How Come A.I Never Gets It Right?

Camera Conspiracies
1 Jun 202409:13

TLDRThe speaker humorously critiques various photographs, including those from an AI, a dinner party incident with a photographer, and a range of camera submissions. They emphasize the importance of capturing the moment in photography, rather than technical perfection, and poke fun at the idea of smartphones winning a photo competition. The summary ends with a playful jab at the lack of detail in one photo, missing the 'red ass' of a baboon, highlighting the essence of the video's commentary on photography.


  • 😀 The speaker hosted a dinner party where a photographer was kicked out for his intrusive behavior.
  • 📸 The speaker is seeking the 'perfect camera' and encourages people to send in their photos for review to
  • 📅 The speaker mentions a specific date, January 21st, as a timeframe for when they will be reviewing the photos.
  • 🗑 The speaker is deleting many photos due to their poor quality, aiming to only keep good ones for the show.
  • 🤖 The speaker expresses frustration with AI-generated images, criticizing them for being unrealistic and poorly designed.
  • 🎨 The speaker comments on the colors in a photo, suggesting that they are uninteresting and only consist of company advertisements.
  • 📷 The Fuji X100 V is referred to as a 'fashion accessory' rather than a serious camera, implying it's more about style than substance.
  • 🚗 A vintage car with '3D pop' is mentioned, along with a humorous anecdote about a kitten driving it, indicating a preference for unique and interesting scenes in photography.
  • 🐱 The speaker believes that photos are improved by the presence of cats, suggesting that capturing candid and lively moments is more important than technical perfection.
  • 🏔 The speaker respects the effort of a photographer who hiked to capture a landscape but finds the resulting photo boring due to its lack of 'pop'.
  • 📱 The Samsung S23 Ultra is mentioned, with the speaker acknowledging the quality of a smartphone photo but still preferring traditional cameras.

Q & A

  • What was the reason the photographer was kicked out of the dinner party?

    -The photographer was kicked out because his clicky sounds and off-putting stares were disturbing the guests, making them feel uncomfortable as if they were being scrutinized through an 85 millimeter lens.

  • What is the speaker's desire regarding cameras?

    -The speaker desires the perfect camera, implying a search for the ideal photographic equipment that can capture the desired quality and essence of a moment.

  • What is the email address mentioned for those who want to be on the show?

    -The email address provided for those interested in being on the show is cameraconspiraciesdisciples.comom.

  • Why does the speaker criticize the Sony A7 S3 photo?

    -The speaker criticizes the Sony A7 S3 photo for being a basic shot with no interesting elements, comparing it to a mundane train in the city and criticizing the colors being solely from company advertisements.

  • What does the speaker find amusing about the Fuji X100 V photo?

    -The speaker finds the Fuji X100 V photo amusing because it is described as a fashion accessory rather than a serious photography tool, suggesting it lacks the gravitas expected of a quality photograph.

  • What critique does the speaker have for the AI-generated image of King Kong versus Jaws?

    -The speaker criticizes the AI-generated image for its lack of realism and aesthetic quality, pointing out issues such as unrealistic wrinkles on the shark, incorrect fin placement, and poor representation of King Kong's features.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the importance of capturing a moment in photography?

    -The speaker believes that capturing a moment is crucial in photography, emphasizing that it's not solely about lighting and technical perfection but rather the significance and interest of the scene being captured.

  • What is the issue with the Olympus lens mentioned in the script?

    -The issue with the Olympus lens is that it lacks 'pop,' which the speaker attributes to the lens's inability to capture the vividness and impact desired in a photograph.

  • What story does the speaker mention about the village with the 5G Tower?

    -The speaker mentions a story about a village where the government installed a 5G Tower, causing unrest among the community. The villagers, believing Wi-Fi signals to be harmful, are marching with tinfoil hats to sign a petition against the tower.

  • Why does the speaker consider the baboon on the beach photo as a winner?

    -The speaker considers the baboon on the beach photo a winner because it captured a unique and unexpected moment, which the speaker believes is a key aspect of photography, despite the photo not fully showcasing the baboon.

  • What does the speaker think about the quality of smartphone photography?

    -The speaker acknowledges that while smartphone photography may lack in quality compared to traditional cameras, the ability to capture a scene and tell a story is what truly matters, as demonstrated by the Samsung s23 Ultra photo.



📸 Unwanted Photographer's Intrusion and Camera Pursuits

The script begins with a story about an uncomfortable dinner party experience with a photographer who was kicked out due to his intrusive behavior. The speaker expresses a desire for the perfect camera and mentions an email address for a show related to photography. There's a critique of various photos sent in, including a basic street car shot, a fashion accessory camera, and a vintage car scene with unexpected elements like kittens and a kitten driving a car. The speaker also touches on AI-generated images, expressing disdain for their lack of realism and poor quality, specifically mentioning an AI-generated image of King Kong versus Jaws.


