How To Make Money On Shutterstock in 2024 (For Beginners)

Mike Vestil
19 Jun 202109:01

TLDRIn this informative video, Mike Vasil introduces a compelling strategy for earning $100 to $700 daily on Shutterstock, targeting complete beginners with no prior experience. He emphasizes the potential within the online money-making ecosystem, sharing personal success stories, including a 62-year-old woman who made $160,000 in 90 days. Mike explains how business owners seek stock footage and photography for marketing, highlighting the importance of understanding Shutterstock's shot list and keywords to meet demand. Additionally, he discusses leveraging Shutterstock's affiliate program for potentially higher earnings, suggesting that by directing customers to Shutterstock, one can earn significantly without directly selling photos. This approach, along with inspirational success stories, showcases a lucrative opportunity for aspiring online entrepreneurs.


  • 😀 The video introduces methods for making money on Shutterstock, specifically for beginners aiming for $100 to $700 a day without prior experience.
  • 🙌 Mike Fasil hosts the video, highlighting a free workshop offering insights into quick and easy online money-making strategies, mentioning a success story of a 62-year-old woman making significant profit.
  • 💼 Shutterstock profits come from providing in-demand content to business owners, such as stock footage, videos, and photography for marketing purposes.
  • 🚀 Examples of successful Shutterstock contributors include a user who earned over $42,000 by selling photos.
  • 📈 Understanding Shutterstock's monthly guide to the most requested content is crucial for aligning one's creative focus with what business owners are searching for.
  • 📷 Emphasis on keyword optimization in Shutterstock submissions, highlighting the importance of targeting what business owners are actively seeking for their projects.
  • 💻 Highlighting an affiliate program on Shutterstock that allows earnings up to $300 per new customer, suggesting an alternative revenue stream by referring new users.
  • 📚 Blogging about high-quality stock photos and directing traffic to Shutterstock can be a lucrative strategy due to the high demand from millions of business owners.
  • 📸 Personal testimony from Mike Fasil illustrates the potential of online earnings without needing one's own product or service, sharing his own success in scaling a new business significantly within a year.
  • 🙋🏻 The video closes by encouraging viewers to explore other online income avenues beyond Shutterstock, offering a workshop for faster results and sharing inspiring success stories from the host's podcast guests.

Q & A

  • What is Shutterstock and how do people make money on it?

    -Shutterstock is a platform where photographers and videographers can sell their stock footage, videos, and photographs to business owners and content creators. People make money on Shutterstock by uploading their content and earning royalties or fees whenever their work is purchased or downloaded.

  • What was the financial achievement of the 62-year-old woman mentioned in the video?

    -The 62-year-old woman mentioned in the video went from zero to $160,000 profit in 90 days through the method discussed in the workshop promoted in the video.

  • Why is Shutterstock a popular platform for business owners?

    -Shutterstock is popular among business owners because it provides a vast library of stock footage, videos, and photography that they can use for marketing products, content for their products, offers, services, websites, and blog articles, saving them time and resources in content creation.

  • What is the 'shot list' on Shutterstock?

    -The 'shot list' on Shutterstock is a monthly guide that highlights the most requested content by users, helping contributors to understand market demand and focus their creativity on creating content that is likely to sell.

  • What types of content were highlighted as in demand on Shutterstock?

    -The in-demand content highlighted on Shutterstock included back-to-school themes, caring for a drink (like making and enjoying cocktails), home security setups, and diverse weddings.

  • How important are keywords in making money on Shutterstock?

    -Keywords are crucial in making money on Shutterstock because they help categorize and optimize the visibility of content, making it easier for potential buyers to find specific types of images or footage, thus increasing the chances of sales.

  • What does the video suggest about the potential for earning passive income on Shutterstock?

    -The video suggests that by targeting the right content and using effective keywords, one can potentially earn a significant amount of passive income on Shutterstock, starting from $100 a day to much more, depending on the demand and the creator’s portfolio size.

  • What is the affiliate program mentioned in relation to Shutterstock?

    -The affiliate program mentioned in relation to Shutterstock allows individuals to earn money by referring new customers to Shutterstock. Affiliates can earn up to $300 per new customer, providing an additional income stream besides selling photos or videos.

  • What success story is shared by the speaker to inspire viewers?

    -The speaker shares his own success story of scaling a new business from earning $7 a day to $300-$500 a day and eventually averaging about $1,000 a day, intending to inspire viewers that financial success is achievable even for beginners.

  • How does the video describe the competitive nature of Shutterstock?

    -The video describes Shutterstock as a competitive platform where creators are vying against many others with similar content. Success requires not only creating high-quality content but also understanding market needs and effective keyword usage to stand out.



