Forget SORA - This Next Gen FREE AI Video Generator Can Create Consistent Character Videos

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16 May 202408:33

TLDRThis tutorial introduces a free AI video generator, Pix Verse, for creating consistent character videos. It guides viewers through the process of setting up an account, creating a character with a reference image, and crafting video prompts with subject, motion, and style. The video also covers using the autoc character prompt feature, negative prompts, aspect ratio selection, and seed options for generating similar videos. Finally, it explains how to upscale videos to 4K and extend video clips for consistent cinematic movies, encouraging viewers to explore their creativity with this powerful tool.


  • 😀 Use Pix Verse to create consistent character AI videos for free.
  • 🖌️ Access Pix Verse through their website or Discord server, with a preference for the website's user-friendliness.
  • 📸 Prepare a clear reference image in PNG or JPEG format for character creation, avoiding obstructions.
  • 🎭 Create a character by uploading the image and providing a name, with current limitations to realistic human characters.
  • 📝 Structure video prompts into subject, motion, and style for clear and effective video generation.
  • 🎨 Use the auto-character prompt feature to refine prompts and ensure video matches the input closely.
  • 🚫 Utilize negative prompts to exclude unwanted elements from the video scenes.
  • 🎥 Select the aspect ratio based on the video format, such as 16:9 for cinematic or 9:16 for short-form videos.
  • 🌱 Use seed numbers for generating similar videos to maintain consistency in multiple shots.
  • ⏲️ Be aware that video generation takes around 2 minutes and the output is 4 seconds long.
  • 🔍 Upscale videos to 4K resolution for higher quality and extend video clips using the image to video feature for continuity.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is creating AI videos with consistent characters for free.

  • What tool does the video recommend for creating AI videos?

    -The video recommends using Pix Verse, which can be accessed on their website or Discord server.

  • How should the reference image for creating a consistent character be formatted?

    -The reference image should be in PNG or JPEG format with a minimum size of 200 pixels, and the face should be clear without obstructions.

  • What are the three distinct parts needed to structure video prompts effectively?

    -The three parts are subject, motion, and style, which help in composing clear and well-expressed prompts.

  • What does the 'auto character prompt' feature do in Pix Verse?

    -The 'auto character prompt' feature automatically refines the input prompt in the background by adding extra words to ensure the resulting video closely matches the inputted prompt.

  • What is a negative prompt used for in video creation?

    -A negative prompt is used to specify what you don't want to see in a scene or things you want to avoid in the video generation.

  • What is the purpose of the 'seed' option in Pix Verse?

    -The 'seed' option is used to generate similar videos by using the same seed number, which assists in maintaining consistency in the videos.

  • What is the duration of the videos created in Pix Verse?

    -The videos created in Pix Verse are 4 seconds in duration.

  • How can the videos be upscaled to 4K resolution in Pix Verse?

    -To upscale videos, you can click the 'upscale' button, and after a few minutes, the upscaled video will be available in the 'My Videos' section.

  • What method is suggested to maintain consistency in movies by extending video clips?

    -The method suggested is to take a screenshot at the last frame of a video and use the 'image to video' feature in Pix Verse to animate the video from there.

  • How can you create a cinematic movie using the videos generated by Pix Verse?

    -You can create a cinematic movie by deciding on a style and script, creating each video clip individually, and then assembling them in sequence using a video editing software.



🎨 Creating AI Videos with Consistent Characters

This paragraph introduces the video's main topic, which is creating AI-generated videos featuring consistent characters without cost. The tutorial will cover the creation of these characters using Pix Verse, writing effective video prompts, and producing captivating videos. It will also discuss upscaling the videos to 4K resolution and combining them into cinematic movies. The process begins with accessing Pix Verse through their website or Discord server, and using a reference image to create a consistent character, ensuring the image is clear and unobstructed. The platform's current limitations are noted, such as only supporting realistic human characters. The character creation process is detailed, including the training time required and the subsequent steps for crafting videos.


📹 Crafting Videos with Structured Prompts and Aspect Ratios

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of writing video prompts, emphasizing the importance of structuring them into subject, motion, and style. It provides an example prompt and explains the significance of each element. The paragraph also introduces the autoc character prompt feature for refining prompts and the use of negative prompts to avoid unwanted elements in the video. The process of selecting a character and choosing the appropriate aspect ratio for different types of videos is discussed, along with the use of a seed option for generating similar videos. The paragraph concludes with a demonstration of creating and upscaling videos, as well as a method for extending video clips to maintain consistency in the final cinematic product.



