Google Gemini on Android: Full Review & Features

12 Feb 202409:26

TLDRThe Gemini mobile app by Google, recently out of beta, offers a rich AI experience with several new features. It replaces Google Assistant on devices and can perform tasks like image generation, summarizing Gmail contents, and travel planning. However, it currently lacks support for PDF uploads and some Google Assistant functions. Users report occasional refusals to process prompts and slower response times compared to Chat GPT. Despite these issues, Gemini shows promise for the Android ecosystem and is set to evolve with continuous updates.


  • 🚀 Google's Gemini mobile app has been released, offering a new AI experience for users.
  • 🔄 Gemini is no longer in beta, but users should regularly check for updates to both the Gemini app and the Google Search app.
  • 🎙️ Voice commands in Gemini now auto-submit after initial issues required manual submission.
  • 🌐 Upcoming availability of Gemini in Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Canada on February 12th, with Europe's availability pending.
  • 📱 Gemini offers a fully-fledged mobile experience with unique features for mobile users, beyond just a web app shortcut.
  • 🖼️ The app can handle complex tasks like image generation, creative writing, and summarizing information from Gmail or Google Drive.
  • 📄 Gemini can process PDFs by summarizing their content when uploaded to Google Drive, though direct PDF upload is not supported.
  • 🔍 Users can verify facts in green or yellow, indicating differences from the source, and export findings to Google Docs.
  • 🔗 Gemini allows creating public links to share prompts with others for collaborative troubleshooting and feedback.
  • 🔧 Gemini replaces Google Assistant on the device, but currently lacks some features like Google calendar appointments and media control.
  • 🛠️ Common issues with Gemini include repeated prompts, lack of offline support, slower performance for daily tasks, and filters on certain prompts.

Q & A

  • What is Google's new Gemini mobile app?

    -Gemini is a new mobile app developed by Google that has replaced Google Assistant on certain devices. It is designed to provide an enhanced AI experience with features and capabilities beyond the standard Google Assistant.

  • Is Gemini no longer in beta?

    -Yes, Gemini is no longer in beta. Google has been actively updating the app with new features and improvements since its launch.

  • How can users submit voice commands in Gemini?

    -Initially, users had to manually submit voice commands, but an update was released shortly after launch that allows for automatic submission of voice inquiries once voice detection is recognized and the prompt is completed.

  • What regions is Gemini expected to be released in next?

    -Based on the information available, Gemini is set to be released in Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Canada, with European availability pending at the moment.

  • What are some of the unique mobile features available in Gemini?

    -Gemini offers unique mobile features such as the ability to access the app from various quick access points like holding down the power button or using the 'Hey, you know who' hotword command. It also provides mobile-specific nuances and functionalities.

  • Can Gemini read and summarize PDFs?

    -While Gemini cannot directly upload a PDF to the text box prompt, users can upload a PDF to Google Drive and then ask Gemini to summarize it via the workspace extension. It can also answer questions about the PDF, translate it into different languages, or generate creative text from its contents.

  • What are some limitations of Gemini compared to Google Assistant?

    -Gemini currently cannot create Google calendar appointments, control media like podcasts or YouTube music, set routines on home devices, set reminders, or use the Interpreter mode. These features are still available with Google Assistant.

  • How does Gemini handle real-time information?

    -Gemini is connected to Google Search, which allows it to provide real-time information. However, it may not be as fast as other AI models like Chat GPT in delivering certain types of information.

  • What are some common issues users have experienced with Gemini?

    -Users have reported issues such as the need to repeat or request prompts, encountering an error when trying to read web pages out loud, and experiencing the 'I'm just a language model' error due to misinterpretation of questions.

  • How does Gemini differ from Google Assistant in terms of offline support?

    -Gemini does not offer any offline support. If disconnected from the internet, it won't recognize voice input, run any prompts, or show recent chats. In contrast, Google Assistant can perform basic commands and use voice input even when offline.

  • What is the future outlook for Gemini within the Android ecosystem?

    -Gemini is seen as having a promising future within the Android ecosystem, but it still has a long way to go. It is expected to continue evolving with updates and improvements, and its role may become more specialized within Google products.



📱 Gemini App Overview and Initial Feedback

The video begins with an introduction to Google's new Gemini mobile app, which has been recently released and tested on multiple devices. The creator discusses the app's capabilities and notes that while Gemini is no longer in beta, it is still undergoing changes. The importance of regularly checking for updates is emphasized. Initially, some crucial features were missing, but Google has been quick to address these issues, such as the auto-submission of voice inquiries. The creator also mentions an AI team member's commitment to working on prompt refusals, guard rails, and integrating more Google Assistant tasks. Availability updates are provided, including a release in various regions, with Europe's availability still pending.


