GPT4o: 11 STUNNING Use Cases and Full Breakdown

Matthew Berman
17 May 202430:55

TLDRThe video transcript explores the capabilities of GPT-4, a new AI model from OpenAI, highlighting its impressive real-world applications. From guessing events with visual and voice cues to interacting with other AIs and singing, GPT-4 demonstrates its adaptability. The model also excels in tutoring, summarizing meetings, real-time translation, and aiding the visually impaired. Its potential in customer service and voice-activated tasks showcases the transformative impact of AI on various industries, while raising concerns about potential misuse.


  • 😀 GPT 40 has been announced with some parts already released, featuring advanced capabilities in vision, voice, and text interaction.
  • 🎤 The voice aspect of GPT 40 is not yet released but is highlighted as an exciting feature, with the ability to adjust the speaking style and tone.
  • 🔮 GPT 40 can make guesses and interact based on visual cues, as demonstrated in the example with an OpenAI employee guessing an announcement.
  • 🎨 The AI can interpret and respond to voice commands with appropriate reactions, showcasing its ability to understand context and user intent.
  • 🤝 GPT 40 can interact with other AIs, as shown in an example where two AIs converse and sing together, indicating advanced communication capabilities.
  • 📚 The model has potential educational applications, such as tutoring in subjects like math, by guiding students through problems step by step.
  • 🎭 GPT 40 can exhibit different speech styles, including sarcasm, upon user request, showing its versatility in language expression.
  • 📝 It can be used for real-time translation, summarizing meetings, and assisting with note-taking, highlighting its utility in professional settings.
  • 👥 The AI can distinguish between multiple speakers in a conversation, assigning names to voices and understanding individual contributions.
  • 👓 GPT 40's integration with applications like the native app on an iPad allows it to read and interact with on-screen content in real time.
  • 🚀 The potential for GPT 40 in accessibility, customer service, and other business use cases is vast, with the ability to perform tasks like making calls on behalf of users.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic discussed in the video script?

    -The main topic discussed in the video script is the release of GPT 40 and its various real-world use cases, focusing on its voice and vision capabilities.

  • What is the significance of the voice aspect of GPT 40 that is mentioned in the script?

    -The voice aspect of GPT 40 is significant because it adds a new dimension to the model's interaction capabilities, making it more engaging and personalized for users.

  • How does the script describe the default voice setting of GPT 40?

    -The script humorously describes the default voice setting of GPT 40 as a 'California Valley Girl' accent, which is set to maximum cringe and is very recognizable to the narrator.

  • What is an example of GPT 40's ability to interpret context and adjust its voice output accordingly?

    -An example given in the script is when the AI responds in a whisper after being asked to 'hold on', demonstrating its ability to interpret the context and adjust its voice output to be quiet and subdued.

  • How does GPT 40 demonstrate its capability to interact with the physical world through the script's examples?

    -GPT 40 demonstrates its capability to interact with the physical world by guessing the setup for a video recording, responding to visual cues, and even interacting with another AI in a singing example.

  • What is the potential application of GPT 40's voice capabilities in customer service as mentioned in the script?

    -The script suggests that GPT 40's voice capabilities could be used to handle customer service calls on behalf of users, potentially reducing the need for human interaction in certain scenarios.

  • How does the script highlight the importance of low latency in GPT 40's functionality?

    -The script highlights the importance of low latency in GPT 40's functionality through examples such as real-time translation and providing assistance to visually impaired individuals, which require immediate and accurate responses.

  • What is the potential educational application of GPT 40 demonstrated in the script?

    -The script demonstrates the potential educational application of GPT 40 by showing it helping a child with a math problem, guiding him through the process without giving away the answer, which could enhance learning.

  • How does GPT 40's ability to distinguish between multiple voices contribute to its utility in meetings?

    -GPT 40's ability to distinguish between multiple voices allows it to assign names to voices, understand individual contributions, and even summarize meetings, making it a valuable tool for note-taking and task management.

  • What are some of the ethical considerations mentioned in the script regarding the use of GPT 40's capabilities?

    -The script mentions the potential for abuse of GPT 40's capabilities, such as scammers using it to deceive people, and the importance of context in determining the appropriateness of its use.



🤖 GPT 40 Model Exploration and Real-World Applications

The video script delves into the recently announced GPT 40 model, focusing on its yet-to-be-released voice capabilities and real-world use cases. It discusses the model's ability to interact through audio, vision, and text, and showcases an example where an OpenAI employee uses these capabilities to guess activities in a recording setup. The script also highlights the model's flirty voice, which can be adjusted, and its ability to interpret and react appropriately to user prompts.


🎤 AI Interaction and Voice Modulation Demonstration

This section of the script features an interactive demonstration between two AIs, one with visual capabilities and another without sight but able to ask questions. The AIs engage in a dialogue, describing the environment and a person's attire, showcasing the model's low latency and ability to adapt its voice output based on the context. The script also includes an instance where the AI correctly identifies a playful moment, despite the human not noticing it in the camera feed.


🎵 AI Singing Duet and Interview Preparation

The script presents a unique scenario where two AIs engage in a singing duet, alternating lines and rhyming with each other, demonstrating the model's ability to create and respond creatively. Additionally, it shows a one-minute demo of interview preparation, where the AI assists in getting ready for an interview at OpenAI, suggesting ways to appear more professional and highlighting the potential for AI roleplay and companionship.


