Hix AI Bypass VS Quillbot: Which AI Wins?

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13 Feb 202415:25

TLDRIn this video, the host compares two AI paraphrasing tools, Quillbot and a new market entrant, hick AI bypass, based on readability, price, and ability to pass an originality AI detector test. The test involves paraphrasing content from ChatGPT and assessing its detectability by the AI tools. The host finds that hick AI bypass outperforms Quillbot in the originality test, offering a more human-like, readable output and consistently passing as 100% original. However, hick AI bypass is more expensive than Quillbot. The host concludes that despite the higher price, hick AI bypass is superior for its quality and ability to bypass AI detection.


  • 🔍 The video discusses two AI paraphrasing tools: Quillbot and a new market entrant, Quick AI Bypass.
  • 📝 The evaluation criteria include readability, pricing, and ability to pass an originality AI detector test.
  • 📈 The original text is first tested with an AI detector, which identifies it as 100% AI-generated.
  • 🔄 Quillbot's paraphrasing is still detected as 100% AI, indicating it fails the originality test.
  • 🚀 Quick AI Bypass successfully paraphrases the content, passing the originality test with a 100% original rating.
  • 📊 A comparison of readability shows that Quick AI Bypass provides a more coherent and on-topic paraphrase than Quillbot.
  • 💰 Pricing comparison reveals that Quick AI Bypass offers more competitive rates and features compared to Quillbot.
  • 🎓 Quick AI Bypass is recommended for students and creators who need to ensure their content is not flagged as AI-generated.
  • 📉 Quillbot, once a top choice, has declined in quality and now struggles to pass the originality test.
  • 🌐 The video encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more content.
  • 🤖 The discussion highlights the importance of using AI tools that can adapt and improve content creation processes.

Q & A

  • What are the three categories the video will evaluate the AI paraphrases on?

    -The three categories are readability, price, and the ability to pass the originality AI detector test.

  • What is the purpose of the Product Creation Formula mentioned in the video?

    -The Product Creation Formula is a resource that provides tips and tricks for creating products quickly and easily, along with product reviews and tips on making money online.

  • How does the video approach the evaluation of AI paraphrases?

    -The video evaluates AI paraphrases by first using content from ChatGPT, then rewriting it using different tools, and finally testing the rewritten content on originality AI detectors.

  • Which two AI paraphrase tools are discussed in the video?

    -The two AI paraphrase tools discussed are Quillbot and a new tool called Quick AI Bypass.

  • What is the main issue with the original content when tested with the originality AI detector?

    -The main issue is that the original content, when tested, is detected as 100% AI, which indicates that it has not been successfully paraphrased to pass as human-written.

  • How does the video demonstrate the effectiveness of Quick AI Bypass compared to Quillbot?

    -The video demonstrates the effectiveness by paraphrasing the same content using both tools and then testing the paraphrased content with an originality AI detector. Quick AI Bypass consistently passes the originality test, while Quillbot does not.

  • What are the readability issues encountered with Quillbot's paraphrased content?

    -Quillbot's paraphrased content has some errors and does not read very well, making it less effective in conveying the intended message compared to the original content.

  • How does the video address the pricing of Quillbot and Quick AI Bypass?

    -Quillbot offers various pricing plans starting from $19.95 per month up to $99.95 per year for unlimited words. Quick AI Bypass, on the other hand, offers a $49.99 per month plan for unlimited words and has a 50,000 words per month plan at $1.99 per month when billed annually.

  • What is the final verdict on which AI paraphrase tool is superior according to the video?

    -The video concludes that Quick AI Bypass is superior due to its ability to consistently pass the originality AI test and its high-quality, human-like paraphrasing, despite being more expensive than Quillbot.

  • What advice does the video give to viewers interested in the content?

    -The video encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and hit the Bell icon for notifications on new uploads, and to share their thoughts in the comments section.

  • How does the video ensure that the Q&A section enhances the understanding of the script?

    -The Q&A section provides additional insights and clarifications on key points from the script, such as the evaluation process, the tools used, and the pricing comparison, to help viewers better understand the content and conclusions of the video.



🔍 AI Paraphrasing and Originality Test Overview

The video begins with an introduction to the topic of AI paraphrasing and its importance in content creation. The host explains that they will be evaluating two AI tools, Chat GPT and Quillbot, as well as a new tool called Hick AI Bypass, based on three criteria: readability, price, and ability to pass an originality AI detector test. The host emphasizes the value of tips and tricks for product creation and online money-making, and encourages viewers to engage with their content by liking, subscribing, and enabling notifications for new videos.


📝 Analyzing AI Paraphrasing Tools and Readability

The host proceeds to test the AI paraphrasing tools by inputting a sample text into each. They first use Chat GPT, acknowledging its tendency to be flagged by originality detectors, and then attempt to rewrite the content using Quillbot and Hick AI Bypass. The focus is on the readability of the paraphrased content, with the host commenting on the fluency and coherence of the text. They compare the results, noting that while Quillbot's output has some errors and reads less smoothly, Hick AI Bypass produces a more coherent and on-topic paraphrase. The host concludes that Hick AI Bypass performs better in terms of readability.


