How To Make AI Generated Videos With DALLE-3 Images

AI Andy
20 Oct 202309:21

TLDRThe video script outlines a creative process for generating an AI animation using free tools like Chat GPT, Dolly 3, and 11 Labs. It details the steps to craft a bedtime story about a sunflower hedgehog named Holly, transforming it into an animated movie with narration and visuals. The creator leverages AI for scripting, voiceover, image generation, and animation, culminating in a heartwarming tale of friendship and self-discovery in Blossom Valley.


  • 🎨 The video demonstrates the process of creating an AI animation using free AI tools, highlighting the accessibility of these technologies for content creation.
  • 🌟 The creator uses OpenAI's Dolly 3, an image generator, to produce high-quality images based on a prompt about a sunflower hedgehog named Larry.
  • 📖 The script emphasizes the importance of visual descriptions in storytelling, especially for children's bedtime stories.
  • 🗣️ The AI voiceover tool from 11 Labs is used to generate a narrated voice for the story, enhancing the immersive experience.
  • 📚 The video mentions 'Ask Your PDF', a tool that summarizes documents and provides insights, showcasing its utility in understanding complex information quickly.
  • 🎥 The creator uses Bing Images powered by Dolly 3 to find and select appropriate visuals for the story.
  • 🌐 The video showcases the capabilities of ChatGPT in generating detailed narratives and its integration with other AI tools for content creation.
  • 🎬 Pika is introduced as a free AI video generator that can create animations from static images with simple prompts.
  • 📹 The video editing process is demonstrated using DaVinci Resolve 18, a free video editing software, to compile the AI-generated content into a cohesive story.
  • 🎶 The importance of adding background music is mentioned, and royalty-free music is suggested as a cost-effective solution for creators.
  • 📈 The video concludes with a reflection on the potential impact of AI tools on storytelling and the creative possibilities they offer for engaging audiences.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the AI animation described in the transcript?

    -The main theme of the AI animation is a bedtime story about a sunflower hedgehog named Holly, who feels alone but eventually realizes she is surrounded by friends.

  • Which AI tools were used to create the script for the animation?

    -Chat GPT was used to generate the initial script, Ask Your PDF for summarizing documents, and 11 Labs for creating the AI voiceover.

  • How did the user access images for the AI animation?

    -The user accessed images by using images powered by Dolly 3 from Open AI.

  • What was the process for refining the initial text for the animation?

    -The initial text was too long, so the user made it shorter by formatting it and removing unnecessary parts.

  • What AI voice did the user select for the narration?

    -The user selected a British storytelling voice from the voice library in 11 Labs.

  • How was the AI animation created?

    -The AI animation was created using Pika, an AI video generator, by dragging in the images and adding movement with dashes for animation effects.

  • What video editing software was used to compile the AI animation?

    -Vinci Resolve 18 was used as the free video editing software to compile the AI animation.

  • Where did the user find royalty-free music for the animation?

    -The user found royalty-free music on YouTube and downloaded it using a YouTube downloader MP3.

  • What was the final message conveyed in the AI animation story?

    -The final message is that Holly the hedgehog, despite feeling alone, discovers that she is surrounded by friends and finds her forever home in the heart of the valley amidst sunbeams and blooms.

  • How does the user suggest using the AI animation for personal purposes?

    -The user suggests that the AI animation could be used as a bedtime story for children, providing both narration and visual images to enhance the storytelling experience.

  • What was the user's overall impression of the AI animation creation process?

    -The user was captivated by the process and was happy with the outcome, even though it was a bit weird at times, and found it better than just an image.



🎨 Creating AI Animation with Doll E3 and Free Tools

The speaker discusses their experience creating an AI animation using Doll E3, an image generator from Open AI, and other free AI tools. They mention using Chachi PT for the script, 11 Labs for the voiceover, and Pea for the AI animation. The goal is to demonstrate how to make an animated story, potentially serving as a bedtime story for children. The process involves using Chat GPT to generate a story about a sunflower hedgehog named Larry, and then using Dolly 3 to create images for the animation. The speaker also highlights the efficiency of Ask Your PDF, a tool that summarizes PDF documents.


