Earn $625 In A Day With This NEW Copy & Paste GOOGLE Method

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9 May 202414:04

TLDRMonique introduces a new method for generating income using Google's AI technology. The process involves taking a trending article's URL, pasting it into an app that creates viral videos in various languages, and then monetizing the views. She shares her personal experience, having made almost $5,000 from a single video that received over 400,000 views in 8 days. Monique demonstrates how to use Google News, Google Gemini, and Google Trends to find trending topics, and guides viewers on creating faceless videos using Video AI. She also addresses concerns about using clips from other videos, emphasizing the importance of fair use and crediting original sources. Monique concludes by encouraging viewers to subscribe and like her content for more insights on YouTube monetization and success.


  • 📘 Use Google News or Google Gemini to find trending articles for creating viral videos.
  • 📈 A video on a trending topic can quickly gain views and ad revenue, as demonstrated by a video that earned almost $5,000 in 8 days.
  • 🌐 The app Video AI can create videos in various languages, expanding the potential audience.
  • 🎥 Start by signing up for a free account with Video AI and explore its features, some of which require a paid plan.
  • 🔍 The 'Clone your voice' feature allows you to use your own voice in videos, recorded once and used for all future videos.
  • 📝 When creating a video, specify the article title, desired video length, and tone in English, then translate to other languages if desired.
  • 🗣️ Choose the voice type and gender, and consider adding subtitles for viewer engagement.
  • 📌 Ensure that any video clips from other sources are used under fair use or have the necessary permissions.
  • 📋 Edit the video script if needed, and download the final video, noting that a watermark may be present in the free version.
  • 💰 Monetizing from YouTube videos takes time and adherence to YouTube's eligibility requirements.
  • 🔗 For more information on YouTube monetization and requirements, refer to the linked videos and guides provided in the description.

Q & A

  • What is the new Google method mentioned in the title for making money?

    -The new Google method is a copy and paste technique that involves taking the link to trending articles, pasting it into an app that creates viral videos in various languages, and then monetizing those videos.

  • How much money was made from the video mentioned in the transcript?

    -The video mentioned in the transcript made almost $5,000 from over 400,000 views in just 8 days, which equates to approximately $625 a day.

  • What is the role of Google News in finding trending articles for video creation?

    -Google News gathers news stories from all over the web, categorizes them, and presents them in one place, making it easier to find trending articles for video content.

  • How does Google Gemini assist in finding trending articles?

    -Google Gemini is an AI chatbot that can provide a list of 10 trending articles by leveraging Google search results, tapping into what people are currently searching for.

  • What is the process of creating a faceless video using the app mentioned in the transcript?

    -The process involves signing up for a free account in Video AI, turning on the beta for early access to new features, choosing the 'News videos' plugin, pasting the article title, specifying the video length and tone, pasting the article link, selecting voice and subtitle options, and then generating the video.

  • How can the app change the language of the video?

    -The app allows users to change the language of the video by selecting the desired language in the edit command box after the video has been generated.

  • What are the steps to add clips from other people's videos to the video being created?

    -To add clips, one should search YouTube for the desired clip, ensure it is under creative commons or fair use, download it using a site like keepvid.to or by screen recording, and then upload it to the media tab in the Video AI app.

  • What is the 'Clone your voice' feature in Video AI?

    -The 'Clone your voice' feature allows users to record their voice for 30 seconds and then use that voice in every video they create within the app, instead of using the AI-generated voices.

  • Why is it important to credit the original work when using clips or content from other sources?

    -Crediting the original work is important to respect copyright and intellectual property rights. It also adheres to fair use principles, especially when the use of the content is transformative.

  • What are the YouTube eligibility requirements for monetization?

    -While the transcript does not specify the exact requirements, it mentions that there are several eligibility requirements for monetization on YouTube, which typically include having a certain number of subscribers and views.

  • How can one download the free YouTube guide mentioned by Monique?

    -The free YouTube guide can be downloaded by following the link provided in the video description, which offers tips and insights on creating faceless videos and YouTube automation.

  • What is the significance of creating content in multiple languages?

    -Creating content in multiple languages allows the content to reach a wider audience, increasing its potential for views and engagement, which can lead to higher monetization.



📈 Viral Video Creation with Google News Articles

The video script introduces a new method for generating income by creating viral videos from trending Google News articles. The process involves pasting the URL of a trending article into an app that can produce videos in various languages, thus broadening the potential audience. Monique, the presenter, shares her personal experience of earning nearly $5,000 from a single video that received over 400,000 views in eight days. She emphasizes the untapped potential of this method, which is still fresh in the market. The video also showcases another channel's success with a 'faceless video' that garnered 146,000 views in just one day. Monique guides viewers on how to find trending topics using Google News, Google Gemini, and Google Trends, and then how to use an AI app to create videos from these articles. She also mentions that a free account with the app is available, with premium features accessible through paid plans starting as low as $20.


🎞️ Creating and Customizing News Videos

The second paragraph delves into the technical steps for creating news videos using the AI app. It covers logging into the app, enabling beta features for early access to new functionalities, and selecting the 'News videos' option to create content about trending topics. Monique explains how to use the 'Clone your voice' feature, which allows users to record their voice once and have it used for all subsequent videos. The process includes pasting the article title into the app, setting the video length and tone, and inserting the article link for the app to generate content. She also discusses customizing the video with the desired voice type, accent, and subtitles. The app then generates a video summary based on the article. Monique further demonstrates how to edit the video, change scenes, and translate the video into different languages, including Spanish, to reach a wider audience. The feature to change languages is highlighted as a significant advantage in standing out in a saturated market and creating unique content.


