How To Use Best FREE Speech To Text AI | TurboScribe 2024

6 Apr 202407:23

TLDRThis tutorial video introduces TurboScribe 2024, a free speech-to-text AI service. Viewers are guided through the process of uploading a document, choosing transcription settings, and selecting a language. TurboScribe offers a free trial and subscription options, with a free tier allowing three 30-minute file transcriptions daily. The service is powered by AI, providing features like speaker recognition and audio restoration. Users can edit, export, and organize their transcriptions efficiently. The video demonstrates the ease of use and the accuracy of the transcriptions, highlighting TurboScribe as a valuable tool for anyone needing to convert speech to text.


  • 😀 TurboScribe is a free speech-to-text AI service.
  • 📝 The user interface is straightforward, allowing users to input documents for transcription.
  • 💰 There is a free trial, with monthly subscription options at $10 or $20 depending on the plan.
  • 🔊 Users can choose from various file formats like mp3 and mp4 for transcription.
  • 🗣️ Language options include English, Dutch, French, and more.
  • 🔍 Transcription modes are available such as fast, balanced, or most accurate, powered by Chat GPT.
  • ⚙️ Additional settings allow for speaker recognition and audio restoration using AI.
  • 📈 The transcription process is quick, demonstrated with an 8-second duration taking roughly 20 seconds to transcribe.
  • 📑 Transcription results can be exported in various formats, including DOCX and Word documents.
  • 🛠️ Editing features let users make precise changes to the transcription directly within the platform.
  • 📚 Organizational tools are provided to manage and categorize transcribed files within TurboScribe.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is teaching viewers how to use the free speech-to-text AI tool called TurboScribe 2024.

  • What does TurboScribe 2024 offer as a free trial?

    -TurboScribe 2024 offers a free trial that costs $10 per month or $20 if billed annually.

  • What file formats are supported by TurboScribe 2024 for transcription?

    -TurboScribe 2024 supports various file formats including mp3 and mp4 for transcription.

  • What are the transcription modes available in TurboScribe 2024?

    -The transcription modes available in TurboScribe 2024 are Fast, Balanced, and Most Accurate, which is powered by Chat GPT.

  • How long did it take to transcribe an 8-second duration file in the video?

    -It took roughly 20 seconds to transcribe an 8-second duration file using TurboScribe 2024.

  • What is the maximum length of audio files that can be transcribed for free each day with a free account?

    -With a free account, users can transcribe up to 90 minutes of audio each day, with each file being limited to 30 minutes.

  • What are the benefits of choosing the Most Accurate transcription mode?

    -Choosing the Most Accurate transcription mode in TurboScribe 2024 provides the highest level of accuracy in the transcription, as it is powered by Chat GPT.

  • Can users edit the transcriptions made by TurboScribe 2024?

    -Yes, users can edit the transcriptions directly within TurboScribe 2024 by selecting specific parts of the text.

  • What is the cost for a yearly subscription to TurboScribe 2024?

    -The cost for a yearly subscription to TurboScribe 2024 is $10 per month, which saves about 50% compared to the monthly subscription.

  • How can users export their transcriptions from TurboScribe 2024?

    -Users can export their transcriptions from TurboScribe 2024 as a Doc or Word document, and also have the option to export with advanced settings.

  • What additional features does TurboScribe 2024 offer for transcriptions?

    -TurboScribe 2024 offers additional features such as showing time stamps, translating to other languages, importing transcripts to Chat GPT, renaming files, and organizing the transcription library.



😀 Introduction to Tu perscribe: A Free AI Transcription Tool

This paragraph introduces the video's focus on teaching viewers how to use Tu perscribe, a free AI transcription service. The service is described as straightforward, with a free trial available at a cost of $10 per month or $20 if billed annually. The video demonstrates the process of using the service, starting with accessing the landing page, uploading a document, and choosing the transcription settings. The tool offers various options, including language selection and transcription modes, and is powered by chat GPT for enhanced accuracy.