🤹‍♂️ Moments in Photography Over Technical Perfection

The second paragraph focuses on the importance of capturing moments in photography rather than obsessing over technical perfection. The speaker recounts a beach encounter with a baboon and a moose, emphasizing the unexpected and dramatic nature of the scene. Criticism is directed towards a photograph taken with an Olympus lens for lacking 'pop' and a Samsung smartphone photo for its poor dynamic range. The speaker also tells a story about a village's reaction to a 5G tower installation, capturing the community's resistance and their use of tinfoil hats. The paragraph concludes with a reflection on what makes a winning photograph, suggesting that capturing a genuine moment, like the baboon on the beach, is more valuable than technical excellence.




A photographer is a professional or enthusiast who captures images using a camera. In the context of the video, the host mentions inviting a photographer to a dinner party, highlighting the discomfort caused by the photographer's intrusive behavior and constant clicking sounds, which led to the photographer being kicked out.


A camera is an optical instrument used to capture images or scenes. The script emphasizes the desire for the 'perfect camera,' indicating the quest for high-quality equipment in photography. The host critiques various photos, suggesting that the camera used can impact the quality of the images.


A lens is a component of a camera that focuses light onto the camera's sensor to capture an image. The script references an '85 mil lens,' which likely refers to an 85mm lens, a popular focal length for portrait photography, suggesting the photographer's focus on capturing detailed images of people.

💡Photo Submission

Photo submission refers to the act of sending in photographs for review, consideration, or competition. The host mentions an email address for people to send their photos to be featured on the show, indicating an interactive element where viewers can contribute their work.

💡Sony A7 S3

The Sony A7 S3 is a specific model of a digital camera known for its high-quality imaging capabilities. In the script, the host critiques a photo taken with this camera, pointing out its shortcomings and the basic nature of the shot, which contrasts with the camera's potential.


In photography, 'pop' refers to the visual impact or the ability of an image to stand out. The host repeatedly mentions the lack of 'pop' in various photos, indicating a desire for images that are more striking or attention-grabbing.

💡Fuji X100 V

The Fuji X100 V is a camera model known for its retro design and image quality. The script humorously refers to it as a 'fashion accessory' rather than a serious photography tool, suggesting that its aesthetics might sometimes overshadow its functionality.

💡AI Submissions

AI submissions imply photographs generated or altered by artificial intelligence. The host expresses frustration with AI-generated images for their lack of realism and aesthetic issues, such as 'old man wrinkles' on a shark in one example.

💡Dynamic Range

Dynamic range in photography is the ratio between the brightest and darkest elements that can be captured in an image. The script critiques the dynamic range of a smartphone photo, indicating that while the scene is decent, the phone's capability to handle different light levels is limited.

💡White Balance

White balance is the process of adjusting the colors in an image so that they appear natural under different lighting conditions. The host comments on the incorrect white balance in a photo, where the snow should have been colder, suggesting an important aspect of post-processing in achieving accurate colors.


Storytelling in photography refers to the ability of an image to convey a narrative or evoke emotions. The host mentions capturing 'a moment' as the essence of photography, emphasizing the importance of storytelling over technical perfection, as illustrated by the baboon on the beach example.


A photographer was kicked out of a dinner party for being off-putting with his camera.

The speaker is looking for the perfect camera and invites viewers to send their photos for review.

Sony A7 S3 camera's 20 million ISO is praised for its performance.

A basic street car photo is criticized for lack of interest and creativity.

A humorous comment on a tampon advertisement being mistaken for an interesting subject.

The Fuji X100 V is described as a fashion accessory rather than a serious camera.

A vintage car photo is critiqued for missing the opportunity to capture a kitten driving the car.

The first AI submission is a mashup of King Kong and Jaws, criticized for unrealistic features.

A Nikon photo is mistakenly advertised as a Panasonic product, leading to criticism.

A landscape photo using a micro 43 camera is considered good but boring.

The importance of capturing a moment in photography is emphasized over technical perfection.

A baboon on the beach photo lacks 'pop' due to an Olympus lens.

A dramatic scene involving a baboon, a moose, and a kitten is described for its storytelling potential.

A Samsung s23 Ultra smartphone photo is acknowledged for capturing a decent scene despite technical limitations.

The story of a village protesting a 5G tower installation is mentioned as a missed opportunity for a compelling photo.

The baboon photo is declared the winner for capturing a unique moment, despite its shortcomings.

The importance of capturing a moment over technical perfection is reiterated in the conclusion.