Fliki Ai Review: The Ultimate AI-Powered Video Creator

Studio Hacks
2 Mar 202308:29

TLDRIn this Studio Hacks video, Nat reviews Fliki AI, an innovative tool that transforms text into videos with AI voices and stock footage. Ideal for bloggers and social media marketers, Fliki AI offers 900 lifelike AI voices and a vast media library for high-quality video creation. Nat demonstrates how to turn blog posts into engaging video content, enhancing website engagement by 88%. Viewers can try Fliki AI for free and get a discount on the paid version through the provided link.


  • 🎥 Fliki.ai is an AI-powered video creator that turns text into videos with AI voices and stock footage.
  • 📝 It's useful for creating video content for websites, blogs, and social media without appearing on camera.
  • 🗣️ Fliki.ai offers 900 AI voices for realistic voiceovers, making them sound increasingly like real people.
  • 🎼 The platform includes a stock media library with high-quality videos and music for video creation.
  • 🔑 Users can get started with a free trial and a discount on the paid version through a provided link.
  • 📚 According to Fliki.ai, websites with videos retain visitors 88% longer, making video content valuable for blogs.
  • 📈 Fliki.ai is an efficient tool for marketers and content creators to quickly convert written content into video format.
  • 📱 The platform supports various video formats, including square for Instagram, portrait for TikTok, and landscape for YouTube.
  • 📝 Users can input text and choose from different AI voices or upload their own music for personalized video creation.
  • 🎨 Fliki.ai allows customization of video elements such as font details and background music to suit the content's theme.
  • 💬 The video creator includes features to convert blog posts or tweets into video content, saving time for content creators.
  • 💻 Free trial and premium plans are available, with the latter offering features like watermark removal for professional use.

Q & A

  • What is Fliki.ai and what does it offer?

    -Fliki.ai is an AI-powered video creator that allows users to turn text into videos with AI voices, stock videos, and high-quality music. It's useful for creating video content for blogs, social media, and websites without appearing on camera.

  • Why is Fliki.ai beneficial for website owners or social media marketers?

    -Fliki.ai is beneficial because it enables quick and easy video content creation. According to Fliki.ai, websites with videos retain visitors 88% longer, which can boost engagement and SEO.

  • How many AI voices does Fliki.ai offer and what is their quality like?

    -Fliki.ai offers 900 AI voices that can be used for voiceovers. These voices are designed to sound lifelike, with quality so high that it's becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish them from human voices.

  • What kind of media library does Fliki.ai provide for video creation?

    -Fliki.ai provides a stock media library with a variety of high-quality videos that users can incorporate into their video creations to enhance the visual appeal.

  • How can one get started with Fliki.ai and is there a free trial available?

    -To get started with Fliki.ai, users can sign up for a free trial through the provided link in the description. There is also a discount available for those who choose to use the paid version through a special link.

  • What is the process of creating a video in Fliki.ai?

    -The process involves signing up, selecting a new file, choosing the type of video (audio or full video), entering text for the script, selecting AI voices, adding scenes with images or videos, and finally exporting the video after adding background music and other details.

  • Can Fliki.ai be used to create videos for different social media platforms?

    -Yes, Fliki.ai allows users to create videos in different formats such as square, portrait, and landscape to cater to platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

  • How does Fliki.ai handle text for video scripts?

    -Users can input text directly into Fliki.ai, or use AI tools like Chat GPT to generate the script. Fliki.ai then uses AI voices to narrate the text, creating a video with the chosen script.

  • What are the steps involved in selecting AI voices and previewing them in Fliki.ai?

    -Users can select an AI voice by clicking on the voice name, then preview it by hitting the play button. They can also explore different voices available in the non-premium version by listening to samples before making a selection.

  • How does Fliki.ai assist with adding background music to videos?

    -Fliki.ai provides a feature under 'More' where users can select background music from their library or upload their own royalty-free music to add to the video.

  • What is the final step in creating a video with Fliki.ai and what happens if you're not using the premium version?

    -The final step is exporting the video. If a user is not on the premium version, the exported video will have a watermark. To remove the watermark, users can upgrade to one of the paid plans.



🎥 Introduction to Flicky.ai Video Tool

The video begins with Nat introducing a new tool called Flicky.ai, designed to convert text into videos with AI-generated voices and stock media. Nat highlights the benefits of Flicky.ai over similar tools, emphasizing its ease of use for creating video content for websites, blogs, and social media without the need for personal appearance. The tool offers 900 AI voices and a stock media library, which can enhance the quality of the videos. Nat also mentions the increased viewer engagement that videos bring to websites, citing a statistic that viewers spend 88% more time on sites with video content. The tutorial will demonstrate how to quickly transform written blog posts into video format using Flicky.ai.