🌐 Gemini's Mobile Experience and Features

The summary delves into the Gemini mobile experience, highlighting its thoughtful nuances and advantages as a mobile application over the web experience. The app's accessibility features are discussed, including唤起 methods like holding the power button or using voice commands. The creator confirms that Gemini replaces Google Assistant, at least temporarily. A range of features and capabilities are explored, such as image generation, creative writing, summarizing information from Gmail or Google Drive, and travel planning with Google Maps. The ability to work with PDFs via Google Drive is explained, along with some limitations and refusals experienced. Additional features like checking responses against sources, verifying facts, and exporting findings to Google Docs are mentioned. The video also touches on the app's ability to adjust response styles and share prompts publicly for troubleshooting and collaboration.



💡Gemini mobile app

The Gemini mobile app is a new product developed by Google, designed to enhance the user experience with AI capabilities. It is intended to replace Google Assistant, offering features like automatic voice command submission and integration with other Google services. The app is in a state of continuous development, with updates being rolled out frequently to address user feedback and add new features.

💡AI team

The AI team refers to the group of professionals at Google who are responsible for developing and improving the artificial intelligence aspects of their products, such as the Gemini mobile app. This team works on refining the app's capabilities, including prompt refusals, guardrails, and the integration of more Google Assistant tasks.

💡Mobile experience

The mobile experience refers to how users interact with and utilize applications on their mobile devices. In the context of the video, it specifically relates to the user's interaction with the Gemini app and how it differs from or enhances the traditional web experience.


In the context of the Gemini app, prompts are the user inputs or questions that the AI system processes to generate a response or perform an action. Prompts can range from simple queries to complex tasks, and the app's ability to handle them effectively is crucial to its utility.

💡PDF summarization

PDF summarization is the process of condensing a PDF document into a shorter, more digestible summary. In the Gemini app, this feature allows users to upload a PDF to Google Drive and then request the app to provide a summary of its contents, which can be useful for quickly understanding the main points of a document without reading it in full.

💡Workspace extension

The workspace extension is a feature within the Gemini app that allows users to perform more complex tasks and interactions with the AI. It provides additional functionalities such as summarizing documents, generating creative text, and translating content from uploaded PDFs.

💡AI ethics guidelines

AI ethics guidelines are a set of principles or rules that govern the development and use of artificial intelligence to ensure it is aligned with ethical standards and societal values. These guidelines help prevent the misuse of AI and protect users from potential harm.

💡Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is an artificial intelligence agent that provides support to users by performing tasks, answering questions, and interacting in a conversational manner. In the context of the video, the Gemini app is positioned as a virtual assistant that can replace Google Assistant on mobile devices.

💡Smart Home devices

Smart Home devices are internet-connected devices that can be controlled remotely and often respond to voice commands. They include items like lights, thermostats, security systems, and more. The Gemini app, as a virtual assistant, can interact with and control these devices as part of its functionality.

💡Calendar submissions

Calendar submissions refer to the ability of an app or service to create, manage, or update events on a user's digital calendar. This feature is important for users who rely on their virtual assistant to schedule appointments, meetings, and other calendar-based activities.

💡The Interpreter mode

The Interpreter mode is a feature in some virtual assistant applications that allows for real-time translation of spoken language, facilitating communication between speakers of different languages. This mode is particularly useful for international travel or multilingual interactions.


Google's new Gemini mobile app has been released, offering a new AI experience for users.

Gemini has replaced Google Assistant on multiple devices, with ongoing updates and improvements.

Initially, crucial features were missing, but Google has been quick to address these issues post-launch.

Voice commands now auto-submit after the initial frustration of needing manual submission was resolved.

Google is working on prompt refusals, guardrails, and integrating more Google Assistant tasks like calendar submissions and reminders.

Gemini's availability is expanding to Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Canada, with Europe's availability pending.

The Gemini app is a fully-fledged mobile application with thoughtful nuances for mobile users.

Gemini can handle complex tasks like image generation, creative writing, and summarizing information from Gmail or Google Drive.

PDFs can be processed by uploading them to Google Drive and then summarizing or translating them via Gemini.

Gemini provides source verification with a color-coded system for facts and allows exporting findings to Google Docs.

Users can adjust the nature of responses to be longer, shorter, more casual, or professional.

Creating a public link for prompts allows for transparency and easier collaboration on troubleshooting.

Gemini will replace Google Assistant on mobile OS, but it's not yet ready to fully take over due to missing features.

Google Assistant will likely take on a more specialized role in Google products beyond smartphones.

Common issues with Gemini include repeated prompts, I'm just a language model errors, and lack of offline support.

Gemini is slower than Google Assistant for daily tasks and has filters in place that prevent some prompts from being initiated.

The future of Gemini within the Android ecosystem looks promising, but there is room for improvement and development.