💡AI Video Generator

An AI Video Generator is a software tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to create videos automatically. In the context of the video, it refers to the creation of consistent character videos without the need for manual animation. The script discusses using Pix Verse, a specific AI video generator, to create these videos.

💡Consistent Characters

Consistent characters are characters that maintain the same appearance and attributes throughout a video or series of videos. This is crucial for maintaining continuity and recognition in video content. The script explains how to create such characters using Pix Verse by uploading a reference image and naming the character.

💡Pix Verse

Pix Verse is the name of the AI video generation tool discussed in the script. It is used to create videos with consistent characters and can be accessed through its website or Discord server. The script provides a tutorial on how to use Pix Verse to make AI-generated videos.

💡Reference Image

A reference image is a visual representation used as a guide when creating or modeling something. In the script, a reference image is necessary for Pix Verse to generate a consistent character. It can be an AI-generated image or a personal photo, ensuring the face is clear and unobstructed.


In the context of AI video generation, a prompt is a set of instructions or a description given to the AI to guide the creation of content. The script emphasizes the importance of structuring prompts into subject, motion, and style to create clear and effective video generation requests.


The subject in video prompts refers to the main focus or content of the scene, such as the character's outfit or the surrounding environment. The script illustrates how to describe the subject in a video prompt, using examples like a 'stylish woman standing on a Tokyo Street'.


Motion in video creation involves the movement of the camera and the elements within the scene. The script explains how to specify camera motion (like zooming or panning) and the movement of the character and objects in the scene, which are essential for creating dynamic and engaging videos.


Style in video generation refers to the aesthetic choices that give the video a unique look and feel. The script mentions using style to add a creative touch, such as emulating the style of Wes Anderson, a known film director, to create a specific atmosphere in the video.

💡Auto-Character Prompt

The auto-character prompt feature in Pix Verse is a tool that refines the user's input prompt to ensure the generated video closely matches the intended description. The script advises enabling this feature for better quality results in video creation.

💡Negative Prompt

A negative prompt is used to specify elements that should be avoided or not included in the generated video. The script gives examples of using negative prompts to exclude certain objects or themes, like 'dogs' or 'thugly', from appearing in the video.

💡Seed Option

The seed option in Pix Verse is used to generate similar videos by providing a consistent starting point for the AI. The script demonstrates how to use a seed number to create multiple videos with similar content, which is useful for maintaining consistency in a series of videos.


Upscaling in video generation refers to the process of increasing the resolution of a video to a higher quality, such as 4K. The script mentions an 'upscale' button in Pix Verse that allows users to enhance the quality of their generated videos.

💡Image to Video

The image to video feature in Pix Verse allows users to take a still image and have the AI animate it into a video, maintaining logic and coherence. The script describes using this feature to extend video clips by creating additional content that starts from the last frame of a video.

💡Cinematic Movies

Cinematic movies refer to films or video content that have a high production value and follow the conventions of traditional cinema. The script concludes by suggesting that with enough time and effort, users can create cinematic masterpieces using the techniques and tools discussed for video generation.


Creating AI videos with consistent characters for free using Pix Verse.

Accessing Pix Verse through their website or Discord server for character creation.

Requirement of a clear reference image in PNG or JPEG format for character creation.

Naming the character and the platform's limitation to realistic human characters.

Crafting videos by structuring prompts into subject, motion, and style.

Auto character prompt feature for refining video prompts.

Using negative prompts to avoid unwanted elements in the video.

Selecting aspect ratios for different video formats like cinematic, short form, square, and vintage.

Utilizing seed options for generating similar videos.

Upscaling videos to 4K resolution for higher quality.

Extending video clips using the image to video feature in Pix Verse.

Creating a consistent feel and adding creative touch with the style element in prompts.

Assembling video clips in sequence using video editing software.

Creating timeless cinematic masterpieces with enough time and effort.

The importance of clear and well-expressed prompts for effective video generation.

Pix Verse's straightforward process for creating videos with consistent characters.

The platform's support for realistic human characters only at the moment.

Using AI-generated images or personal photos for creating consistent characters.

The video generation process taking around 2 minutes depending on server availability.