📚 Exploring Tu perscribe's Features and Pricing

The second paragraph delves into the features of Tu perscribe, showcasing how to edit transcriptions, organize files, and export documents. It highlights the ability to rename files, edit transcripts, and use timestamps to navigate through the audio. The video also discusses the pricing options, which include a free tier with a limit of three 30-minute files daily, and paid options offering higher priority and unlimited use. The yearly subscription is noted as a cost-effective choice, saving about 50% compared to the monthly plan. The paragraph concludes with a demonstration of downloading a transcribed document in a Word format and organizing it within the service's library.



💡Speech to Text AI

Speech to Text AI refers to artificial intelligence technology that converts spoken language into written text. In the video, this technology is the central focus, as the host demonstrates how to use TurboScribe, a free speech to text AI service. The host mentions that TurboScribe can transcribe various file formats like mp3 and mp4, showcasing its utility in converting audio files into written transcripts.


TurboScribe is the name of the software being discussed in the video. It is a speech-to-text AI service that offers transcription capabilities. The host guides viewers on how to use TurboScribe, highlighting its features such as language selection, transcription modes, and the ability to restore audio using AI. The service is available for a free trial, with different pricing options mentioned.


Transcription in the context of the video refers to the process of converting audio speech into written text. The host explains that TurboScribe can perform this task efficiently, with options to choose the language and the transcription mode. The video demonstrates the transcription of a sample file, emphasizing the accuracy and ease of use of the software.

💡Free Trial

The term 'Free Trial' is used to describe the initial access to TurboScribe's services without cost. The host mentions that the free trial is available for a limited time, with pricing options of $10 per month or $20 if billed annually. This trial allows users to test the software's capabilities before deciding to subscribe.


Pricing in this video refers to the cost associated with using TurboScribe beyond the free trial. The host outlines the different subscription plans, including a free plan with limited daily usage, and paid plans that offer more priority and features. The yearly subscription is highlighted as a way to save money compared to the monthly plan.

💡Language Selection

Language Selection is a feature of TurboScribe that allows users to choose the language of the audio file they want to transcribe. The host selects English for the demonstration, but mentions that other languages such as Dutch and French are also supported, catering to a diverse user base.

💡Transcription Mode

Transcription Mode refers to the different settings users can choose in TurboScribe to optimize the transcription process. The host describes options such as 'fast,' 'balanced,' or 'most accurate,' powered by Chat GPT, which indicates the level of detail and accuracy in the transcription.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is mentioned as the underlying technology that powers the transcription modes in TurboScribe. It suggests that the service uses advanced AI to provide high-quality transcriptions. The host also mentions the ability to import transcripts into Chat GPT for further processing.

💡Edit Transcript

Edit Transcript is a feature that allows users to make changes to the transcribed text. The host demonstrates how to edit specific parts of the transcript, such as correcting errors or making adjustments. This feature is important for ensuring the accuracy of the final document.


Export in the context of the video refers to the function that allows users to save or share their transcribed text in different formats. The host shows how to export the transcription as a .docx or .doc file, which can then be opened and edited in a word processor like Microsoft Word.

💡Organize Library

Organize Library is a feature within TurboScribe that enables users to manage their transcribed files. The host explains how to create new folders, move files into them, and access recent files, which helps in maintaining an organized collection of transcriptions.


Introduction to TurboScribe, a free speech-to-text AI tool.

TurboScribe's landing page and its straightforward document transcription process.

Free trial offer of $10 per month or $20 for a higher priority service.

Step-by-step guide on how to use TurboScribe for free.

Choosing a file for transcription and the available file formats.

Selecting language options and the transcription mode.

TurboScribe's transcription mode powered by Chat GPT.

Additional settings for speaker recognition and audio restoration.

Transcription completion and listening to the results.

Accuracy of transcription with a sample file.

Exporting the transcription in various formats like DOCX.

Advanced settings for timestamps, translation, and renaming files.

Editing the transcription and playing specific parts of the audio.

Scanning the transcription with synchronization to the audio.

Adjustable playback speed settings.

Pricing plans for TurboScribe, including a free plan with limitations.

Yearly subscription option for a 50% savings.

Organizing the library in TurboScribe with folders.

Final steps for editing, sharing, and exporting the transcript.

Conclusion and call to action for TurboScribe's free trial.