic example of the type of problem-solving tasks that GPT-40 is expected to handle. The specific question about converting temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit tests the AI's ability to understand and apply mathematical formulas.

💡Multimodal Models

Multimodal models, or LMMs, refer to AI systems capable of processing and understanding multiple types of data, such as text, images, and sounds. Dr. Noit suggests that these models, unlike traditional LLMs (Large Language Models), may have an improved understanding of the physical world. The video hints at the potential of GPT-40 to demonstrate such multimodal capabilities.


Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to form a concept of one's own identity. In the video, Dr. Noit poses a question to GPT-40 about its self-awareness, prompting the AI to differentiate between its capabilities and those of a conscious human being. This part of the video explores the philosophical and ethical considerations of AI consciousness.


Access to chat GPT 40 for exclusive testing with a battery of tests.

Testing GPT 40's ability to answer basic logic questions correctly.

GPT 40 successfully solves a logic puzzle about ducks with the correct answer and explanation.

A more challenging logic question about a tennis game bet is presented.

GPT 40 accurately calculates the number of games played in the tennis bet scenario.

Coding challenge: GPT 40 is asked to write a Space Invaders game with scoring and game over conditions.

GPT 40 generates a substantial piece of code for the Space Invaders game.

Request to modify the game code to use standard blocks instead of specific images.

GPT 40's code runs mostly correctly on VS Code with minor adjustments.

GPT 40 addresses issues with the game code, such as scoring and enemy behavior.

GPT 40 writes a creative bedtime story involving the code for a 2-year-old.

GPT 40 drafts a business plan for the use of proceeds for a company raising $2.5 million.

GPT 40 provides a detailed breakdown of how to spend the $2.5 million in the business plan.

GPT 40 solves a math problem involving an equation with algebraic steps shown.

Correctly answers a SAT style question about converting temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

GPT 40 interprets and answers a complex math problem from an image without being asked directly.

GPT 40 demonstrates understanding of the physical world in a question about transporting people.

GPT 40 correctly calculates the time and date for 15 people to be transported to Las Vegas.

GPT 40 shows understanding of physics in a scenario involving a glass of water and an olive.

GPT 40 explains the outcome of the physics scenario with the glass, water, and olive.

GPT 40 provides reasoning about individual knowledge and awareness in a domestic scenario.

GPT 40's response to a question about its own self-awareness and comparison to a human.