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14 Mar 202212:16

TLDRIn this informative video, Mark, also known as Mac Hatter, introduces beginners to the NightCafe AI artwork generator. He shares his experience of using the tool for about four weeks and creating around 1400 artworks. Mark outlines the basics of the platform, explaining the main sections, the credit system, and the process of creating art through text prompts and style transfers. He emphasizes the importance of experimentation with the advanced options and provides tips on earning credits through social media sharing. The video aims to help newcomers navigate NightCafe and create their own unique digital art.


  • 📺 The video is a tutorial series by Mark, also known as Mac Hatter, aimed at beginners of the NightCafe AI artwork generator.
  • 🤖 The purpose of the videos is to guide beginners on how to use NightCafe AI, as there is a lack of comprehensive guides for new users.
  • 🎨 NightCafe AI can be frustrating for beginners if they don't understand the functions and may result in unsatisfactory outputs.
  • 📈 Mark has been using NightCafe for about four weeks and has created around 1400 artworks, despite being a self-proclaimed novice.
  • 📚 The tutorial will cover the basics in multiple videos, each around 15 minutes long, to avoid overwhelming the audience.
  • 💻 Mark uses the NightCafe AI through a browser on a PC and will provide an overview of the application's main window.
  • 🌐 The 'My Creations' section shows the user's own artworks, while the 'My Feed' section displays content from users they follow.
  • 🔍 The 'Explore' feature allows users to filter and discover AI-generated artworks based on various criteria like text, image, and style transfer.
  • 💬 The NightCafe Discord community is highlighted as a helpful resource for users to ask questions and receive support.
  • 💰 Credits are the currency within NightCafe, used for creating artworks. Users can earn credits by sharing creations on social media or purchase them.
  • 🎨 Creating art involves using a 'prompt' with an AI algorithm, with options for artistic or coherent results, and the ability to add a starting image for coherence.
  • 🔧 Modifiers such as lighting styles, artists' names, and art styles can be added to the prompt to influence the final artwork.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the video series by Mark, also known as Mac Hatter?

    -The purpose of the video series is to provide tutorials on how to use the NightCafe AI artwork generator, especially for beginners who might find the platform frustrating due to lack of guidance.

  • How long has Mark been using NightCafe AI?

    -Mark has been using NightCafe AI for about four weeks at the time of the video.

  • How many creations has Mark completed on NightCafe AI?

    -Mark has completed approximately 1400 creations on NightCafe AI.

  • What is the main challenge beginners face when starting with NightCafe AI?

    -The main challenge beginners face is the lack of understanding of the platform's functions, which can lead to frustration and giving up when they don't get the desired results.

  • What are the different sections of the NightCafe website that Mark mentions?

    -Mark mentions the 'My Creations' section, 'My Feed' section for following and liking other users' work, 'Explore' section for discovering generated art, 'Create' section for making new art, and 'Discord' section for community interaction.

  • How can users earn credits on NightCafe AI?

    -Users can earn credits by sharing their creations on social media, publishing a certain number of creations, and getting likes on their work.

  • What are the two main algorithms used by NightCafe AI for creating art?

    -The two main algorithms used are 'Artistic' (VQ-GAN and CLIP) for creating detailed and artistic textures, and 'Coherent' for results closer to the subject matter, which often requires a starting image.

  • What is the role of 'seeds' in the AI artwork generation process?

    -Seeds are random numbers that affect the way the AI generates the art. Changing the seed value can result in different outcomes even with the same prompt and settings.

  • What is the 'accuracy boost' option in NightCafe AI?

    -The 'accuracy boost' option, available for the 'Coherent' algorithm, makes the generated image more accurate to the prompt. It costs an additional two credits to use.

  • What are 'modifiers' in the context of NightCafe AI?

    -Modifiers are descriptive words that influence the style and characteristics of the generated art. They can include lighting styles, artists' names, art styles, and game engines, among others.

  • How can users share their creations on social media to earn credits?

    -Users can share their creations on Instagram and Twitter using specific hashtags and links to earn credits. For Instagram, the hashtag should be '#nightcafestudio', and for Twitter, the post should include the link to the artwork or the NightCafe website.



📺 Introduction to NightCafe AI Artwork Generator

The speaker, Mark, also known as Mac Hatter, introduces himself and the purpose of the video series. He aims to create beginner-friendly tutorials for using the NightCafe AI artwork generator, addressing the lack of comprehensive guides for new users. Mark shares his limited experience with the tool, having used it for about four weeks, and expresses his intention to cover the basics in a series of short videos. He provides an overview of the NightCafe application, highlighting its main features such as the 'My Creations' section, following and exploring other users' creations, and the filters for discovering new artwork. Mark also mentions the NightCafe Discord community as a valuable resource for support and learning.


