Eggs Using StarryAi Artistic process

25 Jan 202210:02

TLDRIn this creative journey, the artist shares their unique project of transforming an egg into a piece of art through a digital process. Starting with a basic egg template, they experiment with various artistic styles like concept art, cinema 4D, graffiti, and mist, aiming to capture the essence of color exploding from a fracturing egg. Despite initial setbacks, such as forgetting to add the initial image, the artist perseveres, refining their approach by emphasizing the fracture and color explosion, moving away from chaos. The final piece, a collage, symbolizes the egg's transition from whole to exploding, showcasing the artist's dedication to capturing the beauty in transformation. This project, despite mixed feedback, illustrates the artist's innovative approach and satisfaction with their work.


  • 🎨 The video is about creating a unique piece of digital art using an egg as the central theme.
  • 🚀 The artist begins with a concept of an egg fracturing from the center and colors exploding outward.
  • 🛠️ The creative process is documented using an app with various templates and styles to generate the art.
  • 🌈 The artist experiments with different styles such as 'vibrant, chaotic, fracture' and 'fire sensing'.
  • 📌 The artist iterates the design, refining the concept and adjusting the elements for the desired outcome.
  • 🔄 The process involves multiple iterations and reiterations to achieve the final look.
  • 🖼️ The final product is a collage of images representing the stages of an egg cracking and eventually exploding.
  • 👨‍🎨 The artist uses Adobe Lightroom for post-processing to enhance the visual appeal of the images.
  • 💻 The video provides a behind-the-scenes look at the artist's creative process and the technical steps involved.
  • 🎓 The artist shares their learnings and insights gained from the project, emphasizing the importance of experimentation.
  • 👍 The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to like and subscribe for more content.

Q & A

  • What was the main idea behind the art project described in the video?

    -The main idea was to create a piece of art using an egg as a central element, with the color exploding from the center, giving the appearance of a fracture.

  • Which application did the artist use to create the egg template?

    -The artist used an unspecified app to create a template for the egg, which allowed them to design the color explosion and fracture paths.

  • How many iterations of the egg art concept did the artist create?

    -The artist created five iterations of the egg art concept, each with different styles and effects.

  • What was the artist's approach to refining the egg art concept?

    -The artist refined the concept by emphasizing the fracture of the egg and the color explosion, while reducing the chaotic elements in the subsequent iterations.

  • What additional software did the artist use to enhance the final images?

    -The artist used Adobe Lightroom to edit and upscale the images, aiming to create a hyper-realistic look.

  • How did the artist plan to present the final egg art project?

    -The artist planned to present the final project as a collage, arranging the images to show a progression from a whole egg to a cracked and finally an exploded egg.

  • What was the artist's wife's opinion on the final egg art project?

    -The artist's wife was not a big fan of the final project, but the artist was personally pleased with the outcome.

  • Which style did the artist find most appealing in the egg art iterations?

    -The artist particularly liked the iteration that resulted from applying the 'hyper realism 8k' feature, as it gave the egg a more realistic appearance.

  • What was the artist's strategy for naming the different iterations?

    -The artist did not explicitly mention a naming strategy, but they described the iterations by their visual characteristics and the process they underwent, such as 'miss artisan and graffiti' or 'steampunk'.

  • How did the artist handle the issue of an image not fitting the collage theme?

    -The artist acknowledged that the fourth image didn't quite fit the theme but included it because it was difficult to choose between it and the fifth one, which was right before the explosion.

  • What was the final outcome of the egg art project?

    -The final outcome was a collage of the egg images, arranged to show a progression from whole to cracked to exploded, with each image having been edited and upscaled for a hyper-realistic look.



🎨 Artistic Vision: Egg Fracture Concept

The speaker begins by sharing their intention to create a unique piece of art using an egg as the central theme. They envision a vibrant explosion of colors from the fractured center of the egg, aiming to capture this concept through an app that generates creative designs. The process involves creating a template for the egg and experimenting with various styles such as 'fracture', 'vibrant chaotic', and 'concept art'. The speaker also discusses the idea of incorporating elements like mist and graffiti for added effect. They mention the potential of using the app's features to refine the design and create multiple iterations of the egg artwork.


🚀 Iterative Process and Final Collage

In this paragraph, the speaker dives into the iterative process of refining their egg artwork. They share their initial results, which they find wild and intriguing but not entirely what they were aiming for. The speaker decides to focus more on the egg's fracture and color explosion, leading to further refinements. After iterating and improving the design, they settle on a final project that captures the essence of the egg's transformation from whole to fractured to exploded. The speaker then upscales the images, edits them using Adobe Lightroom, and creates a collage to tell a visual story of the egg's journey. Despite mixed reactions, they express satisfaction with the final product and the creative process.




