Grammarly vs. Wordtune: Which Tool is Best?

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25 May 202314:19

TLDRThe video script compares WordTune and Grammarly, two AI-powered writing tools. WordTune specializes in rewriting and summarizing content, offering a free version with limited daily use and a premium subscription for extensive content manipulation. Grammarly, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive writing assistant with grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checks, along with AI-driven sentence rewrites. It has a free version and a premium subscription with additional features. The video suggests that while WordTune is great for rephrasing and summarizing, Grammarly is a more versatile tool for overall writing assistance.


  • 🔍 Both WordTune and Grammarly offer AI-powered writing assistance, with WordTune focusing on content rewriting and summarization, while Grammarly provides a comprehensive suite including grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checks.
  • 💡 Grammarly is free to use with basic features, and offers a premium subscription for more advanced checks and tools, including full sentence rewrites and style adjustments.
  • 📝 WordTune allows for free basic rewriting with limited daily usage, and a premium subscription for unlimited content rewriting and additional editing tools.
  • 📊 The pricing for WordTune and Grammarly is comparable, with both offering free versions and premium subscriptions, but Grammarly provides a more extensive set of features.
  • 🌐 Grammarly can be used across multiple platforms, including as a browser plugin and desktop application, whereas WordTune is primarily browser-based.
  • 📈 WordTune excels in summarizing online content and rephrasing existing text, offering a quick way to condense and adapt content for different purposes.
  • 🔧 Grammarly's Grammarly Go feature provides AI-powered suggestions for text improvement, including tone adjustments and overall engagement enhancement.
  • 🔍 Grammarly's plagiarism checker is a premium feature that scans work against millions of web pages to identify potential plagiarism, a feature not currently offered by WordTune.
  • 🤖 The use of AI in writing tools like Grammarly and WordTune is becoming increasingly valuable for improving efficiency and quality in content creation.
  • 💼 For users looking to save time and enhance their writing, Grammarly's all-in-one approach may be more beneficial than using WordTune solely for content rewriting and summarization.
  • 👥 Grammarly also offers a business subscription for team use, providing secure access and additional features tailored for professional environments.

Q & A

  • What are the core functionalities of WordTune?

    -WordTune is primarily a tool for quickly and easily rewriting articles, sentences, or paragraphs using AI. It is also capable of summarizing content.

  • How does Grammarly differ from WordTune in terms of features?

    -Grammarly is an all-in-one writing assistant that not only rewrites content but also functions as a grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker. It provides a more comprehensive set of tools compared to WordTune.

  • What are the benefits of using Grammarly for free?

    -Grammarly's free version allows users to install the plugin on their browser, access the grammar checker, spelling checker, and Grammarly Go, the AI assistant, without any cost.

  • How much does it cost to upgrade to Grammarly's premium subscription?

    -The premium subscription usually costs $30 per month, but users can save money by taking advantage of promotions or opting for an annual subscription, which reduces the monthly fee to $12.

  • What are the pricing options for WordTune's premium subscription?

    -WordTune's premium subscription starts at $9.99 per month if paid annually ($120 for the whole year), and a monthly subscription for a one-time project costs $24.99 per month.

  • How does WordTune assist with rewriting text?

    -WordTune provides users with three different rewriting options for selected text, and allows adjustments based on preferred tone of voice, either casual or formal. It can also expand or shorten sentences as needed.

  • What additional feature does Grammarly offer that WordTune does not?

    -Grammarly offers a plagiarism checker, which is a premium feature that scans work against millions of web pages to identify instances of accidental or deliberate plagiarism.

  • How can WordTune be useful during the research process?

    -WordTune can quickly produce a summary of an article found online by pasting the URL into the tool, which is helpful for extracting key points and ideas from external sources.

  • What is the main advantage of using Grammarly Go over WordTune?

    -Grammarly Go provides additional assistance by identifying gaps in the article and offering prompts for rewriting, similar to the feedback a human editor would give. It also includes the capabilities of a grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker.

  • How does the script suggest integrating AI into the writing process?

    -The script suggests using Grammarly and ChatGPT together to save time on the paraphrasing process and improve the quality of work. Grammarly can be used for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checks, while ChatGPT can paraphrase or summarize content.

  • What recommendation does the speaker have for users who are interested in AI writing software?

    -The speaker recommends checking out both WordTune and Grammarly to see which tool fits best in their writing toolbox, as both offer valuable AI-powered writing assistance.



📝 Comparison of WordTune and Grammarly

This paragraph introduces a detailed comparison between WordTune and Grammarly, two AI-powered writing tools. Brian Collins discusses his extensive testing of both the free and premium versions of these tools. WordTune is presented as a tool for quick rewriting of articles, sentences, or paragraphs, and is also capable of summarizing content. Grammarly, on the other hand, is described as an all-in-one writing assistant that not only rewrites content but also checks for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism. The paragraph emphasizes the free access to Grammarly's basic features and the possibility of upgrading to a premium subscription for more comprehensive checks and tools.


🖋️ Features and Use Cases of WordTune and Grammarly

The second paragraph delves into the specific features and use cases of WordTune and Grammarly. It explains how WordTune can be used to rewrite text with different tones and lengths, providing examples of how it can rephrase sentences based on the user's preference for casual or formal language. The paragraph also highlights Grammarly's capabilities, such as its AI-powered writing assistant, Grammarly Go, which can improve text engagement and offer tone adjustments. Additionally, it mentions Grammarly's new feature, 'Identify Gaps,' which provides prompts for rewriting articles, a feature not available in WordTune. The paragraph also touches on the potential of using AI tools like ChatGPT for paraphrasing and summarizing content.


