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16 May 202407:24

TLDRDiscover how to create a dancing AI influencer that can generate significant income. This tutorial outlines the process of using AI tools like Vigle AI and Runway ML to animate a model, create videos, and edit them with a green screen for a seamless integration. Learn to avoid legal pitfalls by producing unique content and monetize your virtual influencer effectively.


  • 💡 AI-generated influencers are a lucrative business opportunity, with potential earnings exceeding $1,000 per month.
  • 🎨 Creating a hyperrealistic influencer model starts with generating a source file image using an AI image generator.
  • 🔍 For video creation, it's important to avoid legal issues by creating unique and organic videos instead of swapping faces in existing videos.
  • 🤖 Vigle AI is a popular tool for animating characters or creating videos with AI models, operating exclusively on Discord.
  • 📸 Upload a full-body model image to Vigle AI for better animation results.
  • 🏃‍♂️ Use the '/animate' app in Vigle AI to animate characters by selecting a motion prompt from the library.
  • 🖼️ Choose a background setting for the animation, such as white, green, or templates.
  • 🔧 The fine-tune option in Vigle AI can improve the quality of the animation but may take longer to generate.
  • 🎥 To create a video similar to a reference, use the 'slmx' option in Vigle AI and upload both the reference video and model image.
  • 🎨 Use a green background for the reference video, which will be helpful for the next step of character removal.
  • 👤 Runway ML is another AI tool that can be used to remove the character from the reference video using the in-paint tool.
  • 🎬 Assemble the character video with the reference video clip using a video editor, such as CapCut.
  • 🎭 Remove the green screen from the character video and adjust settings like aspect ratio and size to finalize the video.
  • 📈 Sharing dancing videos of your virtual influencer on social media can lead to quick success and monetization.

Q & A

  • What is the potential monthly income for creating a hyperrealistic AI influencer?

    -The potential monthly income for creating a hyperrealistic AI influencer can be more than $1,000.

  • What challenges are faced when producing videos with consistent AI characters?

    -Producing videos with consistent AI characters poses significant challenges due to the difficulty of achieving consistency without real videos.

  • How does one start creating an influencer model image using AI?

    -To create an influencer model image, you can use any AI image generator. It's recommended to watch previous videos for guidance on this process.

  • What is the recommended AI tool for creating unique and organic videos?

    -The recommended AI tool for creating unique and organic videos is called Vigle AI.

  • How does one access Vigle AI to create videos?

    -To access Vigle AI, you need to open a browser, search for Vigle AI, and join the Vigle AI Discord server as it operates exclusively on Discord.

  • What are the two ways to animate a character or make videos with a model in Vigle AI?

    -The two ways to animate a character or make videos in Vigle AI are through the animate prompt or using a reference video.

  • What is the purpose of the fine-tune option in Vigle AI?

    -The fine-tune option in Vigle AI is used to enhance the quality of the generated video, although it may take a bit more time to process.

  • How can one assemble a character video with a reference video clip?

    -To assemble a character video with a reference video clip, you need to use a video editor to combine the character video and the reference video after removing the character from the reference video using an AI tool like Runway ML.

  • What AI tool can be used to remove the character from the reference video?

    -Runway ML can be used to remove the character from the reference video using its in-paint tool.

  • What video editor is used in the script to combine the background and character videos?

    -The script uses CapCut as the video editor to combine the background and character videos.

  • How can one create a real video aspect ratio for the character video?

    -To create a real video aspect ratio, you can adjust the aspect ratio to 9:16 in the video editor.



🤖 Creating AI Influencer Dance Videos

This paragraph introduces the concept of monetizing AI-generated influencers in the business world, highlighting the potential earnings and the challenges of creating consistent video content. It outlines a method for creating a dancing video for an AI influencer using a source image generated by an AI image generator, previously covered in other videos. The paragraph then details the process of creating unique and organic videos with the AI tool 'Vigle AI', which operates on Discord. It explains how to use the '/animate' app within Vigle AI to upload a model image, select a motion prompt, choose a background, and enable fine-tuning to generate a dancing video. The result is a beautifully animated character video that can be further edited with reference video clips using another AI tool, Runway ML, to remove the character from the original video for a seamless integration.


