Haiper AI Tutorial For Beginners | How To Use Text To Video Generator

Mr. Money
9 Jun 202416:38

TLDRThis tutorial introduces beginners to the Hyper AI text-to-video generator, guiding them through the process of creating videos using text prompts. It showcases the variety of filters available, such as cyberpunk, watercolor, and Studio Ghibli, and demonstrates how to input prompts and adjust settings like resolution and duration. The video also highlights the experimental nature of the beta version and the potential for diverse outcomes with different prompts and styles, encouraging users to explore the creative possibilities of Hyper AI.


  • 🔎 Start by searching for 'Hyper' using a search engine like Bing to find the official website.
  • 🌐 Ensure the website has 'https' and the domain 'hyper.ai' to confirm it's the correct one.
  • 🎥 The homepage showcases examples of AI-generated videos, indicating the variety of content possible.
  • 📚 Note that Hyper is in beta, meaning it's an experimental phase with potential updates and changes.
  • 📝 To create a video, select 'Create Video with Text' and use the available filters like 'Cyberpunk' or 'Studio Jibli'.
  • 📖 Enter a text prompt for the AI to generate a video based on your description, such as 'a dancing man and woman turning into ice'.
  • 🎨 Experiment with different styles to see how the AI interprets the prompt in various visual themes.
  • 📱 Adjust the video resolution and duration according to your preference, with options like 16:9 for full screen or 9:16 for vertical videos.
  • ⏱ Longer videos will take more time for the AI to process, render, and export.
  • 👍 After creation, you can preview, regenerate, or repaint the video, and also give it a thumbs up or down.
  • 🔄 The 'Regenerate' option creates a new video with the same prompt, showing different AI interpretations.
  • 🔄 'Very Prompt' allows for a completely new video by changing the text or style, demonstrating the AI's creativity.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the 'Haiper AI Tutorial For Beginners' video?

    -The main topic of the video is to demonstrate how to use a text-to-video generator in Hyper AI to create videos from text prompts.

  • How does one begin to use Hyper AI according to the tutorial?

    -To begin using Hyper AI, one should first search for Hyper AI using a search engine like Bing, and then select the official website with the correct URL.

  • What are the examples of video filters provided in the Hyper AI tutorial?

    -The video filters provided in the tutorial include old film, watercolor, cyberpunk, arcane, Lego, blur background, jibli, steampunk, and impressionism.

  • What is the significance of the 'cyberpunk' filter in the given example?

    -The 'cyberpunk' filter adds a high-tech city, mechanical enhancement, hightech fantasy, and robotics theme to the video, giving it a Blade Runner or 2049 aesthetic.

  • Why might the video creation process take longer for longer videos?

    -Longer videos require more processing, rendering, and export time by the AI, which is why they might take longer to complete.

  • What is the purpose of the 'I' icon mentioned in the transcript?

    -The 'I' icon allows users to create videos in public, which might be showcased on the explore tab for others to discover.

  • What are the different video resolutions available for creation in Hyper AI?

    -The available video resolutions include 9:16 (vertical), 3:4, 1:1 (square), 4:3, 16:9 (full screen), and 21:9 (widescreen letterbox).

  • What does the 'regenerate' option in Hyper AI allow users to do?

    -The 'regenerate' option allows users to create a new version of the video with the same input prompt, potentially resulting in a different outcome.

  • How does changing a single word in the prompt affect the video creation in Hyper AI?

    -Changing a single word in the prompt can significantly alter the video's theme and style, as demonstrated by changing 'ice' to 'fire' in the tutorial.

  • What issue did the tutorial encounter when trying to create a video without any filters?

    -The tutorial encountered an issue where the video got stuck at 97% completion, possibly due to the simplicity of the prompt or technical issues.

  • What does the 'explore' tab in Hyper AI offer to users?

    -The 'explore' tab offers users a collection of videos created by others, providing inspiration and examples of what can be done with text prompts in Hyper AI.



🎬 Introduction to Hyper AI Video Creation

The script begins with an introduction to a tutorial on using Hyper AI for creating videos from text prompts. The narrator guides the audience through the process of finding the Hyper website using Bing, emphasizing the importance of verifying the website's authenticity. Once on the Hyper site, viewers are shown examples of AI-generated videos and encouraged to explore the variety of video styles available. The tutorial focuses on the 'Create Video with Text' feature, explaining the use of filters like old film, watercolor, and cyberpunk to enhance the video creation process. The narrator enters a text prompt for a 'dancing man and woman turning into ice' and selects the cyberpunk filter to see how the AI interprets the request.


🔄 Exploring AI Video Generation Outcomes and Options

This paragraph delves into the AI's video generation process, including the time it takes for rendering and exporting, especially for longer videos. The script describes the options available after video creation, such as regenerating the video for a different outcome, repainting for color or tone changes, and community interaction through likes and downloads. The narrator previews the video, showcasing a brief but high-quality animation of the initial prompt. The audience is then shown how to regenerate the video to compare different AI interpretations and the impact of changing a single word in the prompt, such as switching 'ice' to 'fire', which results in a new video generation with varying visual effects.


