How To Use ImgCreator AI To Make Amazing Backgrounds

10 Nov 202309:45

TLDRThis tutorial video guides viewers on utilizing ImgCreator AI to craft impressive backgrounds for their images. It covers the process of navigating the platform, selecting the 'Background Changer' feature, and customizing backgrounds with various templates or colors. The video also demonstrates uploading personal photos, removing backgrounds, and choosing new ones to create unique images. Viewers learn about the free trial, credit system, and premium features, concluding with downloading their finished creations.


  • 🌐 The video teaches how to use ImgCreator AI for creating backgrounds for images.
  • 💻 The website 'image' is applicable for Windows, Apple, and Android devices.
  • 🔑 Users need to log in to access the AI image generator and background changer features.
  • 💡 There are different subscription plans available, including a free trial with 30 credits.
  • 📈 The free trial may have limitations, such as slower processing times.
  • 🖼️ The background changer allows users to select and apply different backgrounds to their images.
  • 🛠️ The interface is user-friendly and similar to Canva, making it accessible for Canva users.
  • 📝 Features include background changer, resize, add image, infinite image, add text, and AI model.
  • 🎨 Users can choose from trending backgrounds or upload their own to customize the image further.
  • 💳 Premium features are available for users who wish to unlock more capabilities.
  • 📚 The video also mentions an alternative method to change backgrounds using the 'EA image generator' section.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the video?

    -The purpose of the video is to teach viewers how to use ImgCreator AI to create amazing backgrounds for their images.

  • What is the website mentioned in the video for accessing ImgCreator AI?

    -The website mentioned in the video for accessing ImgCreator AI is ''.

  • Is the ImgCreator AI platform compatible with different devices?

    -Yes, ImgCreator AI is compatible with Windows, Apple devices, and Android mobile devices, tablets, and phones.

  • How can one access the background changer feature on ImgCreator AI?

    -To access the background changer feature, one needs to click on 'Products' and then select 'AI Image Generator' followed by 'Background Changer'.

  • What are the different account types available on ImgCreator AI, and what do they cost?

    -ImgCreator AI offers a free trial with 30 credits. Beyond that, there are different paid versions: the Starter version for $5 per month, the Pro version for $14 per month, and the most premium version for $25 per month.

  • What is the initial step to take when using the background changer feature?

    -The initial step is to log in to ImgCreator AI using an account, such as a Google account.

  • How does the background changer work in terms of user interface?

    -The background changer has a user interface similar to Canva, where users can choose a template or background, and then wait for it to load.

  • What happens if a user is not satisfied with the initial background removal result?

    -If a user is not satisfied with the initial background removal, they can use the background changer to select a different background or adjust the existing one.

  • How can users generate more backgrounds for their images?

    -Users can generate more backgrounds by clicking on 'Generate Four More' and selecting different options from the available backgrounds.

  • What are the additional features available in the premium version of ImgCreator AI?

    -The premium version of ImgCreator AI offers additional features such as the ability to enlarge images, unlock premium features, and access to more background options and filters.

  • How can users download their newly created images with backgrounds?

    -Once users are satisfied with their new backgrounds, they can simply click on 'Download' to save their images.



🎨 Introduction to Image Creator AI for Backgrounds

This paragraph introduces the video's purpose, which is to teach viewers how to use Image Creator AI for creating backgrounds for images. The speaker provides the website link,, and mentions that the platform is compatible with various devices, including Windows, Apple, and Android. The video offers a quick reminder to stay tuned for further instructions. It also showcases an example of an image generated by another creator and emphasizes the focus on background changers rather than other features like fashion models or API dashboards. The speaker guides viewers to log in, mentioning a free trial with 30 credits and different subscription tiers for more credits.