Art in the context of the video refers to the creative process and expression the creator is engaging in. It involves using various digital tools and techniques to generate a visual piece that starts with a simple concept—a fractured egg—and evolves into a complex and vibrant explosion of colors. The art created is meant to evoke a sense of chaos and vibrancy, reflecting the unpredictable and spontaneous nature of creative expression.

💡Creative Process

The creative process is the series of steps, ideas, and iterations that an artist goes through to produce a work of art. In the video, this process is demonstrated through the use of digital art applications and templates to generate and refine the egg concept. It involves experimentation with different styles and effects, such as 'vibrant,' 'chaotic,' and 'fracture,' to achieve the desired visual outcome. The process is iterative, with the creator going back and forth to refine and improve the artwork until it meets their vision.


In the video, the egg serves as the central motif and starting point for the digital art project. It symbolizes the potential for transformation and new beginnings, as the egg is known to represent in various cultures and contexts. The creator's vision involves the egg fracturing and colors exploding from it, which suggests a metaphor for the 'birth' of a new idea or concept. The egg's imagery is used to explore themes of creation, change, and the emergence of complexity from simplicity.

💡Color Explosion

Color explosion refers to the visual effect and artistic technique used in the video where a burst of colors is depicted, often to convey energy, movement, or a strong emotional impact. In the context of the video, the color explosion is a key element of the art piece, signifying the release of creativity and the dynamic nature of the artistic vision. The creator aims to achieve this effect by having colors burst from the fractured egg, symbolizing the unleashing of potential and the beauty of artistic expression.


Fracture in the video refers to the visual representation of breaking or cracking, which is a crucial part of the egg's transformation in the art piece. It symbolizes the process of change and the emergence of new forms from the old. The creator uses the concept of fracture to depict the egg's breakdown and the subsequent release of vibrant colors, which is a metaphor for the creative process itself—breaking away from the mundane to reveal something new and exciting.


A template in this context is a pre-designed digital framework or pattern that the creator uses as a foundation for their artwork. Templates can include specific styles, shapes, or structures that guide the initial creation process. In the video, the creator has made a template for the egg, which serves as the starting point for the art piece. This template is then manipulated and transformed through various artistic styles and effects to achieve the final result.




Collage, in the context of the video, refers to the art technique of assembling different forms of visual media to create a new whole. The creator uses this technique to combine individual images of the egg into a cohesive piece that tells a story or conveys a theme. The collage serves as a way to showcase the evolution of the egg concept, from wholeness to cracking and finally to explosion, providing a narrative structure to the artwork.

💡Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a professional photo editing software mentioned in the video. It is used for enhancing and refining digital images, offering a range of tools for color correction, exposure adjustment, and other creative effects. In the context of the video, the creator uses Adobe Lightroom to further edit and polish the images of the egg after the initial creative process is complete, indicating a meticulous approach to achieving the desired visual quality and aesthetic.

💡Hyper Realism

Hyper Realism is an artistic style that aims to depict subjects with extreme detail and accuracy, often surpassing the level of detail seen in real-life objects. In the video, the creator uses the 'Hyper Realism 8k' feature to enhance the final egg image, giving it a heightened sense of realism and depth. This technique is employed to make the digital art piece more visually striking and to add a layer of authenticity to the egg's representation.


Upscaling in the context of the video refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, making it larger while maintaining or improving its quality. The creator uses the 'upscale' feature to enlarge the images of the egg, creating higher resolution versions suitable for printing or further digital manipulation. This process is part of the post-production workflow, allowing the creator to refine and finalize the artwork at a larger size.


The creator shares their artistic process of making a piece using an egg as the central theme.

The idea is to have the egg fracture from the center, causing a color explosion.

The artist uses an app to create a template for the egg and plans the color explosion paths.

The artist intends to make three different versions of the egg art, using various styles and techniques.

The first version involves using Cinema 4D and Artista, aiming for a vibrant and chaotic effect.

The second version is a concept piece without Cinema 4D, focusing on the egg's fracture and color explosion.

The third version explores the outcome of adding mist and removing the concept, then adding graffiti.

The artist discusses the use of advanced options and the importance of adding an initial image.

The process involves multiple iterations and refinements to achieve the desired outcome.

The artist shares the results of the initial attempts, describing them as wild and awesome.

Further refinements are planned to emphasize the egg's fracture and color explosion more.

The final project involves creating a collage with a theme of the egg's transformation from whole to cracked to exploded.

The artist upscales the images for the collage and edits them in Adobe Lightroom.

The final collage is described, with the artist expressing satisfaction with the lighting and overall look.

The artist's wife was not a big fan, but the artist was happy with the creative outcome.

The video concludes with the artist inviting viewers to like and subscribe.