How to Convert Audio to Text Using AI for FREE (and Video too!) | Automatic AI Transcription

Jennifer Marie
13 Jan 202313:35

TLDRIn this video, Jennifer Murray introduces a free AI tool for converting audio and video files into text. She explains how to use the website, which offers up to 120 minutes of free transcription per month. The tool supports multiple languages and delivers highly accurate transcriptions, including punctuation. Jennifer also demonstrates how to split files into five-minute segments to maximize free usage. She highlights the benefits of the premium version for more extensive transcription needs. The video includes a step-by-step guide on uploading files, receiving transcriptions via email, and using the software efficiently.


  • 🚀 Jennifer Murray introduces a new series on AI tools, starting with one that converts audio to text.
  • 🆓 The website offers a free service to transcribe up to 120 minutes of audio per month.
  • 📄 Users can upload audio or video files for transcription and select the language of the content.
  • ✉️ After uploading, users receive an email with a link to their transcript, which is accurate even with punctuation.
  • ⏰ The link to the transcript is valid for 72 hours to ensure data privacy.
  • 📈 For longer files, users can split them into five-minute segments using a program like Audacity to maximize the free transcription allowance.
  • 💰 A Pro membership is available for less than nine dollars a month, offering more features and higher transcription limits.
  • 📋 The free version allows for copying and pasting the transcript, while the Pro version enables direct export in various formats.
  • 🌐 The service supports transcription in 104 different languages.
  • 📈 Referral program available, where users can earn additional transcription minutes by referring others to sign up.
  • 📁 The dashboard allows users to manage their transcriptions, create folders, and delete files as needed.
  • 🎉 Jennifer is excited about the potential of AI and plans to release more videos on the topic in the coming weeks.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI tool that Jennifer Murray discusses in her video?

    -The AI tool discussed by Jennifer Murray is called

  • How much audio can be transcribed for free per month using

    -You can transcribe up to 120 minutes of audio for free per month with

  • What are the file types that can be uploaded for transcription on

    -You can upload both audio and video files for transcription on

  • How long does it take for to provide a transcription after uploading a file?

    -The transcription is usually completed within a few minutes after uploading the file.

  • How does one receive the transcription result from

    -The transcription result is sent via email as a link to the transcript.

  • What happens to the link to the transcript after 72 hours?

    -The link to the transcript expires after 72 hours to ensure data security and privacy.

  • What is the maximum duration of each file that can be transcribed for free on

    -Each file that can be transcribed for free on should not exceed five minutes in duration.

  • What is the cost of the pro membership on

    -The pro membership on costs less than nine dollars a month.

  • What is the benefit of having a pro membership on

    -With a pro membership, you get more transcription minutes per month, the ability to export audio and text, and you can transcribe up to 104 different languages.

  • How can you split longer audio files into smaller segments for transcription on

    -You can use a free program like Audacity to split longer audio files into five-minute segments for transcription on

  • What is the advantage of splitting files into five-minute segments for transcription?

    -Splitting files into five-minute segments allows you to take full advantage of the free 120 minutes of transcription per month by uploading multiple short segments instead of one long file.

  • How can you share the transcription process with others to earn additional transcription minutes on

    -You can refer others to sign up using your referral link, and when they do, you receive a three-day Pro award which adds to your available transcription minutes.



🚀 Introduction to AI Tools for Freelancing and Online Earnings

Jennifer Murray introduces her channel, focusing on freelancing skills, tech tips, and online income strategies. She discusses the recent surge in AI technology and her excitement about exploring various AI tools. The video specifically highlights a new AI program from that converts audio to text, offering a free tier of up to 120 minutes per month. Murray demonstrates how to use the tool, emphasizing its accuracy, including punctuation, and provides a step-by-step guide on how to sign up and use the service.


📑 NADA AI's Free and Pro Account Features

The paragraph explains the free and pro account features of NADA AI. The free version allows for 120 minutes of transcription per month, limited to five-minute files. The pro account, costing $8.25 per month when billed annually, offers 1800 minutes and additional features like exporting transcripts. Murray also mentions a referral program to earn more transcription minutes. She guides viewers on how to split longer audio files into five-minute segments using Audacity, a free audio editing software, to maximize the use of the free tier.


