How To Use Krea AI: NEW BEST AI VIDEO Generator !! (Krea AI Tutorial)

AI Andy
17 May 202410:08

TLDRDiscover the capabilities of Krea AI's video generation tool in this tutorial. From transforming global landmarks to creating smooth transitions between images, Krea AI impresses with its ability to generate stunning visuals. The tutorial guides viewers through the process of creating their own animations, showcasing the ease of use and the potential for creative expression. With features like key framing and text prompts, users can generate unique videos effortlessly. The video also touches on the potential applications of this technology, such as logo animations and personal image transformations.


  • 😲 Krea AI's video generation tool is capable of creating stunning and smooth transitions between different visuals.
  • 🌏 The tool can be used to change between various landmarks around the world, creating dynamic video intros or outros.
  • 🎭 Examples of creative uses include cloning faces with light effects, and transforming images into trippy, texture-accurate animations.
  • 🤖 It can also generate robotic styles and transitions that capture the essence of the style with precision.
  • 🎨 Users can start creating videos by visiting the Krea AI website, accessing the video tab, and following the tutorial provided.
  • 🔑 Early access to the tool can be obtained by contacting Krea AI on Twitter, which is recommended for those eager to try it out.
  • 📽 The video creation process involves adding keyframes, text prompts, and generating the video to see the transitions.
  • 🖼️ Realistic images can be uploaded and used to create unique animations, as demonstrated with the 'Norwegian man' series.
  • 🎭 The 'animate diff' model is highlighted as a favorite for its ability to create smooth transitions, now made accessible through Krea AI.
  • 🎨 The tool offers different render styles such as film, animation, and experimental, allowing for a variety of creative outputs.
  • 📸 Personal images can be used to create unique animations, and text prompts can guide the style and content of the generated videos.
  • 🎨 Logo animation and text animation are potential uses for the tool, although text generation within certain styles may require experimentation.

Q & A

  • What is Crea AI's new video generation tool?

    -Crea AI's new video generation tool is an advanced AI-powered software that allows users to create stunning visuals and animations by transforming images and text prompts into videos.

  • What are some examples of creations made with Crea AI's tool?

    -Examples include changing between different landmarks, creating a Netflix-style intro, generating a clone of faces with light effects, and producing smooth transitions between various styles such as robotic and trippy textures.

  • How does the video generation process work in Crea AI?

    -Users start by adding keyframes, uploading images, and adding text prompts. They can then select render styles and generate the video, which will show smooth transitions and animations based on the input.

  • What is the 'animate diff' model mentioned in the script?

    -The 'animate diff' model is a favorite of the script's narrator, which was previously hard to use on its own but is now integrated into Crea AI, making it easier for users to create animations.

  • How can someone get early access to Crea AI's video generation tool?

    -To get early access, one can contact Crea AI on Twitter and request access using a private code, as the narrator did.



✨ Exploring Crea AI's Video Generation Tool

Crea AI's new video generation tool allows users to create stunning visuals effortlessly. The tool is showcased through various examples, such as transitioning between different world landmarks, smooth and trippy animations, and unique styles like robotic and texture-rich visuals. The video demonstrates how to use Crea AI's tool, emphasizing its ease of use and potential for creative expression.


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🖌️ Experimenting with Image Generation and Text Animation

The video continues to explore the capabilities of Crea AI's tool, focusing on generating Renaissance-style images and experimenting with text animations. It highlights the ease of generating high-quality images and the potential for creating engaging visual content. The segment also touches on the challenges and possibilities of using AI for logo animation and other creative projects.

🌟 Final Thoughts and Personal Insights

The video wraps up with the creator sharing their personal experiences and insights on using Crea AI's tool. It includes a summary of the generated animations and images, thoughts on the tool's potential, and a call to action for viewers to try the tool themselves. The creator also promotes their social media channels for more updates and AI tool recommendations.



💡Krea AI

Krea AI is an AI video generation tool that allows users to create visually stunning content. In the video, it is highlighted as a new and innovative platform that can transform images and ideas into dynamic videos. The script showcases various examples of what can be achieved with Krea AI, emphasizing its ability to handle complex transitions and styles.


Keyframes are points in an animation sequence that mark the beginning or end of a transition or motion. In the context of the video, the script explains how to add keyframes in Krea AI to define different stages of the video generation process, allowing for smooth transitions between different visual elements.

💡Text Prompt

A text prompt in the video script refers to the textual input provided by the user to guide the AI in generating specific content. For instance, the script mentions adding a text prompt for 'Norwegian man with sunglasses at the seaside,' which Krea AI uses to create a corresponding visual.


Animation, in this video, refers to the process of creating the illusion of motion in the generated videos. The script describes how Krea AI can animate images, making them transition from one scene to another in a fluid and visually appealing manner, as demonstrated by the 'colorful Samurai' example.


To generate, in the context of the video, means to produce or create content using Krea AI. The script shows the process of generating videos by setting up keyframes, adding text prompts, and letting the AI create the animation based on these inputs.

💡Render Styles

Render styles in the video refer to the different visual effects and appearances that can be applied to the generated videos. The script mentions 'film', 'animation', and 'experimental' as examples of render styles available in Krea AI, which can drastically change the look and feel of the final output.


Transitions are the changes from one scene or image to another in a video. The script discusses various types of transitions created by Krea AI, such as the smooth shift from a robotic style to a tangu mask, showcasing the tool's capability to create seamless and creative transitions.

💡Realistic Images

Realistic images are high-quality visuals that closely resemble real-life scenes or objects. In the script, the creator attempts to use realistic images in Krea AI to see how the AI handles such inputs, expecting the AI to generate animations that maintain the realism of the original images.

💡Logo Animation

Logo animation involves creating a dynamic representation of a company or brand's logo. The script describes an attempt to use Krea AI to generate an animated version of the text 'AI Andy' in a futuristic tech style, indicating the potential use of the tool for branding and marketing purposes.


The term 'experimental' in the video refers to trying out new and unconventional approaches in video generation. The script illustrates this by choosing the 'experimental' render style to see how Krea AI interprets and creates animations from the given prompts and images, leading to unique and unexpected results.


Crea AI's new video generation tool offers stunning visual effects and creative possibilities.

Examples include landmark transformations and trippy transitions that could be used for intros or other creative projects.

The tool can generate smooth transitions between different styles, such as robotic and trippy textures.

A tutorial is provided to guide users through the process of creating videos with key frames and text prompts.

Users can access the video generation tool by visiting the Krea AI website and clicking on the video tab.

Early access to the tool can be obtained by contacting Krea AI on Twitter.

The 'animate diff' model is used, which was previously difficult to use but is now more accessible through Krea AI.

Users can upload their own images and add key frames to create unique animations.

Text prompts can be added to guide the style and content of the generated animations.

Different render styles are available, including film, animation, and experimental.

The generated animations are highly detailed and can be fully rendered in a short amount of time.

Personal images can be used to create unique animations, offering a new way to utilize personal photos.

The tool can generate images and animations based on text prompts without the need for image uploads.

The video demonstrates the creation of a logo animation using the experimental render style.

Despite challenges, the tool offers a new and innovative way to create logo animations and other visual content.

The final result showcases the potential of Krea AI for creating dynamic and engaging visual content.

The video also includes a sponsored section on creating an AI chatbot for e-commerce.

Viewers are encouraged to follow the creator on Instagram and Twitter for more AI tool updates.