🎨 Experimenting with Different Styles in Hyper AI

The script continues with experiments using the same text prompt but different styles, such as Studio Jibli, to see how the AI generates videos with distinct artistic influences. The narrator creates a video with the Studio Jibli style, which is compared to the cyberpunk version, highlighting the versatility of the AI in adapting to different artistic directions. The paragraph also touches on the technical aspects of video creation, such as resolution and seed, which are important for more advanced users. The explore tab on the Hyper AI website is mentioned as a source of inspiration for video creators.


🌐 Challenges and Creativity in Open Prompt Video Generation

The final paragraph discusses the challenges that might be encountered when using open prompts without filters, which can lead to the AI getting 'stuck' during the video creation process. The narrator demonstrates this by entering a simple prompt without filters and adjusting the video duration to see if it affects the outcome. Despite some technical difficulties possibly due to internet issues, the AI successfully creates a video that is reminiscent of an old 50s movie in black and white. The script concludes with a reminder to like and subscribe for more content, emphasizing the creative potential of Hyper AI for video generation.



💡Hyper AI

Hyper AI refers to a hypothetical artificial intelligence platform that specializes in creating videos from text prompts. In the context of the video, it is the main subject, showcasing its capabilities to generate videos in various styles and resolutions. The script demonstrates the process of using Hyper AI, from searching for the platform to creating and previewing the generated videos.

💡Text to Video Generator

A 'Text to Video Generator' is a tool that converts written descriptions into visual content. The script describes how beginners can utilize this feature of Hyper AI to create videos by simply inputting text prompts, which the AI then interprets and transforms into video animations, offering a hands-off approach to video creation.


Cyberpunk is a genre that combines futuristic technology with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. In the script, 'Cyberpunk' is used as a filter for the video generation process, indicating a style that includes high-tech elements such as futuristic cities, mechanical enhancements, and robotics, as seen in the video prompt 'Blade Runner, 2049'.


Filters in the context of the video refer to stylistic options that users can apply to their video creations. The script mentions several filters like 'Old Film', 'Watercolor', 'Arcane', and 'Lego', which modify the visual style of the generated video, providing a diverse range of aesthetic outcomes based on the user's selection.


Resolution in video terms refers to the number of pixels used to form the image, determining the dimensions and quality of the video. The script explains that Hyper AI allows users to select from various resolutions, such as 9x16 for vertical videos or 16x9 for traditional widescreen, which cater to different platforms and viewer preferences.

💡Studio Jibli

Studio Jibli is a renowned Japanese animation studio known for its detailed and emotive storytelling. In the script, 'Studio Jibli' is mentioned as a filter option, suggesting that the AI can generate videos in the style of this studio, which is characterized by rich narratives and distinctive artistic visuals.


Beta refers to a testing phase of a software or product before its official release. The script mentions that Hyper AI is in its beta phase, indicating that it is still in development and may undergo updates and improvements. This context implies that users may encounter some limitations or bugs while using the platform.


In the script, 'Regenerate' is a feature that allows users to create a new video based on the same text prompt, but with different visual outcomes. This feature demonstrates the AI's ability to produce varied interpretations from a single input, offering users multiple versions of their video concept.


Although not deeply explored in the script, 'Seed' likely refers to a parameter in the video generation process that can influence the randomness or uniqueness of the output. It suggests that users might have some control over the variability of the AI's creations, although it is noted as a more advanced feature.

💡Explore Tab

The 'Explore Tab' is a feature within Hyper AI that showcases examples of videos created by the AI. The script suggests that users can browse this section for inspiration or to understand the range of video styles and themes that can be generated using the platform's text-to-video capabilities.


Introduction to the Hyper AI text to video generator tutorial.

Searching for Hyper using Bing and verifying the official website.

Exploring examples of AI-created videos on the Hyper homepage.

Understanding the experimental phase of Hyper AI during the beta.

Selecting 'Create Video with Text' to start the tutorial example.

Using filters like old film, watercolor, and cyberpunk for video styles.

Entering a text prompt for the AI to generate a video.

The experimental prompt 'dancing man and woman turning into ice'.

Applying the cyberpunk filter to the video prompt.

Adjusting video resolution and duration settings.

Creating the video with the AI and waiting for processing.

Previewing and downloading the rendered video.

Using the 'Regenerate' feature to create a new video with the same prompt.

Trying the 'Very Prompt' feature to change the video style completely.

Generating a video with the Studio Jibli style filter.

Creating a video without any filters to see the AI's open interpretation.

Facing issues with video creation and the AI's response to a simple prompt.

Downloading and analyzing different versions of the AI-generated videos.

Exploring the 'Explore' tab for inspiration on creating videos with text prompts.

Final thoughts on using Hyper AI for text to video generation.