📝 Splitting Audio Files and Final Thoughts on NADA AI

Jennifer demonstrates how to export selected audio segments from Audacity and discusses the benefits of the premium version of NADA AI for efficiency. She shows the process of uploading split audio files to NADA AI and emphasizes the importance of file management, such as deleting or organizing files within the dashboard. Murray concludes by expressing her enthusiasm for AI's potential and inviting viewer questions in the comments section. She also hints at upcoming videos on AI tools.



💡AI Transcription

AI Transcription refers to the process of converting audio or video files into written text using artificial intelligence. In the video, it is the core topic as the host discusses a new AI tool that can transcribe up to 120 minutes of audio per month for free, which is highly beneficial for content creators and freelancers looking to convert their audio or video content into text efficiently.

💡Freelancing Skills

Freelancing Skills are the abilities and knowledge required to work independently, often as a contractor, rather than being part of a traditional full-time employment structure. The channel, run by Jennifer Murray, aims to teach different freelancing skills, which include using technology to enhance productivity and income, such as AI transcription services.

💡AI Software

AI Software, short for Artificial Intelligence Software, encompasses a range of applications that use machine learning and natural language processing to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. In the context of the video, AI software is used to automatically transcribe audio to text, showcasing the advancements in AI technology.

💡Online Money Making

Online Money Making refers to the various methods and strategies used to generate income through the internet. The video provides insights into using AI tools as part of online money-making strategies, suggesting that leveraging AI can be a lucrative skill in the digital age.

💡Audio to Text Conversion

Audio to Text Conversion is the process of turning spoken words from audio recordings into written text. It is a key focus of the video, where the host introduces a website that offers this service for free up to a certain limit, highlighting its utility for those who need to transcribe podcasts, lectures, or other spoken content.


Punctuation refers to the marks and signs used in writing to separate sentences and structure text to enhance clarity. The video emphasizes the accuracy of the AI transcription tool, noting that it includes correct punctuation, which is crucial for professional and readable transcriptions.

💡Transcription Language

Transcription Language in the context of the video refers to the specific language that the audio or video content is in, which the AI transcription tool needs to recognize and transcribe accurately. The host demonstrates how to select the correct language for the file being transcribed, ensuring the AI understands and processes the content correctly.

💡Pro Membership

Pro Membership denotes a premium subscription level that offers additional features or services beyond the free version. In the video, the host mentions a Pro Membership for the AI transcription service, which provides extended transcription minutes and the ability to export transcriptions directly, catering to users with higher transcription needs.


Audacity is a free, open-source audio editing software that allows users to record and edit audio files. The video script includes a tutorial on how to use Audacity to split long audio files into shorter segments for easier transcription, which is a practical tip for users looking to maximize their free transcription minutes.

💡Referral Link

A Referral Link is a unique URL that identifies a specific person who referred a new user to a service. In the video, the host provides a referral link for the AI transcription service, which offers benefits to both the referrer and the new user, such as additional free transcription minutes.

💡Batch Exports

Batch Exports refer to the process of exporting multiple files or pieces of content at once, rather than individually. The video hints at a more advanced method for splitting and exporting audio files using Audacity, suggesting that a full tutorial on batch exports could be beneficial for users dealing with large volumes of audio content.


Jennifer Murray introduces a new series on AI tools for freelancing skills, tech tips, and online income.

AI technology is transforming the transcription industry with high accuracy, even in punctuation. is a website that offers free transcription services for audio and video files up to 120 minutes per month.

The transcription process is simple: upload a file, select the language, and receive the transcription via email.

Transcripts are delivered with high accuracy, including correct spelling and punctuation.

Each file can be up to five minutes long to avail of the free transcription service.

A pro membership is available for less than nine dollars a month for extended transcription capabilities.

The free version is suitable for casual users, such as those transcribing YouTube videos or school lectures.

Professional users and companies are recommended to get the pro version for additional features.

Users can earn more transcription minutes by referring friends and family to sign up using their referral link.

Audacity is a free program that can be used to split long audio files into five-minute segments for free transcription.

The process of splitting files in Audacity involves selecting the first five minutes and exporting them as a new file.

After exporting the first segment, the remaining part of the audio can be exported as the next segment.

The dashboard of allows users to manage their transcriptions, delete files, and create folders for organization. provides a quick and efficient transcription service with excellent punctuation and formatting.

The premium version of is considered worth the investment for the convenience of exporting transcriptions directly.

Jennifer Murray expresses excitement about the potential of AI tools and plans to release more videos on the subject.

The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to ask questions in the comments section.