Fotor AI Review: The Best AI Headshot Generator for Sexy LinkedIn Photos

Annie Margarita Yang
13 Dec 202311:28

TLDRIn this video, Annie Yang discusses her experience with fotor AI headshot generator, a service aimed at providing affordable professional headshots for job seekers. She highlights the challenges of obtaining quality headshots on a budget and her disappointment with the service's outcome, including unprofessional and poorly executed images. Additionally, she criticizes the website's user interface and lack of communication regarding order completion. Yang concludes by advising viewers against using for professional headshots and offers her book and website as resources for job search success.


  • πŸŽ₯ The video is a review of an AI headshot generator by Annie Margarita Yang, aimed at helping college students and recent grads find affordable alternatives to professional headshots.
  • πŸ’° The AI headshot generator in question did not have a listed price, leading to a search for the cost during the video.
  • πŸ“Έ The pricing model revealed offers 40 images in 5 styles for $19.99, 100 images in 12 styles for $29.99, and 200 images in 22 styles for $39.99.
  • ⏳ The processing time for the AI headshots was stated to be 61 minutes, with a notification via email once completed.
  • πŸ“§ The reviewer experienced issues with the website not loading and not receiving an email notification about the completed order.
  • πŸ” Difficulty in locating the ordered photos within the website, and the need to contact customer service for assistance.
  • πŸ€” The reviewer found the AI-generated headshots to be of poor quality, not representative, and unprofessional in some cases.
  • πŸ’” The overall dissatisfaction with the service, including the lack of communication and poor user interface.
  • 🚫 A strong recommendation against using the AI headshot generator, citing it as the worst among the ones reviewed.
  • πŸ“š The video encourages viewers to check out other AI headshot generator reviews on the reviewer's website for better alternatives.
  • πŸ“ˆ The reviewer promotes her financial services website and book, '5 Day Job Search', offering a discount for subscribers.

Q & A

  • Who is the speaker in the video and what is the topic of discussion?

    -The speaker in the video is Annie Margarita Yang, and she is discussing her experience with an AI headshot generator called

  • What is the main issue that college students and recent college graduates face regarding professional headshots?

    -The main issue that college students and recent college graduates face is the high cost of professional headshots, which can range from $300 to $500, making it difficult for many to afford.

  • What was Annie's initial expectation from the fotor AI headshot generator?

    -Annie expected the fotor AI headshot generator to provide a cost-effective solution for creating professional headshots, which could help individuals stand out in the job market and land jobs quickly.

  • What were the pricing options for the fotor AI headshot generator?

    -The pricing options for the fotor AI headshot generator were $19.99 for 40 images with 5 styles, $29.99 for 100 images with 12 styles, and $39.99 for 200 images with 22 styles.

  • What was Annie's experience with the fotor website and customer service?

    -Annie had a negative experience with the fotor website, as she faced issues with the website not loading and not being able to find her order. Additionally, she had trouble with customer service, as her email to them was not delivered and they did not respond appropriately.

  • How did Annie feel about the quality of the AI-generated headshots?

    -Annie was very dissatisfied with the quality of the AI-generated headshots. She found them to be unprofessional, poorly executed, and in some cases, inappropriate for a workplace setting.

  • What was the outcome of Annie's review of the fotor AI headshot generator?

    -Annie concluded that the fotor AI headshot generator was not a good service and she could not recommend it due to the poor quality of the images, lack of communication, and difficulty in navigating the website.

  • How can viewers find more information about other AI headshot generators that Annie reviewed?

    -Viewers can find more information about other AI headshot generators by visiting, going to the resources section on the menu, and scrolling down to chapter 16 on AI headshot generators.

  • What is the 5-Day Job Search book and how can viewers obtain it?

    -The 5-Day Job Search book is a resource aimed at helping individuals find success in their job search. Viewers can obtain a signed copy of the book, along with a 10% discount, by visiting and using the coupon code 'win'. Alternatively, they can download a free 5-hour audiobook version by providing their name and email address.

  • What advice does Annie give on how to effectively use the 5-Day Job Search book?

    -Annie advises viewers to read the book, apply the knowledge, and then read further. She emphasizes the importance of taking action and not just absorbing information. She recommends getting the paperback version for easy reference and navigation.

  • How can viewers support Annie's channel?

    -Viewers can support Annie's channel by visiting and purchasing a signed copy of the 5-Day Job Search book using the coupon code 'win' for a 10% discount, or by downloading the free audiobook and applying the knowledge shared.



πŸŽ₯ Introduction to AI Headshot Generator Review

Annie Margarita Yang begins the video by introducing herself and stating the purpose of the video, which is to review an AI headshot generator called 'fotor'. She explains that the review is part of a series aimed at helping college students and recent graduates who struggle to afford professional headshots for their LinkedIn profiles. The importance of a professional headshot in standing out in the job market is emphasized, and she expresses her intention to explore affordable AI solutions.


