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14 Apr 202405:24

TLDRDiscover a groundbreaking platform that empowers you to create videos from text without the annoyance of watermarks. The video introduces Leonardo AI, a top-tier, free image generator that's evolving with each update. With it, you can craft stunning images from text prompts in various styles and then transform them into videos. The tutorial guides you through the process of creating an account, selecting a fine-tune model, and crafting a detailed scene description to generate images. It then explains how to use the 'motion' feature to animate these images, offering control over motion strength. The result is a high-quality video that you can download without any watermarks. The platform also allows you to generate videos from the vast image library created by the community, providing endless possibilities for video creation. Share your experiences and results with Leonardo AI in the comments for a chance to engage with a community of creatives.


  • 😀 Leonardo AI is a free AI video generator that can create videos without watermarks.
  • 🌟 The platform allows users to generate stunning visuals from text prompts.
  • 🔍 To get started, search for 'Leonardo AI' in a browser and click on the first link.
  • 📝 Create an account using a Google or email account to access the tools.
  • 🎨 The image generation tool is the starting point for creating videos with Leonardo AI.
  • 📚 Select a fine-tune model from the dropdown menu to customize the image generation.
  • 📝 Enter a detailed text prompt to describe the scene you want to generate.
  • 🖼️ Adjust settings like photorealism, Alchemy, transparency, and input dimensions for better output.
  • 🎥 Use the 'motion' feature to turn selected images into videos with controlled motion strength.
  • 💾 Download the generated videos in MP4 format directly from the platform.
  • 🔄 While you can't upload personal images to turn into videos, you can use images from Leonardo AI's unlimited image library.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of the video generator discussed in the script?

    -The main feature of the video generator discussed in the script is its ability to create videos from text without adding watermarks.

  • What is the name of the AI tool used to generate videos from text?

    -The AI tool used to generate videos from text is called Leonardo AI.

  • What types of images can Leonardo AI generate from text prompts?

    -Leonardo AI can generate amazing images from text prompts in various styles, including illustrations and digital paintings with dynamic lighting effects.

  • How does one begin using Leonardo AI to generate videos?

    -To begin using Leonardo AI, one must first open their browser, search for Leonardo AI, click on the first link, create an account with Google or an email account, and then select the 'motion' tool from the available options.

  • What is the purpose of the 'fine-tune model' in the image generation process?

    -The 'fine-tune model' in the image generation process is used to select a specific model that best suits the user's needs for generating images from text prompts.

  • What is the 'Alchemy' option used for in the image generation process?

    -The 'Alchemy' option is used for fine-tuning the generation process, and it is suggested to turn it on for better output quality.

  • How can users generate images with a transparent background using Leonardo AI?

    -Users can generate images with a transparent background by turning on the 'transparency' option in the image generation settings.

  • What is the 'motion' option used for in Leonardo AI?

    -The 'motion' option in Leonardo AI is used to turn selected images into videos by controlling the motion strength.

  • Can users download the generated videos directly from Leonardo AI?

    -Yes, users can download the generated videos directly from Leonardo AI by clicking on the download MP4 icon.

  • Is it possible to turn any personal image into a video using Leonardo AI?

    -No, it is not possible to turn any personal image into a video using Leonardo AI. However, users can generate videos from the unlimited image library provided by Leonardo AI.

  • How can users find images generated by others to convert into videos?

    -Users can find images generated by others in the 'Community Feed' tab within Leonardo AI, from where they can select an image and set the motion level to generate a video.



🎨 Discovering Leonardo AI for Video Generation

This paragraph introduces the viewer to Leonardo AI, a powerful and free image and video generation tool that stands out for its ability to produce content without watermarks. The speaker guides the audience through the process of creating an account and navigating the platform's features, which include image generation, real-time canvas, canvas editor, universal upscaler, and motion for video creation. The focus is on generating images from text prompts using various fine-tune models and styles, with a detailed example provided for creating a scene of a sea monster. The paragraph concludes with the generation of images and the subsequent transformation of these images into videos using the motion feature, emphasizing the tool's capabilities and ease of use.