💰 Comparing Pricing and Value of AI Paraphrasing Tools

In this segment, the host compares the pricing models of Quillbot and Hick AI Bypass. Quillbot offers a monthly subscription of $8.33, an annual plan at $99.99, and a semi-annual option at $79.95, with varying features and word limits. On the other hand, Hick AI Bypass is presented as a more expensive option, with a monthly fee of $49.99 for unlimited words and additional features like AI detector bypass and language support. Despite the higher cost, the host argues that Hick AI Bypass is superior due to its ability to consistently pass originality tests and produce high-quality, human-like content. They recommend Hick AI Bypass for those needing to demonstrate non-AI authored content.



💡AI Paraphrases

AI Paraphrases refer to the process of using artificial intelligence to rephrase or rewrite content in a way that maintains the original meaning while altering the structure and wording. In the context of the video, this is a central theme as the speaker evaluates two AI tools, ChatGPT and Quillbot, for their ability to paraphrase content effectively and pass an originality test.


Readability is the measure of how easy it is to understand the text. It is a critical aspect of content creation, as it affects the audience's ability to comprehend and engage with the material. In the video, the speaker assesses the readability of the paraphrased content produced by AI tools, emphasizing the importance of clear and understandable text for effective communication.


Price refers to the cost associated with using a product or service. In the context of the video, the speaker compares the pricing models of Quillbot and Hick AI Bypass, discussing the affordability and value for money that each tool offers to its users.

💡Originality AI Detector Test

The Originality AI Detector Test is a mechanism used to determine whether content has been created by artificial intelligence or a human. The video focuses on this test as a critical evaluation criterion for the AI paraphrasing tools, assessing their ability to produce content that can pass as human-written.

💡Product Creation Formula

Product Creation Formula is a method or strategy used to create and market products efficiently. In the video, it is mentioned as part of the services offered by the speaker's platform, which aims to provide tips and tricks for creating products quickly and easily, as well as reviews and advice on making money online.


ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI, known for its ability to generate human-like text based on the input it receives. In the video, ChatGPT is used as a source of content that the AI paraphrasing tools will attempt to rewrite, with the expectation that the original content will be detected as AI-generated by the originality test.


Quillbot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool designed to assist with rewriting and improving the clarity of text. In the video, Quillbot is one of the two AI tools being evaluated for its paraphrasing capabilities, originality, and readability of the output.

💡Hick AI Bypass

Hick AI Bypass is an AI tool mentioned in the video that is designed to paraphrase content in a way that avoids detection by AI originality detectors. It is presented as a new and effective tool that can successfully rewrite content to pass as human-generated.

💡YouTube Channel Growth

YouTube Channel Growth refers to the strategies and tactics used to increase the number of subscribers, views, and engagement on a YouTube channel. The video uses this as a content example for the AI paraphrasing tools, focusing on tips for growing a YouTube channel as the subject matter to be paraphrased and evaluated.

💡SEO Tools

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools are software or services that help improve the visibility and ranking of content on search engines. In the video, SEO tools for YouTube are mentioned as part of the strategies for growing a YouTube channel, emphasizing the importance of optimizing content with relevant keywords to increase discoverability.


Engagement refers to the interaction and involvement of an audience with content, such as responding to comments, sharing, and participating in discussions. In the context of the video, engagement is highlighted as a key factor in growing a YouTube channel, as it helps build a community and increase visibility.


The video discusses evaluating two AI paraphrasing tools through readability, price, and originality AI detector tests.

Chat GPT content is known to be picked up by originality detectors, prompting the search for tools that can rewrite content to pass AI tests.

Quillbot is a popular power phrasing tool known for its paraphrasing capabilities.

Hick AI Bypass is a new market entrant that promises to paraphrase content effectively.

The first test involves using Chat GPT's content and attempting to pass it off as non-AI generated through paraphrasing.

Quillbot's paraphrasing results in content still detected as 100% AI, indicating it fails the originality test.

Hick AI Bypass successfully paraphrases content, passing the originality test with a 100% original rating.

Readability is assessed next, with a focus on how well the paraphrased content flows and communicates the original message.

Quillbot's paraphrased content contains errors and reads poorly, while Hick AI Bypass's version maintains the message's integrity.

A side-by-side pricing comparison is made between Quillbot and Hick AI Bypass, considering different subscription models and features.

Hick AI Bypass offers a more expensive service but provides higher quality and guarantees passing AI originality tests.

Quillbot's standard has reportedly dropped in quality, making it less favorable compared to Hick AI Bypass.

Hick AI Bypass is praised for its human-like writing and ability to expand on the original content.

The verdict is that Hick AI Bypass is superior due to its effectiveness in bypassing AI detectors and maintaining content quality.

The video encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon for notifications on future content.

The presenter shares personal insights and experiences with both AI paraphrasing tools, adding credibility to the evaluation.

The video concludes with a recommendation for Hick AI Bypass, despite its higher price point.