📝 Creating a Weight Loss Video Tutorial

In this part of the script, Nat walks through the process of creating a short video using Flicky.ai, starting with generating a script on weight loss using chat GPT. Nat discusses the use of other text generation tools like Article Forge and Jasper.ai for higher quality text but opts for simplicity in this instance. The tutorial continues with the creation of a new video file, selecting video format (square, portrait, or landscape), and customizing the video with text and AI-generated voice. Nat demonstrates how to select images and videos for each scene, choose an AI voice, preview the video, and add background music. The video concludes with exporting the final product, which will have a watermark unless the premium version is used. Nat invites viewers to try Flicky.ai for free, subscribe to the channel, and leave comments for future content suggestions.




Fliky.ai is an AI-powered video creation tool that allows users to convert text into videos with the assistance of AI voices and stock media. It is highlighted in the video as a modern solution for content creators who wish to produce videos without appearing on camera, which is particularly useful for social media marketing and blog content enhancement. The script mentions that Fliky.ai has a variety of features such as 900 AI voices and a stock media library, emphasizing its utility in creating lifelike and engaging video content.

💡AI Voices

AI Voices refer to the artificial intelligence-generated voices that Fliky.ai uses to narrate the text in the videos. The video script points out that these voices are becoming increasingly lifelike, to the point where it can be difficult to distinguish them from human voices. This feature is significant as it allows for the creation of professional-sounding voiceovers without the need for a human narrator.

💡Stock Media Library

The Stock Media Library mentioned in the script is a collection of high-quality videos and other media assets provided by Fliky.ai. This library is essential for enriching video content by offering a wide range of visuals that can be used to accompany the AI-generated voiceovers, thus enhancing the overall production value of the videos created with the tool.

💡Video Content

Video Content is the primary output of the Fliky.ai tool, which is the creation of videos from text inputs. The script emphasizes the ease and speed with which video content can be generated, making it an attractive option for those looking to enhance their online presence with dynamic media. The video's theme revolves around the utility of video content in increasing viewer engagement and time spent on websites.

💡Social Media Marketer

A Social Media Marketer is a professional who uses social media platforms to promote products, services, or content. In the context of the video, Fliky.ai is presented as a valuable tool for social media marketers looking to create engaging video content without the need for on-camera appearances, thereby expanding their content strategy and reach.

💡Blog Posts

Blog Posts are written articles published on a blog, and in the script, they are mentioned as a source of text that can be converted into video content using Fliky.ai. This implies that bloggers can repurpose their written content into a different medium to attract and retain a larger audience.


The term 'Lifelike' is used in the script to describe the quality of the AI voices provided by Fliky.ai. It suggests that the voices are so well-crafted that they closely resemble human speech, which is important for creating videos that feel authentic and engaging to viewers.

💡Free Trial

A Free Trial is an opportunity for potential users to test out Fliky.ai's services without any financial commitment. The script mentions a free trial as a way to attract new users to try the video creation tool, highlighting the ease of access to the platform's features.

💡Paid Version

The Paid Version refers to the subscription plans for Fliky.ai that offer additional features and benefits beyond the free trial. The script suggests that upgrading to a paid plan will remove the watermark from the videos, indicating a professional upgrade from the basic service.


A Watermark in the context of the video is a visible overlay on the video content that identifies the source or brand, in this case, Fliky.ai. The script mentions that the watermark can be removed by upgrading to a paid plan, which is a common practice to differentiate between free and premium services.


Export in the script refers to the final step of the video creation process where the completed video is saved and made ready for use or distribution. The video's theme emphasizes the high quality of the exported video, showcasing the tool's ability to produce professional-grade content.


Fliky.ai is a new AI-powered video creation tool that can turn text into videos with AI voices and stock videos.

Nat from Studio Hacks is reviewing Flikiy.ai and providing a tutorial on its use.

Fliky.ai is an alternative to Picture.ai with better options according to the reviewer.

The tool is useful for creating video content for websites, blogs, and social media without appearing on camera.

Websites with videos retain users 88% more time, according to Flikiy.ai's website.

Blog posts can be quickly turned into videos using Flikiy.ai.

Fliky.ai offers 900 AI voices for realistic voiceovers.

The tool includes a stock media library with high-quality videos for video creations.

A free trial and a discount for the paid version are available through the provided link.

The video creation process is demonstrated step by step in the tutorial.

Chat GPT is used to quickly generate a script for a sample video on weight loss.

Article Forge and Jasper.ai are mentioned as higher quality text generation tools.

The video settings allow for different aspect ratios like square, portrait, and landscape.

Users can select from various AI voices and preview them before finalizing the video.

Background music can be added to the video from Flikiy.ai's library or by uploading royalty-free music.

The final video export is high quality and can be downloaded.

A watermark is present in the free version, which can be removed by upgrading to a paid plan.

A free trial link is provided in the video description for viewers to try Flikiy.ai.