📞 AI in Customer Service and Rock Paper Scissors Game

The script explores the potential of AI in customer service, illustrating a scenario where the AI handles a customer's request for a replacement iPhone. It also shows the AI playing a game of rock paper scissors, correctly identifying the players and the outcomes, and demonstrating the model's capability to distinguish between multiple people and voices. The AI's ability to convey sarcasm is also touched upon.


📚 AI-Assisted Learning and Real-Time Translation

The script highlights the potential of AI in education, showing a demo where the AI helps a student understand a math problem without giving away the answer. It emphasizes the model's ability to read from a native app and interact in real time. Additionally, it presents a real-time translation scenario where the AI translates between English and Spanish, showcasing its utility in cross-language communication.


🦆 AI Description of Scene and Taxi Hailing

This part of the script demonstrates the AI's ability to describe a scene with ducks gliding across water and to recognize a taxi by its light, offering to hail it for transportation. It underscores the importance of hyper-low latency for such use cases and hints at the potential accessibility gains from GPT 40's functionality.


📈 Business Use Cases and AI Capabilities Exploration

The script concludes with business use cases, such as customer service and potential misuse of AI for scams. It also explores other capabilities of GPT 40, like photo to caricature conversion, lecture summarization, and 3D object synthesis, indicating the wide range of applications and the need for responsible use and guardrails against misuse.



💡GPT 40

GPT 40 refers to a hypothetical advanced version of a language model, presumably succeeding models like GPT-3. In the context of the video, GPT 40 symbolizes a significant leap in AI capabilities, featuring voice interaction and understanding through audio, vision, and text. The script discusses various use cases and demonstrations showcasing GPT 40's potential applications, such as guessing events, interacting with other AIs, and assisting with tasks.

💡Voice Capabilities

Voice capabilities in the script refer to the AI's ability to not only understand spoken language but also to generate human-like speech. This feature is highlighted as a key aspect of GPT 40, allowing for more natural and interactive communication. Examples from the script include the AI guessing events with a 'flirty' voice and adjusting its tone based on the context, such as whispering when asked to 'hold on'.

💡Real-world Use Cases

Real-world use cases are practical applications of the AI's abilities in everyday scenarios. The video script provides several examples, such as using GPT 40 for interview preparation, tutoring in math, summarizing meetings, and providing real-time translation. These use cases demonstrate the potential of GPT 40 to enhance various aspects of human life through advanced AI interaction.


Latency in the context of the video refers to the delay between the input (such as a voice command or question) and the AI's response. The script mentions 'unbelievable latency,' indicating the speed and responsiveness of GPT 40's voice feature, which is crucial for real-time interactions and applications like live translation or interactive tutoring.


Roleplay is a concept where individuals assume roles or characters in a simulated scenario. The script suggests that GPT 40's voice capabilities could enable roleplay interactions, such as treating the AI as a friend or a girlfriend. This indicates a more personalized and immersive way of interacting with AI, blurring the lines between technology and human-like companionship.


Tutoring in the script refers to the AI's ability to assist in learning, specifically demonstrated through a scenario where GPT 40 helps a child understand a math problem. The AI guides the child to find the solution by asking questions and providing hints, showcasing its potential as an educational tool.

💡Meeting Summaries

Meeting summaries are concise recaps of the key points and decisions made during a meeting. The video script describes a use case where GPT 40 can listen to a debate and summarize the main points, assigning them to the correct speaker. This feature could be valuable for business meetings, streamlining the process of documenting discussions and action items.

💡Real-time Translation

Real-time translation is the instantaneous conversion of spoken language from one to another. The script includes an example where GPT 40 serves as a translator between English and Spanish, demonstrating its potential to facilitate communication across language barriers in business, travel, and personal interactions.


Accessibility in the context of the video pertains to the AI's potential to assist individuals with disabilities. The script mentions a partnership with Be My Eyes, an organization that helps visually impaired people through volunteer assistance. GPT 40 could enhance this service by providing real-time visual descriptions, improving accessibility for the visually impaired.

💡Customer Service

Customer service in the script refers to the AI's ability to handle customer inquiries and issues. An example is given where GPT 40 is used to request a replacement device from a company on behalf of a user. This showcases the potential for AI to automate and streamline customer support processes, saving time and effort.


GPT 40 has been announced with some parts already released, with the voice aspect still to come.

The model can guess scenarios using vision and voice capabilities, as demonstrated by an OpenAI employee.

GPT 40's voice has been described as flirty and can be adjusted through system prompts.

The AI can interpret and respond to voice cues, adjusting its behavior accordingly.

Two AIs can interact with each other, even singing alternate lines of a song.

GPT 40 can assist in interview preparation, offering advice on presentation and demeanor.

The potential for AI as companions or girlfriends is being explored through roleplay and personalized interactions.

AI can play games like rock-paper-scissors, recognizing participants and announcing winners.

GPT 40 can demonstrate sarcasm when prompted, showcasing its ability to convey different tones of voice.

AI can tutor students in subjects like math, guiding them through problems without giving direct answers.

GPT 40 can participate in conference calls, taking notes and summarizing discussions.

Real-time translation capabilities allow GPT 40 to translate conversations between English and Spanish.

GPT 40's integration with Be My Eyes provides assistance to visually impaired individuals.

The potential for AI in customer service includes making calls and handling issues on behalf of users.

GPT 40 can generate caricatures from descriptions and perform tasks like 3D object synthesis.

AI is capable of summarizing lengthy lectures and presentations, demonstrating its ability to process extensive context.