📸 Making Money on Shutterstock for Beginners

This section introduces the concept of making money on Shutterstock by selling stock footage, photography, and videos to business owners who need them for marketing, products, or content creation. The speaker, Mike Vasile, shares personal success stories to illustrate the potential of online business, highlighting earnings from his ventures to set an inspiring backdrop. He details how Shutterstock operates as a platform where creators can sell their work to businesses seeking specific types of content, such as educational materials, security footage, or wedding photos. The emphasis is on understanding market demand through Shutterstock's shot list, which guides creators on what content is most requested, thus increasing their chances of making sales. Key to success is aligning creative efforts with the needs of business owners, utilizing Shutterstock's insights on trending content.


🔑 Advanced Strategies for Maximizing Earnings on Shutterstock

In the second paragraph, the focus shifts to strategies for significantly increasing income on Shutterstock beyond the basics of selling photos. It outlines a two-pronged approach: first, creating photos that align with the top search queries on Shutterstock to increase sales potential, and second, leveraging Shutterstock's affiliate program to earn commissions by referring new customers. This dual strategy allows for passive income from direct sales and active income through affiliate marketing. The section underscores the importance of keywords in making content discoverable and appealing to business owners searching for specific themes. Mike Vasile encourages viewers to think beyond direct sales, suggesting that recommending Shutterstock to others as an affiliate can lead to substantial earnings, potentially reaching up to $300 per new customer. The narrative is rounded off with personal affirmations of success in digital entrepreneurship, emphasizing the opportunity for substantial earnings without having to be the 'smartest' or most experienced individual.




Shutterstock is an online platform where creators can sell stock footage, videos, and photography to business owners and content creators looking for high-quality images and media to enhance their marketing materials, websites, or articles. In the video, Shutterstock serves as a primary example of how individuals can generate income by contributing their creative work to meet the demand for specific types of content requested by business owners.

💡Making Money Online

The concept of making money online encompasses various methods and platforms through which individuals can earn income over the internet. The video focuses on Shutterstock as a viable avenue for generating revenue, emphasizing the potential for complete beginners to make significant earnings by selling stock photos and videos.

💡Passive Income

Passive income refers to earnings derived from ventures in which an individual is not actively involved on a day-to-day basis. In the context of the video, selling stock images on Shutterstock is presented as a method to achieve passive income, as creators can earn royalties from their content repeatedly over time without direct ongoing effort after the initial upload.


Keywords are significant words or phrases used in search engines and platforms like Shutterstock to help users find relevant content. The video highlights the importance of using accurate and popular keywords to tag stock photos and videos, improving their visibility to potential buyers searching for specific types of content.

💡Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. The video introduces Shutterstock's affiliate program as an alternative method to earn money by recommending the platform to potential customers, offering significant earnings per new customer acquired.

💡Content Demand

Content demand refers to the specific types of media and imagery that business owners and content creators are actively seeking to purchase for their projects. The video discusses how understanding and catering to the most requested content themes on Shutterstock can guide creators in producing work that has a higher chance of being sold.


Royalties are payments made to creators for the use of their work on a per-use or periodic basis. In the video's context, selling stock photos and videos on Shutterstock allows creators to earn royalties whenever their content is purchased, providing a recurring source of income from the same piece of work.

💡Shot List

A shot list on Shutterstock is a curated list indicating the most requested content for a given period. This guide helps creators understand market needs and trends, allowing them to focus their creative efforts on producing content that is more likely to sell. The video explains how using the shot list can direct a creator's work towards themes with higher demand.

💡Business Owners

Business owners in the video's context are individuals or entities looking to purchase stock photos and videos on Shutterstock for their commercial needs. These may include marketing materials, product promotions, website design, and blog articles. The video emphasizes the importance of meeting these business owners' specific content needs to make sales.


Competition refers to the presence of other creators offering similar content on Shutterstock, which can affect an individual's ability to make sales. The video acknowledges the competitive nature of selling stock images but suggests focusing on specific demands and keywords to stand out and achieve success despite the competition.


Mike Fasil introduces the potential to earn $100 to $700 a day on Shutterstock for beginners.

Highlights a success story of a 62-year-old woman making $160,000 in 90 days through online business.

Explains the demand for stock footage and photography by business owners for marketing and content creation.

Shares personal success, netting $57,000 in 30 days and growth from $7 to $1,000 daily in a year.

Uses Shutterstock as a case study for understanding the market demand and content strategy.

Reveals Shutterstock’s shot list as a guide to creating in-demand content for higher earnings.

Details specific content themes like back-to-school, summer drinks, and home security to target on Shutterstock.

Discusses the importance of aligning creative work with market demand to increase sales potential.

Emphasizes the role of keywords in optimizing content visibility and sales on Shutterstock.

Illustrates how strategic keyword use can lead to higher visibility and sales for stock content.

Discusses scaling income by targeting popular categories and trends in stock photography.

Introduces the concept of affiliate marketing with Shutterstock to earn up to $300 per customer.

Highlights the financial potential of referring customers to Shutterstock through affiliate links.

Shares his journey from studying dentistry to achieving financial success in online business.

Invites viewers to a free workshop for faster online income generation, contrasting it with Shutterstock’s competitive landscape.

Mentions a podcast featuring millionaires from Bali, including diverse success stories in online business.