🎥 Assembling and Editing AI Influencer Videos

The second paragraph focuses on the process of assembling and editing AI influencer videos. It begins with the use of Runway ML's 'in paint' tool to remove the character from the reference video, allowing for a clean background. The character video is then imported into a video editor, in this case, CapCut, where the green screen is removed, and the character is placed over the background video. The aspect ratio is adjusted, and the size of both videos is aligned before exporting the final product. The paragraph concludes with a demonstration of the completed video and an invitation for viewers to share their experiences with Vigle AI. It also encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and comment for more content on turning influencers into profitable ventures.



💡AI generated influencers

AI generated influencers refer to virtual personas created using artificial intelligence technologies. These influencers are designed to have a realistic appearance and can be used for various marketing and social media purposes. In the video, the creator discusses how to generate such influencers and monetize them, highlighting their potential to earn significant income.


Hyperrealistic describes a level of detail or resemblance to reality that is so close to the actual thing that it may even surpass it. In the context of the video, hyperrealistic refers to the quality of the AI-generated influencer images, which are so lifelike that they can convincingly mimic real human influencers.


To monetize means to convert a non-monetary asset or web traffic into income. In the video script, the term is used to describe the various ways in which AI influencers can generate revenue, such as through advertising, sponsored content, or other business partnerships.

💡Vigle AI

Vigle AI is an AI tool mentioned in the script that is used for creating animated videos of AI-generated characters. The tool operates on the Discord platform and allows users to upload images and select motions to animate their virtual models, as demonstrated in the video.

💡Discord server

A Discord server is a chat community within the Discord platform, where users can communicate in real time. In the video, the Vigle AI Discord server is where users need to join to access and use the Vigle AI tool for creating animated videos.

💡Animate app

The Animate app within Vigle AI is a feature that allows users to animate their AI-generated characters. The script describes how to use this app by uploading a model image and selecting a motion prompt to create a dancing video.

💡Motion prompt

A motion prompt is a set of instructions or a description of a particular movement or action that the AI tool uses to animate the character. In the script, the creator selects a motion prompt from Vigle AI's library to define the dancing movement for the AI influencer.

💡Fine-tune option

The fine-tune option in Vigle AI allows for additional adjustments to the animation to improve the quality of the final video. The script mentions that enabling this option may take more time but will yield better results.

💡Runway ML

Runway ML is another AI tool featured in the script, used for editing videos. Specifically, it has an 'in paint' tool that can remove characters or objects from a video clip, which is useful for combining the AI-generated character with a reference video.

💡Green screen

A green screen is a technique used in film and video production where a green background is replaced with another image or video during post-production. In the script, the character video is created with a green background so that it can be easily removed and combined with another video in the editing process.

💡Video editor

A video editor is software used to edit video footage, add effects, and compile final videos. The script mentions using a video editor, specifically 'cap cut', to combine the AI-generated character video with a reference video clip, after removing the green screen.


AI generated influencers can earn over $1,000 per month in the business world.

Monetizing AI influencers is possible through various methods.

Creating videos with consistent characters is challenging without reals or videos.

A method for creating a dancing video for an AI influencer is shared.

A source file image is needed to create an influencer model.

AI image generators can be used to create model images.

Vigle AI is a popular tool for creating unique and organic videos.

Vigle AI operates exclusively on Discord and requires joining its server.

The /animate app in Vigle AI can animate characters with motion prompts.

Fine-tuning in Vigle AI may take longer but improves video quality.

Reference videos can be used in Vigle AI to create character animations.

Runway ML can be used to edit videos and remove characters.

The in-paint tool in Runway ML helps in character removal from videos.

Video editors can assemble character videos with reference clips.

Green screen removal is crucial for integrating character videos.

Creating real videos with AI influencers can lead to quick success.

A detailed video on monetizing influencers is offered in the comments.

The video concludes with a call to action for feedback and subscription.