🎨 Getting Started with Text-to-Image Creation

In this segment, Mark focuses on the text-to-image feature of NightCafe, explaining the process of creating art using prompts. He distinguishes between two algorithms: 'Artistic' and 'Coherent,' noting that the former produces highly detailed and artistic results that may deviate from the subject matter, while the latter stays closer to the prompt but often requires a starting image. Mark discusses the importance of advanced options, aspect ratios, and the concept of 'seeds' for generating unique artwork. He also mentions the 'Prompt Weight' and 'Accuracy Boost' features, which influence how closely the AI's output matches the user's input, and reminds viewers to be mindful of their credit usage, which is the currency for creating artwork on NightCafe.


🔍 Exploring Modifiers and Customization

Mark delves into the use of modifiers, which are descriptive words that enhance and customize the AI-generated artwork. He lists various types of lighting, artists' styles, and game engines that can be applied as modifiers. Mark emphasizes the flexibility of the system, allowing users to input their own modifiers and combine multiple prompts to achieve desired effects. He encourages experimentation with different modifiers and acknowledges that there is more to learn, suggesting that users can seek further clarification from the NightCafe Discord community. The summary ends with Mark's intention to create another video to demonstrate the creation process.



💡NightCafe AI

NightCafe AI is an artwork generator that utilizes artificial intelligence to create visual art based on user inputs. In the video, the creator discusses the basics of using this tool, highlighting its capabilities and how it can be accessed through a website or Discord server.

💡Basic Functions

Basic functions refer to the fundamental operations or features of the NightCafe AI that allow users to generate artwork. The video aims to educate beginners on how to navigate and use these functions effectively to avoid frustration and produce desired results.

💡Artwork Creation

Artwork creation is the process of generating visual art through the NightCafe AI platform. Users input prompts, choose algorithms, and apply various settings to guide the AI in producing the desired piece of art.


Algorithms in the context of NightCafe AI refer to the underlying computational processes that translate user inputs into artwork. The video mentions two specific algorithms: 'artistic' (VQ-GAN and CLIP) and 'coherent,' which cater to different artistic outcomes.


Prompts are the user-provided inputs or descriptions that guide the AI in creating artwork. They can be anything from a simple concept to a detailed description, and the AI uses these prompts to generate the visual content.


Modifiers are descriptive words or phrases that users can add to their prompts to influence the style, theme, or specific elements of the generated artwork. They can include lighting styles, artists' names, or art movements.

💡Aspect Ratios

Aspect ratios determine the proportional relationship between the width and height of the generated artwork. Users can choose from different aspect ratios to format their artwork according to their preferences or requirements.


Seeds in the context of NightCafe AI are numerical values that introduce an element of randomness to the artwork generation process. Different seeds will result in different artworks, even when using the same prompt and settings.


Credits are the virtual currency within the NightCafe AI platform. Users need credits to create artwork, and they can be purchased or earned through activities such as sharing creations on social media or receiving likes.


Discord is a communication platform where the NightCafe community interacts, shares tips, and receives support. It is mentioned as a resource for users to get help and engage with others using the NightCafe AI.

💡Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are the educational content created by the speaker to guide users through the process of using NightCafe AI. These videos aim to demystify the platform and help beginners avoid common pitfalls.


Introduction to the NightCafe AI artwork generator by Mac Hatter.

The purpose of the video series is to help beginners understand the basic functions of NightCafe.

The frustration of beginners when they don't know how to use the tool and end up with unsatisfactory results.

The speaker has been using NightCafe for about four weeks and has created around 1400 artworks.

An overview of the NightCafe interface, including the 'My Creations' and 'My Feed' sections.

Exploration of the 'Explore' section with various filters for discovering generated artworks.

Information about the NightCafe Discord community for support and guidance.

Explanation of the 'Credits' system, which is the currency for creating artworks on NightCafe.

How to earn credits by sharing creations on social media and other activities.

The process of creating a piece of art, including choosing between 'Text to Image' and 'Style Transfer'.

Details on the two AI algorithms available: 'Artistic' (VQ Gan and CLIP) and 'Coherent'.

The importance of 'advanced options' for creating more refined artworks.

How to use 'Seeds' to introduce randomness into the AI's artwork generation.

The 'Overall Prompt Weight' and 'Accuracy Boost' options for fine-tuning the output.

Discussion of 'Modifiers' and their role in affecting the style and characteristics of the generated art.

The ability to use multiple prompts for more complex or layered artwork.

The speaker's plan to create a series of videos to cover different aspects of NightCafe usage.