GPT-4: Did I Just Unlock The Secret To AI Story Writing? - The Last of Us Edition

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29 Mar 202311:17

TLDRIn 'GPT-4: Did I Just Unlock The Secret To AI Story Writing? - The Last of Us Edition', the video showcases an AI-generated story based on the concept of 'showing not telling'. The story, narrated by an AI voice and illustrated by mid-journey V5, follows Joel's journey in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the cordyceps infection. He encounters Ellie, and together they embark on a quest for a rumored cure, navigating a world filled with danger and suspicion. The video concludes with a discussion on the AI writing process and invites viewers to provide feedback for improvement.


  • 📜 The story is an AI-generated narrative in the style of 'The Last of Us', focusing on a post-apocalyptic world.
  • 🌅 The setting is a city reclaimed by nature, with crumbling buildings and abandoned streets, creating an oppressive silence.
  • 👢 Joel, the main character, is portrayed as a hardened survivor, cautious and wary of the dangers lurking in the world.
  • 🌿 The environment is described with rich detail, emphasizing the contrast between the remnants of human life and the encroaching nature.
  • 🔍 Joel's search for valuable items in the ruins highlights the struggle for survival in a desolate world.
  • 🤝 Joel's interaction with a group of survivors shows the scarcity of trust and the delicate balance of cooperation in this world.
  • 👥 The story introduces Ellie, a young survivor with a fierce determination, who Joel encounters during a confrontation with the infected.
  • 💡 A whispered rumor about a potential cure for the cordyceps infection sparks hope and curiosity in both Joel and Ellie.
  • 👣 The journey of Joel and Ellie is driven by the pursuit of this rumored cure, despite the unknown dangers and potential betrayals.
  • 🔐 The story emphasizes the importance of hope and the human connection in a world filled with despair and darkness.
  • 📝 The script also discusses the process of creating the story with GPT-4, focusing on 'showing not telling' and slow character development.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the story presented in the script?

    -The main theme of the story is survival in a post-apocalyptic world, focusing on the emotional journey of the characters, Joel and Ellie, as they navigate through a world devastated by the cordyceps infection.

  • How does the story begin, and what setting is described?

    -The story begins with a description of a crumbling cityscape at sunset, where nature is reclaiming the abandoned structures and the world is filled with the scent of rot and despair.

  • What is the significance of the rusted can opener, frayed blanket, and dented canteen in the story?

    -These items symbolize the small victories and the struggle for survival in a desolate world, where even basic items have become valuable.

  • How does Joel's encounter with the group of survivors illustrate the lack of trust in this world?

    -Joel's cautious approach and the wary glances from the survivors highlight the fragile nature of trust in a world where desperation and fear can easily shatter it.

  • What is the turning point for Joel when he first encounters Ellie?

    -The turning point is when Joel sees Ellie fighting off the infected with a broken pipe, which stirs a dormant spark of protectiveness within him, leading him to help her.

  • What is the whispered conversation that Ellie and Joel overhear, and what does it suggest?

    -They overhear a conversation about a possible cure for the infection, suggesting that there might be hope for humanity amidst the despair.

  • What is the significance of the 'cure' in the story?

    -The 'cure' represents a glimmer of hope and a potential turning point for the characters and the world they inhabit, driving their actions and decisions.

  • How does the story emphasize the concept of 'showing, not telling'?

    -The story uses vivid descriptions of the environment, characters' actions, and emotional reactions to convey the narrative, rather than explicitly stating the characters' thoughts or feelings.

  • What is the role of the AI voice in the story?

    -The AI voice serves as the narrator, guiding the audience through the story and providing a consistent, immersive experience.

  • What was the process used to create the story, and what tools were involved?

    -The story was created using GPT-4, with a focus on slow development, character building, and world building. The process involved using prompts, personas, and a story template to guide the narrative.

  • What feedback is the narrator seeking from the audience?

    -The narrator is seeking feedback on the story to improve future versions, asking for comments on the narrative, character development, and overall experience.



🌆 Desolate Beginnings

The story opens in a post-apocalyptic world where nature has reclaimed a crumbling cityscape. The protagonist, Joel, navigates through the ruins, scavenging for survival items like a can opener, blanket, and canteen. He encounters a group of wary survivors and engages in a tense trade. Amidst the desolation, Joel's protective instincts are awakened when he rescues a young girl, Ellie, from a group of infected individuals. Their encounter sets the stage for a potential alliance in a world where trust is scarce and danger is omnipresent.


🤔 Echoes of Hope

In this paragraph, Joel and Ellie overhear a whispered conversation about a rumored cure for the cordyceps infection that has devastated humanity. The possibility of a cure ignites a spark of hope within them, prompting them to consider seeking it out. Their journey is marked by a slow development of trust and a growing sense of purpose, as they decide to face the unknown dangers and potential deceptions in pursuit of the cure. The narrative emphasizes the importance of hope and the human connection in a bleak world.