🛠 Step-by-Step Guide on Using Background Changer

The second paragraph delves into the step-by-step process of using the Background Changer feature within Image Creator AI. It begins with navigating the website's interface, selecting the Background Changer product, and logging in to access the feature. The video demonstrates how to use the tool by uploading an image, choosing a background template, and waiting for the application to process the changes. The speaker explains the user interface, which is likened to Canva, and the various options available, such as adding text or using an AI model. The process includes removing the original background, selecting a new one, and generating multiple images with different backgrounds. The paragraph also touches on the limitations of the free trial, such as the reduced number of credits and the slower processing time compared to premium features.



💡ImgCreator AI

ImgCreator AI refers to an artificial intelligence-based tool designed for creating and editing images, particularly for generating backgrounds. In the video, it is the central application that the presenter uses to demonstrate how to create amazing backgrounds for images. The tool offers various features such as AI image generation, background changer, and other editing options.

💡Background Changer

Background Changer is a specific function within the ImgCreator AI that allows users to replace the background of an image with a new one. The video focuses on this feature, showing the process of selecting a new background and applying it to an image. It is a key aspect of the video's demonstration, illustrating the tool's capability to transform images by altering their backgrounds.

💡AI Image Generator

AI Image Generator is a feature of the ImgCreator AI that uses artificial intelligence to create new images based on user input or prompts. In the context of the video, it is mentioned as one of the products available on the platform, suggesting that the tool can generate entirely new images, not just modify existing ones.

💡Free Trial

The term 'Free Trial' in the script refers to the initial access to the ImgCreator AI service without cost, which includes a certain number of credits for users to explore the platform's capabilities. The video mentions that the free trial comes with 30 credits, and to gain more, users would need to subscribe to a paid version.


Credits, in the context of the video, are the virtual currency used within the ImgCreator AI platform to perform certain actions, such as generating new images or changing backgrounds. The script explains that users start with a set number of credits in their free trial and can acquire more by subscribing to different pricing tiers.


Templates in the video script refer to pre-designed backgrounds or image layouts that users can choose from when using the ImgCreator AI's background changer feature. They provide a quick way for users to apply a new look to their images without starting from scratch.

💡Infinite Image

Infinite Image is a term used in the video to describe a feature that allows users to generate multiple variations of an image with different backgrounds. It emphasizes the tool's ability to produce a wide range of options for users to choose from, enhancing the customization process.

💡AI Model

AI Model in the script refers to the underlying artificial intelligence algorithms that power the ImgCreator AI's features. These models enable the tool to understand user inputs, generate backgrounds, and perform other image editing tasks autonomously.

💡Landing Page

The Landing Page mentioned in the video is the initial webpage that users see when they visit the ImgCreator AI website. It serves as the entry point to the platform's various features and products, guiding users on how to navigate and use the tool.

💡Upgrade to Enlarge

In the context of the video, 'Upgrade to Enlarge' is an option within the ImgCreator AI that allows users to enlarge their images, presumably to gain more detail or adjust the composition. It is presented as a premium feature, suggesting that users would need to pay for a higher subscription tier to access it.


The term 'Download' in the script refers to the action of saving the newly created or edited images to the user's device. It is a crucial step in the process, allowing users to access and use their images after they have been generated or modified with the ImgCreator AI tool.


Introduction to using ImgCreator AI for creating amazing backgrounds for images.

Accessing the ImgCreator AI website and its landing page.

Compatibility of ImgCreator AI with various devices including Windows, Apple, and Android.

Navigating the website to find the 'Background Changer' feature.

Requirement to log in to access the free trial with 30 credits.

Different subscription plans for additional credits: Starter, Pro, and Supreme.

Exploring the 'Background Changer' application with its initial interface.

Using templates and the background changer tool to edit images.

Demonstration of how to upload and edit an image with a pink background.

Removing the background of an image using the background remover feature.

Downloading the edited image after background removal.

Changing the background with different options like 'White Sunshine'.

Understanding the credit system and its reduction after generating backgrounds.

Using the 'EA Image Generator' for more background options.

Choosing a photo from the desktop and removing its background.

Generating a custom background and adjusting it to fit the image.

Finalizing the image with a new background and downloading it.

Encouragement to like, subscribe, and watch for more tutorials.