📢 Seeking Feedback on Leonardo AI Video Generator

The speaker invites viewers to share their opinions and results with the Leonardo AI video generator tool in the comments section below. They encourage viewers to like the video if they found it helpful and to subscribe to the channel for more informative tutorials. The paragraph serves as a call to action, fostering engagement and community interaction around the video content and the Leonardo AI tool. The speaker expresses gratitude for watching and signs off with a positive note, wishing the viewers a happy creating experience until the next video.



💡AI Video Generator

An AI Video Generator is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to create videos from textual descriptions or images. In the context of the video, it refers to a platform that allows users to generate videos without watermarks, which are typically used to brand or claim ownership of the content. The script mentions using an AI tool called Leonardo AI to generate videos from text prompts, showcasing its ability to produce high-quality, watermark-free visuals.


A watermark is a visible or invisible mark that is embedded into a video or image to identify its source or owner. In the video script, the term is used to describe the unwanted branding that is commonly found on AI-generated videos. The platform being discussed aims to provide a solution by generating videos without these pesky watermarks, allowing for cleaner and more professional-looking content.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is mentioned in the script as a specific AI tool for image and video generation. It is described as one of the best free image generator AI tools available, with capabilities to create images from text prompts in various styles. The tool is also noted for becoming more powerful with each update, indicating its ongoing development and improvement.

💡Text Prompts

Text prompts are the textual descriptions or commands given to an AI tool to guide the generation of content. In the video script, text prompts are used to instruct Leonardo AI on creating specific images, such as a 'towering sea monster emerging from the depths.' These prompts are crucial for directing the AI to produce the desired visual outcomes.

💡Image Generation

Image generation refers to the process of creating images using AI algorithms. The script describes how Leonardo AI can generate images from text prompts, allowing users to produce visuals in different styles. This process is a key feature of the platform, enabling users to create custom images for various purposes.

💡Fine-tune Models

Fine-tune models are AI models that have been adjusted or 'fine-tuned' to perform better on a specific task or dataset. In the context of the video, fine-tune models are selectable options within Leonardo AI that users can choose to generate images that better match their desired outcome or style.


Photorealism in the context of AI-generated content refers to the quality of images or videos that closely resemble real-world photographs. The script mentions a 'photo real' option within Leonardo AI, which when turned on, prompts the tool to generate images that have a high degree of realism, making them appear more like actual photographs.

💡Alchemy Option

The Alchemy option, as mentioned in the script, is a feature within Leonardo AI that allows for fine-tuning the generation process. It is suggested to turn it on for better output, implying that it enhances the quality or the characteristics of the generated images.

💡Transparency Option

The transparency option in Leonardo AI is a setting that, when enabled, allows the AI to generate images with a transparent background. This feature is useful for creating images that can be easily layered or overlaid onto other visuals without a solid background interfering.


In the script, 'motion' refers to the feature within Leonardo AI that enables users to turn static images into videos with movement. By selecting an image and adjusting the motion strength, users can create dynamic visuals that give the impression of movement or animation.

💡Community Feed

The Community Feed is a feature within Leonardo AI that showcases images generated by other users. It serves as a source of inspiration and a library of images from which users can select images to convert into videos, as demonstrated in the script.


AI generated videos without watermarks are now possible.

Leonardo AI is a powerful, free image and video generator AI tool.

The platform allows for hassle-free video generation.

Leonardo AI is becoming more powerful with every update.

Users can create images from text prompts in various styles.

A step-by-step guide on using Leonardo AI for video generation.

Creating an account with Google or email is required.

The platform offers various tools including image generation and motion.

Images are needed to create videos with Leonardo AI.

Fine-tune models can be selected for image generation.

Detailed text prompts are essential for scene creation.

Options like photoreal, Alchemy, and transparency can be adjusted.

Images can be regenerated with different models and styles.

The 'motion' feature turns selected images into videos.

Videos can be downloaded in MP4 format.

Leonardo AI's image library can be used to generate videos.

Videos can be generated in any style from the community feed.

Invitation for feedback on the Leonardo AI video generator.

Encouragement to like, subscribe, and share thoughts in the comments.