Free AI Motion Capture (Mocap) Tool

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16 Feb 202404:49

TLDRThis tutorial demonstrates how to use the Roco Vision tool for free AI motion capture. It guides viewers on creating an account, choosing between dual camera or single camera methods, and uploading a video for motion capture. The process includes video upload, cropping, and converting motion into animation data. The animation is then imported into Blender, where it's retargeted to another character using the Roco plugin. The tutorial also suggests downloading a free rigged character from Mixamo and provides a brief on retargeting animation to ensure accurate bone matching.


  • 🌐 Visit the Roco Vision website to access the free AI motion capture tool.
  • 📷 Choose from three capture methods, with dual camera record being the most accurate but paid, while the other two are free and use a single camera.
  • 📹 Upload a video recorded with any webcam or phone camera to begin motion capture.
  • ✂️ Crop the video as needed to focus on the motion capture segment.
  • 🔄 Wait for the video to be processed into animation data.
  • 📥 Download the animation data in the fbx format for further use.
  • 🎨 Open a new Blender file to import and work with the fbx file.
  • 🦴 Enable automatic bone orientation in Blender's Armature section for accurate animation.
  • 🔄 Retarget the animation to another rigged character using the Roco plugin in Blender.
  • 🆓 Download a free rigged character from the Mixo website to use for retargeting.
  • 🎨 Change the color type to texture in the viewport shading menu for better visualization.
  • 🔗 Ensure correct bone matching between the source and target characters for successful retargeting.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the tutorial?

    -The tutorial is about performing free AI motion capture using the Roco Vision tool.

  • Where can I find the Roco Vision tool?

    -You can find the Roco Vision tool on the Roco Vision website, the download link of which is shared in the video description.

  • What are the account options for using Roco Vision?

    -If you don't have a Roco account, you can create one. If you already have an account, you can simply log in.

  • How many capture methods are available in Roco Vision?

    -There are three capture methods available in Roco Vision.

  • Which capture method is mentioned as the best for accurate motion captures?

    -The dual camera record method is mentioned as the best for accurate motion captures, but it is a paid method.

  • What are the free methods for motion capture in Roco Vision?

    -The free methods for motion capture in Roco Vision involve using a single camera to record your video or uploading existing footage.

  • What file format is the animation data downloaded in?

    -The animation data is downloaded in the FBX format.

  • Which software is used to import and play the animation?

    -Blender is used to import and play the animation.

  • What is the process called when transferring motion data from one character to another in Blender?

    -The process is called retargeting.

  • Where can I download a free rigged character for retargeting?

    -You can download a free rigged character from the Mixamo website.

  • What plugin is used for retargeting in Blender according to the tutorial?

    -The Roco plugin is used for retargeting in Blender.



📹 Introduction to Free AI Motion Capture with Roco Vision

This paragraph introduces the tutorial on how to use the Roco Vision tool for free AI motion capture. The speaker instructs viewers to visit the Roco Vision website, download the tool, and either create a new account or log in if they already have one. The tutorial covers three capture methods, with a focus on the free single-camera methods. Viewers are guided through uploading a video, cropping it, and using Roco Vision to turn it into animation data, which can then be downloaded in the fbx format.



💡AI Motion Capture

AI Motion Capture, or Artificial Intelligence Motion Capture, refers to the use of computer algorithms to track and replicate the movement of a human or an object. In the context of the video, it is about using the Roco Vision tool to capture motion without the need for expensive equipment, making it accessible to a broader audience. The script mentions using Roco Vision for 'free, AI motion capture', indicating that the tool employs AI to analyze and convert recorded movements into animation data.

💡Roco Vision

Roco Vision is the name of the tool being featured in the tutorial. It is a platform or software that allows users to capture motion and convert it into animation data. The script instructs viewers to visit the Roco Vision website and use its services to 'capture your motion for free', highlighting its utility for creating motion capture without incurring costs.

💡Dual Camera Record

Dual Camera Record is one of the three capture methods mentioned in the script. It involves using two cameras to record movements for more accurate motion capture. Although this method is described as the best for accuracy, it is also noted as a paid service within the Roco Vision tool. The script uses this term to contrast with the free single camera methods available.


A Webcam is a digital camera that captures images or videos and streams them over a network, such as the internet. In the video script, it is mentioned as an alternative to professional motion capture equipment, allowing users to record their movements with 'any webcam' for the purpose of uploading and converting into animation data.

💡Video Upload

Video Upload refers to the process of transferring a video file from a local device to a server, typically for sharing or processing online. The script describes a step where users can 'click the upload video button and browse for the video on the computer', which is part of the motion capture process using Roco Vision.

💡Animation Data

Animation Data is the digital information that describes the movements and positions of objects in an animated sequence. In the context of the video, after processing the uploaded video, Roco Vision 'turns it into animation data', which can then be used to animate characters or objects in various software platforms.

💡FBX Format

FBX is a proprietary data format used for 3D graphics and animation files. The script mentions downloading the animation data in 'fbx format', which is a widely accepted format for importing and exporting 3D models and animations across different platforms and software.


Blender is a free and open-source 3D creation suite that supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, and motion tracking. The script instructs viewers to open a 'new blender file' to import the downloaded FBX file and use its features to work with the animation data.


In 3D animation, an Armature refers to a digital skeleton used to control the shape and movement of a 3D model. The script mentions opening the 'Armature section' in Blender and checking the 'automatic bone orientation' option, which is part of the process of preparing the model for animation.


Retargeting is the process of transferring motion data from one character or object to another. In the video, the term is used to describe transferring motion data from one rigged character to another using the Roco plugin in Blender. The script outlines the steps for 'retargeting', which is essential for adapting the captured motion to different characters.

💡Roco Plugin

A plugin in this context is a software component that adds a specific feature or functionality to an existing program. The 'Roco plugin' mentioned in the script is used for retargeting motion data within Blender. It allows users to easily match and transfer motion from one character's armature to another, streamlining the animation process.


Tutorial on free AI motion capture using Roco Vision tool.

Access Roco Vision website through the provided link in the video description.

Create a Roco account or log in if you already have one.

Three capture methods available: dual camera (paid) and two free single camera methods.

Upload video or record with a webcam for motion capture.

Video can be cropped and processed for motion capture.

Process video to turn action into animation data.

Download animation data in fbx format.

Import fbx file into a new Blender file.

Check automatic bone orientation option in Blender.

Play and import animation for character rigging.

Retarget animation to another rigged character.

Download free rigged characters from Mixo website.

Transfer motion data between characters using retargeting.

Install Roco plugin for Blender to assist with retargeting.

Use Roco plugin to match source and target bones for retargeting.

Ensure correct bone matching to avoid unwanted animation results.

Complete the retargeting process with the retarget animation button.