📚 Crafting the Narrative

The final paragraph shifts focus to the storytelling process, revealing the author's intent to create a rich, slow-paced narrative that shows rather than tells. The author discusses using GPT-4 to build the story, emphasizing the importance of character and world development without rushing the plot. A detailed story template is mentioned, including the genre, protagonist, and author style. The author also shares the approach to writing the first chapter, focusing on in-depth character and world-building, and invites feedback to improve the story further.



💡AI Story Writing

AI Story Writing refers to the use of artificial intelligence to craft narratives, as demonstrated by GPT-4 in this video. It is a modern approach to creative writing that leverages technology to generate human-like stories. In the script, AI Story Writing is central to the creation of 'The Last of Us Edition,' showcasing how GPT-4 can develop a rich storyline and characters without direct human input.

💡Mid-Journey V5

Mid-Journey V5 is likely a reference to a specific version or iteration of a technology or software used in conjunction with AI for tasks such as illustration or visualization. The script mentions it in the context of the story being 'illustrated by mid-journey V5,' suggesting its role in bringing the narrative to life visually, though the exact nature of Mid-Journey V5 is not elaborated upon in the transcript.


A Narrator is a person or entity that tells a story to an audience. In the context of this video, the narrator is mentioned as an 'AI voice,' indicating the use of artificial intelligence to deliver the story audibly. This AI-driven narration is part of the innovative approach to storytelling presented in the video.

💡Prompts and Personas

Prompts and Personas are tools used in creative writing, particularly when working with AI. Prompts are stimuli or questions that inspire a response, while personas are fictional characters with defined traits that guide the narrative. The script discusses using specific prompts and personas to instruct GPT-4 in crafting the story, emphasizing the methodical approach to AI-assisted story development.


Survival is a central theme in the video's story, depicted through the character Joel's actions and environment. It refers to the struggle to stay alive in a hostile world, as illustrated by his cautious movements through the ruins and the necessity to find valuable items for daily sustenance. The concept of survival underscores the harsh reality of the characters' lives.


In the script, 'Infected' refers to individuals who have been affected by a mysterious affliction, possibly a disease or condition that turns them into threats to the uninfected. The term is used to describe the antagonistic forces that the characters, like Ellie, must confront and fight off, adding tension and danger to the narrative.

💡Cordyceps Infection

The Cordyceps Infection is a fictional disease in the story that has led to the downfall of humanity as we know it. It is the cause of the desolate world in which the characters live and the source of the infected individuals. The script hints at a potential cure for this infection, which becomes a driving force for the characters' actions.


Trust is a fragile commodity in the world depicted in the script, where characters must be wary of strangers due to the potential for betrayal. The concept is highlighted in interactions between survivors, such as when Joel approaches a group with the intention to trade, and the cautious negotiations that follow.


Despair is a pervasive emotion in the video's story, reflecting the characters' feelings of hopelessness in the face of the ruined world. It is conveyed through descriptions of the environment, such as the 'faint scent of rot and despair,' and the characters' reactions to their circumstances.


Hope is presented as a vital counterpoint to despair in the script. It is embodied in the characters' reactions to the possibility of a cure for the cordyceps infection. The whisper of a cure ignites a spark of hope in Ellie and Joel, motivating them to seek out the truth and potentially change their bleak reality.


Connection is a key concept in the video, symbolizing the bond that forms between Joel and Ellie as they navigate their dangerous world together. It represents the human need for companionship and support in the face of adversity, as seen in their shared experiences and mutual protection during the story.


GPT-4 is utilized to write a human-like story in the style of 'The Last of Us'.

The story is fully written by GPT-4, with illustrations by mid-journey V5 and narrated by an AI voice.

The AI follows the concept of 'showing, not telling' for a rich narrative.

The story emphasizes slow character development and plot pacing.

The protagonist, Joel, is introduced as a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world.

The environment is vividly described, setting a desolate and dangerous tone.

Joel's character is developed through his interactions with remnants of the past.

Survivors' distrust and the scarcity of resources are depicted in their interactions.

Joel encounters Ellie, a young survivor showing determination amidst fear.

Ellie and Joel form an unlikely alliance based on a shared struggle for survival.

A whispered rumor of a cure sets the direction for their journey.

The story explores themes of hope, despair, and the human condition in a dystopian setting.

The AI's approach to writing includes creating a detailed story outline and character personas.

The author's persona is established as a genre author with a focus on emotional thrillers.

The story template includes a slow-paced, dialogue-heavy, and emotionally intense narrative.

The AI's process involves back-and-forth refinement to achieve a slower story arc.

The final story chapter is edited for pacing and depth, with a focus on character and world-building.

The narrator invites feedback to improve the story in future versions.