📚 Addressing Video Clip Usage and Finalizing Content

The final paragraph addresses common questions about using video clips from other sources, particularly for content like sports rants or game highlights. Monique advises searching for videos on YouTube that allow creative commons usage and ensuring clips are transformative to fall under fair use. She recommends giving credit to the original source and doing due diligence regarding copyright laws, as she is not a legal expert. The paragraph also covers how to download videos from YouTube using sites like keepvid.to and how to incorporate these clips into the video project using the app's editing tools. Monique provides additional tips on customizing the script and downloading the final video, noting that a watermark may appear in the free version of the app. She concludes by encouraging viewers to like and subscribe for more content, and offers further resources such as a free YouTube guide and a link to a secret YouTube channel she created to demonstrate the method's effectiveness.



💡Copy & Paste Google Method

This refers to a technique described in the video where one takes a trending article's URL and uses it to create viral videos through an app. The method is part of the video's main theme, which is demonstrating how to generate income by leveraging trending content on the internet. An example from the script is when the presenter shares their experience of making almost $5,000 from a video that was up for only 8 days.

💡Viral Videos

Viral videos are those that quickly become popular and are widely shared on the internet. In the context of the video, creating viral videos is a strategy to gain views and subsequently earn revenue. The script illustrates this with the example of a video that received over 400,000 views in just 8 days.

💡Google News

Google News is a news aggregator service that compiles headlines and articles from diverse sources. In the video, it is suggested as a source to find trending articles that can be transformed into viral videos. The script shows how to use Google News by navigating to it and selecting articles of interest.

💡Google Gemini

Google Gemini is mentioned as an AI chatbot that provides a list of trending articles. It is used to tap into current search trends, which is crucial for identifying popular topics for video content. The script provides instructions on how to use Google Gemini to get a list of trending articles.

💡Video AI

Video AI is an application that allows users to create videos from articles. It is central to the video's method as it automates the process of turning text articles into engaging video content. The script details the process of signing up for Video AI and using its features to generate videos.

💡Voice Over

A voice over is a production technique where a voice is recorded and added to a video, typically to narrate or explain the visuals. In the context of the video, voice over is used to bring the stock images to life in the faceless video created from the article. The script mentions that the video received significant views with just stock images and a voice over.


💡Stock Images

Stock images are pre-created, licensed images that can be used in various media projects. In the video script, stock images are combined with voice overs to create 'faceless videos' that discuss the content of trending articles. The script provides an example of a video that received 146,000 views in one day using this approach.


Subscribers refer to individuals who have subscribed to a YouTube channel to receive updates on new content. The script emphasizes the rapid acquisition of subscribers as a result of creating engaging, trending content, highlighting the growth of 2,000 subscribers from a single video.

💡AI Feature

The AI feature mentioned in the video allows for the creation of content in multiple languages, thus broadening the potential audience. It is a key aspect of the video's theme on reaching a global audience without needing to speak different languages. The script demonstrates how to change the video's language to Spanish as an example.

💡Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a licensing system that allows creators to specify how others may use their work. The video discusses the importance of using Creative Commons licensed videos or adhering to fair use principles when incorporating clips from other creators' videos. The script advises on how to find and use such videos responsibly.

💡Fair Use

Fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without permission from the rights holders. It is a legal concept discussed in the video concerning the use of video clips in new creations. The script explains that fair use may apply if the new work is transformative, adding new meaning or expression to the original work.


Monetization refers to the process of generating revenue from a digital asset, such as a YouTube channel. The video's main theme revolves around monetization strategies through creating and uploading videos based on trending articles. The script provides a personal example of earning almost $5,000 from a single video.


A new copy and paste Google method is introduced that can potentially earn hundreds of dollars a day.

The method involves taking the URL of trending articles and pasting it into an app that creates viral videos in multiple languages.

Monique, the presenter, has personally used this method to earn almost $5,000 from a single video within 8 days.

An app called Video AI is used to create faceless videos with stock images and voiceovers, which can attract large views.

Google News and Google Gemini are suggested as sources for finding trending articles.

Google Trends can also be used to identify current topics that are popular among searchers.

Video AI offers a feature to clone your voice for personalized narration in videos.

The app allows for customization of video length, tone, and language.

Subscribers can choose the gender and type of voice for their video narration.

Adding subtitles to videos can increase viewer engagement.

The app can summarize articles and generate video content automatically.

Users can edit the generated video, including changing scenes and language.

The app supports translation of video content into various languages, including Spanish, French, Hindi, and Japanese.

Fair use and creative commons guidelines should be followed when using clips from other videos.

Downloading video clips for use in Video AI can be done through sites like keepvid.to or by screen recording.

Video AI allows for the addition of downloaded video clips to enhance the content.

A watermark is present in videos created with the free version of Video AI, which can be removed with a paid plan.

Monique provides a free YouTube guide with tips for creating faceless videos and automating YouTube content.

The method aims to keep channels relevant by providing up-to-date news through videos.

Monique has a secret YouTube channel demonstrating the method's effectiveness from scratch.