🔍 Summarization and Plagiarism Checking

The final paragraph discusses WordTune's unique feature of summarizing online articles and how it can quickly extract key points from external sources, which can be particularly useful during the research process. It contrasts this with Grammarly's plagiarism checker, a premium feature that scans work against millions of web pages to identify instances of plagiarism. The paragraph concludes by reiterating the usefulness of both tools for writers, especially with the integration of AI technology. It suggests that while WordTune is great for summarizing and rephrasing content, Grammarly offers a more comprehensive writing assistance package, including grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checks. The paragraph ends with an invitation for viewers to ask questions about the tools and to subscribe for more content.



💡editing software

Editing software refers to applications that assist users in revising and improving written content. In the context of the video, it highlights the comparison between WordTune and Grammarly, two tools that serve as writing aids with different functionalities. Editing software is crucial for enhancing grammar, spelling, and overall readability of text, which is the main theme the video explores.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, systems or software. In the video, AI is used by both WordTune and Grammarly to provide suggestions for content rewriting, summarization, and identifying areas for improvement. AI is integral to the functionalities of these editing tools, enabling them to offer智能化写作辅助 and make the writing process more efficient.


Summarizing is the process of condensing longer pieces of text into shorter, more concise versions while retaining the main points. The video discusses WordTune's capability to summarize content, which is particularly useful for extracting key ideas from lengthy articles or for creating briefs from extensive information. This feature is beneficial for writers who need to condense information for various purposes.

💡grammar checker

A grammar checker is a tool that identifies and corrects grammatical errors in written text. In the video, Grammarly is praised for its grammar checking feature, which helps users improve the grammatical accuracy of their writing. This is an essential aspect of writing, as it ensures that the content is not only understandable but also professionally presented.

💡plagiarism checker

A plagiarism checker is a software that compares written content to a database of existing works to identify instances of copying or duplicate content. The video mentions that Grammarly includes a plagiarism checker in its premium features, which is important for maintaining originality and avoiding potential legal issues related to copyright infringement.


Rewriting involves changing the structure and wording of a text while preserving its original meaning. The video emphasizes WordTune's ability to rewrite sentences and paragraphs, which can be useful for repurposing content, creating variations for different platforms, or improving the flow of an article. Rewriting is a valuable skill in content creation and editing.

💡free version

The free version refers to the basic tier of a software application that is available without charge. In the context of the video, both WordTune and Grammarly offer free versions with limited features, allowing users to experience the software before deciding to upgrade to premium subscriptions. This approach is common in software-as-a-service models to attract and retain users.

💡premium subscription

A premium subscription denotes a paid version of a software service that offers additional features and capabilities beyond the free version. The video outlines the pricing and benefits of premium subscriptions for both WordTune and Grammarly, highlighting the advanced tools and features available to users who choose to subscribe. These enhanced services are typically designed to cater to the needs of more serious or professional users.

💡content creation

Content creation refers to the process of producing written, visual, or audio material for various platforms and purposes. The video discusses how both WordTune and Grammarly can aid in content creation by improving the quality and effectiveness of writing. These tools are particularly beneficial for content creators looking to produce engaging and error-free material.

💡writing assistant

A writing assistant is a tool or software designed to support and enhance the writing process. In the video, Grammarly is described as an all-in-one writing assistant, offering a range of features from grammar and spelling checks to sentence rewrites and style adjustments. Writing assistants are valuable resources for writers, helping to streamline the editing process and achieve a higher level of polish in written work.

💡contextual feedback

Contextual feedback refers to suggestions or recommendations that are specific to the context or content of a particular piece of writing. In the video, Grammarly's ability to provide contextual feedback through its 'Identify Gaps' feature is highlighted as a significant advantage over WordTune. This feature offers insights into how to improve the article by considering the context, which is beneficial for writers seeking to enhance their content's depth and relevance.


WordTune and Grammarly are both AI-powered editing software, with WordTune focusing on rewriting and summarizing content, while Grammarly offers a comprehensive set of tools including grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checks.

Grammarly is free to use, with premium features available through a subscription, and it can be accessed through a browser plugin or the Grammarly website.

WordTune also offers a free version, but its premium subscription unlocks more extensive content rewriting and additional tools for tone adjustment and sentence expansion.

Grammarly's premium subscription typically costs $30 per month, but discounts are available for annual subscriptions or during promotions, bringing the price down to $12 per month.

Grammarly Business subscription is available for teams, starting at $15 per user per month on an annual subscription, offering secure access to team members.

WordTune's pricing is somewhat comparable to Grammarly's, with a free version and a premium subscription starting at $9.99 per month for annual payment or $24.99 per month for a monthly subscription.

WordTune does not fix common spelling or grammar mistakes, which is where Grammarly's additional features become valuable.

Grammarly's AI-powered writing assistant, Grammarly Go, can perform similar tasks to WordTune, but also includes grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checks.

Grammarly Go can identify gaps in an article and provide prompts for rewriting, offering a level of feedback similar to a human editor.

WordTune has a unique feature of summarizing online articles or content, which Grammarly currently lacks.

Grammarly's plagiarism checker, available for premium users, scans work against millions of web pages to detect instances of plagiarism.

ChatGPT can be used for paraphrasing and summarizing content, potentially integrating with Grammarly and WordTune for an efficient workflow.

Both WordTune and Grammarly are valuable tools for writers, with WordTune being particularly useful for content rephrasing and Grammarly offering a more comprehensive set of writing assistance tools.

The choice between WordTune and Grammarly depends on the specific needs of the writer, their experience level, and the nature of the content they are working on.

The video provides a detailed comparison of WordTune and Grammarly, highlighting their strengths and potential use cases for writers.

The reviewer prefers using Grammarly for its all-in-one approach to writing assistance, but acknowledges that both tools can be used together for maximum efficiency.