📖 Crafting an Animated Narrative with AI Tools

The paragraph details the process of turning a story into an animated video using AI tools. The speaker uses Pikazoart to animate the images and create movement, mentioning the challenges of finding the right prompts for the AI. They then move on to using Vinci Resolve 18 for video editing, combining the AI-generated videos with a voiceover from 11 Labs. The speaker acknowledges the limitations of the free tools, such as the lack of enough clips, but is satisfied with the final result. They express hope that children might enjoy the story and encourage viewers to check out more exclusive content on Patreon.



💡AI animation

AI animation refers to the process of creating animated content using artificial intelligence tools and software. In the context of the video, it involves generating images and animations to tell a story, such as the one about the sunflower hedgehog. The script mentions using AI tools like Dolly 3 and Pika to bring the narrative to life with visual elements.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI, known for its ability to generate human-like text based on the input it receives. In the video, the creator uses Chat GPT to generate a bedtime story about a sunflower hedgehog, which serves as the script for the AI animation.

💡Dolly 3

Dolly 3 is an image-generating AI tool mentioned in the script, which is used to create high-quality images based on text prompts. It is part of the process of generating visual content for the AI animation, providing the necessary images to accompany the story created by Chat GPT.

💡11 Labs

11 Labs is an AI platform that offers voiceover services, allowing users to convert text into lifelike speech with various AI-generated voices. In the video, 11 Labs is used to create a narrated voiceover for the story, enhancing the AI animation with an auditory component.


Pika is an AI video generator that can create short animations from static images. In the video, Pika is used to animate the images generated by Dolly 3, adding movement and life to the story's illustrations, which are essential for creating the final AI animation.

💡Vinci Resolve 18

Vinci Resolve 18 is a video editing software mentioned in the script as the tool used to compile the AI-generated animations and voiceover into a cohesive video. It serves as the final step in the AI animation creation process, where all the elements are edited together to form the complete story.

💡Royalty-free music

Royalty-free music refers to music that can be used without paying ongoing royalties or fees for its use. In the video, the creator searches for royalty-free music on YouTube to add a soundtrack to the AI animation, enhancing the overall viewing experience without infringing on copyright.

💡Bedtime story

A bedtime story is a narrative typically read or told to children before they go to sleep. In the video, the sunflower hedgehog story serves as a bedtime story, aiming to entertain and possibly comfort the listener with its whimsical and heartwarming tale.


Narration is the act of telling a story, typically using spoken words to convey a sequence of events or experiences. In the context of the video, narration is the voiceover that accompanies the AI animation, bringing the story of the sunflower hedgehog to life and guiding the viewer through the plot.

💡Free AI tools

Free AI tools refer to artificial intelligence software applications that are available to use without charge. The video highlights the use of several free AI tools, such as Chat GPT, Dolly 3, 11 Labs, and Pika, which are leveraged to create the AI animation from scriptwriting to image generation and voiceover.


Creation of a free AI animation using Dolly 3, an image generator from Open AI.

Utilization of free AI tools such as Chachi PT for the script, 11 Labs for the voiceover, and Dolly 3 for images.

The video aims to teach viewers how to create their own AI animation and potentially use it as a bedtime story.

Chat GPT's new update with Dolly 3 enables users to get pictures directly in the chat.

The story revolves around a sunflower Hedgehog named Larry, as suggested by the creator's daughter.

The use of Bing Images powered by Dolly 3 to create high-quality images for the story.

The AI tool 'Ask Your PDF' is introduced, which summarizes PDF documents and provides information upon request.

The selection of an AI voiceover with adjustable settings for stability, style, and clarity.

The process of generating AI animation using Pika, a free AI video generator.

Editing the AI animations and voiceover using Da Vinci Resolve 18, a free video editor.

The addition of royalty-free music from YouTube to enhance the final animation.

The final product is an animated story about Holly the Hedgehog finding friendship and belonging.

The creator's intention to engage children with a visually and audibly captivating story.

The innovative use of AI tools to create a unique and personalized storytelling experience.

The potential of AI in revolutionizing the way stories are told and consumed.

The video serves as a tutorial for leveraging AI tools for creative and educational purposes.