πŸ’° Pricing and Ordering Process

Annie discusses the pricing plans for the AI headshot generator, mentioning different packages that range from 5 styles for 40 images at $19.99 to 22 styles for $39.99 for 200 images. She opts for the most expensive package to fully evaluate the software. She then experiences issues with the website, including a delay in the website loading and difficulty finding the pricing information. After creating an account and placing an order, she notes the stated processing time of 61 minutes and mentions that she will wait for the results and notify viewers in a follow-up.


πŸ“Έ Review of Results and Customer Service Experience

Annie shares her disappointment with the results produced by the AI headshot generator. She criticizes the quality of the photos, stating that they are unprofessional and do not resemble her. She also expresses frustration with the service's lack of communication, as she did not receive an email notification about the completed order. Her difficulties in navigating the website to find her photos are highlighted, and she describes the photos as 'deformed' and unprofessional. She advises viewers against using the service, sharing her negative experience with both the product and the customer service.

πŸ“š Promoting the 5-Day Job Search Book

Annie transitions from her negative experience with the AI headshot generator to promoting her book, '5-Day Job Search'. She offers a signed copy of the book with a 10% discount for a limited time using the coupon code 'WIN'. She explains the benefits of owning the physical book, such as the ease of finding specific information and applying the knowledge, as opposed to sifting through a 5-hour audiobook. She encourages viewers to take action and apply the strategies from the book to achieve success in their job search.



πŸ’‘AI Headshot Generator

An AI Headshot Generator refers to software that uses artificial intelligence to create professional-looking headshots. In the context of the video, it is a tool that the reviewer, Annie Yang, is testing to see if it can provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional professional headshots for job seekers, particularly college students and recent graduates.

πŸ’‘LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn Profile is a personal webpage on the LinkedIn platform, used for professional networking. In the video, it is mentioned as a place where a professional headshot is crucial to stand out in the job market and make a good first impression.

πŸ’‘Budget Constraints

Budget constraints refer to the limits set by one's available funds for spending. In the video, the reviewer highlights the challenge many people face in affording professional headshots, which can cost between $300 to $500, a sum that is beyond the budget for many individuals.

πŸ’‘ is a website mentioned in the video that offers an AI headshot generator service. The reviewer uses this platform to test the effectiveness and quality of AI-generated headshots.

πŸ’‘Customer Service

Customer service refers to the assistance and support provided to customers by a business. In the video, the reviewer's interaction with's customer service is highlighted, showcasing the challenges she faced in receiving her order and getting support.


Professionalism refers to the quality of being professional, particularly in terms of competence, ethics, and appropriateness in a work setting. In the video, the reviewer assesses whether the AI-generated headshots meet professional standards suitable for job-seeking purposes.

πŸ’‘Website Navigation

Website navigation pertains to the ease with which users can move through a website and access its features. In the video, the reviewer discusses the difficulties she encountered in finding her order on, which reflects on the website's navigation and user experience.


A review is an evaluation or critique of a product, service, or experience. In the video, the reviewer, Annie Yang, conducts a detailed review of's AI headshot generator, sharing her personal experience and opinions on its effectiveness and quality.

πŸ’‘Job Market

The job market refers to the environment in which job seekers and employers interact, including the availability of jobs and the competition among candidates. In the video, the reviewer discusses the importance of having a professional headshot to stand out in the competitive job market.

πŸ’‘User Experience

User experience encompasses all aspects of the interaction between a user and a product or service, including usability, accessibility, and satisfaction. In the video, the reviewer shares her personal experience using, which reflects on the website's user experience.


Annie Yang Financial is reviewing AI headshot generators to help college students and recent grads with their LinkedIn profiles.

Professional headshots are essential for standing out in the job market but can be expensive, ranging from $300 to $500.

AI solutions for headshots might be a budget-friendly alternative for many people.

Fotor AI headshot generator is one of the services being reviewed by Annie Yang.

Annie experienced difficulty in finding the price for the Fotor AI headshot generator service.

After creating an account and paying, the service承诺 to deliver the headshots via email but failed to notify Annie.

Annie had trouble locating her photos on the Fotor website and had to contact customer service.

The customer service experience was unsatisfactory, with an email not being delivered to them.

The AI-generated headshots from Fotor were of poor quality and did not resemble Annie.

Some of the headshots were inappropriate for a professional setting, such as showing too much skin or suggestive poses.

Annie expressed strong dissatisfaction with the service and does not recommend Fotor AI headshot generator.

Annie had to go through the video recording to find the URL for the service, indicating poor user experience on the Fotor website.

Annie's review is part of a series on AI headshot generators, with results updated on her website.

Annie's channel offers a 5-day job search book with a 10% discount for subscribers.

The 5-hour audiobook version of the job search book is available for free with an email sign-up.

Annie emphasizes the importance of taking action after learning from resources like her book to achieve success.

The paperback version of the book is recommended for easy reference and application of the content.

Annie encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and support her channel for more content on job search and career development.