Heygen AI Tutorial - How To Create an Instant AI Clone in 2 Minutes

AI Andy
24 Dec 202316:17

TLDRThis tutorial showcases how to create an instant AI clone using Heygen AI in just 2 minutes. The presenter demonstrates the process of setting up an AI-powered video creation platform that offers various features, such as instant avatars, video translation, and the ability to generate scripts from topics or URLs. The platform provides access to a wide range of avatars and voices, enabling users to create professional-looking videos without any prior experience. The tutorial also highlights the importance of keeping the head steady for better facial recognition and the different subscription plans available for users with varying needs. The presenter emphasizes the potential of Heygen AI to revolutionize personal video creation for work, education, or personal use.


  • 🎬 **Instant Avatar Creation**: The tutorial demonstrates how to create an AI clone avatar in just 2 minutes using footage.
  • 📹 **Video Setup and Customization**: Users can set up videos with various templates or AI script generation, and customize them with different voices and avatars.
  • 🗣️ **Voice Cloning**: The platform offers voice cloning, allowing users to create a voice that sounds like them for their avatar.
  • 🌐 **Language Translation**: The video translate feature can change the voice and lip movements to match over 120 different languages.
  • 🚀 **Real-Time Avatars**: A new feature allows for real-time, low-latency, lifelike AI avatars that can engage in multiple concurrent chats.
  • 💬 **Script Writing**: The GPT script writer is available for convenient text editing, similar to a chat interface.
  • 🔊 **Voice Quality Options**: The platform provides both free and premium voice options, with premium voices offering more realism.
  • 👥 **Avatar Selection**: A variety of avatars are available, including photo avatars, studio avatars, and customizable instant avatars.
  • 📈 **Editing Tools**: Users can edit their videos with text elements, assets, and templates, similar to other video editing software.
  • 📊 **Pricing Plans**: The service offers a free tier with limited features and paid plans for more credits, advanced features, and higher video quality.
  • 📚 **Educational Content**: The platform is suitable for creating educational content, tutorials, and personalized videos for various purposes.
  • 📝 **Fine-Tuning and Exporting**: Users can fine-tune their avatars, export videos in different resolutions, and even export SRT captions.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the Heygen AI Tutorial?

    -The Heygen AI Tutorial focuses on how to create an instant AI clone or avatar using minimal footage and how to utilize various features of the Heygen platform to produce high-quality videos.

  • How long does it take to set up an AI clone according to the tutorial?

    -According to the tutorial, an AI clone can be set up with just 2 minutes of footage.

  • What are the two main features of Heygen that the presenter is excited about?

    -The presenter is particularly excited about the 'Instant Avatar' and 'Video Translate' features of Heygen.

  • What is the process to create a video using an AI script generation?

    -To create a video using an AI script generation, you can input a topic or a URL, select the output language, tone, and additional information, then generate the script and create the video.

  • How can users change the voice in the video created by Heygen?

    -Users can change the voice by clicking on the voice icon and selecting from a variety of voices provided by the 11 Labs API or by importing their own API key for more realistic voice options.

  • What is the 'real-time Avatar' feature that Heygen has launched?

    -The 'real-time Avatar' feature allows users to have a real-time chat with multiple concurrent avatars, supports unlimited session length, and offers multilanguage support, all set up with an API.

  • What are the different types of avatars available in Heygen?

    -Heygen offers instant avatars, photo avatars where you upload an image to make it speak, and studio avatars including 4K versions that can be used in the foreground of training videos.

  • How can users add a personal touch to their YouTube videos using Heygen?

    -Users can add a personal touch to their YouTube videos by using studio avatars and placing them in the foreground of the video, adding elements like images and titles, and even uploading a video to show their screen.

  • What is the cost for using Heygen for free?

    -With the free version of Heygen, users get one credit, which equals 1 minute of video, access to 120 public avatars, 300 public voices, and 400 video templates.

  • What are the benefits of upgrading to the Creator or Business plan in Heygen?

    -Upgrading to the Creator or Business plan provides more credits, longer video duration, access to premium voices, auto-captions, avatar fine-tuning, voice clone, and API access for creating avatars without entering the Heygen software.

  • How can users avoid mistakes when creating an AI clone video?

    -To avoid mistakes, users should keep their head steady in the frame for the best result, avoid moving too much back and forth, and ensure good lighting and clear speech for the AI to accurately capture lip movements and voice.

  • What is the purpose of the video translate feature in Heygen?

    -The video translate feature allows users to translate the audio of their video into over 25 different languages, which can be useful for creating content that can be understood by a wider audience.



😀 Introduction to Hey Gen: AI Video Creation

The video script begins with an introduction to Hey Gen, a platform for creating AI-powered videos. The speaker demonstrates how to use the service to create an instant avatar that mimics the user's lip movements. The tutorial covers various features, including video translation, voice cloning, and access to a wide range of avatars and voices. The user is guided through the sign-up process, starting a project from a template or AI script generation, and customizing the video with different voices and avatars. The script also highlights the ability to import API keys for high-quality voices and the option to use free or premium features.


📹 Exploring Hey Gen's Real-Time Avatar and Video Editing Features

The second paragraph delves into Hey Gen's real-time avatar feature, which allows for low-latency, lifelike AI avatar interactions with multilanguage support. The speaker expresses excitement over the potential of this technology to revolutionize AI interactions. The paragraph also covers instant avatars, photo avatars, and studio avatars, which can be customized and layered into videos with text elements and other assets. The user is shown how to add templates to their videos for a more personalized and step-by-step presentation. There's a demonstration of how to render a video with an avatar, highlighting the realism of the lip movements and the option to export the video in various resolutions.


🎤 Creating Personalized Avatars and Video Translation

The third paragraph focuses on creating personalized avatars using the user's own voice and face. It details the process of recording an audio script to drive the avatar's speech and the importance of keeping the head steady for the best results. The speaker also introduces the video translation feature, which can convert the user's voice into various languages, demonstrating the process with a sample video. The paragraph cautions users to avoid excessive movement when recording to ensure the algorithm can accurately track lip movements. It concludes with a discussion of Hey Gen's pricing plans, outlining the features available at different subscription levels.


💰 Hey Gen Pricing and Personalized Video Investment

The final paragraph discusses the pricing plans for Hey Gen in more depth, emphasizing the value of personalized video for various applications such as training and YouTube content. It outlines the benefits of upgrading to higher-tier plans for more credits and features, including API access, priority video processing, and 4K resolution. The speaker also mentions an Enterprise plan for those willing to invest heavily in personalized video creation. The paragraph concludes with an invitation for viewers to test Hey Gen for free and decide if it's the right tool for their needs.



💡AI Clone

An AI Clone refers to a digital avatar that mimics the appearance and voice of a real person. In the video, the AI Clone is demonstrated to move its lips in sync with the speaker's voice, showcasing a high level of realism. It is used to create personalized and engaging content without requiring the physical presence of the person being represented.

💡Video Translate

Video Translate is a feature that allows the user to change the language of the voiceover in a video while also synchronizing the lip movements of the avatar to match the new language. This is showcased in the video with an example of translating English to Korean, highlighting the potential for creating content accessible to a global audience.

💡Instant Avatar

Instant Avatar is a feature that enables users to quickly generate a personalized avatar using a short footage of themselves. The video demonstrates how this feature can be utilized to create an AI version of the user that can be used for various purposes, such as video presentations or virtual meetings.

💡API Key

An API Key is a unique identifier used to authenticate a user with an API (Application Programming Interface). In the context of the video, the user is shown how to import an API key from 11 Labs to access a wider range of high-quality, realistic voices for their avatar.

💡Solo Founder

A Solo Founder refers to an individual who starts and runs a business on their own, without any partners. The video script mentions 'solo founder' in the context of providing motivation and tips for building good work habits, which is crucial for success when managing a business single-handedly.

💡AI Script Generation

AI Script Generation is a process where artificial intelligence is used to automatically create a script for a video based on a given topic or URL input. The video demonstrates this feature by generating a script on the topic of 'how to build good work habits as a solo founder', showcasing the efficiency of using AI for content creation.

💡Avatar Fine-Tune

Avatar Fine-Tune is a feature that allows users to adjust and customize the appearance and behavior of their AI avatar to more closely resemble themselves or fit their desired style. The video highlights the importance of fine-tuning to achieve a more realistic and personalized representation.

💡Voice Clone

Voice Clone refers to the technology that enables the creation of a synthetic voice that closely resembles a specific individual's voice. In the video, the concept is introduced as a way to make avatars sound more authentic and personalized, enhancing the overall experience of the video content.

💡Real-Time Avatar

A Real-Time Avatar is an AI-driven avatar that can engage in live interactions, such as real-time chats. The video introduces this feature as a new and innovative way to conduct conversations with AI avatars, suggesting a future where AI can simulate more natural and dynamic communication.

💡Green Screen

Green Screen is a technique used in video production where a green background is replaced with other footage or images during post-production. The video mentions the use of a green screen to create tutorial videos where the speaker can appear in front of various backgrounds, adding a layer of professionalism and versatility to the content.

💡SRT Captions

SRT Captions refer to SubRip subtitles, a file format used for displaying timed text on video content. The video script mentions the option to export SRT captions, which is important for making videos accessible to a wider audience, including those who are hearing impaired.


Learn how to create an instant AI clone in just 2 minutes with Heygen AI.

Heygen AI offers a simple way to turn your voice into a new language with lip movement synchronization.

Access over 120 different avatars and 300+ voices to enhance your video content.

No experience is required to use Heygen AI, and most features are available for free.

Instant Avatar and Video Translate are two standout features of Heygen AI.

Create videos from templates or AI script generation for various occasions like sales or ads.

Customize your video with the GPT script writer and change voices using the 11 Labs API.

Choose from free and premium voices to find the best fit for your video.

Heygen AI's real-time avatar feature allows for low-latency, lifelike AI avatar conversations.

Multilanguage support and API setup can revolutionize how we interact with AI.

Instant avatars come in four different versions for various levels of realism and customization.

Photo avatars let you upload an image and make it speak, adding a personal touch to your videos.

Studio avatars can be used in the foreground of training videos for a more engaging experience.

Templates in Heygen AI allow you to add segments and teach in a more personalized way.

Download your video in 720p or 1080p for free, or get 4K resolution with the premium version.

Create an instant avatar of your face using audio script to drive avatar speech.

Video Translate feature can change your video's language and lip movements with a simple process.

Keep your head steady in the frame for the best results when using Video Translate.

Heygen AI offers free plans with limited features and paid plans for more credits and advanced capabilities.

The Enterprise plan provides even more credits and features for large-scale video creation.

Personalized videos can be a great investment for training or YouTube content.